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Classic Video Games / What's your Mario kart series tier list
« on: April 08, 2020, 10:15:53 am »
Wich mario kart games do you rank high in the series.

My personal top 3 are mk wii gamecube and ds

Mario kart wii and gamecube have the best soundtrack by bar
Mario kart wii has the tech, the insane modding community still active online community vs mode hacked and playable today the best rankings my favourite gameplay in the entire series
MK cube has the most chaos and the 2 player per carts definitely adds to the experience along with exclusive weapons for each character.
MK ds, snaking is a thing in normal races but most importantly the best battle mode in the entire series also mission mode was interesting, wii also had a toned down version of it wich was really cool aswell with them bosses and other objectives. wich is accesible thanks to hacking since those where timed events.

most mario kart games have excellent menu ost but mario kart wii was something else it gave it a cool vibe. It's a shame that mk 8 and deluxe have such a lame sountrack for the menu.

Mario kart 8 is pretty good, but for the first time in a while the series hasn't brought the magic back as my personal top 3, way less shortcuts less offroad lakitu literally dragging you for going slightly offstage being a baby sitter compared to other mario kart games, items have way less of an effect. and in a lesser degree the soundtrack even though it has allot more stages. still having toned down stunts less freedom in movement less tech.

The noob mode while you could turn it off in mk 8 deluxe kinda worries me for the future of the series in terms of movement tracks shortcuts lakitu being even faster than in 8, not to mention mario kart tour.

So I've been wondering if there was some kind of list of genesis games that do not work on the first version of the genesis

I've had a few games over the years that either have a white screen of death or just a black screen like nothing is happening on the high definition grapics version 1st model but work perfectly fine on a model 2.

That seems pretty odd to me usually not interesting titles. but the only ones in wich I had duplicates was NBA jam tournament edition and today double dragon wich just has a black screen while working perfectly fine on a model 2. and yes double dragon is also pretty bad on sega but still kinda odd.

Anyone else having some games that do not work on earlier models? and if the problem is with my sega system than it is pretty odd since it plays pretty much everything except around 5 titles wich only seem to work on a model 2 for me.

Site Feedback / Posting images for new items bugged?
« on: June 01, 2019, 11:36:23 am »
Trying to ad an item to the database

but items ends up being a blanco no text or pictures accepted?

Database broken?

As far as real scammers and money scams go I haven't had any issues with that in the past 4 years luckily.

but I have to say these are top 3 most annoying things I had to deal with as a buyer wich come very close to a scam, would love to hear what other people have been through aswell


I bought a bunch of dreamcast games from someone. The guy wanted to keep them in the end and said he would refund my money in 14 days and broke all contact basicly just borrowing my money. The guy paid after exactly 14 days but super annoying pretty much a scam imo.


So I bought a certain nintendo set pictures where excellent very hard to fake and abundant. Well later on the guy could not find the most important games of the set and he would refund my money. I could however not contact him for a week. Though I had been scammed. Turned out the guy was on a business trip wich is why he was so hard to contact. Got my money back. But seriously selling stuff before you go abroad absolute pain  what is with some people these days.


Than I have this seller I bought from this guy almost 10 times over the years. So I bought a sega set from the guy for a great price this guy always has steals. so in this case something fishy happened the guy did not respond anymore wich was strange usually a good seller als the exact same bank details like always. I have however dealt with this guy on both facebook and other market places so i contacted him on facebook to see what's up. Apparently his stepson hacked his marketplace and his bank account and he's having problems with it atm since some other people fell for it aswell. So apparently the kid was taken out of the house since he acted like a criminal.

Truth or not I did get my money back pretty fast but I'm thinking twice before I buy from this guy again. People can do strange things if they really need money so the story could just be made up.

Also keep in mind 2weeks before the incident i bought allot of games from this guy wich just went as normal some **** happens i guess  :o

Luckily these where the only cases and these are very rare but they can be an absolute pain to deal with.

General / December 2018 - Recently added to collection/recently purchased
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:50:09 am »
I guess i'll open the thread for this month.

Some interesting weeks nothing to much but I got some items wich i was looking for quite some time

Mediocre deals all cib

30 euro's loss probotector 2 gameboy
14 euro's loss monkey puncher
prinny psp 14 euro's loss
Bionic commando ukv cart 8 euro's loss

Free deals


harvest moon a hero leaf
fate extra special edition
trails in the sky No umd but otherwise everything included

sonic gravity wii
star wars republic commando xbox
Dragon sisters ps2 was looking for this one for quite a while
incredible crisis ps1

pc big box blaze & blade sealed


Earth defense force pretty pleased with this one


gynoug finally a nice condition one I will say though that the US cover art does this game more justice considering the freaky bosses that this game has. There is also a 32 bit game of the same makers If i am not mistaken.

A cheap pc engine cd set 15 euro's loss for 5 games

art of fighting
fatal fury 2 + spine card
world heroes 2
super darius

Classic Video Games / Top 10 Sega Genesis/Megadrive Games
« on: October 12, 2018, 05:07:45 pm »
What are/your top 10 sega genesis/megadrive games that you have played on either an emulator a collection or just on the original console

I'm kinda curious what the 10 best sega 16 bit games are from other members on this forum

My personal top 10 are

second samurai
Gunstar heroes
castlevania the new generation
Shining force II
adventures of batman & robin
dynamite headdy
Shinobi III
dick tracy
thunder force IV
splatterhouse II

Classic Video Games / US neo geo cd games with Japanese discs Normal?
« on: November 09, 2016, 10:20:43 am »
So I bought this neo geo cd lot All us versions for an excellent deal can't complain but i noticed something 2 US games from the lot have Japanese discs

Mutation nation and Ninja commando I do know for these games it isn't a big deal but I was really suprised even though it was a very nice deal.

Is it normal for japanese discs to be in such games, these games are a bit more uncommon than the usual suspects but I have seen mutation nation with an english disc.

Maybe the owner got new discs because the original ones are broken or was it a mistake from Neo geo them selves I have no clue, has anyone else come across this issue?

I was a bit bummed but than again I can't complain for the price that I paid. first 2 neo geo cd us games that have japanese discs at least for the ones that I have seen.

Classic Video Games / Sega saturn pictures dia's What are these?
« on: October 14, 2016, 10:38:30 am »
So i came across these

Does anybody know what these are

Seem like old photo's pretty dark without light

I have no clue anyone?

panzer dragoon
virtua fighter
sega saturn console
sega saturn logo

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