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General / Re: How Many Video Games Do You Think Exist Today?
« on: June 14, 2024, 01:14:22 pm »
Now heres another staggering thought. How many total copies? Some games sold 50 million copiesn id average it to 5 million. So 5 million times 1.9 million. Or more. Ridiculous numbers.

General / Re: Your Ideal Game Room
« on: June 12, 2024, 12:11:11 pm »
More space. High cielings like the library from beauty and the beast except games instead of books and a wall of CRTs with different consoles attatched to each. No splitters. No inverters. No cables visible. Just some sort of voodoo where you can play any console with its own unique color cordinated TV that spins from behind the wall like a hidden safe. So a genesis will have a black and red and chrome tough looking Zenith. And a super nintendo would have a grey and purple panasonic. Playstation a sony trinitron.  And a person on a yearly salary whos whole job is to switch games.  So you say. Ashley!! Craig!! Put in my copy of maximum carnage. Donkey kong country has bored me.  And they say "yes sir" like alfred from batman and a molecular device that lets you talk to a skilled arcade master like a bio nuclear tips and strats magazine from 96. Pizza that doesn't get you fat. A bunch of neons. The sphinx from las vegas except instead of a lion its got a giant yoshi head. A bunch of luigi statues. Every north american super nintendo game. An air brushed mural that says nintendo is what genesisnt. And a guy that can and will dress up as cookie konster going through detox from cookie that says c is for contra and thats good enough for me. Paid exclusively in oreos under the table behind his parole officers back.

Best is of course current gen in terms of realism. However I feel most revolutionary and underrated is PS3 And Xbox 360 Generation. Bioshock looks beautiful even all these years later. Mario Galaxy is gorgeous. Halo reach was stunning and Forza Horizon was wild. I think GTA 5 when it released was so polished and visually incredible that rockstar has rehashed the same game for over a decade lol. It took everything PS2 did right. Cleaned up the visuals. Remastered most of PS2s best games and introduced true native 1080p HD.

Idk my gens by name. But PS3, 360 and Wii were the first for me that blurred the line between video game.and real life. Everything after is just small improvements.

Modern Video Games / Re: Funko Fusion
« on: May 21, 2024, 10:42:30 am »
Looks almost as bad as the Funko's themselves
How so?

I never got the hate. I've so far as seen people bullied on instagram for liking them. I think they're cool.

Hello folks!

My question to ponder is who got better video games based on their likeness. Spider Daddy. Or Bat Papi.

For PS1 you had mostly dry outings for Batman. But Spiderman had an excellent activision game that I loved as a kid. Filled with nice level design. Awesome bosses and a feature from most prominent characters. It was good.

However on NES spiderman had sinister six. Which is good but not great while batman had batman the game. A verified classic.

Snes however. Spiderman had maximum carnage. And batman had adventures of batman and robin.

Modern era? Spiderman has been bullying. With spiderman 1, 2 and miles morales. By the insomniac developers.

However Batman had arkham knight, arkham city and batman telltale series in that time frame.

Batman has injustice 2

Spiderman has marvel vs capcom 3.

Its as much a debate in games as it is in comics. Who had the better outings?

Superman looks on in sadness. As his game legacy is worse than back wash Mr. Pibb on a hot summer day.

Thanks for sharing.

General / Re: Games you must play before you die.
« on: April 03, 2024, 04:07:10 am »
Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 1.

A man of taste. A man of distinguished refined taste. Noiiuce. I love TTTWDS1DE

Other games I add to this mix are Far Cry 5 and Parappa takes too long on the crapper. A indie passion project I been working on where you play as a disgruntled Spyro that becomes impatient when Parappa and other sony mascots take 20 minute dumps at the local costco. Requiring you to hold in your reptilian rage.

Hello folks.

Were talking mainline mario games only. You can separate 3D and 2D or go rogue lol. What are the hardest games and easiest in the lineup. In the age of babyfing and handholding. I kinda miss the days lost of true difficulty in a mario game.

3D Mario Games


1. Mario Odyssey - In Many ways Mario Odyssey stunned the masses with its visuals and beauty. Unique controls. Lavish color. But to me? It was a let down. It was about as challenging as beating a 3 year old at Trivial Pursuit. The game hand holds. It has moons that are as easy as jumpint from one tree to another. Some moons are even literally just there. Just placed in the grass like a news paper. The relics of the world. In arms reach. The whole point of the stars were they required skill only mario had. Otherwise couldn't Bowser just uber to the moons and stomp on them or put them in his backpack? Some of the moons are right there. Toad skill could get one. The boss pevels in mario 64. Werent necessarily dark souls. But they required some skill and timing. Nintendo underestimates the skill of kids. And thus the games suffer. It kinda sucks tbh.

2. Mario 3D Land - Relatively Easier and not as robust as 3D World. But still somewhat challenging on a small screen.

3. Super Mario Galaxy - Such fun and inventive game. Had its moments of challenge. I feel it balanced the right amount. The motion controls of wii made it difficult.

4. Mario Galaxy 2 - Same except slightly harder bosses and more to collect.

5. Mario 3D World - Easy up until champion levels. Then the game drags you over the coals. Stellar progression of level development.

6. Mario 64 - Had its brutality. The clock level with the cogs was a nightmare for young me. And the N64 controller was as precise as a drunk man throwing darts at a david cassidy poster. It was hard. Truly. But not hard enough where it was fathomable.

Mario Sunshine - Medium to beat. Brutal to 100 percent. Theirs side levels and those ones where its horizontally linear and you gotta time the jumps so perfectly. It made me feel challenged while being amazing.


2D Mario Games


1. Mario Wonder - switches biggest issue is difficulty. Not even worth playing. A game so linear and babysat that it is almost like watching someone else play a game.

2. New Super Mario Bros Wii

3. New Super Mario Bros DS

4. New super mario bros U

5. Super Mario World - Perfect difficulty. Stellar in every way.

6. Mario Bros U + Luigi

7. Mario 2

8. Mario 3

9. Mario 1 - Making you restart if you die is the hardest. Deluxe with save points is much easier.

10. Lost levels - like trying to paint the mona lisa using power glove and mario paint while wearing kilodscope glasses.


What was your hardest mario experiences? A game generally made to be easy. Any levels stand out as a kid?

Modern Video Games / Re: Pokemon Presents 02/27/24
« on: April 01, 2024, 12:43:55 pm »
I doubt it is an remake we never got 2 remakes on the same system altough to be fair we never got 2 generations on 1 system before gen 4 and 5 either.

black and white are weird though since they didnt have any old pokemon so i wonder how that would work.

also after the disaster remakes of gen 4 I wouldnt want an remake ever agaian.

I  would be fine with a lot actualy I would love another legends game. or an REAL new pokemon mysteruy dungeon game.

or an sequel to concuest:)

I would love an pokemon rumble game as well I think those are realy fun too.

anywya  I hope mostly for an legends or mystery dungeon game

The Switch already has two remakes with Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee and Diamond/Pearl.
lol lets go doesnt count its an spinoff and an bad one at that  honestly not even worth 10 bucks

and eyah we got the diamond and pearl remakes and they are WORSE then the originals  they ruined it on my favorite generation which makes me realy sad:(

they couldnt even do the artstyle jsutice  gen 4 is ruugged and industrial and what style did they pick/ the chibi cute style literly the worst possible fit for gen 4

also they didnt add anything worthwhile  either. they arent the worst pokemon games by any emans but to me they are the biggest disapointment in the whole franchise

Finally someone said it. I was one toilet paper shortage away from wiping my ass with the lets go pikachu insert. It is a hand holding disgrace of a game that even an infant with placenta still on it could beat. It allows your pikachu to beat brocks rock types without an ounce of grinding. Throws all element weakness types out and just has the most cartoony bubbly kid graphics ever. Nintendo basically slapped my sancted aunt.

Modern Video Games / Re: Nintendo Switch 2
« on: March 29, 2024, 05:32:55 am »
My Concerns and takes

I sincerely hope they don't go the switch 2 route. Outside of the DS and Gameboy series. Nintendo has never done a "2" of their flagship consoles. They innovate and go way left or way right. I'm sick of consoles just being rehashed versions of decade old tech.

Nintendo has stellar first party games despite an awfully under spec'd hardware even by 2017 standards. They need to make something that can run GTA 6, be remotely anyones first choice for online fps and actually have thumbsticks that don't break at the slightest breeze.

If they do go the hybrid 2 in 1 route again. I hope they allow you to cast the image to the screen without the dock. A technology available to smart phones since like 1642 b.c.   We dont need another OLED. A 300 dollar waste of money that keeps 720p in 2024 with behemoths like the PS5 around.  And this is someone who loved switch at launch. Im done apologizing for Nintendo. Sales are other worldly. They did good. I hope it doesn't make them complacent. Switch did good because it was innovative. Switch 2 sounds anything but. PS5 gets away with not shaking the branch too much by having 4k at 60fps specs and giant AAA 3rd party titles. And even they tive VR. The PS5 Portable Peripheral. And PS Plus Free Games And A Updated Trophy System.

PS5 - Consistency
Xbox - Performance
Nintendo - Innovation and Nostalgia

If nintendo rehashes old shit for 60 dollars we call it childhood. If PS5 rehashed a PS2 game for 60 bucks and PS6 never came. We'd flip the lid.

Also nintendo. Trophy systems. Are the most joyous part. They literally can double or triple replay value of every game. Get with the program.

I hope they call it the Nintendo Blowfish

- Gregory Almieda.  Board Advisor for Playstation

Off Topic / Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
« on: March 04, 2024, 12:29:10 pm »
The greatest Beer Run Ever - A vibrant true tale about a man and his Journey to deliver his friends a cold one in the middle of the vietnam war. It combines political turmoil, the battle between angsty hippies and war sympathizers in this tug of war that permeates through the movie. What entails is some of the most engaging Vietnam war movie I have seen. It's funny. Starts with comedy but blends in the tragedies of war like slowly sprinkling in parmesean into the gumbo of life.

Zac Efferon surprised me with versatile acting as this is my first foray with him. He sells the underachieving but over aspiring legacy of Donohue. The beer run is filled with action, conspiracy and spies. I enjoyed the film. The connection built with Oklahoma a key Vietnamese man in the movie is gripping. The way you can feel the tension between the love for the soldiers but sympathy for the violence of war is palpable. And the corresponding photographers add a depth to the movie.

It's neat, funny and entertaining. I enjoyed it quite a bit.



The shit these mofos did over a video game lol. I don't know how many liberties were taken. But this is an absolute high pace action packed whirlwind like a poliwag stomach lol. It tells the story of the greatest marvel in video game history. Dimitri being robbed of rights to earning for one of the best selling video game empires of all time is kinda fascinating to say the least. But the battle for publishing rights? Anyone engrossed or interested in video game history will love this. But it goes beyond gaming to a land of friendly bonds, business betrayals and the story of a man risking his family and wifes happinessover the sake of a dream and a chance.

The layouts are great. The settings are well done. It presents well. And amazingly so.



Finch is the tale of a lone wandering Tom Hanks in a post apocalyptic world. It is fascinating the true grit. Think Fallout New Vegas meets borderlands but the greatest enemy is an encompassing sun that seeks to devour and melt anything that moves with radiation. And in this world. We get Jeff and Dewey. A clumsy sometimes half assing Robot that loves finch with all of himself. To some a robot accompanying a man. But to the viewer. A man in a robot accompanying a pile of bolts through a tech heavy adolesence. Like a robo coming to age film. It builds character development well. And carries an overall feeling of strength and love. A solid movie.


Microsoft aquiring Epic Games, Rockstar Games and Mojang.

The world of speedruns. A world of competivism personified. Radical. If you could be the speedrun record holder for any game. What would it be? On top of the world. The king. Studying every strat. Knowing a game inside and out better than it's own devs. What game would you most want to be known as the master of?

I personally think I pick super mario 64. Not only is it such a hugely recognizable game but it has extremely complex strats and I grew up with it since I was a kid. I'd like to be known as the king of Mario 64. But one has to devote years into even being top 25. These guys are talented.

What game would you most want to speed strat and be #1 at?

Modern Video Games / Re: Where do you draw the line? New Game Prices
« on: March 01, 2024, 01:46:26 pm »
I'd pay upwards of 80 for a game. If GTA releases this for 250 it's gonna shake the industry in a bad way. Rockstar has gotten greedy. No other way to crack that jar open. If they priced it at 60 and sold 400 million copies. Which they will. It'd make 24 billion. That is 12x profit. But nooooo.

The narrative rockstar is running with is that we pay 20 dollars or 40 for dvds and movie media. Those give us 2 hours of entertainment but video games give us 200 or more hours. So by all means charge 3 grand for a new game. It's annoying. Like comparing a prostitute to a wife. Its not even the same media format. And I could argue that movies have 356 million budgets and cost 9.99 on vudu within like 6 months of release.

I just feel gaming is going to really collapse. The only way i'd justify 150 is if they included all the dlc they'll inevitably ram down your throat and free online.

Modern Video Games / What are your thoughts on Simulator Games?
« on: February 18, 2024, 12:50:19 pm »
Hello everyone  :D

Farming simulator, Lawn Mowing Simulator, Bus Driver Simulator, VG Collect Moderator Simulator, Ripping the pages out of a 1976 sears roebuck catelog to show your dearest mother the fridge you want for your first apartment on your dads Amex he got from working steel trades for 17 years while saying "aint it a doozie folks?...... simulator, Grassy Gnowl simulator.

Point is it seems they have a simulator for everything. As I am typing this they probably have a simulator where you can play as me and partake in my thought proccess of making the post to begin with.

My main question. Is do you ever enjoy any of the simulation games?


Games that have you play the role of a minimum wage jon. Although Job Simulator is the popular one it is perhaps the least zaney. I'm talking bus simulator. I played for about 4 hours before realizing i'm paying to do something that a middle aged anglosaxon protestant grandfather dreads doing every day for work. Mowing lawns? The grind of these games is astronomical. When I say it takes 45 minutes to mow an old ladies lawn. I mean it.  So why not? Idk... go out and mow an old ladies lawn? I feel like yeah theirs some start up costs. But just for sanity sake.

I know some say these games are theraputic to them. I guess in the way crosswords or asmr can be. It's not so much to play a game but to zone out and live a double life.

But in general. What is your opinion on the simulator game genre?

Off Topic / Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
« on: August 22, 2023, 12:42:51 pm »
Barbie Movie - Clever, colorful and fun. Keeps a general emotional stance and anyone who shames it for geo politcal narratives isn't familiar with the dolls legacy to begin with. Margot and Ryan can do no wrong and combine to form a juggernaut. 97/100

Oppenhiemer - I have never experienced a moment in theatrew like when the atom bomb goes off. It rattled cieling toles with dolby altmos and made me cry from sheer baffling carnage of its simulated power. A historical story told from 2 angles. - 95/100

Turtles Mutant Mayhem - Solid Movie. Colorful. Creative visually. Epic voice work by Ice Cube. The turtles may be a tad juvenile for my taste but they are teenagers afterall. And I know they need kids to attend. Great directing by Seth. - 82/100

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