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For example, look at the entry i tried to amend as the common EU 119529 and you decided its the French edition so you amended the title to include [FR] and declined my changes.

The front cover image which was already there before i tried to amend is the common EU release.  The French release you have linked on Ebay has a different cover.

So, the barcode was French and the cover image was EU before i tried to amend.

Can you see now how easy it is to not see which release you guys want it to be?

You've been updating PlayStation 2 entries over the last week or so, and I had made effort then in submitting new entries that represent the UK or general Europe release when edits were rejected, but I did not do so with the latest round of items.[/font]

Maybe the issue is the fact that alot of the entries i am amending only have one entry for the game, and that one entry you have listed is the most obscure rarest one.

Basically why have only the French release entered into database when the EU release is the most popular?

The only thing that signifies its the French release is the barcode, and lets be honest, nobody checks that.

When a casual collector looks up their game in your database they search the title and see just one listed in the EU, the rarest release, French/Spanish/German.  When they almost certainly have the most common EU release.

I mean its pretty obvious when you have just one listing in your database and its the French release with no data except the barcode indicating its the French release.  Even the artwork is the EU common release and you have 13 people saying they have this game.  The point is that they all dont have the French release.   Theyve just chosen that release because its the only one in your database.  Nothing in the entry says its the French release.

Im making this post because this has happened quite a few times recently and i dont understand why.

I recently updated 119529 with disc and back cover images and the disc was accepted and the back cover disallowed and then you changed entry to [FR].  There is only one entry of this game in the PS2 EU database, to my knowledge there are only 2 releases of it in total, the EU release and the US release.  So i have no idea why this has been changed to French release, there was literally never a French release of this game.

I do notice that the Barcode is wrong on the entry but i dont like to change them as you usually never accept barcode changes. 

Video Game Database Discussion / Alternate cover - Pinball
« on: June 13, 2022, 03:25:23 pm »
Ive come across an alternate cover for a game in the database 55871

Every other metric is the same as this entry in the database except it has very different artwork on the front and back cover.  Totally different picture.  After checking Ebay there are alot of each variant so i have no idea which one takes precedent.

Sidenote: the game is called 'Play It Pinball' on the spine and not simply 'Pinball' as it currently sits in the database.  This brings up another question, Do you prefer the game title that appears on the front cover or on the spine of games in the database?

Video Game Database Discussion / Hitman: Blood Money variant
« on: May 06, 2022, 03:46:38 pm »
You have adjusted another one of my new submissions incorrectly.

The [Alternate Cover] for the EU Playstation2 release of Hitman: Blood Money has TWO magazines review scores on the front.  PSM and Official Playstation Magazine, scored at 93% and 9/10.  You have adjusted my text to show only one score.

Also you have called it a 'label', its not a label.  The entire insert is printed with these scores on it.  No labels.  Thats how its a variant.

Therefore your title amendment is incorrect and also the text you amended in the DESCRIPTION field.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Resident Evil - Biohazard
« on: April 27, 2022, 04:59:17 pm »
Your edit submission for 205997 was not rejected on the use of "Biohazard." To allow the alt-name to match the existing item's entry name, I rejected the edit for Dedicated and instead opted for Senyou when I made the edit myself prior to your making this topic.

If you google/search for the controller using 'senjou' nothing comes up. As i said, among collectors its known as the 'Biohazard Dedicated Controller' (which its my understanding is the translation from Japanese).

Here is the items entry in the Resident Evil fandom site

Video Game Database Discussion / Resident Evil - Biohazard
« on: April 27, 2022, 01:40:43 pm »
You have refused an 'alt name' for an entry i asked to update.  Everyone knows that Resident Evil is called Biohazard in Japan (and some other countries) and the controller is named differently due to this.  Basically collectors know to search for this item using both names in English, the Japanese translated name and the English name on the box. 

If this isnt a genuine aka then i really dont know what is...

Here is an article mentioning it.


There are five separate entries for Fantasy Fantasy XII strategy guides, and I don't think any of them match to the description you're providing. Which entry are you referencing specifically?

The one with the exact wording of the title of this thread

In the future, it is best to provide direct links to any entry you have questions about so that others can be certain which entry is being addressed.

Again, your description does not describe any of the five Final Fantasy XII strategy guide entries. 39356 features Limited Edition text on the front cover, so the front cover art is accurate and is not an image of the "standard edition" item as you suggest. Last year, it seems to have been confirmed that 39356 is a brown book with a white dust jacket as its outer layer. If you have reason to believe this information is inaccurate, the entry may need to be re-visited to re-confirm its details. If not, then the brown book you're referring to is an incomplete item that is missing the dust jacket.

Last year's conversation about this entry can be read starting from this post and the following few after it.

Ok got it.  It looks like i missed there is a dustjacket.

I canot find the standard issue listed, can you point me to this one?  Or shall i create a new entry?

There are five separate entries for Fantasy Fantasy XII strategy guides, and I don't think any of them match to the description you're providing. Which entry are you referencing specifically?

The one with the exact wording of the title of this thread

The database listing for the FF XII strategy guide is for 2 different guides.  The first two photos show the standard edition and the third photo is of the Limited Edition release.  The bar code appears to also be the Limited Edition.  It looks like this listing has become a mix of two different products.

I have the standard edition so i can create the correct listing for this if you want.

Hardware and Tech / Whats a Playstation 1 PSIO?
« on: March 16, 2022, 12:34:07 pm »
Ive just seen a PS1 being sold with a boxed PSIO on Ebay and the auction is running v high so im curious as to what this bit of hardware actually does?

Anyone on here know about this and fill me in?

I can see its listed on the VG database with only 4 in peoples collections.

 Heres the auction (its not mine!!!)
Ebay Auction

Video Game Database Discussion / QUESTION: PS1 Destruction Derby
« on: March 12, 2022, 10:56:09 am »
There are two releases of the PS1 EU game Destruction Derby and i cant see how the database can accommodate both releases. So i need some advice how to enter them.

Basically the first release came in whats known as a 'big box' which is essentially a double CD case.  This came with 2x manuals and a demo disc housed in the second disc slot called 'Autumn/Christmas releases'.

The second release came out in the standard PS1 case with just one disc and one thicker manual, containing all the original information from the first releases 2 manuals.

They both have the exact same Product number, cover art, back art etc.  The only detail i can see thats different is the barcode number.

How do you want this difference entered into the database?

(Ive got pics if that helps)

Video Game Database Discussion / Guitar Hero question
« on: February 10, 2022, 05:23:19 pm »
I have discovered that there are two versions of the PS2 Guitar Hero game and was wondering how to enter/create this into the database.

It appears that there are two different item numbers for the game, one for the game that came with the full pack including the guitar and the other for the game if it was bought separately.  Right now we only have one in the database, the one which came with the guitar controller and yet that is not specified anywhere on the entry.

SLES-54093 = without the guitar
SLES-54132 = with guitar pack

How can we get both of these entered into the database correctly?

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Duplicate List 2021
« on: October 30, 2021, 02:08:04 pm »
Just letting u know there is a FF8 listing which shouldnt be there.  Under PS1 EU section you have the listing title below which is the game from the FF8 Limited Edition boxset.  Basically this was never sold separately and someones just listed the game which they have probably some across without its original packaging. 

Please remove - Final Fantasy VIII (Not to be Sold Separately)

Fortunately nobody has added this entry to their collection.

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