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Xbox Showcase 2024
« on: June 09, 2024, 01:06:23 pm »
This was last minute, but I'll see if Xbox has anything...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 - set in the 90's, they are keeping CoD on all systems and will be on Gamepass Day 1. October release
Doom: The Dark Ages - Medieval, but not, Doom lol Looks sick.  2025. Will still be on PS5.
State of Decay 3 - I always wanted to really like these games, but they never really turned out to be quite the survival, community building, games I wanted. No date, probably next year. Hopefully it's better.
Dragon Age: The Veilguard - Fall 2024 release.
Starfield: Shattered Space - This looked pretty cool, but that it's a Starfield (I thought it was a new Prey at first lol), so I'm not that interested in this.
Fallout 76: Skyline Valley - New map expansion, play as a ghoul.  I wish I liked this game lol
Expedition 33 - Very gorgeous turn based rpg, not the type of game you usually see in this style, thought it was gonna be an open world action game. 2025
South of Midnight - The art style is interesting, I don't adore the framerate differences between cinematics and gameplay, but neat.  Cool action game though. 2025
World of Warcraft: The War Within - August 26th
Metal Golid 3 Remake - This was a surprise.  Looks cool.  No date...come on...
Sea of Thieves: Season 13 - July 15th.  Wish they got their offline mode better sorted, I remember it had some obnoxious limitations.
Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn - July 18th, cool looking action game.
Age of Mythology: Retold - September 4th.  Nice to see RTS games back around. Never played what this was remaking, though I thought it was Age of Empires at first lol
Perfect Dark - Damn, never thought to see this show up again.  Adding like platforming and more spy stuff. No date again.
Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred - Well that was terrifying lol October 8th.
Fable - Wild that this is Fable with these graphics lol I remember these games being way more cartoonish.  2025
Fragpunk - Sick name, cool style...Hero shooter, but the ability stuff is slightly more interesting.
Winter Burrow - Didn't 100% tell what this was, a little bit of survival and farming I think 2025
Mixtape - Story driven game, kinda reminds me of Life is STrange, but very different art style and very 80's/90's soundtrack. 2025.
Flight Simulator 2024  - Lots of job/mission stuff? Is that new? I don't know this series at all lol November 19th
Elder Scrolls Online - Gold Road June 18th, play all the DLC for free for a limited time.
Life is Strange: Double Exposure - Speaking of Life is Strange lol October 29th
Indiana Jones and the Great Circle - Possibly bonus missions reliving other Jones moments.  2024
Mecha Break - More actual gameplay to this, this is looking super sick. Dangit, 2025 again
Wuchang: Fallen Feathers - So many souls/sekiro-likes lol Looks neat. 2025.
Avowed - 2024
Atomfall - Fantasy alt-history WW2 era FPS.  2025
Assassin's Creed: Shadow - Didn't expect this here.  Getting actual gameplay though.  Looks sick.  Going between super ninja styled gameplay, or heavy, hard hitting Samurai action.  November 15th.
STALKER 2 - Yes, more gameplay...I'm so amped for this game lol Looks so damn good. My most anticipated game this year. Love seeing the same mutants in high end graphics now. Still September 5th, getting so close.
Digital only Series X, 1tb harddrive, so it can hold like 3 games lol They also kinda confirmed next gen hardware in the works.
Gears of War E-Day - Prequel I believe.
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Re: Xbox Showcase 2024
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I will continue to check out COD via their free weekends.

South of Midnight was pretty much the only Xbox game I was interested in. It looks alright, kind of like a linear Forspoken?

Mixtape's setting is nice.

I guess Assassin's Creed will take up a bit less time in Ubisoft Forward?

Gears is Gears of War again.

Shopping center map in Black Ops 6 woo! The mall was the best one in Cold War. Games as a whole need more suburban environments. RIP Bully 2.
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Re: Xbox Showcase 2024
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Overall a decent show, some good stuff shown off, definitely better than Playstations showing, probably on par with Summer Games Fest in regards to where that had a good spread of indies and new stuff, where this had had a lot of established franchises, but also a lot of new things.  The only real downside of it was that most of the new stuff shown off is 2025 and beyond.  Doom, State of Decay, Expedition 33, South of Midnight, Metal Gear Solid 3, Perfect Dark, Fable, Wuchang, Atomfall, and Gears of War, all of them are next year and later.  Some games to be excited in, but for stuff this year, it was mostly third party games like Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed, and STALKER 2.

Indiana Jones might be their only big game this year I think.
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Re: Xbox Showcase 2024
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Clair Obscur: Expedition 33: Once the gameplay was shown halfway through the trailer, I was pleasantly surprised. It isn't often for a turn-based RPG to rely on an art design which isn't based on an anime or is anime-inspired.

South of Midnight: I remember being interested in last year's trailer after seeing its art design, but the gameplay shown now is admittedly not what I was expecting for the worse. That's not to say the game looks bad but only that my impression of what the game would be was wrong. I feel less compelled about it now, overall, but that could change.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn: This looks fun for the right crowd. I just so happened to follow the PlayStation store link mentioned in the video I watched, and it's retailing at the unexpected price of $40.

Mixtape: A movie-styled trailer for a game with eye-catching art design. Annapurna Interactive is publishing this, so there's a good chance I will buy the inevitable physical release.

Life Is Strange: Double Exposure: I've played every previous entry in the series, so this one will be no exception. I'm not sure how I feel about it being a direct sequel to Life Is Strange also starring that game's protagonist, but I'm sure it'll be done well.

Overall, the showcase seems to have been strong, with a good variety to appeal to a variety of players. Unfortunately, I was reminded of how awful YouTube comments—particularly ones for gaming videos—are.
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Re: Xbox Showcase 2024
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Probably the best showing of the weekend.

Always down for more Doom.  Expedition 33 looks cool.  South of Midnight and Flintlock have potential, but also look like they might not really work.  Nice to have WoW release date - which is closer than I expected.  Perfect Dark, Stalker, and Fable look like nice updates on older franchises.

And another case of nothing that looked overly embarassing.


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It's much better than the SGF, once again Xbox saves the others "show".

MGS Delta, Stalker 2 and Gears for me.
It's been a long time since I last played a Call Of but BO6 really makes me want to, maybe I'll let myself be tempted.

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Re: Xbox Showcase 2024
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I'm really excited about the new Doom game they announced, but there was little else that interested me. Great to know EA likely killed Dragon Age by turning it into what appears to be some sort of Overwatch or Fortnite team based game, at least that's the vibes it gave off. My wife is pretty pissed about that right now seeing how Dragon Age is one of her favorite franchises.

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Expedition 33 looked great and is definitely something that I'll give a go.
Black ops 6 being on game pass means I'll play it and probably get addicted for a month.
Perfect Dark had me intrigued.

FragPunks card system seemed extremely similar to Friends Vs. Friends.

Can't really say anything else really made me go "wow I have to play that". Sure if its on gamepass I'll probably download it anyway but eh.


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Still hoping Indiana Jones releases on PS5 regardless that I'm not happy it's 1st person.

Really happy Dragon Age is releasing this year so Bioware can stop wasting their time on this title and show us they've destroyed Mass Effect.


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Re: Xbox Showcase 2024
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Great show! Looking forward to checking on South of Midnight, Expedition 33 and Gears sounds really cool it being about emergence day and all been hearing about E Day since the beginning of the franchise. Can't wait!