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The end of the year is almost here, got some extra cash so I can finally add some games into my collection this month, anyway everybody knows what to do here

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: November 06, 2023, 10:58:51 am »
Yesterday I celebrated an entire year of daily gameplay at Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, after being unable to play it  fot almost two years, believe it or not this is the game that have been playing the most, the activity that the iPhone gaves me it says that I use the game between 16 to 23 hours per week, sorry for the edit but is a pain in the ass to write from the phone, got the Internet so restricted here in the office, every day is worst

Halloween is no more, a new month has started and everyone knows what to do here  ::)

A new month has started and we are getting closer to the end of this year, with this being said share your recent pickups  8)

New month new thread and everyone here knows what to do, I need to purchase something but with the return to school is almost impossible  :'(

The end of the world is near, I mean the end of the year, a new month has started and everyone knows what to do here  8)

Time sure flies these days and is hotter and hotter, at least in my country anyway everybody knows what to do here, cheers.

It seems that I really need a second job as well more free time to be here, another month have passed and I haven't purchased anything, hope that the rest of you at least can share here your recent purchases  8)

Damn it my economy and my time has been reduced to almost anything, hope that everybody has better luck than me with all your purchases, with this being said let's begin.

Come on, we are already in March ? People I don't have to say anything more, do I ?  8)

General / Re: Mortal Kombat Appreciation Thread
« on: January 03, 2023, 12:38:11 pm »
I honestly don't know, but many of the women in the Mortal Kombat series were very scantily clad up until the more recent releases. I'm guessing that's due to the times and so many getting offended over anything they can. That said, do the outfits match the personality of the character? I'd say Sonya's new commando-ish outfits make sense given her police background.

After MK9 they started to do the female characters less sexualized and not only in this game, as well the Dead or Alive franchise was affected, that's the reason why we didn't had a release here, guess that the women voice was clear and loud, am not saying that is bad but come on, is just a game.

General / Re: Mortal Kombat Appreciation Thread
« on: January 03, 2023, 09:42:42 am »
I was putting together the below image of the various mainline Mortal Kombat games... one box per game and came to the conclusion that we were missing the 8th game somewhere. Well, according to the fans, Mortal Kombat vs DC... an odd cross over game counts as the mainline 8th game. News to me. I had actually ignored it because I didn't care about super heroes being tossed into MK. Still don't but it is what it is

Even when I do freaking love superheroes, this game never had my attention but for some "unknown" reason Sonya got it, that white top was something else, yes I already know that am a freaking pervert, just wondering if by any chance she used that outfit/costume in another game  :-\

General / Re: Mortal Kombat Appreciation Thread
« on: January 02, 2023, 09:44:20 am »
Used to play at least the first three version of this franchise at the Arcades, man I used to spend most of my free time there as well a lot of my money, best fucking days of my entire life, at home wasn't able to play it because didn't had the money to get it, the only way I was able to play MK1 at the SNES and at the GameBoy was because I rented the cartridge, some times a friend borrowed me the game for days, specially the GB version but damn it wasted tons of batteries, attempted to play at the PS2, the Dreamcast and even at the PSP but there were a lot of awesome videogames that I practically forgot this franchise, returned to it as a married man with Mortal Kombat for the Xbox 360 but had a couple of troubles with my wife, you know because they have big boobs, I was in heaven, sadly this is the latest game for me, can't afford right now a new console and now that I got kids have to control a little what I play at home.

Why do I have the feeling that am the only one here ? Anyway first of all Happy New Year to everybody and let's start the thread  8)

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: January 02, 2023, 08:52:45 am »
So no Happy New Year ? Guess I'll be the first one, my best wishes to all of you from México, really hope that we can have a better year this time, am really sorry for my absence but things at work has been a pain in the ass, no longer have internet access, everything is being blocked, since they started with the USB ports, software, they are even monitoring 24/7 how we use the computer and where do we spent out time, the only way to avoid it is from the cellphone, I'll try to spend more time here, that's my promise.

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