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2023 is already turning into a busy year for me! But at least I have an update!

1. Telling Lies (Xbox)- I wanted to give this game another chance as I didn't really like it when I played it on Playstation in 2022. Playing it a second time, actually made me like the game even less. It also made me realize how the ending really ruins the game.

2. The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me (PS5)-I overall enjoyed this game and it was fun tracking down the trophies! Unfortunately, the game does have bugs. I even ran into a major bug and had to completely reset the game, but then it was fine. Out of all the Dark Picture games, I think this one is a major step in the right direction. I actually had a great time actually watching the bonus content videos! I also played through the Curator's Cut version and felt it was a different experience. This game definitely keeps you on your toes.
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8 - Sons of the Forest (PC Early Access 2023) - BEAT - I'm a big fan of survival games and had been looking forward to this one abit, though it was unfortunate to hear that instead of releasing like it should, the game was going into Early Access, but when they did so, they made it seem like EA was meant to be more about polish and making the game even bigger and better than it was, but the game itself is very incomplete.  The story is maybe half here at best and that's being generous.  It has a beginning, middle, and end, but that's almost only it, there's so little inbetween.

The game itself feels mostly feature complete in terms of the kind of game you'll be playing, but it's still lacking buildables and items from the first game and it needs more new stuff, but the map is here and its all very functional and it feels good to play, a big step up from the first game.  It just needs so much more content and tweaks to things like the backpack, gps, enemy behavior, and more.  There's now way this game gets out of Early Access in less than a year and I absolutely don't recommend it right now.
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Late with an update. Still plan to hit 52, just have to squeeze in shorter games to make up for lost time. On that note:

Koudelka (Abandoned)

Not because its a bad game. Form a few hours I invested, I enjoyed its setting and characters. The tactical RPG combat is nice too, but the game is a long and slow burn. Given I've missed a few weeks I don't want it to bog me down trying to catch back up. If I manage to get ahead maybe I'll come back fresh, for now it'll be on the back burner.

#4 Super Metroid
Went for a 100% run. Took me ~8 hours to beat. Time played wasn't a factor; I don't mind taking my time going for 100% in any Metroidvania I play. I've had my copy of Super Metroid for years but never got around to thoroughly playing it until recently. Whatever I can say about it has likely been said countless times on other forums and websites. I'll just say it deserves all the praise its received. The game is timeless; a must-have experience for anyone with an interest in the Metroid series or Metroidvania genre.

#5 Blazing Chrome
First Steam game I've beaten in a long time. A well developed Contra-clone with great pixel art and level design. Bosses were cool and challenging ever after I fully recognized their attack patterns. Was the first run and gun I really invested time into; now I'm debating whether to go back for achievements or the 1CC. The developer JoyMasher has another run and gun, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider, that looks just as compelling. Between that, Chrome and the upcoming Iron Meat my run and gun thirst will stay quenched.

Going forward I plan to play more STG/shmups and aim for 1CCs. I'm fairly new to the genre so I'm trying to keep my expectations reasonable and ease myself into it. I've enjoyed dabbling in them so far and hope to start clearing them sooner rather than later.


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17. Astria Ascending - platinum'd

This was the last new game that I received as part of Secret Santa last year. The final grind to get everything didn't take as long as expected. I never plan on playing J-Ster again, but that's an entirely different matter. Overall, a decent game that sadly wore out its welcome after the second half. Great visuals and music can only carry a game so far. There was a lot of potential here, but it looked like a lot of little things were either ignored or missed during development. There were also a lot of questionable design choices. Combat started off promising but I'm guessing it would have been nigh impossible to get through on harder difficulties since the game was so poorly balanced. And I can't advance spoken text? Come on!


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18. Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

It feels great to play a traditional, 2D style Kirby again. It's essentially an enhanced version of the game on Wii, but it's filled to the top with extra content. I have 100% story mode completion, but my file's completion is nowhere near that. I'll probably take a break from it for a bit so I can collect my thoughts on it for a review, but I do plan on trying the extra modes sooner than later. All in all, another great Kirby game.

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2. Metroid Prime Remastered (Switch) - Beat 3/8/23

AMAZING, this is my first time playing this one. Even as a long time Metroid fan, I've always been nervous to play it because I usually get sick playing first person games, but for some reason I didn't have any issues with it. So yea, game was awesome, loved every minute of it. Cant wait for the next one to get remastered.


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04. Ultimate I Spy || Wii || 03.09.23

Having spent a fair amount of time with I Spy Scholastic books during their '90s prime, I have come to realize in recent years that I still casually enjoy these kinds of puzzles. When browsing through some cheap Wii games, I bought Ultimate I Spy without much thought aside from having fairly low expectations.

As a find-it game, Ultimate I Spy transforms the static puzzle design of print books into a 3D interactive experience across 40 levels within 10 unique stages. Unlike with print material, the game's stages are generally full of life and movement, although not for every stage. Even so, the ability to shift the camera view throughout all levels provides a fun depth and added difficulty, as hidden objects are sometimes only found in the most specific of angles. Like the book puzzles, hidden objects may be found amidst a sea of items, not quite as what the player was expecting when reading the clue, or camouflaged within other environmental elements. However, as they are a part of a 3D game, hidden objects may also be moving or needed to be moved or require interaction. That said, the latter type in particular is where the game's weaknesses become apparent.

Overall, the controls themselves are for better or for worse. Moving throughout stages while shifting camera angles is generally without issue. Be that as it may, Ultimate I Spy also forces required interactive elements to complete puzzles, and they are mostly done with poor execution. For many of these interactive moments, they feel purely designed as a tacked on gameplay mechanic that are simply not fun. Some events include moving a clock's hands, shaking a crystal ball, controlling a paper airplane, or plucking a harp's strings. Completing these moments are necessary to advance through stages.

Alongside the standard interactive moments, some clues require completing mini-games, such as fish racing, guiding a sailboat while avoiding hazards, and controlling a rocket ship throughout space. Throughout the game, many of these mini-games are revisited with added difficulty. For some of these moments, mini-games last about 2 minutes, and failing results in needing to retry. So, at this point, it is not necessary about finding a certain aspect but to instead fulfill a condition which meets the clue's standards (e.g. find a race versus find a race that leads to victory. With that said, the game devolves from a standard find-it game to a compilation of bad mini-games for a sizeable duration. There is a menu selection to revisit these mini-games at any time, although none are worth doing so as there is no incentive in addition to their poor quality.

In the end, Ultimate I Spy offers a fun experience that felt rewarding to find hidden objects which were particularly difficult to locate. But, as a Wii game, the game's tacked on Wii controls to provide an added interactive element to the formula is simply bad. Had the game just relied on using the Wii Remote as a cursor for its motion controls, this would have been a much more enjoyable experience. Instead, the Wii's motions controls were attempted to be capitalized upon which come off as a hindering novelty. That said, the game still adopts the classic find-it puzzle formula which is something I think I'll always find some enjoyment no matter the circumstances.


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I'm back from an arcade expo in Louisville, KY. It was fun; not as fun as it used to be but still enjoyable. I dedicated more time to pinball, but managed to get in some favorites.

19. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade Future Tone

I haven't even thought of this series since Project Diva X on the Vita. I played on beginner and it was...ok. The big screen was neat. The graphics were crisp. Sadly, it was so loud in the expo that I couldn't hear the song. So, I wasn't really a fan of it. It was cool that it was there, of course.

20. Darkstalkers - Bishamon

This was actually really fun. I never played Darkstalkers before, despite growing up as a fighting game fan. Naturally, I gravitated towards the samurai. All I'll say is that I'm glad that the cabinets were on free play. Otherwise, I would have lost a lot of quarters. The game is fun but those foes aren't playing. Felicia is more proof as to why I don't like cats.

21. Tekken 3 - Nina Williams

Someone asked me to jump in for them as I was walking by. I played some Tekken before, but it had been years. Normally, I play as Yoshimitsu or Anna. But, I covered the person that chose Nina and enjoyed it. As an arcade game, the game still runs silky smooth. It's crazy to think how old this game is. Lots of fun, though. Again, I'm glad that it was on free play.

22. Pump it Up NX2

I've always been team DDR, but I haven't seen a Pump it Up machine in over a decade. I had to give it a shot. Surprisingly, I was pretty good at it. That middle step, though. Ugh.

23. jubeat

I love this game. Hand Hand Revolution. The sounds are so crisp and there's such a tactile feeling when you land a perfect touch. The music was bumping, too. I never thought I'd see this game there, but lo and behold. I got an S on the last song I did which was the icing on the cake.

24. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

I saved the best for last. This is where I spent most of the time. My go to song was 1998. Songs two and three were left up to chance or left up to the person I was playing with. It was so fun to get back into DDR. A late 30-something playing DDR? Only at an arcade expo.


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23. jubeat

I hadn't heard of Jubeat before, but it looks pretty fun. I've only played a similar game named MaiMai briefly once and enjoyed it, so if Jubeat were at an arcade near me, I'd try it, for sure.

24. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

My go to song was 1998.

Wow, it's been over 15 years since I had last heard that track. During the mid-2000s for about 3 years total, I played Dance Dance Revolution Extreme quite often, perhaps about 6-7 hours per month. During that time, I always told myself that I'd someday own a machine. It'll never happen, of course, but one can still dream.

I haven't played it, but one of the new modern rhythm dancing games named Dancerush Stardom looks like a lot of fun too. This video of a group playing seems really impressive.
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Wow, it's been over 15 years since I had last heard that track. During the mid-2000s for about 3 years total, I played Dance Dance Revolution Extreme quite often, perhaps about 6-7 hours per month. During that time, I always told myself that I'd someday own a machine. It'll never happen, of course, but one can still dream.

I haven't played it, but one of the new modern rhythm dancing games named Dancerush Stardom looks like a lot of fun too. This video of a group playing seems really impressive.

Yeah, something about that song just fits my style to the letter. I have a lot of favorite songs but that one is just...something else. I'll check that video out, too. Thanks for posting that.


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25. Theaterhythm Final Bar Line

Anyone who's a fan of both Final Fantasy and its music requires this game, full stop. There is just so much music that brings back so many memories. The gameplay itself is fun, too. My only gripe are some of the quests. They require too specific a set up and a touch of luck to complete. Otherwise, there's just so much good music and variety here that it's hard not to call this the best game in the Theaterhythm series. Side note: Final Fantasy Mobius' music SLAPS. Who knew?!
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Quote from: Legend
bold games are games that have been beaten, previously beaten, or are unbeatable.
italicized games are in progress.
standard games are games I am not currently trying to beat.
strikethrough games are games that have been abandoned.

47. SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter Galaxy (ARC)
Really short shmup game.  I expected it to be longer than a short single level, but there it is, a really short shmup game.  Managed to get all of the achievements for this game in two quick playthroughs, didn't take more than a few minutes.  Kind of works though as sonic wouldn't platform fight Eggman in space, he's use a spaceship.  Probably still not worth playing, but it certainly wasn't the worst shmup I ever played.
Rating: Soft pass

48. Young Souls (X1)
A game leaving game pass.  I thought about skipping it entirely but I pushed through and played it.  At first I really wasn't enjoying it, still even towards the end I wouldn't say I was enjoying it, but the combat was simple enough and I got to a point that I wanted the rest of the story.  After finishing the story, I sat and looked at the achievements and decided that the extra hour of playing was worth earning the additional 200-300 achievement points.  At this point I literally have 1 chest left to open and then I'll get the achievements for 100%ing the game and opening all of the gold chests.  Literally shouldn't take me more than 5 minutes to do, but I put it off because it was nearly midnight when I stopped playing last night and figured what the heck, I'll earn the achievements tomorrow for the microsoft reward points.  Accessibility options make this game much easier to enjoy, the characters are the absolute worst and do seemingly grow throughout their experience which is actually quite nice to see.  I only really had two issues with the game, it freezing during loading screens where I had to restart the game but didn't lose any progress, and a limited resource item being unable to be picked up which wasn't an issue either because I didn't even use the item during play.  I guess the other issue I had was how slow the dialogue and scenes where and there was no good way to skip the chaff.  You either skip everything or nothing kind of deal, and even the leveling up process was annoyingly slow.  I didn't even realize until after I beat the game that if you double tap left or right, you can run in that direction.  Wish I had realized that earlier.  Overall I actually kind of enjoyed this game though.
Rating: Soft recommendation

49. Undertale (X1)
I started this up probably a year or two back when it went up on Game Pass because the achievements are so easy and simple, I was doing a little bit daily to get quick easy achievements for Microsoft Rewards.  Well the game is leaving game pass in a few days so I figured I'd finally finish the game.  What I didn't realize until now was apparently I was doing a genocide run on xbox, forgot I was doing a genocide run, started doing a pacifist run, and then realized I was like level 6 instead of level 1 so kind of waffled between sparing and killing until I beat the game.  Kinda frustrated about that, because I've never done a genocide run.  Also, this game is so weird because you can get all of the trophies/achievements for this game without even beating the game because the last achievement you earn is a bit before the final boss.
Rating: Solid recommendation

50. Twisted Metal (PS1)
Another game from my list of franchises to play through.  I know I played and beat a TM game as a kid, definitely wasn't Small Brawl because I never finished that game as a kid, it was either 3 or 4, maybe both, I just remember Rob Zombie/White Zombie music on the soundtrack.  Dragula to be specific I think.  Anyway, played through this game earning all of the retro achievements and seeing all of the endings.  I may go and read up on the endings some because I feel like some of the more vague endings probably had more evil connotations than I took away.  This, like Mortal Kombat, is one of those franchises where it would make sense to have only 1 or no characters return for future games because in theory they all died or have no reason to re-enter, but I get bringing back characters because players care right.  It's whatever, just something I always think about.  I play a lot of vehicular combat games, it's partially where I got my handle from, but I think I don't really enjoy them because they are always so clunky and overbearing.
Rating: Hard pass

51. Twisted Metal 2 (PS1)
I played through these too quickly, this one was kind of a blur with the last one.  If I recall correctly, I beat the entirety of this game in a single day because I had that much free time that day.  More of the same all in all.  As I play these more, I get more and more used to the controls so they feel less clunky, but I know they still are.  Geez, I didn't even finish writing this one up and now it's been even longer since I played this game.  I've got nothing, more of the same I guess
Rating: Hard pass

52. A Memoir Blue (XS)
Started this one up because it was leaving game pass.  A real simple, linear, story telling game.  Not much to it and the story was only so interesting in general.  Tale of a single parent raising a child and the child I guess going through the motions of resenting the parent for working and then maybe realizing they were wrong and reconnecting, idk, it's definitely a lot like Virginia in that there is no dialog or even text, you just have to infer info from facial expressions... I guess.
Rating: Hard pass

53. Double Dragon Neon (360)
First off, fuck this game for doing the dirty combo for pressing start and giving you 1 achievement point so you have to finish the game bullshit.  I think this game is my first foray into playing full on shitty wayforward games.  People give Wayforward a lot of credit in general for creating Shantae, but even that game what little I played was shitty.  I think my sole experience with them prior is Mummy Demastered which is mid at best, this game however, is horse shit.  The art is mildly attractive, but it all clashes, there's too much going on, and they created that piece of shit fuzzball.  I had several instances where I was going to abandon this game, but that fucking 1-19 achievement point thing had me like nope, gotta power through this bullshit, which makes me hate the game even more.
Rating: Hardest of passes

54. Stray (PC)
Started this game after my wife finished her playthrough shortly after release.  I was playing through and got to maybe Chapter 10 or something and an achievement wouldn't unlock so I abandoned the game.  Came to find out, I had already unlocked the achievement in an earlier chapter, that's why it wouldn't unlock, but somehow I never checked that I actually unlocked it.  I don't know, it sullied my experience in general because I was worrying about something that wasn't even an issue in the first place.  Gameplay is solid, story telling is good enough, has some frustrating elements.  I think the two big things that ruined this game for me, aside from the me being dumb about achievements thing, was the game being overhyped.  I say 2 big things and list 1 thing.  The game being touted as a GOTY, it isn't even in question, this game ain't that good, plus so much folks talking up this game about how you can go anywhere and you really have to rethink your perspective and think like a cat because you can go places you wouldn't think about normally in games... while this part is true, you can't go "anywhere" there were so many places that I was like oh, that totally looks like a spot a cat could squeeze, nope, and that immediately took tons of points away for me, because I was hyped up about all the things you could do, but you couldn't, and even then the kind of parkour concepts didn't work that great because too often I would want to go up, but it would force me down and it took tons of fudging around to get the right camera angle and position for it to register to allow me to go where I wanted.  Great game, I'd still recommend it, but like temper your expectations.
Rating: Solid recommendation

55. Twisted Metal III (PS1)
It's real tough to write up stuff for these games when I play through them relatively quickly and they kind of blur because the gameplay is the same/similar.  This is the first one made by a new team, also made with a new engine, because new team.  I know I spent more time on this one than TM1+2 because the RA for this game required me to actually play a ton more than previous games, but TM4 is definitely taking longer, so I keep trying to think about this and keep thinking about 4 instead, so I really don't remember this game very well.  I think I remember some of the levels having specific achievements, but they just wouldn't pop for me no matter what, not sure why.  Luckily I'm not that crazy about achievements so I'm cooling taking what I get and moving on.  Definitely think this is a weaker entry compared to 1 and 2, but in all honesty, all these vehicular combat games blur to me and aren't that great.  I love the premise and stuff, but the gameplay, despite me relatively enjoying it, isn't that great.  Just about every playthrough on this though, at some point the audio broke to the point that I had to mute the game because it was just disastrously annoying and the game crashed a few times I think.
Rating: Hard pass

56. Clustertruck (X1)
Geez, this game.  Played it because it was leaving game pass, like all the other games I play on xbox lol.  I had previously played the Super Hot version of cluster truck years ago, finally deciding to play this game.  Started out pretty simple, game stayed pretty addicting until it got to the laser levels, powered through the 1 really difficult laser level, rest of the game was pretty breezy and enjoyable up until the final level.  The final level has such a huge curve over the previous levels, which tbf had they escalated to this "appropriately" I probably would've abandoned it for sure, but the last level was just plain brutal.  I managed to look up videos showing tricks and stuff, couldn't get any of the speedrunning tricks to work for me, so I went with a relatively safe trick that simplified the process so it wasn't as bad as I think they originally intended.  Still took a ton of tries, but I managed to power through.  Honestly, the laser level alone was enough for me to be like eh, don't care for this game, but that final level was so rough that I've gotta set this game at hard pass.
Rating: Hard pass

57. Twisted Metal 4 (PS1)
I started this one about a month ago at this point, playing through, I was originally getting through a campaign or two a day, but since RE4 and Ryza 3 came out, I've shifted my priorities.  Last month I had made sure I was earning an achievement a day for a backlog group I'm in, and this game sort of helped in that I just needed to beat a campaign to get an achievement, but after the month ended I full on hopped into RE4/Ryza 3 full time gaming wise so I wasn't necessarily earning achievements and didn't want to bother, so I made sure to tank that goal for the month with the backlog group so I wouldn't stress or force myself to play games I didn't necessarily want to play right now.  That said I'm at the start screen for starting the campaign for Drag Queen, and probably have like 5 or so characters left to beat the game with, but the game is definitely on pause for me for the time being because I'm prioritizing Ryza 3, I was prioritizing RE4, but I beat it last night and will probably prioritize jumping back into Homefront the Revolution to do some DLC.  This game has more bugs than previous games as I've been having it crash more, but TM3 had a recurring issue with the audio throughout the game and even on the final level, though it was playable, just on mute.
Rating: Hard pass

58. Resident Evil 4 (PS5)
Going to try to write this up while the game is relatively fresh.  I chose to put this below Goldeneye because it's a staple of my youth and I went all out and earned all of the achievements, whereas this game, while I considered putting in effort, I won't be doing it.  RE4 took up a lot of my time in my teenage years, but not so much as say Timesplitters.  I played through the game on multiple difficulties, unlocked all the things, etc.  I honestly probably used cheats/code breaker/etc, but I played it a ton as a kid.  I only remember so much from my childhood, but a lot of this game felt like it was directly ripped from my memories (albeit improved, duh) but then there is stuff like the regeneradors, some of the later boss fights, the jetski/minecart sections that I don't remember.  Maybe they existed, maybe they didn't, but the game is great this time around and I entirely consider playing through it again... I probably won't though, as I really need to consider doing the other half of RE2, beating CVX, or even starting 7/8.  It's a fantastic game, and while I remember liking Ashley in my youth, I feel like she was both annoying and very Princess Ruto... this time around she's still pretty useless, but the character feels much more likable than I recall in the original.
Rating: Solid recommendation

59. Homefront: The Revolution - The Voice of Freedom (PS4)
As I do, when games have DLC that is completely separate of the story mode, I count them separately, because even though they are probably short, and this one is, it's truthfully it's own little game.  This one has you playing as Walker, the resistance leader from the main game, in what is the story that directly leads to Walker saving you at the beginning of the main game.  The DLC doesn't seem to add any new features or content, but just gives the player more story, which is fine, especially considering how cheap the DLC is.  This is one of those DLCs for folks that really just want more of the same, which I'm kind of one of those people, I enjoy getting more story and not having to deal with convoluted new mechanics that probably won't make it to a sequel.  Speaking of which, it's a shame this game will never get a sequel, because the story is quite good, and even the gameplay is pretty solid if not pretty difficult, even on the easiest difficulty.  That all said, this doesn't really add much to the game, so I can't honestly recommend it unless you enjoyed this game and wanted more
Rating: Soft pass

60. Homefront: The Revolution - Aftermath (PS4)
Like the previous DLC, this one is standalone, but rather than a prequel, this one picks up right after the end of the game setting up the main character to go out and assassinate Walker, the combination of the first DLC, the main game, and this DLC are quite the tale to tell and I really appreciate how this stuff is playing out.  The game quickly turns to a rescue mission instead of an assassination mission.  I feel like I forget that this game really expects you to do a bunch of sneaking and stealth instead of trying to fight, but I always wind up fighting because I'm a dumb fuck.  All in all, more of the same, but the game is already showing how hard the KPA is going after these revolutionaries.  The end sequence was difficult because I wasn't sure how I was supposed to end the fight given I'm fighting a tank and all I've got is a rifle and improvised throwing weapons.
Rating: Soft pass

61. Homefront: The Revolution - Beyond the Walls (PS4)
I haven't yet played Beyond the Walls, but from what I gather it's essentially a sequel picking up the story weeks after the "win" from the end of the main game.  I say win, but really it was just the "start" of the revolution, but this picks up weeks later after the revolution is basically shut down again.  I started this the other day, but I died in a situation that I'm confident I shouldn't have died in, and it made me restart the entire sequence, it wasn't tough or anything, it wasn't even a fight, it was a go do puzzles/collect items, but I've got to do it again because completing the objective killed me for some reason.  Anyway, I'm hoping this DLC makes the time more worth while than the previous ones, the previous ones were good, but nothing noteworthy.  This DLC ends relatively well, and leaves the game off where you don't necessarily need a sequel because the intended outcome was that the world could now collectively fight against North Korea, but it'd still be nice to see a sequel where you are actively fighting the war and not the revolution.
Rating: Soft pass

62. Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (ARC)
I'll try to save the rant for a separate section, but I went to Round1 to play some arcade games, the intent was to play and beat the Raw Thrills TMNT game, but Round1's stupid system meant I couldn't.  Mario Kart however, I could and I could even bypass their stupid design by swapping seats.  I played through maybe 6 races I think, but once I beat a race on the hardest level on the hardest difficult, instead of saying GAME OVER, it started playing the credits, which wasn't necessarily my expectation, but that definitely meets the criteria for me to mark this beat.  After the fact it sounds like this is a game that can be emulated, so I may play more.  The game is designed kind of interestingly, you pick a player, with various stats obviously, and then you get assigned a forward item, backward item, and a special item, and that's it, you can only use 1 of those 3 items in the race.  Same Mario Kart style item box stuff, but the item box will only ever give you one of those 3 items.  They also give you a random kart with a chance of getting an OP kart.  All in all, it's actually quite fun... but might as well just play the home version.
Rating: Soft pass

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9 - Wild Hearts (PS5 2023) - DROPPED - Think I'm finally dropping this one, not because I think it's particularly bad, it just mostly makes me want to play Monster Hunter rather than keep playing this one.  It doesn't really do anything better than Monster Hunter and it's got a bit of jank with its camera and performance and certain things like the mounting aspect to do the Hunters Arm attack is rough.  Some cool things are the Karakuri, the objects you create to build walls, or things to jump off or other helpful items, it's sorta replaces items from Monster Hunter, so you can just spawn a bomb or a smashing hammer, or cover, if you have the thread for it.  Also I like that maps are persistent, meaning each area you can build up your camps from scratch wherever you want, you can build big zip line systems to get around the map, I love that stuff.

Otherwise, it's sorta "We have Monster Hunter at home", definite areas in need of improvement, though I would say it's very close in feel to Monster Hunter, though abit more casual in general, but if you're a Monster Hunter player, you can jump into this one easily enough.  Again that sorta is what ends up making the game not stand out enough for me, because rather than playing this, I could be trying to finish up stuff I have to do in Monster Hunter World or just go back to play more Monster Hunter Rise if I really want to, though I sorta fell off that game because it didn't seem as good as World either lol

I did get decently far in the game, I think I only had maybe 2 chapters left of the story, but I think rather than keep picking away at it, I'm kinda good.  I would generally recommend it if you just want some different Monster Hunter action, it's like a 7 out of 10 game.


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Game 5 - Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) - 33 Hours

It's been a blast experiencing the first Final Fantasy Tactics, as I fondly remember playing both Advance and A2 back in high school. This first iteration reminded me of how amazing the game's combat system is, particularly the deep and customizable character options. The best part of the game for me is the use of jobs that allows characters to take on two different roles at the same time, while allowing for additional carryover from other classes in your passive ability slots. There's just so much to tinker with and experiment and it's really addicting and fun. There are so different ways of approaching each fight the game offers, and with loads of secrets and side content, there's also a lot to keep you engaged after you beat the main story as well.

On top of a great combat system, the music and graphics are simply stunning. I've been listening to the FFTA soundtrack for years and will probably be listening to this one as well for years to come. It's incredible how impressive this game's sprite work and animations are as well. It's remarkable how expressive 2D characters on isometric 3D backgrounds can look with this much polish, both in cutscenes and during battle.

For all my praise of Final Fantasy Tactics, there are some aspects that I thought could be better. The game front loads a lot of material that you need to know in terms of combat systems. I found the zodiac system particularly perplexing, and it took me a lot of trial and error to figure out all of the game's many features, and all of the countless jobs, abilities, equipment and other features like monster hunting and capturing. The game was incredibly difficult during the first half of the game, mostly because I wasn't really grinding in between story missions and I didn't have as many options developed for my characters yet. I got into one sequence where the game was saving after every fight and I got to a boss I couldn't beat and almost soft-locked my entire save file. The funny thing is that once you get about 3/4s of the way in, you start being given these extremely powerful story characters and the difficulty becomes almost non-existant. The other side effect of this was that I didn't reasonably feel that I could take any of my own characters into battle because they were objectively worse than the ones being given to me in the story. So my party at the end of the game consisted more of pre-made characters than ones that I customized, which was dissapointing. Overall, the game just didn't really feel balanced, being either too hard or too easy.

The other aspect of the game that I wish was better was the story. I can see how close it is to being great; it's a dark tale full of grand conflict, plots and betrayals, murders, conspiracies, destruction of the world, all that good stuff. I found that part of the problem is the game's very rough translation, which sucks a lot of the impact and engagement out of the dialogue. I know the PSP version fixes a lot of these problems, but on the PS1 it's very apparent. My other issue is that the game drops about 20 different terms, locations, factions and lore on you without contextualizing any of it in a natural way, almost as if you're joining a story that's already in progress and you're just expected to know what's going on.

In summary, I loved Final Fantasy Tactics's combat (for the most part), graphics, music, and I wanted to love the story, but I think the execution could have been a lot better.
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26. The Legend of Dragoon - platinum'd

It's weird seeing Legend of Dragoon having a platinum trophy next to it. Time has been somewhat unkind to this game, but I still had a lot of fun. The translation? Still crunchy. The additions? Still finnicky, but satisfying. The graphics? Still gorgeous. The music? Still perfection. It's still a fun, palette cleansing RPG that doesn't take too long to finish. I like that it tries to take itself too seriously but ends up being campy. I still recommend it to people that haven't tried it yet. The rewind feature makes mastering additions a lot easier. My final party was Dart, Meru and Haschel.