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Protective game cases?
« on: November 19, 2020, 01:49:20 pm »
I'm interested in getting a couple protective game cases for PS1-sized games to help prevent scratches, dirt, and whatnot from affecting the actual case (Like PSA-style boxes but without the grading). I haven't really considered getting them in the past but now that the quarantine has happened, some of my collection is really going up in value, so I'd like to take the extra effort to protect them. Does anyone have any advice on some good quality cases to buy or have any experience with these?


Re: Protective game cases?
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I've recently bought from So far, I'm pretty happy with them. The protectors are measured to size and are affordable. I've bought them for various system's games including NES, Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD, PS1, PS2, PS3-5. All have fit well.
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Re: Protective game cases?
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You can actually still buy the clear plastic jewel cases in bulk, brand new condition. Since there’s nothing special about them apart from those you’d find with music CDs and audio books, it’s easy to make them like new and the case damaged doesn’t really amount to anything if it happens.


Re: Protective game cases?
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I'll just quote myself...from exactly a year ago...

I’ve been meaning to get some of these from Retro Protection for the longest time, but I always end up putting it off. Dan, the guy behind the whole operation, is a really nice guy; I used to send him email after email regarding custom sizes and such, and he never seemed to be annoyed by my bombardment of questions. In fact, I remember asking him about custom sizes for both Lunar 1 and 2, and a week or so later I find out he has them, same for Nintendo DS Lite. We usually ended up chatting about unrelated stuff. Truly swell guy, honestly.

Anyway, pleasantries aside, I finally bought some of these, and man, I freaking love them. I got protectors for Lunar 1 and 2, and a second Lunar 2 protector for Arc the Lad Collection, as well as one for Pokémon Stadium, and protectors for my PS1 longbox games. I seriously wish I had gotten these sooner because they’re great. I’m definitely getting some more as soon as I possibly can. The drawback is that trying to fit your whole collection with these could get a bit expensive, but I believe it’s worth the investment. I’m readying myself to get my complete Game Boy and N64 games, as well as my loose SNES cartridges fitted with these protectors next.

I haven't bought any more as I said I would, but still plan to.

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Re: Protective game cases?
« Reply #4 on: November 21, 2020, 12:45:04 pm »
I got a few retro protection covers in summer 2019 (1 amiibo, Let's Go! Pikachu size, and 1 Funko pop)  and they all served me well, protecting my cardboard during a cross country move. I now display them in the cases. There's a little glare, but the only one that's really noticeable is the amiibo since it's not fitted. I can't recommend them enough.