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Uncharted Movie Trailer
« on: October 21, 2021, 10:56:20 am »

Uncharted is my favorite game series. I was skeptical when it was announced they were doing a movie. I was even more skeptical when Holland was cast as Drake. Then even more when Wahlberg was cast as Sully. Then the heavy delays. It was one thing after the next compounding my skepticism that this movie would even be released. Well... now there's a trailer.


The trailer gives me a very small glimmer of hope. I expect it'll be the worst Uncharted released but will still be enjoyable as a B rated film. Time to reign in expectations on this one. It probably won't be the worst game to movie adaptation (looking at you MK Annihilation), but it won't be the best (oddly... Sonic of all things?). I expect a 2 hour action romp with Hollywood flare as they try their best to mimic the game's adventure and falling short... but it's also hard to emulate an 8-15 hour game into 2 hours.

I expect a good time. We'll see how it compares to something similar... the Indiana Jones, National Treasure and Tomb Raider movies. Time will tell how this does. Apparently it releases February 18th next year.

What are your thoughts?

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It's a good reminder to play the games.


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I think it'll be fun, but Wahlberg is woefully miscast. Additionally, young Drake is least interesting Drake.  He's way more interesting once he's established and trying to make good.

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Re: Uncharted Movie Trailer
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Whether it's good as an "Uncharted" movie, I don't really care at this point, just give me a good action adventure film as I really enjoy those.  This movie looks fine, I probably would've rather had an older Drake, like Nathan Fillion would've been great for it, but I'm sure Holland will be good for this.  I also agree that Wahlberg was not a great choice for Sully, needed some more gruff for the role.