Matrix, The: Path of Neo Box Art
Matrix, The: Path of Neo Box Art

Matrix, The: Path of Neo

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Estimated Value: $4.99 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Shiny Entertainment
Publisher(s): Atari
Platform: PlayStation 2 [NA]
Genre: Action-Adventure
Rating: ESRB - T (US / Canada)
Item Number: SLUS-21273
Barcode: 742725265004
Release Date: November 7 2005
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
05-24-2019 afroyoshi Genre 26
01-24-2016 pacpix Description
12-23-2012 foxhack Barcode 742725265004
12-23-2012 foxhack Publisher 18
12-23-2012 foxhack Developer 723
03-10-2008 NA Created

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