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Beat my first game of the year... Sonic CD from Sonic Origins collection. I guess I'll update my original post...
If you own the original games and the Mega/Gems Collection, is there any reason to buy Origins? I would love to replay 3 & Knuckles in HD but my Apple TV allows me to play 1,2 & CD in HD. I've heard mixed reviews of Origins, but I've been wanting to replay 3 & Knuckles for some time now, but I'm not sure if newer options would eclipse the original game quite like it would with Sonic 1 & 2 (and CD).

There are a few reasons actually.
1. High Def. It looks really good in Origins.
2. New animated shorts added for each game
 - New intro, outro and overall intro to Sonic Origins as well.
3. Anniversary Mode and Classic Mode included (sort of)
 - Anniversary mode allows widescreen and removes lives in favor of coins to unlock and retry stages.
 - Classic mode is the basic Genesis game in 4:3 aspect. However, I found Sonic 2 is lacking the
options menu to enter the Super Sonic code. So you have to do so by following the input code found here:
4. Mission Mode -- Interesting take on the games putting them all together back to back as one game.
5. Sonic Mania Adventures shorts included in the museum video section.
 - Museum video section also acts as Sonic CD's DA Garden allowing you to view all unlocked videos.
6. Museum music section has the soundtrack for all games included. If you're willing to shell out,
you can even get the soundtracks to Sonic Spinball and a couple others.

In fact, the worst part of Sonic Origins, is that Sonic Spinball wasn't included. Wish they had, but oh well.


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Beat the first game of the year
1. 007: Rogue Agent GameCube
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1 - God of War: Ragnarok (PS5 2022) - BEAT - As expected, this was a real solid game.  If I had beaten it last year, I still would have considered Elden Ring as my GOTY.  God of War does have the better narrative, characters, and visuals, but to me as a gameplay experience, I got absorbed into Elden Ring, I think I put over a 100 hours in to it, and that's not saying a longer playtime is better, that's just how much I wanted to keep playing.  This game is fairly decent length wise, probably like 20 hours if you want to deal mostly with the story, 30 to 40 for general completion.

Don't have any major complaints, it's a very well done game, my only issues is that I felt the story dragged just abit at a part or two and that I'm not in love with the gear and skill customization.  They give so many parts for each weapon and shield, and then all sorts of skill bonuses and you can build a kit around the playstyle you like, but to me, I feel like I would've rather they toned it down.  I really didn't change up attachments often and it's almost too much.  That's just a personal view on it though, maybe some people liked constantly changing things up.  Also I wasn't 100% in love with the actual combat, it's overall very good, lots of options, but there were moments through out where it felt like maybe the dodge could've been better.  Maybe I am more spoiled by FromSoft games and how tight everything is, but again, personal view.

Overall, it's absolutely a great game, it's probably generally better than the first game with all they added, but I still basically view it on the same level as the first one.  Both are good games and it'll be interesting to see what they do with the series after this as there's a few different ways they could take it.  Probably won't go back to either game after this, but I do have a few more leftover missions to do in the game that I'll probably get through just because it gives me more time with the characters and the lore.

2 - Vampire Survivors (PC 2022) - BEAT - I originally had this on the list from last year, but I was treating it more as "endless", but the game does have a proper ending and I finally managed to complete it.  It's such a silly game for how little you actually do gameplay wise and it definitely could be better.  I've played a fan project with similar gameplay that had some boss stuff you actually have to kinda fight, dodging attacks, which VS sorta has, but mostly just the final battle and I think one other fight.  Even with any sort of complaints, they aren't much and the game is stupid cheap, like I bought it for 3 bucks, the DLC for 2 bucks and while it might be a little more now, I got like 60 hours out of the game, or around that once I finish all the DLC lol
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Quote from: Ignition365's Modified Legend
bold games are games that have been beaten/endless in 2022
italicized games are in progress.
standard games are games I am not currently trying to beat or have been beat in previous years.
bold games are games that have been abandoned.

1. Major League Manager
2. Minecraft
3. Sid Meier's Civilization V
4. Resident Evil 4
5. Just Cause 3
6. Dead Rising 2
7. The Deadly Tower of Monsters
8. Pinball FX 2
9. The Day of the Tentacle Remastered
10. Grim Fandango Remastered
11. Bejeweled 3
12. Rage
13. Mortal Kombat 11
14. Half-Life
15. The Darkness II
16. Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice
17. Broken Age
18. Pinball FX 3
19. E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy
20. Blood and Bacon
21. Baseball Stars 2
22. Arma II
23. Dead Island
24. Bastion
25. Octodad: Dadliest Catch
26. Citizens of Earth
27. Mass Effect 2
28. CAT Interstellar
29. Postal Brain Damaged
30. Fallout 4
31. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
32. Dr. Mario
33. Borderlands 2
34. Daytona USA
35. Pinball Arcade
36. Super Space Invaders
37. Pole Position II
38. Demon Attack
39. Riddle of the Sphinx
40. Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Quest
41. Star Voyager
42. Taz-Mania
43. After Burner
44. 1943: The Battle of Midway
45. Roger Clemens MVP Baseball
46. Superman
47. Aero the Acro-Bat
48. NHL 96
49. Zoop
50. Eternal Champions
51. Silpheed
52. Slider
53. Desert Strike
54. Carnival
55. Torchlight II
56. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1
57. The Simpsons Road Rage
58. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
59. Evoland
60. Victor Vran
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2nd game completed - Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Sonic Mania).

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3 - Sonic Frontiers (PS5 2022) - DROPPED - I tried to play a little more, but I'm done with this game, its such a wonky game despite some decent ideas.  The general overworld art style is boring and bland, Sonic looks like he's in an unreal tech demo, the item pop-in is pretty crappy so a lot of stuff you don't see till you are right up on (Not Scarlet/Violet bad, but not great for a PS5 game), and I find the gameplay loop very boring.  It's a shame because giving Sonic a lot of freedom like this is neat, some of the miniboss fights are okay, and it does run well and look fairly good, but I'm just over the game.


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1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 -in Progress- ... I'm not going to make it to 52 with this game am I? Currently chapter 6, 52 hours in.

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1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 -in Progress- ... I'm not going to make it to 52 with this game am I? Currently chapter 6, 52 hours in.

I think I did something like 120+ hours in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, not counting the DLC that I only played a part of, so you are probably a long ways off lol


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1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 -in Progress- ... I'm not going to make it to 52 with this game am I? Currently chapter 6, 52 hours in.

I think I did something like 120+ hours in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, not counting the DLC that I only played a part of, so you are probably a long ways off lol

At least this time there's no lottery system with blades. Looking it up there's apparently 7 Story chapters and I think I've done A chunk of side quest to the point that a good amount of colonies are 3-4 stars right now. Still have a few heroes to find

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1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 -in Progress- ... I'm not going to make it to 52 with this game am I? Currently chapter 6, 52 hours in.

I think I did something like 120+ hours in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, not counting the DLC that I only played a part of, so you are probably a long ways off lol

At least this time there's no lottery system with blades. Looking it up there's apparently 7 Story chapters and I think I've done A chunk of side quest to the point that a good amount of colonies are 3-4 stars right now. Still have a few heroes to find

Oh that's good, I hated that so much in XC2.  Loved that game, hated the gacha system, I put so many hours into it, never got all the Blades, it's such a bad system, so it's good to know they dropped it.  I plan to get to XC3 eventually, I want to play the XC1 remaster first before doing so and not sure when that is going to happen right now.


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01. Silent Hill 4: The Room || PlayStation 2 || 01.03.23

With only one numbered entry left to play in the Silent Hill franchise, I began playing Silent Hill 4 as soon as I could after finishing the third entry. As the final numbered entry in the series, I was greatly looking forward to experience what the game offered.

Much to my surprise, Silent Hill 4 (SH4) does not actually take place during any point of the game in the town of Silent Hill. Instead, the game's setting chiefly resides in Room 302 of the South Ashfield Apartments, where players take on the role of Henry Townshend. As the unfortunate recent resident of his apartment, Henry has been trapped inside by all means for several days, with attempted phone calls being unsuccessful, windows unable to be opened, and his front door being heavily chained, which is where the story of the game begins. Despite any and all attempts, none of his neighbors are able to hear Henry's pleas for help. When players take control, a large hole in the wall has recently formed; with no other means of possible escape, Henry climbs inside and traverses through the connected tunnel.

While the game excludes Silent Hill itself as a locale, it instead introduces several notable locations that relate to the story's past events which all take form as part of the series's otherworld. Throughout Henry's journey of escape, he begins following murder investigation notes from the apartment's previous tenant that periodically appear at his doorway and which nearly exclusively serve to providing the game's backstory and events to follow. The notes regard a series of killings dubbed the eponymous Walter Sullivan murders that began around ten years ago and ended upon Sullivan's suicide. However, years later, it seems that a copycat killer has risen and continued the same pattern of murders despite all of the details regarding the events being unknown to the public. We come to learn that Sullivan pursued his murderous spree as a requirement to perform one of the Order's ritual practices in the hopes of uniting with his deceased mother, as he was orphaned and taken in by Silent Hill's cult as a young child.

To be brief, the plot of SH4 felt quite different from past narratives, as it neither takes place in Silent Hill nor relates to any of the established cast. Following more in-line with Silent Hill 3's story, the story presented with SH4 instead presents a situation where an individual possessing power fueled by their trauma is able to transform the world surrounding them to bring out the otherworld and its manifestations. With no solid association to previous entries, I found it difficult to connect with SH4's cast and the events unfolding. Now thinking of the plot after finishing the game, it was interesting to witness how an individual, desperate for their goals turns to the Order although this is entirely experienced by way of findable memos. Conversely, the actual protagonist Henry serves even more so than before the game's everyman, as he just happens to be living at Ashfield at the wrong time and is learning the situation in real-time as players do.

Unlike with previous entries, SH4 does not follow a confined setting. While the game is still linear, there is now a travel system which allows players to freely move to and from the otherworld through the tunnel back to Room 302. To me, I simply did not like this design choice as, without a doubt, player immersion is so easily broken when needing to travel. For the first half of the game, players will frequently go back-and-forth between the otherworld and Room 302, as restorative items are minimal while the apartment also serves as a safe space which Henry may rest to replenish health. Because of this, players will be forced to retreat as their health levels dwindle, which is made easy as the travel system is accessible every few rooms or so.

That being said, it is difficult to talk about this feature without also mentioning the game's limited inventory space, as I felt the two are closely interconnected. As another new feature, SH4 is the first to impose a 10-item maximum inventory. In a lot of ways, it felt that the travel system was implemented with the inventory limitations in mind, although it is impossible to know which element was designed first. In theory, there is nothing wrong with imposing a set inventory space amount, but it feels quite unnecessarily tacked on without good reason as the travel system is always near. Early on, there is a puzzle which requires the player to immediately travel to-and-from the apartment, as one item needed fully bars the player from entering a specific room with it in-hand. This kind of puzzle design (which I say lightly) simply comes off as an annoyance.

However, I will admit that these problems mostly affect the game's first half, which is the time when the game discards one very crucial gameplay element: Room 302's ability to heal Henry. In fact, the apartment does not just omit this beneficial feature but even becomes detrimental, as over a dozen of possible otherworld hauntings that inflict damage may appear, even in conjunction with another. At this time, if a player had relied upon using any restorative items instead of Room 302, survival would become a lot more difficult. Quite soon after this gameplay change, I was almost always on the verge of death until I so thankfully found a stray nutrition drink which still left me without being fully healed. While I can understand the reasons why the safe space element was incorporated at all, I will admit that it lasted just a little too long, as the survival capabilities required later on offered a much more challenging experience and was much more enjoyable to play.

Throughout his attempts to escape, Henry is forced to guide his neighbor Eileen, who too unfortunately has become stuck in the otherworld. While trapped, Eileen has become heavily damaged which results in her being a huge responsibility in keeping safe. Eileen moves about and can even attack of her own volition if equipped with a weapon, although I never actually did utilize such feature. As she is already weakened, Eileen repeatedly is attacked by enemies due to her vulnerability which results in her gradually losing her sanity more and more which can eventually pose as a threat to Henry.

A positive aspect which I will briefly mention is being inside Room 302. Here, the gameplay perspective is from a first-person viewpoint. As the game's opening starts with this change, I did feel unnerved to a degree—certainly apprehensive, at least. Beginning my playthrough with no foreknowledge, I had no idea if this was to be the standard perspective while playing. With the viewpoint only implemented while in Room 302, I found the first-person approach more personal and vulnerable to surroundings, and its implementation was done well to surprise first-time players. Unfortunately, this is perhaps the only favorable element that is a major change from previous titles.

As SH4's otherworld is a result of Walter Sullivan, areas and enemies naturally take on their form as they relate to his trauma. With this understanding, I can report that enemies are underwhelming in presentation. While there is nothing wrong in featuring new enemies—as it only makes sense—their design is poor. Floating ghosts, dogs which emit a cougar's cry, haunted wheelchairs, and burping women (yes, you read that correct.) These are the sorts of monsters which threaten Henry. In regards to their behavior, enemies are largely non-threatening too and, at times, more annoying that problematic. However, a huge disparity lies in the ghosts, as they are aggressive and unable to be defeated, and were a huge concern to me when moving around a tight environment. While it is possible to halt their movement entirely, I had a lot of difficulty in successfully implementing that action.

More so than before, there is nearly zero investigation required in finding items to progress through locked paths. Rooms will even often be empty, serving no purpose at all. Unfortunately, the time spent in each of these otherworld environments is minimal, although this may be an impression resulting from the travel system. Coupled with the minimal puzzle-solving, areas felt as if they had little depth or personality. Again, at a much higher degree, rooms are often traveled as a short pathway, never to be experienced again. On the topic of the game's environment, it too felt disconnected from previous entries. In earlier titles, the otherworld was dark, threatening, and, well, a little otherworldly; but in SH4, they seem no different than the actual world.

Overall, SH4 sets itself apart from previous entries in a lot of different ways, although I find many of them to be for the worst. Arguably, the game plays out more as a murder mystery with questionably spooky visuals than a horror game. I may be taking a break from the series now, although that may change. Silent Hill: Origins is next to play, although I will be needing to emulate it, which is something new to me.
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3. Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Remastered - Hawke

I finally finished this game. That final boss was BRUTAL. For some reason, this iteration in the series has always caused me trouble when it came to completing it. I attempted it at least three or four times on the PlayStation 2. This remastered version has a few QoL features but it's still the same game, overall. I guess my determination finally paid off? Either way, super fun game in my favorite series. The character design is even more questionable in HD, and there's that overall learning curve that comes with the series. But there's just so much stuff to do, see, and learn. No two campaigns will ever be the same. Sadly, I doubt I'll jump right into another person's campaign because finishing Hawke's quest took over 20 hours whereas SaGa Frontier is usually over in seven or eight. Unlimited Saga can be completed once in as little as four or five if you know what you're doing.

That being said, I absolutely will take advantage of New Game Plus. I'll either start with Gray, or start as someone that has access to him early. He was in Hawke's final party and I'm anxious to see just how strong he'll be at the start of a new game.


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4. Bloody Roar - Fox

Fun fact. Fox's real name is Hans Taubemann. It's not every day one gets to beat the snot, blood, and vomit out of someone as a cross dressing scoundrel. That aside, Bloody Roar has aged about as well as one would expect from a late 90s 3D fighter. There's a lot of soul here. But there's also a lot rust. Still, I had fun. It was nice to take a break from turn-based combat.

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3. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)

Despite the first Tekken Tag Tournament being my favorite game in the franchise, this was one of the last Tekken games I'd barely played. I remember thinking it was pretty awesome when it was firs announced, and even picked it up shortly after it launched, but I never played it extensively up until recently. I almost feel like I'm glad I waited since I ended up playing a ridiculous amount of Tekken last summer and fall, which helped me appreciate certain titles more. Tekken Tage Tournament 2 is one of the best Tekken games imo. While there are some balancing issues, the game is otherwise excellent to play and controls just as wonderfully as most other newer Tekken titles. Graphics are great as is the OST. Unless you want to count the accessories you can purchase within the game unlockables, the game has little else to motivate replays, with the exception of unique endings depending on who you beat the game as. Still, even if there were zero unlockables I was still super into this game while playing it and had a hard time putting it down. (1/7/23) [36/50]


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Game 1 - Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES) - 12 hours, 61% complete

Was able to finish two games over the weekend and this is one of them! It's been about 5 years since I last played anything on my Super Nintendo. Owning an SNES Classic is largely to blame for that, though there were some games that micro system didn't have available. DKC2 is one of them, and I would say that this game is really great. It has all of the great controls and graphical prowess that the first entry had, but improves upon them in every possible way. You have more movement options particularly with Dixie Kong's glide, which adds more variety to the individual levels. On the topic of levels, it feels like the developers went really all out with some really unique and fun level design. There are also more collectables and secrets to unlock which makes you want to keep playing after you've finished the game. There are also more animal friends that you can control and most of them are really fun, with the exception of the snake. Lastly, the music is simply fantastic. One of the best soundtracks on the Super Nintendo.

There were some aspects of the game that I didn't enjoy as much. Despite it's casual exterior, this game is very challenging. I have only 5 hours of gameplay recorded on my save file, and the remaining 7 was dying and restarting all of the time. Most of the challenge is fair, but there were some design aspects that I felt increased the challenge in an unreasonable way. The first is how saving works. You can't save whenever you want, and have to spend coins at a shop to save. These coins are often in difficult to reach places meaning you have to risk limited lives that you have just to be able to save your progress. Once you start a set of stages you can't back out to the overworld, so you are forced to beat a requisite number of stages without dying until you have access to a save feature. This might sound like a nitpick, but I lost over an hour of progress because I started another section of the game, couldn't back out and save, died, and had to replay it all over again.
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