2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Box Art


2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): EA Sports
Developer(s): EA Canada
Platform: PlayStation 3 [NA]
Also on Platforms: 360 [EU] 360 [JP] 360 [NA] PS3 [EU] PS3 [JP] PSN (PSP) [EU] PSP [EU] PSP [NA] Wii [EU] Wii [JP] Wii [KR] Wii [NA]
Genre: Sports
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: BLUS-30474
Barcode: 014633194128
Release Date: April 27 2010
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
12-22-2021 dhaabi Name 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
03-08-2021 thegamecollectorz Barcode 014633194128
03-08-2021 thegamecollectorz Item Number BLUS-30474
11-13-2014 arioca Front Box Art new
05-12-2012 mungular Front Box Art new
04-21-2012 ndrisdell Created

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