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Nothing much for me tomorrow to watch, I know there's a Koch/Deep Silver showing, but not sure if there's much for me there and they already confirmed that nothing Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro, or Timesplitters will be shown. 

After that is Saturday, which again is nothing much for me, just Ubisoft, but the only game I'd be looking for is Far Cry 6, but I'm done with Far Cry. 

Sunday is a hefty day though, with Xbox/Bethesda, Squenix, and the PC Game Show and I believe the Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal is happening at the Xbox event. 

Monday will have a few things here and there, not too much, I'm only slightly interested in the Capcom event for maybe Monster Hunter news and Resident Evil Village content that has nothing to do with ReVerse. 

And then Tuesday is the big Nintendo Direct and then we get the Bandai Namco event which could have some fun stuff perhaps.

A fun bit of E3 adjacent stuff, is that Netflix has been showing off reveals all week, with the new He-Man cartoon which looks good, teasing stuff for Umbrella Academy Season 3, and I guess Zack Snyder is doing an animated viking series, which I don't know if that'll be good or not.  Army of the Dead was pretty poor and I just don't think he's a good director, but don't think he's done anything animated, so we'll see how it goes.
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I hope we get to see some Tales of Arise news at the Bandai Namco show.
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Nothing much for me tomorrow to watch, I know there's a Koch/Deep Silver showing, but not sure if there's much for me there...

Yeah, I'm 95% sure that Shenmue IV won't be announced this month; maybe even this year. So I'm not that hyped for Deep Silver's showing tomorrow.

I will say that I was surprised at the Jurassic World Evolution 2 announcement. I was considering buying the first one but now I'll just wait for this one. Seems like a lot more game and goes beyond the basic park building concept. Seems they added an entire campaign storyline that goes after the latest movie. You help Malcom and Claire from the movies. I'm betting the graphics will be great considering they looked good on the last one. Color me optimistic.


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Well the event didn't give me a lot personally, we did get the full reveal of Elden Ring and it of course looks fantastic, basically open world Dark Souls.

Yeah, I'm a Souls-head and this really hit the spot for me.  Can't wait.

Evil Dead also looked fantastic, it's absolutely what I wanted, which is that kinda Dead by Daylight/Friday the 13th co-op game, but you aren't just running away from stuff, you can actually fight with guns and weapons, and there's one person that can play as a demon that possesses deadites, environments, and even players.  They showed off one demon and it looks like you play as Evil Ash from Army of Darkness.  Also the game looks real good visually too.

I love that's they've got characters from all over the franchise - Arthur and Robert the Bruce from AoD, Pablo and Kelly from AvED (and the cop lady from S1!), and some classics in there as well.  What I'd really love to see are Lucy Lawless as a demon from the show and Jane Levy's character from the remake.

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Well, it's here folks. Starts in about 2 1/2 hours with Guerilla Collective. Here's today's schedule:

Guerilla Collective - 8 a.m. Pacific
Wholesome Direct - 10 a.m. Pacific
Ubisoft Forward - 12 p.m. Pacific
Devolver Digital - 1:30 p.m. Pacific
Gearbox Entertainment - 5 p.m. Pacific

I don't expect anything interesting today.

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Nintendo accidentally announced this ahead of time, but there's a Mario + Rabbids sequel called "Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope", so that's one thing at the Ubisoft event.

Definitely watching Devolver Digital's conference, that's basically the only one I watch almost purely for the conference and less for the games lol

Skipped Ubisoft because I knew they wouldn't have anything for me, but Devolver has some fun things coming out like a cool looking sidescrolling black and white Samurai game, Trek to Yomi, and then Phantom Abyss looks neat as kinda like a hardcore Fall Guys lol
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Best thing I've seen today is DLC for Brawlahalla from Ubisoft; they're adding the Ninja Turtles. Originally, I thought that it was a different 2D Ninja Turtles game from Shredder's Revenge as I had never heard of Brawlahalla. I had to look it up. Apparently it's a free to play game on almost all platforms but you'll pay out the rear for micro transactions. Gameplay, it looks like a 2D Smash Bros wannabe.

So the best thing I've seen today.... I'll be passing on and wait for Shredder's Return; the actual Ninja Turtles game.

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Got some bigger events tomorrow I'm a little more excited for compared to today.  There isn't much I'm looking for in particular right now from the Microsoft/Bethesda event, I'm interested in Halo, but it's Halo, it's more open world, I don't really need to see anything more from it.  Not too much else I'm expecting and the only thing that could blow me away would be something Banjo-Kazooie related, or hearing that Rare Replay is coming to PC or Switch.  I do think Battlefield 2042 is getting shown off tomorrow, which I'm definitely wanting to see more of.

After that is Square Enix, so I'll be expecting more Final Fantasy XVI, which is mostly it as I'm not expecting them to show off anything FF7Remake Part 2 till next year.

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World War Z is a game I've wanted but now it's getting a new version called World War Z: Aftermath so I guess I'll keep waiting.

Splitgate is coming to consoles for free. Halo meets Portal. It's free so might as well check it out.

Watch Dogs Legion - Bloodline looks great. I already own the Ultimate Edition of Watch Dogs Legion and being able to play as Aiden again is part of the reason I bought it.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is something new at least. Not very interested in it if it's only first-person though.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Lost in Random both still look good.

Many more shows to go!

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World War Z is a game I've wanted but now it's getting a new version called World War Z: Aftermath so I guess I'll keep waiting.

I need to play this more, I only played it a short bit on a deep sale I got it for, but maybe when the new content releases, I'll check it out again as it's only 20 bucks to upgrade.


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Yeah, I was impressed with what Kena showed off yesterday as well, but it's not a new announcement. Good to see progress being made on that one though.

Today's E3 Schedule:
Pre-show - 8:45 a.m. Pacific
Microsoft + Bethesda - 10 a.m Pacific
Square Enix - 12:15 p.m. Pacific
The PC Gaming Show - 2:30 p.m. Pacific
Future Games Show - 4 p.m. Pacific
Warner Bros. Games and Back 4 Blood - TBD

Out of today's showings I'm more excited for what Square is going to show. I'm really hoping for some Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary news... perhaps HD collection ports of the original games, a remake of the second game, and news on the upcoming continuation that was announced as being in development.

Maybe Warner Bros will show off the Ultimate Ultimate version of Mortal Kombat 11?

For the MS/Bethesda showing, the only thing I want to see is info on the new Indiana Jones.
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I'd fallen off Bethesda pretty hard after the outright embarrassing disaster that was Fallout 76, but I'm mildly interested to see how Starfield turns out, seeing them working on an engine that isn't total butts, but hopefully it turns out well.  Out November 22nd, 2022

And yes, give me this STALKER 2 goodness, This game looks so freaking good, this is a hugely anticpated game for me, I hope it actually pans out, this is a similar thing to Bethesda that to get STALKER with a good engine is very exciting.  There's still elements of the gameplay where I'm like "Eh, this seems really scripted", but also I'm just excited that STALKER exists again lol April 28, 2022.

Also I thought the WB Games event was supposed to be about Back 4 Blood only, but I think they've shown off the game twice at this point, so I have no idea what they plan to show there at this point lol

Pirates of the Caribbean crossover makes a lot of sense for Sea of Thieves lol

Just give me Battlefield 2042 now, right now.

Interesting to see Halo split their multiplayer off, but it's a smart idea, gets more people playing if it's free.  I'm board with both now that it's on PC, I haven't played Halo multiplayer since...3? I forget if I played anything with Halo 4, I didn't beat the campaign till way later and I never played Halo 5.  Holiday release this year.

Atomic Heart looks really cool, though no release date?  I feel like we've been seeing this game for awhile now lol

Replaced has a killer art style.  Don't know if I'll get it, but looks super cool.  Out next year.

I really do appreciate that this conference is mostly just reveal after reveal.

Amazing trailer for Outer Worlds 2 lol Don't know if it'll be good, the first one had good ideas, but it wasn't nearly on the level of Fallout, but hopefully with all that Microsoft money, they'll get to really make that big expansive shooter RPG.

Overall a good show, though nothing new shown off was a big surprise for me, mostly just more info on stuff I was already excited for and much of the games are next year.  Bit of a dry show, but can't complain too much.
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Square-Enix looking to try and make up for Avengers with a hopefully good Marvel game from them lol I do like that they are moving away from "MCU, but like their stunt doubles" and mixing in some of the comic aspects into the character designs, while still being MCU enough.  October 21st release date, should be fun.

Squenix removing all the music from their games is killing this presentation, even with games that I can't imagine would have music that would get DMCA hit, which is so weird.

A new Final Fantasy game shown off from Koei Tecmo, though I think it's a custom character game and the main guy they picked for it, looked super awful and bland lol Could be fun though, the lack of Final Fantasy XVI being shown off is super disappointing, this was a super bad showing having most of the music removed, like removed, so it's quiet, not just replaced, it's baffling.  Was i tjust the stream I was watching and there was another stream that didn't have that? Like it wouldn't change my opinion on the vent being kinda oddly paced and not a ton of exciting things for me, but still, that was weird.
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Psychonauts 2 will probably be good.

I hope Halo Infinite multiplayer somehow makes its way to PS4 since it's free to play. 46.8% of Fortnite's revenue comes from PS4 so if Xbox is trying to recoup that $500 million development cost they might wanna bring it to PlayStation.

Redfall is interesting. I wish Sony locked that down instead of Deathloop or Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Expectations aren't high for PC Gamer but they've been good in the past. Future Games Show may be fine.


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So far this E3 is severely lackluster for announcements and showings. Best thing I've seen so far is A Plague Tale 2.

Sony isn't at E3 so no Uncharted announcement.
Bethesda didn't bother showing their Indiana Jones game.
Square didn't bother showing anything related to Tomb Raider.

My globe trotting action/adventure genre hopes are destroyed this E3.

The only possible redemption for me would be tomorrow's Capcom show. If they were to announce a reboot or remake of Dino Crisis, that would excite the hell out of me and I would remember this E3 with some fondness instead of disappointment.