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Search Function
« on: September 09, 2019, 01:46:30 pm »
the search function is properly stuck in the 80's is there not a better way it can work? like for instance lets take call of duty , there are loads of versions , is there not a way that the search can bring back the specific 1 that is searched for eg,"ghosts" instead of bringing up all the call of duty's ever made for every platform?  also another great idea would to be able to search for system specific , eg , "call of duty ghosts xbox 360" and only have these versions show up. I dont know if im missing something here and i don't mean it to sound like a rant but sometimes it can be really hard work trawling through the pages to find 1 specific game .


Re: Search Function
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there is actually an advanced search option below the magnifying glass it's marked in red.

You can than write the name of the game your looking for and select for wich console specifically.

You could also add some extra details such as publisher genre etc but console and name should be sufficient.
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Re: Search Function
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aaaah so i did miss something! lol

thanks for the reply