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Sounds very anti-consumer, it would mean the industry would have a set control on pricing and we wouldn't be able to find deals out in the wild anymore.

I personally cannot stand subscriptions, the only one I have is PS+ so i can play online - Admittedly the Free monthly games have been worth it... But I have an Xbox 360 too mainly because I was able to snag it cheap and gather a nice collection through the time I invested in researcing prices for games. If I had to pay a fee based on a time I simply wouldn't have branched out to that system at all.

Off Topic / Re: Do you replay movies, tv series' or video games?
« on: December 02, 2018, 04:44:01 am »
I do but in long time periods, like now I'm replaying the Kingdom Hearts series in build up to Kingdom Hearts III. Having that PS4 Remaster set on my shelf has been preserved perfectly for that moment, after I may go back to it - I still have extra content on some of the games to do. While I don't always replay something in the same year even I like to own it for when that moment strikes it is there and ready. Truth be told though, I just have so many games and things to go through that I don't often even haev the time to replay something.

Off Topic / Re: What are your thoughts on digital collections?
« on: December 02, 2018, 04:36:12 am »
I don't value it at all. I never had for anything digital and if it is possible I will get the physical version whenever possible - Even if that means waiting, like I am fo Life Is Strange 2 right now.

Though these days with PS4 Games the game on disc simply is not the final product, with all the Updates we receive it does sort of devalue the disc. However, I still hold them at higher value as the disc maintains the majority of the content and can be installed within 20 seconds. But recently with the Spyro fiasco I refused to buy the game at all as the benefits of having the game physically were not included as I had to download the majority of the game - Which in retrospect now, we know the game could have fit on the disc.

Within this year I have considered digital purchases for games with a lesser file size, it's why I don't tend to go out of my way to buy Limited Run indie releases. I'll get the game still if it's something I cherish like Sonic Mania or the Secret of Mana remake but I am more less included to as the biggest selling feature for physical medium on a practical manner is the quick installs - But of course I like having the game on disc, being part fo the collection and feeling like I own the product rather than renting.

However, what has been annoying me recently is Remasters for JRPG;'s on the PS4 which are digital only - Star Ocean: The Last hope, Resonance of Fate, The Last Remnant. All these games are pretty hefty in file size and I would have happily bought a physical Edition for each of them. I don't like the idea of physical games like this not being an option as the 50gb+ download is horrendous & it has to remain there on my HDD as I don't want to go through the process again. What also annoys me about the PS4 is that you can't separate the Install Data from the Update Data, which is something you could do on many PS3 titles. if I had the option I'd keep the update data stored on my HDD and just delete all the Disc install Data as I please - This is a big feature I want from next gen consoles.

Modern Video Games / Re: Xbox One console exclusives
« on: November 30, 2018, 03:03:28 am »
Re-Core is the only title that really comes to mind... maybe Gears of War 4/5 at a stretch, but compared to the PS4... ... I'll behave :)

General / Re: Do You Prefer Playing Single Or With Friends?
« on: November 30, 2018, 03:01:09 am »
I see the two experiences completely different.

For fast frantic games I like to enjoy them with friends. i wish more games had Split-Screen Co-op these days - Rocket League jhas been a game me and my friend have played for years every Friday beacause we can play Online & Split-Screen, many other games like OnRush or GRIP:Combat Racing which I would expect to have thsi featuresimply don't and it really ruins the potential of the experience... Hoping Sonic Team Racing next year lets you play through the campaign mode split screen like the previous two games.

Yet when it comes to an emotionally charged story, that is something I like to experience on my own, I just find that experiencing with another that their presence can sometimes break the immersion. I find games as a method of relaxation in the evening so when I am playing a JRPG it's a lounge chair and slippers experience.

So I see both experiences as seperate, but value both equally, if I had to choose I'd say Single Player experiences jsut because of the quantity, one night a week ofgaming with friends is enough, but I prefer most of my others on Single Player games.

Classic Video Games / Re: The top 5 games that defined your childhood
« on: November 29, 2018, 06:09:28 am »
Final Fantasy VIII - The first game which really opened my eyes to narrative within gaming. I remember borrowing my brothers friends copy for the day and played it non-stop. It was just a very compelling experience and one I still hold fondly.
Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck: World of Illusion - Certainly a comfort game, one that I just remember playing often single or two player.
Shenmue - I remember buying a pre-owned Dreamcast after it tanked just for this game! & Boy was it worth it. Still to this day I find Dobuita one of the most richly detailed environments in gaming.
Tekken 3 - I would play Survival Mode endless amount of times, best score was 103 Wins.
Crash Team Racing - Many fond memories of 4-player Cup Tournaments that lasted beyond midnight!

Off Topic / Re: Are you into movies and tv shows as well as games?
« on: November 29, 2018, 05:46:03 am »
Film does play a big part of my interest/life too, but honestly the last 2-3 years have been very underwhelming with little incentive to go to the cinema - The only film I have seen this year is Christopher Robin. Part of that is due to ridiculous cinema prices - Odeon in particular who now charge extra for bit hit films like Star Wars, just because.

I had near 1000+ DVD's but probably have around 300 nows, I still feel a bit Blah in how redundant most are with the rise of TV Resolution. I've bought much less Blu-Ray films in recent years- Before I'd buy films on DVD out of curiousity, now I only commit to purchase if I feel it is something that Wowed me & would watch again - I think the only time I've gone overboard is collecting Disney Bluray films over the years.

I don't do streaming services, very against them. I simply don't like the idea of commiting to one service and then content I want to watch being on another provider - I certainly don't intend to buy multiple subscriptions! I wish there was a more universal system, I look at online services and see them to be following the format war of HD-DVD & Blu-Ray had that actually went on for years... Thank god it didn't!

I'd say I sit comfortably within the 9 of that category.

Gaming has just always been an engaging format within my life. Within recent years I find my love for filmmaking has crashed with little incentive to go out to cinemas but the game industry has kept me hooked all this generation from month to month! I think it's fair to say over 75% of items I own are Video Game related :P From games to guides, soundtracks and art books.

I have a gaming schedule which is currently set in stone until October 2019  :P:
- Playing through the Kngdom Hearts series before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 - Which I have book holiday off for. I'm up to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix & then to play Dream Drop Distance which I never have before.
- Also in the mix, I intend to play the Resident Evil REmake in prep for the wonderful upcoming REmake of Resident Evil 2.
- After them to around March we get Devil May Cry V... So I intend to play through that series with the PS4 Remasters as well.
- AFTER THAT, I may have a few months of backlog catching up - Not that it has stopped me buying games this month :P
- But then, I will replay Shenmue 1 & 2, in prep for the momentous release of Shenmue III! (I found myself even drawing Fan art the other day on this :P)


I recently got duped on eBay in buyng a couple of chinese Dualshock 3's for cheap - CECHZC2U.
They're Awful! The material feels cheap and I was playing The Darkness II last night and couldn't even complete a mini-game due to the lack of accuracy I havewith the janky analogue sticks.

So I am looking for a proper replacement. but looknig online these controllers still seem to got @£20+ Which seems absurd to me! I'm looking for a place which I can buy one for £10-15 at most but really struggling.

if anyone knows of any decent online outlets, do let me know :)

I've been playing this with my friend recently and I have noticed many bugs here and there! Not gaming breaking as this but surprised howfrequent they are.

General / Re: Your Black Friday 2018 plans (Video Game Edition)
« on: November 23, 2018, 01:25:04 am »
Went to the GAME store (UK) yesterday to find absolutely nothing worth buying! I was honestly looking around to see if there was anything as i didn't want to leave with nothing. But jsut couldn't justify as i had seen prices online cheaper.

I did manage to get
Dark Souls: Remastered for £10 @HMV
Dragon's Crown PRO Edition £13.95 @ The Game Collection

But I'm generally after: Fist of the North Star, Vampyr, Dragon Quest XI

General / Re: What are you playing?
« on: October 18, 2018, 11:43:37 am »
I'm currently playing Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix on the PS4.

As far as Remasters go, the Kingdom Hearts series are some of the best I've ever experienced! They look stunning on PS3 & PS4 and finally make the series accessible again! - From having the series diverge into portable consoles, plaing Birth By Sleep on PS4 is a wonderful thing!

I just beat Atlantica, which I really enjoyed despite the underwate criticism. It was fulfilling to beat Ursula as I struggled at first, noted she was spamming Thunder magic, so I changed all my accessories to reduce Thunder damage and demolished her! It's so satifsying to see the effects of the right set up work in an Action based JRPG like this.

I'm plowing through the series with Chain of Memories, II: Final Mix & Dream Drop Distance to play - DDD Which I have never before, so excited by that! Of course leading up to Kingdom Hearts III Early 2019. Just having so much fund re-playing them, I did all the extras in BBS (Well on Aqua's campaign) & fully intend to do the extras on the other games too - I've never playedt he Final Mix content on Kingdom Hearts II before so excited for that too!

General / Debate - Are Video Game Strategy Guides Redundant due to DLC?
« on: October 17, 2018, 05:41:00 am »
Ladies, Gents,

I was looking at some guides for games on eBay and a thought that often occurs resurfaced - Are Video Game Strategy Guides Redundant these days?

There is a lot to talk about on this debate, me personally as much as I wish to continue getting them I question their value. Of course, all the information you need is online, that's a given these days but I still like the idea of buying a Hardback companion guide with the latest BIG game - For me that is usually the next big JRPG.

However, the biggest hurdle I find now is that with the modern era of DLC, a lot of these guides can't cover the post release content - As they're release on the date of the original title. This is where I feel troubled, as I did with Final Fantasy XV. I've always bought the latest FF game with the premium Hardback Piggyback guide, I did with FFXV also and it served well for certain moments - Like the location of the Tombs for the Royal Arms. But with the Season Pass content, Extra events & even a 2nd Season Pass on the way, I just feel like the book is redundant - Paying £15-25 Which gets outdated within 6 months to a year is not a compelling proposition. If Kingdom Hearts III offers a guide I might skip on it this time round, which is a shame as I do like to have them upon my initial playthrough but if their lasting value is limited I can't quite commit to it.

But I find hunting older game guides satisfies my collector/gamer need - I really want to get Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep's guide to have all the item/command melding varities on a chart at hand. As with this game I had to have 3 or 4 seperate links saved to get this information which was pretty important. It's just more fulfilling to know that these guides content all the content and information I need for the experience.

But I was curious to see others perspective on this matter - Do you buy guides - if so are they for modern games?

Simply delighted!

I was waiting for this to go down digitally - reluctantly to I might add, but I was secretly hoping for this!

Pre-ordered @base for 19.85:

Hardware and Tech / New 4K TV - PS4 PRO Set-up Advice, YUV 422/2160P RGB?
« on: October 11, 2018, 04:38:11 am »

I recently upgraded to a 4K TV & upon playing around with it (Having to turn on the HDMI Ports to 'Enhanced'...) I got HDR to work with certain games like Horizon: Zero Dawn - Is there a definitive list for HDR games on PS4? I ask because I ran Rocket League & didn't get a notification prior to playing like on Horizon.

Before going on my TV & changing my HDMI Ports to Enhanced I could only get YUV 420 Output setting. 2610p - RGB was unsupported.

Now after changing my HDMI ports to Enhanced, I can select 2610p -RGB but when running Horizon I go back to the settings on my PS4 & it says that it is on a YUV 422 Mode.

It mentions about limitations to a HDMI 2.0 - Are HDMI Cables that support a 2160p RGB setting in-game available? Is it even worth it if so?

Also, a side note, how come I have to go on my TV setting and select Enhance to get my HDMI ports upgraded - I am guessing this is just for HDR support?

Also, here Is the TV I got Toshiba 43V6863DB:

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