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General / Re: A Year in Review - 2021
« on: January 05, 2022, 01:13:54 pm »
probably worth noting the "hidden gem" of the year i've played was xuan yuan sword 7, try it out if you like ancient chinese history and action rpg's. I had not expectation going into the game and it pleasantly suprised me in a good way well worth sinking 25-30 hours into.

General / Re: Video Game New Years Resolutions 2022
« on: December 26, 2021, 08:46:22 am »
My goals are pretty simple :

- Finish og xbox and 360 japanese sets and maybe wii u (not far off on either) but would be happy if i can finish either one get close to that goal by the end of 2022
- Maybe finish my japanese gamecube set if i feel like doing so, need around 35 games to complete it
- Get a xbox series x (and maybe a ps5) for normal retail price
- add another dreamcast, ps2 or gamecube limited edition console, also after the hatsuni mika ps vita. if i can add one next year i'll be happy with that

And probably the most important goal, start downsizing chunks off my collection, i've been meaning to get rid off entire sections of my collection meanly the limited run stuff and the pal stuff, atari jaguar can go. Must be roughly around 3000 games alltogether.
It's just so time consuming to take pictures, list it on ebay etc. Granted i pretty much will have to ship nearly everithing to different countries.

General / Re: What percentage are you a collector vs a gamer?
« on: December 21, 2021, 04:33:18 am »
Probably 75% collector and 25% gamer.

Don't get me wrong i still try to play 15-20 hours a week or try to atleast, it's just i buy way more then i can play and when i think about it i bought 300+ games this year so i can hardly say i'm more gamer then collector.
let's say i enjoy having the games as much as i enjoy playing them i always did btw.

Starting hunting down the japanese xbox 360 full set kind off sparked new life into me as a collector, a lot of stuff is still dirt cheap so i may aswell go hard before the prices spike up.

General / Re: A Year in Review - 2021
« on: December 21, 2021, 04:20:39 am »

Favorite 2021 Release: If i had played it this year it will be mostlikely forza horzion 5 but i haven't. Probably Lost judgment then, had a lot of fun with that one.

Least Favorite 2021 Release: Story of seasons pioneers of olive town, it's not bad just dissapointing especially when you compare it to stardew valley.

Favorite Game Played in 2021: Witcher 3 wild hunt, never played the dlc got a goty edition on the cheap so it's nice to get all the achievements for a second time.

Least Favorite Game Played in 2021: I try to avoid wasting my time on crap so can't really think off much maybe biomutant

Sleeper Hit of 2021: can't really think off much other then the olympic game sega put out this year very fun over the top arcade sport mini games.

Favorite Gaming Moment in 2021: Starting the witcher 3 again, after i completed the witcher 2 and importing my choices from the second game, being addicted again to the witcher 3.

Proudest Collection Accomplishment of 2021: Kind off went hard on the japanese og xbox and xbox 360 sets, getting many cheap deals in the process on yahoo japan. Best deal i can remember winning an auction for 80, 360 games for about 65 euros.
Also completing my jpn neo geo pocket collection 100% ( all systems variants, games variants etc)

Modern Video Games / Re: Forza Horizon 5
« on: November 16, 2021, 09:44:52 am »
I haven't played the the 5th yet so can't judge yet, i bought a physical copy this weekend but kind of torn wheter i should hold off playing until buying a series x or just play it on the xbox one x.

My favourite horizon game is probably the second south of france and italy was just the perfect setting to cruise around in a ferrari or whatever. The 3rd and 4th they starting shoving in more and more ridiculousness (especially the offroad sections) it kind off started to get annoying, also australia wasen't really the greatest setting.
In the 4th the changing seasons while a good idea and cool it toke a whole week for it to change which was way too long imo should've off sort giving us to choice to choose ourselves.

I stopped caring about what those socalled "reviewers" or "experts" think, Life is too short to worry what the internet thinks off you. Most of those nitpickers need to get a life (and maybe a job aswell) since they clearly got way too much time on their hands.

I rarely pick games up day one but for this one going to make on exeption and pick it up once it releases physical. Probably by time i get around to playing the trilogy most problems will be solved.

Classic Video Games / Re: PlayStation3 turns 15 years old.
« on: November 16, 2021, 03:57:18 am »
I wasen't really planning on picking up a ps3 when it originally launched but my coworker kinda suckered me into grabbing one on lauch with him.
It came out about half a year later in europe so it wasen't really hard to get without putting in a preorder, it was march 2007 remember, we just went to our local game store after work and spend about 1000 euros each i'd guess. Pretty sure i got ridge racer 7, motorstorm and an F1 game. Must have been doing pretty good back then to be able to spend that kinda money on videogames lol.

The first few weeks i had a lot of fun with the console, but with these launch titles the novelty wares off pretty quickly and i switched back to my 360. I think the first noteworthy release was the first uncharted if memory serves me correct later that year, i beated it and my ps3 was collecting dust again for the next few months.

To be honest the first few years let's say up until 2010, you were better off with a 360, after 2010 sony started pumping out classics left and right, wherest microsoft seemed pretty happy with what they had done so far and left it at that.

I've built up a collection off about 175 games over the years, pretty much all exclusives and anno 2021 those still have a lot to offer since there are loads of jrpgs and other forgotten japanese games that came out late in the systems life.

I still play my ps3 every once in a while, not as much as the 360 but enough to warrant it a spot under my tv in 2021.

General / Re: Consoles you had the most and least fun collecting for?
« on: November 01, 2021, 05:22:14 am »
I'd probably have to say my favourites were the libaries i completed over the years : pal master system, jpn neo geo pocket, jpn neo geo cd, (retail) pc engine, jpn game gear, nec pc-fx, jpn N64.
Because i don't really have to buy anything for them anymore.

But probably the pick off the bunch would be pal master system even if it was just for the community of collectors, we all knew each other and helped each other with games we found at fleamarkets or whatever someone found a spare copy off. There wasen't really any jaleousy like there seems to be amongs collectors these days. After i completed my set i moved on towards collecting japanese region stuff and never looked back.

most fun these days is that i'm all about completing my jpn xbox and 360 collections, i've been getting some amazing deals here and there and bar the populair games i don't really have much competition when i bid on yahoo japan anyway. Sadly i don't know off anyone chasing the same goal as me so can't really exchange toughts and whatnot.

Least fun : i can't really think off anything, sure i have some stuff where i think what was i thinking for buying that. Whenever i feel like collecting becomes a chore i take a break and move onto something else for a while.

While on the subject of least fun surely ps4 and switch have to take spot, with companies pumping "limited" releases left and right  week in week out, unless your loaded nobody can keep up with those systems and even then it seems impossible because there seem to be so much releases each week to even know off everithing being released.

Pretty sure your average joe is more resposible for scalpers making a small fortune on ps5/xbox series x consoles then they are responsible for the crazy retro game prices. But as always with these threads you're just looking at the north american market where eveybody is after the same stuff it seems.

I think wheter pricing will go down or not is how much people will stay into collecting over the years, collectors come and go and i've seen even the biggest collectors sell up and move on towards something else, changes are in few years time many games that are peaking now may be avaible fairly easy therefore drop a lot in price.

also a factor would be that Most of the generation that is 20 years old and under are used to digital content so can't see many of those people suddenly getting into collecting physical games.

Also i've never understood those crazy prices for vga / wata graded games what makes it suddenly worth 5 times more then the actual market price if a console manufactor like nintendo would do it, i could see the value. But in the end it's just a third party grading games, adds zero extra value for me to be honest

I think atari 2600 and downwards will become less pricy over the years  ;D

I also think wii u will drop in price over the years since almost everything is ported and has a superior version on switch. even maiden in blackwater wii u has seen a price drop after the digital announcement on switch and If I'm not mistaken play asia will have a physical copy for it aswell.

Wiiu is already dirt cheap well the japanese libary , i started collecting for it since it's only little over a 100 games and i have some good memories with the console, as it looks now pretty sure i can get the entire libary for under 2k. Well Unless i could get screwed over by customs.

Modern Video Games / Re: PlayStation Showcase | September 9 2021
« on: September 03, 2021, 12:20:52 pm »
I honestly could care less like why even bother announcing games and whatnot for a console you can't even buy at it's regulair retail price.

Classic Video Games / Re: I heard retro game prices have peaked
« on: May 20, 2021, 10:30:50 am »
About the pokemon games : fairly sure i still have a bunch sealed Ds games at my parents place of aleast one version or the other since i usually bought both versions when they came out.
Pretty sure my dutch box language versions would be going for a lot less money then american versions, same with french and german versions for that matter.

pokemon red/blue/yellow doubt a sealed pal copy would be going for even close to what an american version would go for.

Yeah i agree more stock of the newer consoles would be my number one pick.

As for others in no order :

- all black ps5 console announcement ( don't really like the white design to be honest )
- More powerful switch, ( why not a console without the handheld, i never use it as handheld anyway)

and for games :

- Dragon Age trilogy announcement
- Forza 7 release date
- Forza Horizon 5 announcement taking place in japan or asia with a heavy focus on Jdm cars (whishfull thinking but you never know )
- Fable 4 gameplay footage
- Gran turismo 7 release date announcement
- Kindom comes deliverance 2 announcement (or whatever the hell warehorse studios is working on)
- New F zero announcement
- Breath of the wild 2 release date announcement
- Metroid prime 4 info

I don't really have high hopes for E3 this year but yeah atleast let's hope we get some info on a bunch of new games that will hopefully release this year because 2021 is going to be pretty barebones.

General / Re: Games you beat the same day you bought them?
« on: May 13, 2021, 05:30:01 am »
Only ones i can think off are both power ranger games on the megadrive/genesis.

Power rangers the movie i got  the day before christmas and i've beat it atleast 5 times with my nephew during christmas evening. The other power ranger game if memory serves me right was a horrible vs fighter that was incridible easy i'm sure it could be beaten in under an hour.

Another one i can think off is Nba street, i meanly beat it in one day because my memory card was either full or i diden't have one yet can't really remember yet.

I've done it before mostly for the japanese ps2, i'm currently trying to get all the racing games for the system, aswell as the sega ages releases.

I've done the simple 2000 series before with adding a few games each year i ended up with all 123 numbered releases for the base set. There is another one called simple series ultimate that i have yet to complete.
While not really a genre perse since they include just about every genre imaginable, but since they are numbered i figured they fit the discription of the topic starter.

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