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Geez, what a jump into the past...Ultimate Warrior vs Hercules? Sensational Sherry was the women's champion? Interesting times lol

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Wrestlemania weekend is about to hit with a lot of stuff going on.  It starts Friday with the Hall of Fame.  Goldberg, Jeff Jarret, Ivory, Mark Henry, Hillbilly Jim, The Dudley Boyz, and Kid Rock for those random celebrity reasons.

Saturday is NXT Takeover.  I've been out of the loop on NXT for awhile.  I think the last show I watched was War Games.  Should be some good stuff here though as it tends to be.  Ladder Match for the North American Championship should be good, Gargano vs Ciampa should be great, and I'm sure the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team match will be good.

Sunday is proper Wrestlemania. 

-I'm always into Battle Royals, so those could be entertaining. I'm a gimmick sucker.

-Hopeful for something good with Lesnar vs Reigns as I'm pretty sure Reigns is gonna win as it seems like Lesnar is heading to UFC, which I'm glad, but I'm more interested in future possibilities now that the belt will be on a full time wrestler.  Just worried that Lesnar will half ass this.  I don't think he will, but we are going into the exact same situation as Wrestlemania XX, where Lesnar had a match with Goldber, and they were both leaving, and everyone knew, so they half-assed the match, and everyone booed them.

-Styles vs Nakamura should be amazing.  I know it won't be as good as their Wrestle Kingdom 10 match, but these are both great wrestlers and there's a lot of build to this. I dont' think it'll be everything it could be as I believe Styles has been nursing an injury, but we'll see.

-Mostly only interested in Bryan/McMahon vs Owens/Zayn, because this is Bryan's return to wrestling.  I don't know if he'll go nuts for his return, I still think he has to play it abit safe, but it should be good and the crowd will likely be going mental for it.

-And I am slightly interested for whatever comes from Strowman and Mystery Partner vs The Bar.  This is a throwaway thing for Strowman, but if they get a genuinely awesome tag partner for him, an interesting surprise, I wouldn't mind it. Not thinking about special guest surprises, maybe bringing him back to his old partnership with a reincarnated Bray Wyatt could be something after the whole Ultimate Deletion shenanigans.

-Flair vs Asuka has potential to be really dang good.  Both are solid wrestlers at the top of their game.  Charlotte is honestly abit hit and miss, but she can really sell hits if everything goes well.  Same for Asuka who is always a favorite.  Curious if they are gonna end her undefeated streak her or continue it on...

That's about it for me.  There isn't much bad that I'm expecting, the US championship probably being basic, Bliss vs Jax just being a thing, the IC belt being fine, Cruserweight belt being fine, and I don't know from the Rousey event.  She's flipped some people into tables, McMahon can't wrestle really, so that'll leave HHH and Angle, neither of which are at the top of their game.  This one is probably better for story stuff than legit wrestling quality.  I'm totally fine being proven wrong.

It is annoying that the whole thing with Cena vs Undertaker seemed to be mostly bullshit.  Hype building mostly.  They might be there and do something in some capacity, but it's not gonna likely be a match, especially being that the show is stupidly long already.  I know I wasn't there for WWE at the time, but lots of people want Taker to come out with his Biker gimmick, rather than the Deadman.  Might be funny.

Then of course we got Raw and Smackdown afterwards.  Crazy to have 5 days of stuff happening, but Wrestlemania weekend is always entertaining.

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God dang, that Ladder match for the North American Championship.  Good chance that could be match of the weekend, it was real good and a hell of a way to kick off the show.

NXT is also nailing with these musical acts.  Great lead in music at the start (mixing issues aside), Halestorm performing Ember Moon's intro.  NXT once again proving to be better than the main show lol
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WrestleMania turned out pretty damn well, despite being low on starpower.

That Ronda Rousey match was surprisingly good. And she sure does wear that kilt better than Roddy Piper ever did.

And what in the hell are they gonna do about the tag champions?

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Yeah overall it was a good Wrestlemania.  Hated the main event though, because it just means we are going to have Lesnar farting around with the belt for awhile longer.  Lesnar is just awful.  I don't think he's had a good match in a long time now.

And that whole bit with Strowman was weird.  I thought it was like a Make-A-Wish thing after first, but apparently Nicholas is just some random WWE officials kid.  It's an odd, on screen, baby face thing for Strowman.  It's just bad writing that makes The Bar look like jobbers.  I think they just wanted to refresh the tag team scene, but I don't know why they did it this way.  It's baffling.

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I am a big fan of this sport
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I love sport and wrestling is one of my favorite. This sport inspired me to lose weight. About 6 months ago my weight was about 120kg (yeah I was really fat). So then I watch one of wrestling fight. I was amazed with that guys. So then I assigned to the gym and for faster results I even had butt lift without surgery procedures. I managed to get muscles and I want to inspire other ppl don't be lazy.
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I haven't watched NXT in awhile, but every time I jump back in with the occasional Takeover event, I'm reminded at how incredible NXT can be, especially compared to the main brand.  Richochet vs Adam Cole was nuts.  Guaranteed I will see nothing as good tomorrow at Summerslam as I saw here.  The event isn't even over yet too as I'm sure Ciampa and Gargano will be nuts too lol


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Helluva Raw this week, huh?

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Man, if you want to jump back into wrestling, watch today's NXT Takeover: New York.  I know NXT regularly kills it, more than the main show ever usually does, but man, not a bad match here and they ended it super strong.  I haven't watched anything in a good few months, figuring I'd jump back in for Wrestlemania which is usually good enough to watch, but man this Takeover was a great time.

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So I've gotten back into wrestling, like for real.  I've been watching Raw, Smackdown, and Main Event.  Probably won't get into 205 Live, but might give NXT a chance because it sounds like it's pretty damned good.  I'm looking forward to seeing if AEW can become a real true competitor for the WWE now that Impact is sliding.

Money in the Bank sounds like it's gonna have some really good matches... I'm really considering signing up for the trial for WWE Network so I can watch it.

It might be that I've been out of the loop watching for so long, but a lot of the stuff going on at MitB sounds like it's going to be real good.  I'm interested in how Becky Lynch's two matches will play out.  I really expected them to do a thing where Charlotte and Lacey would have to fight to see who would get the advantage of fighting Becky second.  I'm particularly a big fan of Nikki Cross, so her recent addition to the MitB match intrigues me.  When he was younger Shane McMahon had some interesting matches, but he's looking pretty old and I'm not much of a Miz fan, but they seem to be putting together a decent emotionally driven storyline for the two of them and throwing them in a Steel Cage might promise an interesting fight... I'm sure there will be plenty of shenanigans.  I'm not really invested in the men's MitB match, but I'm expecting Strowman to interfere with the match setting up a long term rivalry with Sami Zayn.
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Haven't been watching wrestling for real these past months, in fact what I have been doing is to read and watch the results of the matches/events from a couple of webpages and some folks that I follow at Youtube, for Money in the Bank have one good theory that would love to see at the event and this is Kevin helping Sami to get the briefcase then Sami helping Kevin to won the belt of champion and when KO were celebrating Zayn can betray is friend and exchange the briefcase for the championship, crazy but possible  8)

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Yikes was the final MitB match terrible.  Personally I hate Brock Lesnar, he's such a lazy fucking wrestler, I don't know why WWE puts him over so much.  His matches suck, his promos suck, he sucks... he doesn't even full commit either.

I don't know what I honestly was hoping for with Becky Lynch, I think I was just hoping they'd let her remain Becky 2 Belts for a little while longer, but she had to drop one at some point unless they were planning to unify.  They did pretty well to have her drop the title without it making her look bad.  2 back to back fights, interference loss, and then they immediately had Flair lose the title.  Hearing "9 time champion" all I hear is 9 time loser, 9 time person who probably held the belt for less than a month.  I like hearing shit like how AJ Styles is one of the longest reigning modern champions, that he held the belt for like a straight year, that's more impressive than holding the title 9 times... especially when you only hold the title for what? 5 minutes?

Women's MitB match was interesting, I enjoyed it well enough and they had enough going on that it was a pretty great fight.  I tuned out the Cruiserweight fight as I'm not actively paying attention to 205 Live, so I don't really care.  Elias match was oddly a squash match, which was disappointing because seeing his recent matches it looked like he'd be able to pull a good match out of Reigns... who in my eyes is about as charismatic in the ring as Lesnar... I'm exaggerating, nobody is as bad as Lesnar.

Shane/Miz match was a tad disappointing.  That constant Shane being a bitch and trying to literally slip away.  I don't know if they still do Hell in a Cell PPV shit in the summer, but that's my expectation as the next step for these two.

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I was thinking of watching MITB, then held off as I wanted to see where things were going lately, but then I saw that Brock Lesnar won the MITB without fighting at all and that's basically one of the worst things they could've done.  I was alright with Lesnar when he came back and there were some fights here and there that were okay, but for like the last...two years I think, he's done absolutely jack squat.  His matches are boring and he's held one of the belts hostage for far too long.  Like does this mean that Lesnar is just gonna hold yet another title hostage as he part times his way to a paycheck?

Stuff like this is why WWE is in the dumps among many other things and keeps me from being excited about keeping up with stuff.  The only time WWE really seems to get something right, is with NXT.  I don't watch the regular show, but Takeover and War Games continue to be pretty damn great.  The reason those tend to do well? Not under Vince McMahon's watch.


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I watched MITB as well... talk about a let down with Lesnar winning, I was actually rooting for Andrade - that Sunset powerbomb to Finn Balor on the ladder was insane!

Want a Los Ingobernables champion in the future for WWE ;D I believe Andrade will have his time, guy is amazing in the ring.

The AJ Styles match with Seth Rollins was the best match of the night. Was hoping AJ turns heel again, maybe bring Undisputed Era with him to the main roster and raise hell like in his Bullet Club days... sigh, will it ever happen..

Well, AEW Double or Nothing is just around the corner, looking forward to see Jericho in action again, along with Kenny Omega, sheesh it feels like ages since these guys been in a ring.

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