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God of War
« on: December 02, 2011, 04:20:44 am »
So I recently picked up God of War on the PS2 after re-discovering my past love of all the playstation consoles. I was lucky enough to pick it up with the second one, however it wasnt complete since someone just placed them both in the same case. Anyways, since I had never played any of the God of War games I wasnt too sure what to expect, I mean I knew it was supposed to be this great amazing game and story-wise it is. However I'm playing on the normal setting and I'm finding the enemies rather difficult when there are too many. I can't seem to grasp how exactly the combat system works. I just got to "Poseidan's challenge" or whatever it's called but I'm getting too frustrated but want to beat all these games.
Is it just me or are these games all difficult? and did they maybe make some slight changes in the later entries? If they are all like this do you guys have any tips that can maybe help?


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Unfortunately, I've never had any interest in the God of War series. So I'm of no help on this one. :\
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Its not just you, they are rather difficult. They take some getting used too.  I think its in GOW2 where you can choose different weapons. (not sure) but select weapons have an advantage over select enemies.


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They are pretty tough but i got used to it quickly. Well worth it though. They are some of the best action games I've ever played.

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I'm sorry, but this chat was made in 2011, so the game was only 6 at the time. So, it should fit into the modern section.


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Holy necro'd thread Batman!  :o

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I have NP #16, and it has same thing. "Holey NES Batman, its indestructable!"

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Actually, its NP 21 (StarTropics.