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Modern Video Games / Xbox Showcase 2022
« on: June 12, 2022, 10:30:03 am »
I may not be a big Xbox fan anymore, but I am a PC gamer, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll have to show here today.  I'm mildly interested in Starfield stuff as Fallout fan, but Fallout 76 really put me off Bethesda, so I'm not sure.  The only "dream announcement" for me is a new Banjo-Kazooie game announcement, whether that's a remake of the first two games, or a probably new game, I'll take it.  Or hell, I'd take Rare Replay being made available on PC so I can more easily play the HD remasters lol

Redfall gameplay shown off.  Left 4 Dead styled looter shooter. And here it starts with the 2023 release dates lol

Hollow Knight Silk Song gameplay.  I know people have been dying for this.  No release date, but according to the host, all games shown are out within the next 12 months.

High on Life, some goofball shooter with talking weapons from the creators of Rick and Morty.  October release.

Riot Games are putting their games on PC Game Pass, which I think their games are mostly free as is, but for example with League, all champions are unlocked.

Plague Tale: Requiem gameplay, is out this year.

Forza Motorsport out Spring 2023.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary.  November.  Kinda fun, but they are adding the Pelican from Halo to Flight Simulator.

Overwatch 2.  Early Access this October 4th.

Ara History Untold.  Not a single clue what the game is.  Thought it was a Civilization game from how they talked about it.

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle coming June 21st.

Celebrating a Fallout anniversary with Fallout 76 content.  Can't be more disappointing lol  The Pitt content coming September.

Forza Horizon 5 is getting Hot Wheels DLC July 19th.

Ark 2.  Yet another CG trailer that shows nothing other than Vin Diesel.  Out next year. 

Scorn out October 21st.

Flintlock out Early 2023.  Character action game.

Minecraft Legends.  Strategy Game out in 2023.

Lightyear: Frontier.  Scifi survival builder game.  Spring 2023.

Gunfire Reborn.  October 2022.  Some sort of roguelite shooter of some sort.

The Last Case Benedict Fox - Sidescrolling platformer, maybe a metroidvania sort of game like Ori or Hollow Knight. Spring 2023.

As Dusk Falls - The visuals for this is so weird.  It's a...motion comic movie, but also has normal CG visuals with cars and other things.  One of those "Pick a decision for the story to progress", no actual gameplay.  July 19th.

Naraka: Bladepoint - June 23rd.  Has a campaign mode now.

Pentiment - Narrative driven adventure game from Obsidian.  November 2022.  Set in medieval times, and done in a very old timey art style.

Grounded - Releasing fully September.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy - 2023.  Stealth game.

Diablo 4 - Necromancer Class reveal. 2023.

Sea of Thieves content.  Become a captain and have deeper ship customization.  Season 7.   July 21st.

Ravenlok.  Action game.  2023.

Cocoon - Some sort of platforming puzzle game. 2023

Wolong: Fallen Dynasty - From Team Ninja.  Early 2023.

Persona 3, 4, 5 coming to Game Pass.  P5 out in October.

New Hideo Kojima game announcement, literally no info on the game, just that he's working on it with Xbox Game Studios.

Ending with Starfield.

General / Games/Series you love, but also don't...
« on: April 18, 2022, 06:55:53 am »
Odd title for sure, but what brought this up for me is that Sega is supposedly doing an HD collection for the first Sonic to Sonic CD, and it got me abit excited, as I do have a general enjoyment for Sonic, but as I found out with Sonic Mania, I don't really like playing Sonic games.  I think the music is great, visuals are great, the characters can be a lot of fun, but the classic Sonic gameplay I just realized I don't really enjoy anymore.  It's mostly just a lot of fast running and smacking into stuff you can't see. 

I think the only time I could say I really like 2D Sonic gameplay is with Generations, because they pulled the camera back so you can see what is coming better.  I was also a huge fan of the original Archie comics, I ready like 100 issues of that before falling out with it.  It's the only time Sonic ever had a good story.  So it's an odd thing, where I don't really like playing most of them, though there is nostalgia built into Sonic, but there's a lot I still like about the series.

Persona 5 would be another.  Musically awesome, the visuals and flair it has to UI and battles is great, I love that everyone you play gets a cool alt-world outfit for themselves to wear, but that game drags so much, I dropped it after 30 hours.  Pure palace fights were cool, but alot of the stuff outside was killing my interest, especially knowing how long I'd be playing the game.  It's a game I wish I could've liked more, but I'll just be happy listening to the killer OST and whenever the next Persona comes out, I'm sure there'll be a lot for me to enjoy there too, just not as a game.

This could just be a Street Fighter 6 announcement, but it has potential to be more, simply because Capcom has almost no games announced to be coming out right now.  It's mostly just Monster Hunter Sunbreak and that delayed scifi game of theirs, so there's a chance this could be a "Capcom Direct" as I'm hopeful for Resident Evil news alongside something Street Fighter.

Well it was more than Street Fighter 6, but not much lol Capcom Fighter Collection is pretty dope, a lot of old school fighters brought back with full online play.  A great collection. 

Street Fighter 6 was just a tease, but the visual fidelity looks ridiculous if it is meant to represent what the game will look like.  Going hard on the RE Engine for sure with these sort of visuals and I'm cool with that.  Honestly, I would've liked something that went more anime, like what Alpha was doing, maybe looking more like an ArcSys game, but I definitely like this way more than what SF4 and SF5 were doing.  Can absolutely tell it's the RE Engine too when you see Luke and him smiling before punching at Ryu, because all I see is Devil May Cry with that lol

Logo is awful though lol It's super generic, feels like a sports game logo that you'd get from like EA or Ubisoft.  Probably purely done for eSports reasons, but I'm interested.  Hopefully this has a better launch than SF5, as I tried to get into SF again with that, but it was just such a lacking experience, it killed my interest.  I'm a very casual fan, but I would like to get into it more.

Off Topic / Favorite Movies and TV Shows of 2021
« on: December 27, 2021, 03:36:12 pm »
I had some pretty big films this year for myself that were great and some good tv show stuff too, so here's my list of stuff.  I haven't watched everything I've wanted to, like I still need to see the new Matrix, but still had some fun stuff I watched.

Godzilla vs Kong - I'm a huge Godzilla fan and I had an absolute blast with this movie.  It is more of a "Kong 2" than a pure split film since he's the one you can characterize more, but I really had a fun time, some of the set pieces are so great, and while the Mecha Godzilla isn't my favorite design at all, it's certainly not the worst (Looking at you Godzilla Anime Trilogy and your stupid ideas lol).  This would've been my movie of the year if it wasn't for...

Spider-Man: No Way Home - No spoilers for this, but it went in a direction I wasn't expecting and also did more than I expected and it's kinda amazing what the movies turns itself into being by the end of it, as it has me pretty stoked for the next Spider-Man film.

The Mitchells vs the Machines - Its the best animated film I saw this year, it's hilarious and the animation is fantastic.

The Suicide Squad - A DC film I really like! It's a miracle! There's so very few of those for me lol It helps that James Gunn knows how to nail a group dynamic and while it does come across as "R Rated Guardians", that's not a bad thing.  It's so much fun.

Dune - Really good film that has me eagerly anticipating the next part.  Visually stunning, which isn't surprising coming from the director of Blade Runner 2049.

Shang-Chi - Pretty fun Marvel flick, it was way better than Black Widow for sure to me, in particular because I think the action is pretty good, like the fight scene on the bus is great and I like the main guy quite a lot and look forward to more with Shang-Chi.

Honorable Mentions
Zack Snyder's Justice League - This isn't a movie I'd recommend and I will never watch it again, but it is generally a step up from the original Justice League, even if it's bloated to hell and back and it only cements how glad I am that Snyder is gone from the DC films.  There's good stuff here, but its a hard watch when so much could be easily hacked out or trimmed down to make the run time more manageable.  This isn't Lord of the Rings, Snyder is no Peter Jackson lol

Mortal Kombat - It's not great, but I think it has a lot of good stuff to it that can be fixed in a sequel if we ever get that.

America: The Motion Picture - Second best animated film I saw this year, it's absurd, cartoonish, nonsense and I had a lot of fun with it lol

TV Shows
Wandavision - The whole tv show gimmick does a lot for the show.  I think outside of that, it's a fairly middling show, and they maybe drag things on just a tad longer than it should have, but I had a real good time with it.

Invincible - Damn good stuff, it's utterly brutal and intense, but I had such a good time with it and can't wait for more.

Loki - I just like Tom Hiddleston as Loki, so a whole show with him was great and I love the idea of the TVA and everything to do with Kang and can't wait for the next season.

Castlevania: Season 4 - A great end to this part of the story, I had such a blast with this series and this final season was really damn good.

Masters of the Universe: Revelations - I like the He-Man enough for it is, I was born after its heyday, so I had no nostalgia for it, but having seen stuff on it over the years, I was looking forward to this show doing some real good animation and story stuff and they nailed it.  I understand some peoples issues with it, a small bit of it I could agree with (This show should never have been split into 2 parts), most of it I don't, but it's a really fun show.

Honorable Mentions
Falcon and the Winter Solider - It was my least liked of the Marvel tv series until Hawkeye (That's not meant to be a bad thing), but I do like the show, particularly just the buddy relationship between Bucky and Sam is great and it did a lot to justify Sam as Captain America and his suit look is great.

Off Topic / Resident Evil
« on: November 11, 2021, 05:36:26 am »
Felt a little bored, thought maybe we could have a dedicated Resident Evil thread for kicks, we can include all movie stuff and games here.

The new movie coming up got a full trailer and if you've seen the regular American release of the trailer, I'd recommend watching the International Trailer, because it's actually good.  Like when it was first revealed, the trailer was so bad, I didn't even finish it, but this other trailer does a way better job selling the movie, like it should've been the only one.

It still sorta looks like a high budget fan film, but at least it reminds me of proper Resident Evil thing and doesn't involve the director's "O.C." wife as the main character of a terrible 6 movie series (The first movie is a big guilty pleasure lol Still terrible as an RE film, but it's dumb horror action, early 2000's, fun). 

Part of me does want this new movie to work, because we don't have good non-game media for RE.  None.  All the bad Anderson films, and then there's all the bad CG films, none of which are good.  Visually well done, but they are usually just boring or badly done and they are all done in that lame post-Resident Evil 4 style, so they are all just straight action flicks pretty much, hitting peak stupidity with RE: Vendetta.  A movie where this happens...

Infinite Darkness isn't any better really either, the newest tv show on Netflix, though it's a "tv show" in the sense that they had most of a movie made that they for some reason cut up into 4 episodes, even though it's clearly just a single movie.  It also has terrible writing.  Nothing has been actually good though, so maybe it's time that we'll get something watchable.  I mean, I can't trash this upcoming movie too much.  If it comes across as a B-Movie, well then that at least is staying true to what Resident Evil has always been lol  I just need it to be fun and entertaining.  It's all I ask at this point.

Modern Video Games / Games in 2022
« on: November 06, 2021, 02:16:51 am »
We are most of the way done with the year, only a few more games on the horizon to release, before we are set right into a full year of what I think could be some big titles.  2021 was pretty light for myself, like there was definitely a few good games, but I feel like for games I was excited for, it was mostly just Monster Hunter Rise, which was only okay, and Resident Evil: Village, which I did like, but some bugs kinda undercut my enjoyment.  What are you folks looking forward to?

Elden Ring - This is probably my most anticipated general release of the year, there's a couple that are close, but I'm pretty amped for this.  Taking Dark Souls and giving it a bigger open world to explore has me very excited and the recent gameplay showing they did that I lightly skimmed through looked great.

Breath of the Wild 2 - The first game is one of my top favorite Zelda games of all time, even with the issues I have with it, and I'm hoping Breath of the Wild 2 can greatly improve on the first one.  I want more proper dungeons, better and more bosses, better all around soundtrack and some gameplay tweaks.

Dying Light 2 - The first game was a pretty fantastic take on the zombie genre, having a pretty great open world and its movement system is still to this day very good, it's so much fun running around and they added so much to the game post-release.  I'm hoping the sequel can achieve something on the same level as I'm expecting it just to be a fun, wild, time.

STALKER 2 - A lot of "2's" here, though this is technically the 4th game in the series lol  STALKER is a long dead series that I never thought would return, that the Metro series would be the only thing that hits in the same way, but here we are, 12 years later, about to get a sequel to a flawed, but super engaging series that I really hope is the game I want it to be.

Bayonetta 3 - I'm not a crazy fan of the series, I never beat the first one, the sequel is great, but third one was like "Oh, do you want sexy battle witch AND giant kaiju monster battles?" and I answered with a clear "Yes".  I think this game is just gonna be some real damn good fun.

Honorable Mentions
God of War: Ragnarok - It's gonna be a continuation of the previous game, it's gonna be good, I'm just so use to games getting delayed anymore, I have no idea if it makes it out next year, so we'll have to see lol

Horizon 2 - I think this is gonna be a very good game, but I'm not super excited for it, like it's gonna be a big get for my PS5 for sure, but it's not a hype game in particular like the others.  It's kinda the same thing with God of War, where it's gonna be a great game, but I don't have the same excitement as I do other games.

Monster Hunter Rise (PC) - It's weird to be excited for the same game twice within a year, but while I liked it okay enough on Switch, the gameplay is fun, but after playing Monster Hunter World, it's so hard to enjoy a game in the same series that doesn't look and play as smooth as the other.  I did put like 60 hours into it the first time, but I'm gonna enjoy stuff more the second time around I think.

TMNT: Shredder's Revenge - I'm a big TMNT fan, so getting a legit new beat 'em up game with classic show inspired pixel art is pretty awesome.

Evil Dead: The Game - I'm not like the biggest fans of asymmetrical co-op games, but it's Evil Dead and it's gonna have Evil Dead stuff from across all movies and series, that's just gonna be goofy and fun.

Saints Row - It sounds like a return to over-the-top, open world, crime sprees, and I'm definitely about that at this point.  It's been years since GTAV released and Saints Row hasn't been like this Saints Row 3.

Gotham Knights - I'm a big fan of the Arkham series, even Knight, so this sequel involving the Bat family could be cool, but it's looking more RPG like with co-op elements, so I'm not really sure on it yet.

Suicide Squad- Rocksteady is a good bet for games, though not sure on this one being a co-op title and that we haven't seen any gameplay yet, but I want to be excited.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - After how poor of a game Pokemon Sword and Shield was, I don't know what to think.  I want a more open world Pokemon game, but I don't think Game Freak is capable of creating the game it needs to be, but we'll see.

Off Topic / The Dream Trip
« on: September 21, 2021, 09:25:34 pm »
I think we all have that dream trip we'd love to go on some day, and I thought it might be fun to talk about what we'd love to travel and do some day.  Personally, I've never been outside of the US, I've mostly just flown back and forth, corner to corner a couple times and that's been kinda it so far, but I've long wanted to go to Japan for something like 2 decades at this point. 

Early on it was more in a "weeaboo" sort of way "Oh, I love anime! I'd love to go to Akihabara and just geek out!" but as the years have gone, watching documentaries, youtubers traveling, getting a better understanding of the countries history, it's societal issues, it's culture, kinda everything I can, it's moved away from something so narrow and into a broader interest.  I think my ideal trip would be going to Tokyo, spending some time in the city and then traveling out from there, likely by train (Never been on one), and to try and visit more places that aren't the big tourist traps...I mean some tourist traps, but I think a lot of it would be about trying to find smaller places, likely requiring a car drive.  Just spending a few weeks traveling like that would be wonderful.

General / Favorite Arcade Racers
« on: September 14, 2021, 08:17:31 pm »
With the release of Cruis'n Blast today, it reminded me of how lacking the arcade racer genre is nowadays.  Can find tons of realistic racing games with Dirt, Forza, The Crew, Gran Turismo, but for me, I don't really like those games, realistic physics and maps are mostly just boring to me, so what are some of your favorite arcade styled racing games?  And by that, I would include Kart racers, but basically it's just games where realism isn't really a huge factor and it's usually about crazy action, or added combat, or just ridiculous nonsense going on.

For me, my love of this kind of stuff started with the Nintendo 64.  Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64, Beetle Adventure Racing, Star Wars Episode 1 Racing, Rush 2049, and there's others, though the big standouts for me was definitely DKR, Mario Kart, and Rush 2049.  I spent a lot of time in Rush 2049 just trying to do the craziest stunts lol

Not much for me on Playstation 1 in particular, can't think of any racing games in particular I played, much the same for the original Xbox, but on PS2 (And by extension Xbox for multiplatform, but I had way more games for PS2), it was mostly the Burnout games, and then maybe Smuggler's Run.

After that it would be 360/PC era stuff would be like Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed (A game at the time I thought was better than Mario Kart) and Split-Second.  Burnout continued with Paradise, but it wasn't crazy like the earlier games were.  Blur I think was another around the same time as Split/Second.

That's probably generally it for me, there's plenty I left out like Wave Race 64, or Hydro Thunder...OH, I do have a racing game I loved on PS1 and it was Jet Moto.  It's funny, but the thing I remember most from this game, was that it had Mountain Dew advertisements in it lol

I haven't played an arcade racer in awhile, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe when that came out probably being the last one.  I was super disappointed in how that Team Sonic Racing turned out, it doesn't look good.  My dream game would be for Sumo Digital to get to do either a brand Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, a Diddy Kong Racing Remake or Sequel (Or heck, just give me an updated port like Episode 1 Racing lol), or to have them do like a brand new racing that's similar to All-Stars Racing Transformed, but it's just a Nintendo branded one.  Like Mario Kart is technically that at this point, but I want it to have way more characters that aren't like 90% Mario related.

Hardware and Tech / PC Part Upgrade
« on: August 27, 2021, 07:19:16 pm »
Just looking for takes on this, but I got some extra funds and since it's been 3 years from when I built my PC, figured it might be a good time to upgrade (Not in actuality with how tough it can be getting a graphics card still lol).

This is my build right now, with the new graphics card and new RAM added in.  I'm currently using a EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING 6gb card, and my RAM is CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000.  Figured these would be the good things to look at for an upgrade and part picker says the new stuff is compatible, but just want to get it double checked and if it would be a good upgrade.  Even if this is good, I won't be able to get it right away since this card is hard to find right now, but I'll keep this on the backburner till I can see about picking up the card at normal retail prices.

Marketplace / Returnal for Playstation 5
« on: July 29, 2021, 03:19:32 am »
Selling a copy of Returnal for Playstation 5, used, but in top quality condition for $45.  I do paypal only, US shipping only, send a message if you are interested.

Modern Video Games / E3 2021
« on: June 02, 2021, 04:09:52 am »
E3 is coming up next week and seems about the right time to start talking about what we are hoping to see show up. 

What I mostly just want to see out of Nintendo is a big Zelda presentation, a proper 35th anniversary blowout, because you wouldn't know it was the anniversary otherwise as I don't think Nintendo has done much of anything to bring attention to it, which is baffling, not even when they revealed Skyward Sword HD either.  Even if it was a marketing decision and it was so build to more of an actual thing at E3, it's weird that they've done almost nothing to really talk about the anniversary.  So a blowout for me would be the final updated details on Skyward Sword HD and I feel like they would put out the Wind Waker/Twilight Princess HD releases like the month or two after that, since it makes sense and it's easy. 

Then I see them doing a collection of some sort, either a batch of the old games from NES to GBA, or they do perhaps an updated version of Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask from the 3DS in a set.  I could also see them just rom dumping and tweaking the N64 releases, but I think it would be cool to get the 3DS stuff since that added a few things here and there and I believe had some updated textures though I might be remembering that wrong.  My only worry is that they pull a Super Mario 3D All Star and it's kind of a half-assed release with a time limit, which is super dumb.

Something that would be a wild card would be a new remake, like Link's Awakening, but maybe the original Zelda or even Zelda 2, but not with that awful Link's Awakening art style I hope.

And the finale would be a proper Breath of the Wild 2 reveal.  I'm keeping expectations low, so I don't believe we'll see a release date for this year, but I'd be happy with a story reveal and maybe gameplay.

I know there's other stuff from Nintendo to watch for like a possible Switch Pro, but the only other known thing I'm excited for is Bayonetta 3.  As long as the Zelda stuff is good, I'll be otherwise happy.

I'll post more on the other companies later, but this at least starts a convo.

General / Resident Evil
« on: April 15, 2021, 07:03:26 pm »
General Resident Evil thread!

I'm getting super pumped for Resident Evil 8, which I didn't realize was out in only a few weeks, even more so now that they announced it has it's own new Mercenaries mode, making up for the flop that will be RE:Verse (I can say that, being that I played the beta for it for an hour and it is really not good).  On top of that, they are basically putting out multiple demo's every week leading up to launch, two demo's of different sections early for PS5/PS4, and then the week before launch, a full 60 minute demo of those sections for other platforms.  I will probably only play one of the demo's so I don't spoil too much more for myself.

Since it's the 25th anniversary this year, they are putting out quite a bit of stuff.  Along with Resident Evil 8, they just announced an Oculus Quest 2 VR version of Resident Evil 4.  Seems to have full VR movement in it, so it's not just like the Wii game in VR.  Pretty exciting being that this is the exact headset I bought and I'd love to jump into this game again.

Also, anyone into Dead by Daylight, they are announcing the newest release for the game will be Resident Evil.  It'll either be Leon/Claire as the survivors with Mr. X who could maybe transform into his crazier version? Or it could be Jill with Nemesis.  Either one is neat.  I wish I liked the gameplay more.

They also showed off a trailer for Infinite Darkness, the new CG show on Netflix, which looks to start out as a zombie outbreak hits the White House with Leon and Claire involved.

Lots of Resident Evil goodness right now and I couldn't be happier.

Hardware and Tech / Need a new picture editing program...
« on: March 15, 2021, 04:37:57 am »
I've basically been using a ripped version of Photoshop 7 for literally over a decade now, I got it so many years ago and I regularly do editing for a number of personal things, but I just upgraded to a brand new M.2 drive on my PC and for some reason the setup for my rip of Photoshop 7 just isn't working, I can't get it to actually start for whatever reason.  Is there anything else new that I can look at getting or something old Photoshop wise I can attempt to get that isn't hooked to their subscription service? I find Photoshop's subscription service abhorrent, so there's no chance of that.

I have tried GIMP, but I don't know, maybe I'm just missing stuff, but it feels real basic.  I tend to do a lot of stuff with sprite work, I've made sprites, I enlarge to do bead art with, it just felt off to me, like I was missing simple stuff.  Maybe I just need to put more time into learning it.

Another I tried was Xara, I think it's meant to be more of an actual photo editor, not like...drawing/creation program like Photoshop perhaps, I got that free/cheap from Humble Bundle awhile back, but it also wasn't working great for me.

Is there maybe another old version of Photoshop I could attempt to get? I know it goes up to...CS6 or something was the last like non-subscription service, but I don't know which one would still require an online registration, as Photoshop 7 didn't need me to register and could just use a serial key I had.

Classic Video Games / Zelda 35th Anniversary (General Zelda Talk)
« on: February 21, 2021, 01:59:54 am »
This has long been one of my favorite, overall, series since I first started gaming.  Back around 1990 as a real young kid, our family was gifted an NES in a box with Super Mario/Duck Hunt, a couple other games, and Legend of Zelda.  I loved Mario, but Zelda was my true favorite as it was so different from the other games at the time.  The whole adventure/fantasy setup, I could save my game, I could free roam and explore and find my way around, it basically cemented my love for open world gaming that I would get super into many years later with survival/crafting games, series like Fallout or Skyrim, and others.

My best memories of the original game in particular is that it's the only game that my Dad ever liked.  He played it with me, we would learn the secrets, figure out where the dungeons were, and off and on we'd played it again till I started getting into whatever the newest games were at the time.  Nearly 20 years later, my Dad is retired, we moved away from friends and family to a new state, he's not really physically able to do a lot of stuff, so he's stuck at home alot and we figured out that maybe he'd like to get back into Zelda.  On his own computer, I put on an emulator, most of the 2D Zelda games, and he went at it.  Over nearly 5 or 6 years, he played most of them, beating a number of them, even ones I don't think I did as there are some I never beat.  He even got into the 3D games as I bought him a Gamecube and a small TV to put on his desk, and he played through Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess as they were all available on the system.  One of his favorites ended up being Twilight Princess, which makes me happy as that one is also one of my favorites.  Whenever he got lost, which was often, he'd be using guides online to get through stuff which was just funny and great to me as I was doing the same for some of the Zeldas I didn't have a guide for back in the day.  I'd also do some of the harder bosses that would piss him off since he didn't have the gaming skills to get through them and he would both happy and super huffy about beating it like it was nothing lol

Sadly he had to go to the hospital right as the Switch and Breath of the Wild released, almost to the day, so he never saw the game and I would play it to keep my mind off things while he was there.
 He passed away a few weeks later, pretty soon right after I had actually beaten the main story for BOTW and it hurts he never got a chance to experience it.  Not to mention the Link's Awakening remake, the HD re-releases of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, to have a chance at Skyward Sword, a game he couldn't really play due to the wiimote, and the upcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild 2.  This is why the series means so much to me.  It has its ups and downs, it's not always perfect, but it's been there for most of my life and means a lot to me. 

Sorry if this comes off as abit oversharing, but it just kinda cements why the series means so much to me and while I hope to be still playing it when I'm in my 60's like my Dad was lol

Feel free to talk about whatever you want with Zelda.  Talk about your favorites, least favorites, funny stories, upcoming news (Whenever Nintendo decides to start sharing what they are doing beyond Skyward Sword HD), or just anything Zelda in general.

Off Topic / 2021 in Movies
« on: January 16, 2021, 03:27:42 pm »
After a very weird year in 2020 (That is still ongoing), there was a huge lack of big time movies for people to watch.  A couple made it to streaming, but most movies got delayed to 2021 and even 2022.  At this point, it almost seems like too much with what is likely to get released.  I still won't be going to theaters for a very long time, relying on streaming when I can, but I figured we could still look at movies we are excited for.

Godzilla vs Kong (March) - This finally got confirmed for HBO Max and not only that, but it got an earlier release date.  This is the top for me this year, I'm such a big Godzilla fan, I had a ton of fun with King of the Monsters, and I can't wait for this giant monster slug fest.

Suicide Squad 2 (August) - Being that this is a DCEU film, I wouldn't normally be interested in this, these movies have been mostly awful, especially the first Suicide Squad, but I have a slight bit more hope with James Gunn in charge and a big crazy cast.  Hopefully it turns out to be fun and is another heading to streaming.

Snake Eyes (October) - I'm a huge Snake Eyes fan, always have been since I was a kid, and after the first two GIJOE films weren't very good, I'm hoping they can kinda start things fresh with a Snake Eyes film.

Army of the Dead (2021) - After how badly Zack Snyder handled the DCEU, I really am kinda done with him, though the only movie I ever liked of his, was his first big movie, which was the Dawn of the Dead remake, so him returning to old stomping grounds, maybe there will be something fun here and I enjoy a good zombie film.  This one will be on Netflix.

Marvel Films (2021) - At this point, there are so many Marvel films, it's kinda crazy.  There's Black Widow, which I'm not super excited for, but could be fun at least, which is up first.  Then there is Shang Chi, a character I know nothing about, but could be interesting.  Then there is Eternals, another I know nothing about so I'm curious where that goes.  On the other side of Marvel, there's Venom 2, which I hope will be way better than the first film, it wasn't anything special other than the fun interaction between Venom and Tom Hardy and that I want them to have Spider-Man swing in to connect it to the character proper.  Morbius is after that, a character I only really know from the old cartoon tv show, but could be okay, I'm not sure about that.  And supposedly the third Spider-Man film is hitting at the end of the year, which is gonna have a whole bunch of crazy multiverse shenanigans with Spider-Men and Villains from previous movies showing up and could be real wild.

There's probably a few others I missed that I'm interested in watching, but the Marvel films so far have not been talked about for streaming services, so I'm curious what will happen with them.

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