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Honestly, most games don't take long to have a price drop. 6-12 months and they're down by 30-50% -- especially on big days like Black Friday. Here's the thing. If you're working to snag a PS4... enjoy the PS4. It's a better library and 95% of modern releases are also on PS4. Unless you're wanting very specific games exclusive to PS5, which there aren't many, just wait for PS6 and see if it'll be PS5/4 backwards compatible. Maybe by then, the PS5 will have a library worth owning a system for.

Not gonna lie to you, I want as well a PS3, have been reading a lot these past months and it seems that isnt that hard to release the true power of this console, for what have seen they aren that expensive anymore, might get one here if I manage to get one used in a Pawn Shop, thats how I got a Wii, a DSi, a PS Vita as well a 3DS, its kinda hard to get as many consoles/games when you are married and you are the only one that works at home, I said hard but not impossible  8)

XB1 X and PS5 games started to retail for $70.

Personally, I won't add any freebies from PS+ anymore. Since they raised the price of that to $80 a year I'm just letting it die when my sub ends. I don't like playing online much anyway, and cloud storage has been hit or miss.

Thats kinda expensive, in my case I cant even pay for an online subcription for the Nintendo Switch which is around the 25 bucks  :'(

They started this gen. Not all games, but many now. Just played the Stellar Blade demo. It's fun, but I'm not spending the requested $70. There is one game per year, I'm willing to spend that on. Last year, it was Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (Switch). This year, it was FF7 Rebirth (PS5). Next year... who knows if I'll even be alive. There's certainly nothing that has a concrete release window that I'm looking forward too anymore.

Guess I will have to wait another couple of years before getting my hands on a PS5 or a Xbox One, am saving money just to get an used PS4, by the way I saw some videos of Stellar Blade at TikTok and the game looks pretty decent, it seems that the main character is taking everybody attention with those "details"  8)

Off Topic / Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
« on: April 03, 2024, 10:39:26 am »
After years without going to a movie theater this past Saturday I went with my wife just to enjoy a good dose of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, she isn't a big fan of this franchise but his stupid husband is a hardcore fan so I have to be there, guess she came with me not because she loves me, she came because at the movie I love to eat as much as possible while am watching am movie as well cause after she wanted to have dinner in a specific place  ;D

As it's a subscription "freebie" I'm not adding it to my collection, but hey... saves me $70.

Excuse me but since when the games started to cost 70 bucks ?  :o

A new month has started and everybody already knows what to do here.

Kinda late but everybody already know what to do here  ;D

The end of the year is almost here, got some extra cash so I can finally add some games into my collection this month, anyway everybody knows what to do here

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: November 06, 2023, 10:58:51 am »
Yesterday I celebrated an entire year of daily gameplay at Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, after being unable to play it  fot almost two years, believe it or not this is the game that have been playing the most, the activity that the iPhone gaves me it says that I use the game between 16 to 23 hours per week, sorry for the edit but is a pain in the ass to write from the phone, got the Internet so restricted here in the office, every day is worst

Halloween is no more, a new month has started and everyone knows what to do here  ::)

A new month has started and we are getting closer to the end of this year, with this being said share your recent pickups  8)

New month new thread and everyone here knows what to do, I need to purchase something but with the return to school is almost impossible  :'(

The end of the world is near, I mean the end of the year, a new month has started and everyone knows what to do here  8)

Time sure flies these days and is hotter and hotter, at least in my country anyway everybody knows what to do here, cheers.

It seems that I really need a second job as well more free time to be here, another month have passed and I haven't purchased anything, hope that the rest of you at least can share here your recent purchases  8)

Damn it my economy and my time has been reduced to almost anything, hope that everybody has better luck than me with all your purchases, with this being said let's begin.

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