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Re: What is your principal goal collecting games?
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To have all the games worth playing in the best version and hardware possible for each of them. Easier said than done. Especially as older games are now starting to get re-released in sometimes improved versions.

I will never need to get a Playstation given the games are best played in PS3 or PSVita for example. Old DOS games you can run on DOSBox or reworked and often with fixed bugs on GOG releases. Blade Runner is a good example of a difficult to play game on current systems if not the GOG version.


Re: What is your principal goal collecting games?
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I just buy what looks interesting, and hope to one day play it. I used to have goals, such as a complete US Saturn collection but then I realized I don't care and it felt like I was buying filler for clout.

Eventually I even ended up selling off my Saturn collection, except for the original games I had as a kid.

Now a days the only "goal" I have, I guess would be keeping up on the Castlevania collection. Other than that, there's no end objective for my game collection.
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Re: What is your principal goal collecting games?
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For me it started out as finally being an adult with disposable income and the ability to buy the games I loved (Sega Megadrive, PS1) when I was a little kid, and then branch out to those games/consoles that were too expensive/not practical for my parents to buy. It has morphed over the last decade into a modest collection spanning games I loved to play as a kid, and continuing to purchase and play games that I find interesting.

My end goal is to have a collection that can be passed onto my son and that we can play together as he grows up!


Re: What is your principal goal collecting games?
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I started off with trying to collect what I played back in the day. However along the way I soon discovered allot of other games that I really liked

Nowadays I collect games that I'd like to play.

But to keep the collection less cluttered I'll only add stuff to the collection that is cib and in excellent upwards condition. I do also have a soft spot for import exclusive games. While i do buy and play modern games I'm okay with digital if the price is allot cheaper. For hardcore collecting I limit myself to mainly retro. Current and last gen doesn't give to much nostalgia for me so I don't need physical with perhaps some exceptions. Amiibo and modern CE etc not my cup of tea.

As far as goals go. I already reached my collecting goals some time ago everything that I add to the collection nowadays is just the cherry on top. No rush for me to get certain things for the collection pretty pleased with what I already have.
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Re: What is your principal goal collecting games?
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Started just to get those old games that I used to play when life was pure and easy for me, after a couple of years when my first daughter was born and after seeing that I was keeping some of these games just to collect dust is when I started to sell some of them, don't regret it cause have been able to take them on vacations several times, right now and with a second kid am only collecting just those games that am playing, correction, that we are playing because we are a family of gamers, at our collection some games belong to my wife and some others to my daughter, really hope that in a couple of years my son can ask me for some games, he has autism and even when a lot of people have told me that he might not gonna have a normal life I decided not to listen to these kind of comments.

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