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The end of the year is almost here, got some extra cash so I can finally add some games into my collection this month, anyway everybody knows what to do here

Halloween is no more, a new month has started and everyone knows what to do here  ::)

A new month has started and we are getting closer to the end of this year, with this being said share your recent pickups  8)

New month new thread and everyone here knows what to do, I need to purchase something but with the return to school is almost impossible  :'(

The end of the world is near, I mean the end of the year, a new month has started and everyone knows what to do here  8)

Time sure flies these days and is hotter and hotter, at least in my country anyway everybody knows what to do here, cheers.

It seems that I really need a second job as well more free time to be here, another month have passed and I haven't purchased anything, hope that the rest of you at least can share here your recent purchases  8)

Damn it my economy and my time has been reduced to almost anything, hope that everybody has better luck than me with all your purchases, with this being said let's begin.

Come on, we are already in March ? People I don't have to say anything more, do I ?  8)

Why do I have the feeling that am the only one here ? Anyway first of all Happy New Year to everybody and let's start the thread  8)

It's kinda complicated to write this from the phone but at the office they have restricted the Internet access, am using my cellphone again anyway everybody knows what to do here  8)

It's kinda hard to start this month thread from a damn cellphone but at the office those damn bastards have blocked the Internet access, anyway all of you know what to do here.

New month, the year is ending, I want candies and I need them now, ok people everyone knows what to do here  ;D

Another month has already passed, damn time sure flies these days  :'(

Damn are we already starting another month ? We all know what to do here  ;)

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