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Re: What TV/Netflix show are you currently watching? (Megathread)
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Fourth season of Solar Opposites was a step up from the third, but still not as good as 1 or 2.  The Silvercops stuff still feels like an attempt to recapture the Wall storylines.  Enjoy Dan Stevens taking over as Korvo.

Telemarketers - Charmingly amateur and lo-fi docu series about two affable stoners who are feed up with the BS their telemarketing company is getting up to and decide to become whistle-blower.  A little too long, like so many docu series these days, but doesn't outstay its welcome.
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Re: What TV/Netflix show are you currently watching? (Megathread)
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Gamera: Rebirth - Unfortunately, I could only get through most of the first episode, I thought it was awful.  I don't think it knows what it wants to be.  There are three distinct art styles going on, where you have drawn, well detailed, backgrounds, and then you have very flat, stiff, low frames 3D humans and some other elements, and then there's the monsters that are this harsh, over-detailed, higher frames, style, and it's all conflicting with each other.  As a story, I know Gamera has had a long history of kid stuff, Godzilla did too for a time, but it again has very conflicting styles.  It's an end of summer friendship story between some teens, which is what a lot of the first half of the episode is, and then you have straight military/science stuff for that side of things.  You have violence like people getting eaten and quick shots of people getting their limbs taken off with monster lasers, no blood, but also one of the kids is saying "fuck" in the first episode. It wasn't to be harsh and violent, but also very kid friendly and light, but it's also about monsters killing people...

I don't know if I can give it another shot.  The bit I saw of Gamera looked fine, but it keeps cutting with jarring art styles and the explosion effects don't feel like they match either  I didn't really like most of the Godzilla anime trilogy films, but they were at least cohesive in their art style.  It's frustrating, because this was a long needed revival of Gamera, but this show looks terrible.  I don't even care if the story is good, I just don't want to watch it.  I don't know if this was a budget thing or bad direction on part of the studio.  It's rough, I don't even know if I'd recommend it to hardcore Gamera fans, maybe they could put up with it, but my love of Gamera is much lower than my love of Godzilla, so I don't know if I can put up with it.

Re: What TV/Netflix show are you currently watching? (Megathread)
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I've watched the first 3 Comedy Central seasons of Futurama, and while being more inconsistent with wider gaps between the peaks and valleys it is still really damned good overall.

Second season of 12 Monkeys is generally better than the first.  They're doing a lot with an obviously tiny budget on this show.  It's supposed to just better with each season, so I'm excited to see where it goes, even ifit does feel kinda like Dark for Dummies.

Finished the Comedy Central run of Futurama, and the final season is the best and most consistent of that era.  Game of Tones still makes me cry and Meanwhile is a great finale.  Hulu episodes are up next!

Castlevania: Nocturne - Really good follow-up series.  Gorgeous animation and great voice acting.  It is a bit if a set-up season which was both expected and disappointing. Needs to add a bit more depth to the Big Bad, though, as they are totally outshined by the subordinates.
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