Road Rash II Box Art
Road Rash II Box Art
Road Rash II Box Art

Road Rash II

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): EA
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Platform: Sega Genesis [NA]
Genre: Racing
Rating: None
Item Number: 714601
Barcode: 014633071467
Release Date: July 22 1993
Description: Plastic case
Large cart, item number: 7146
Cart Assembled in USA or Made in Taiwan on label.
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
06-15-2018 tripredacus Description Plastic case Large cart, item number: 7146 Cart Assembled in USA or Made in Taiwan on label.
06-15-2018 tripredacus Name Road Rash II
01-26-2018 tripredacus Description Large cart, Assembled in USA Cart item number: 7146
01-26-2018 tripredacus Item Number 714601
01-26-2018 tripredacus Description Large cart, Assembled in USA
01-26-2018 tripredacus Name Road Rash II (USA cart)
07-31-2017 tripredacus Name Road Rash II
07-16-2012 unibonger Name Road Rash II (Yellow Tab)
08-28-2011 atariboy Cart/Disc/Media Art new
08-28-2011 atariboy Front Box Art new
08-28-2011 atariboy Back Box Art new
08-28-2011 atariboy Barcode 014633071467
08-28-2011 atariboy Item Number 7146
08-28-2011 atariboy Release Date - Year 1993
08-28-2011 atariboy Release Date - Day 22
08-28-2011 atariboy Release Date - Month 7
08-28-2011 atariboy Rating 9
08-28-2011 atariboy Publisher 14
08-28-2011 atariboy Genre 10
08-28-2011 atariboy Developer 511
08-28-2011 atariboy Name Road Rash II
NA NA Created

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