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General / Re: Retro and semi-retro game compilations you want to see
« on: March 14, 2022, 11:10:58 am »
Mega Man Legacy Collection 3
-Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
-Mega Man II
-Mega Man III
-Mega Man IV
-Mega Man V
-Mega Man & Bass
-Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future

Dragon Quest Zenithian Trilogy
-Dragon Quest IV
-Dragon Quest V
-Dragon Quest VI

Wario Land Collection
-Wario Land: SML3
-Virtual Boy Wario Land
-Wario Land II
-Wario Land 3
-Wario Land 4
-Wario Land: Shake It!

I would really love a new Wario Land game. Pizza Tower looks like a fun alternative though.

Got some games off of my wish list from Japan:

Famicom Disk System
-The Mysterious Murasame Castle
-Hong Kong (side A) & Backgammon (side B)

-Adventure Island II
-Jackie Chan
-Fantasy Zone
-Donkey Kong 3
-Family Trainer 1: Athletic World

Super Famicom
-Super Bombliss

-Snowboard Kids

Game Boy
-Kakomunja (Serpent)
-Tetris Plus
-Hoshi no Kirby (Kirby's Dreamland)
-Penguin-kun Wars Vs.

Game Boy Color
-Donkey Kong 2001 (Donkey Kong Country)

I wasn't sure if Athletic World would work with a NES Power Pad due to the different ways hardware accessories are connected to the NES vs the Famicom. Unfortunately, it ended up not working, so Athletic World is basically a paper weight. Thankfully, it along with these other games were pretty cheap.

Dragon Hopper (VB)- A Zelda-esque adventure game staring a dragon by Intelligent Systems. It was previewed in Nintendo Power Volume 86.

Zero Racers (VB)- F-Zero sequel. It was previewed in Nintendo Power Volume 87.

General / Re: Happy March! What are you all getting this month?
« on: March 02, 2022, 11:49:08 pm »
I'd like to continue getting some 3DS/Wii U games from the eShop that interest me. Other than that, the new Kirby game and Mario Kart 8 DX expansion look kinda fun. I might get them this month.

-Nintendo DS Headset
-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Vol. 7 manga
-Xbox Series S
-Rare Replay (XSS)
-Banjo-Kazooie (XSS)
-Banjo-Tooie (XSS)
-Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (XSS)
-Spark the Electric Jester 2 (XSS)
-Xbox 360 S power brick
-Mega Man: The Wily Wars (RetroBit re-release, Genesis)
-Blaster Master Zero 3 (PS4)
-uDraw Studio (Wii)
-Gunman Clive 2 (3DS)
-Picross e-Picross e5, Picross e7 (3DS)
-Sonic Blast (3DS)
-Sonic Labyrinth (3DS)
-Tails Adventure (3DS)
-Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright (3DS)
-Mario Party 2 (Wii U)
-Zelda: The Minish Cap (Wii U)
-Pokemon Ranger (Wii U)

In terms of Game Boy games that are fun, but expensive ($40+) to get a legit physical copy of:

-Mole Mania
-Mega Man III (best for expert Mega Man Classic series fans)
-Mega Man IV
-Mega Man V
-Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Trading Card Game
-Mario's Picross
-Avenging Spirit
-Shantae (although it's now available on Switch)
-Wario Land II

Since the Game Boy is region free though, getting Japanese copies of Mole Mania, Mega Man III-V, Mario's Picross, and Wario Land II would be a cheaper alternative too with the language barrier not being a big problem.

My most obscure item in my collection is a bit difficult to think of. It would be either a Primal Rage trophy figure or XaviX Tennis.

My weirdest item would have to be a Sega Game Gear "GG Checker" cartridge. I should probably try to get a good picture of it sometime for the site.

I'm not sure what I'd say is the coolest thing in my collection. Closest thing I can think of isn't even a video game; it's a Roulette game made by Nintendo back in the mid-1960s.

General / Re: Will you be sad when Gamestop goes out of business?
« on: February 18, 2022, 11:31:15 pm »
I can count the number of game's I've purchased from Gamestop on one hand, so no, I won't miss them. I pretty much purchase all of my modern games from retailers like Target or Meijer or online places like Amazon or PlayAsia.

Modern Video Games / Re: Wii U & Nintendo 3DS eShop Discontinuation
« on: February 18, 2022, 11:22:07 pm »
I was looking through both eShops for game's I'd want to snag before the stores close and I was expecting to have a bigger list of games, especially for the 3DS, but no, both lists of games I wrote down weren't very long. I had more Wii U eShop games that interested me than 3DS eShop games (thanks to the Wii U having TG-16, GBA and DS games). There are some good games buried under pages and pages of junk on the 3DS/Wii U eShops. Games where getting a physical copy is expensive or they're digital only. Just depends on your tastes in games/how much time you want to spend sifting through trash...or you could just hack the consoles. Games like:

-Avenging Spirit
-Summer Carnival RECCA '92
-Dragon Quests 7/8
-Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
-Game Freak's HarmoKnight and Pocket Card Jockey
-Most of the SMT games
-The BoxBoxBoy trilogy
-Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D
-Picross e series
-Yokai Watch 3
-All Game Boy Pokemon games
-Trip World
-Mole Mania (which is apparently expensive now?)

Wii U
-Zelda Windwaker HD/Twilight Princess HD
-Mario Advance 4: SMB3 (has all the e-reader levels)
-Metroid Fusion/Zero Mission
-Metroid Prime Trilogy
-Rythm Heaven Fever
-Ogre Battle 64
-Game & Wario (which ALSO is apparently expensive now? Why?!)


1. Wii U- Really enjoyed the games on the console (as few as their were) and how the gamepad feels in the hands.
2. SNES- Solid library of games overall and has one of my favorite controllers.
3. NES- This console's library has been covered to death, so I find it hard to find weird fun unknown games that no one talks about like with the Game Boy. Still though, the NES has a solid (sometimes crusty) library of games. Has some accessories that are fun to mess around with like the Disk System, 3D System, and Power Pad.
4. N64- Outside of the games made by Nintendo and Rare, I have a hard time finding random games on this console that are fun.
5. Switch- While the game library on the Switch is very varied, I really haven't been very impressed with the build quality of the console and joycon controllers.
6. Gamecube- Nice controller and I love the console's design.
7. Wii- It's really just the console's overall library of games that drags this one down to the bottom.


1. DS- My RPG machine; so much Pokemon and Dragon Quest! So many other great games too! Also my favorite console overall.

2. 3DS- My runner up RPG machine. Although I didn't use the 3D all that much, I thought it was still a neat handy feature for 3D Land and Kid Icarus Uprising. Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed by Nintendo's games on this console with NSMB2 and Sticker Star being the biggest disappointments.

3. Game Boy Advance- My first Nintendo console. Love the backwards compatibility with GB and GBC games.

4. Game Boy- I love the bite sized nature of many Game Boy games. So many fun puzzle and platformer games on the console. I still discover fun, charming, and interesting games for this console to this day like Astro Rabby and Heiankyo Alien. I probably wouldn't recommend playing Game Boy games on the original brick model, but the Pocket and especially the Light models really improve the screen and make seeing these games much easier (although the Super Game Boy 1 and 2 are better options). Given how dated the hardware was even back in 1989, I'm super impressed with how long the Game Boy kept going; the last game compatible with the original Game Boy was a One Piece game released in 2002.

5. Virtual Boy- I was really expecting this one to be just the worst thing ever created from all that I've heard about it, but when I actually got a VB, I found it to be okay. Probably has the best good to crap ratio for game libraries I've ever seen on a console. Outside of Virtual Lab and SD Gundam Dimension War, the 20 other official games on the VB range from fine to fun. Just play the games on an emulator.

6. Game Boy Color- I don't hate the GBC, I just don't see the point of playing gams on an actual GBC when they can be played on the GBA. At least with the original Game Boy it has the appeal of "look at how ugly the games look in green and black" going for it. I'm impressed with what developers were able to do with the improved hardware the GBC offered though. Games like Dragon Warrior III, Alone in the Dark, the canceled port of Resident Evil 1, and Dragon's Lair all look super great given the limitations.

The only Nintendo console I haven't played is the Game & Watch line, but it'd probably be at the bottom of the handhelds list. Also, should the DSi be on here? I don't really count it as it's own thing since their weren't very many DSi exclusive games made (like 5?) unlike the GBC which had many exclusive games that weren't Game Boy compatible like Pokemon Crystal.

Persona 5 Strikers

Wonder Boy- Asha in Monster World

Hyperkin Hyper Click Retro Style mouse

A few years ago I found Mega Man 7 for $10 and Super Mario All-Stars+Super Mario World for $25 at the same thrift store on the same day. Other than those I got a GBA SP AGS-101 at a yard sale for 50 cents and another one at a thrift store for $5. The one I got for 50 cents had a bulging battery and scratched up screen protector, but those things were easy to replace.

-Wii/Gamecube Konami DDR Pad

-NES Power Pad

-Sutte Hakkun (early birthday gift to myself)

-Picross S6
-Picross S7
-Picross Genesis & Master System edition

-Random Pokemon TCG cards
-1997 DB&A Nintendo Toad keychain plush
-USB to DS lite, DSi/3DS, PSP, & Mini-USB charging cable

Hardware and Tech / Game Boy Micro Questions
« on: January 16, 2022, 08:55:42 pm »
So I've owned a Game Boy Micro for a little over a half year now and while I enjoy using the tiny console from time to time, I noticed that it's not really holding a charge for longer than 1-1.5 hours, which given that the Micro is about 16 years old now, I'm not surprised that the lithium battery is starting to go. Looking for a replacement battery for the Micro has been a little bit difficult since the ones I see listed on Amazon seem to be a very mixed bag. The reviews are either: "This replacement battery worked fine" OR "Don't buy this battery! It fried my Micro." So my first question is, for any other GB Micro owners who have had to replace the lithium battery, is their a particular brand you would recommend? One that actually fits and didn't fry the unit.

My second question (or maybe more of an observation) is why are link cables for the Micro so expensive? And more importantly, why do essentially no third party/off brand link cables exist? I understand that the Micro didn't sell that particularly well, but I mean...really? $130+ for a damn link cable on ebay? The only one priced reasonably is what appears to be a third party link cable seller from Australia, but that's a Micro to Micro link cable, when what I'd really like is a GBA link to Micro link cable. I didn't see anything on Amazon or AliExpress either. I attempted to make my own link cable and got pretty far with it, but was having too much trouble soldering the wires to the Micro side since the pins on the Micro side are much closer together than they are on the GBA side. Maybe I'll get lucky and find an GBA to GB Micro adapter (OXY-009) and a Micro to Micro cable (OXY-008) at a thrift store in the future? This isn't a major problem, I can simply use my original model GBA or GBA SP to do trading, but still, I'm really surprised no off brand cables exist for the Micro outside of charging cables.

-Rockman World 5 (Game Boy, complete in box)
-Sonic Colors Ultimate (PS4)
-Marsupilami- Hoobadventure (Switch)
-Xeno Crisis (Switch)
-Epic Mickey (Wii)

-Third party black Wii Nunchuk
-Zelda: Skyward Sword official guide
-Atari Flashback- The Essential Companion (Book)
-small Dragon Quest Slime plush
-Nintendo Power Pokemon promo tape
-DS/3DS cart carrying cases

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