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General / Re: Buying games for a system you don't own
« on: January 31, 2023, 11:43:14 am »
If you find a great deal on it, why not I'd say. deals don't wait for you if they pop up.

This is only if your planning on getting said system in the future, which in that case, I don't see how it can hurt. it's only a waste if you have no interest in it at all. and even than in the worst case you sell at a profit.

I've gotten games which In some cases I got the console for years later. I would be kicking myself for quite some games if I waited to get a console.

if It's full price, than yes you probably shouldn't get it. No reason to since you can just buy it once you get the system. Only consider buying games for a system you don't own if it's a great deal in which your actually missing out if you don't buy it at that time.

General / Re: Your Top 10 Consoles of All-Time
« on: January 09, 2023, 11:09:40 am »
1. gamecube
2. Wii
3. Sega Genesis/megadrive
4. ps1
5. snes
6. Ps2
7. DS
8. GBA
9. Switch
10. Dreamcast

General / Re: My Top 30 Pick Ups of 2022!
« on: January 05, 2023, 05:02:55 am »

29. B Team Metal Cartoon Squad

A fun shooter using the stylist on the DS, it was never released in the US. I highly recommend checking it out.

Fun to see this title on the list, quite the lesser known fun title for the system.

General / Re: Mortal Kombat Appreciation Thread
« on: January 03, 2023, 11:21:21 am »
Never a super big fan of the series. But I will always remember them days fondly when I played MK 2 or 3 with friends back in the day. Good times

General / Re: My Top 30 Pick Ups of 2022!
« on: January 02, 2023, 11:45:50 am »
Have focussed less on collecting this year especially in the later half, that being said did cross some cool items of the list

As far as my picks go

Not always my best pickups of the year just my favourite ones.

30 Twinbee portable
29 Marvel super heroes gems snes box and manual no cart
28 Karnovs revenge
27 Twin hawk sega mega
26 Konami justifier ps1
25 Parappa rapper ps1
24 Advance wars 2 guide
23 Samurai champloo ps2 factory sealed
22 Mutant league hockey sega mega
21 Splatter master ps2
20 Disney’s magical quest 2 gba
19 Super bomberman snes
18 Operation logic bomb snes
17 Maximum carnage snes
16 Sega infra red controllers
15 Ogre battle ps1
14 Zero gunner 2
13 Nights into dreams controller
12 guardian heroes sega saturn
11 Ghoul patrol snes
10 castlevania double pack gba
9 Ultima IV sega master
8 Onimusha tactics gba
7 TMNT gameboy case
6 Biker mice snes
5 Beat the beat rhytm paradise wii
4 Macros scramble valkyrie super famicom  no manual
3 Pokemon emerald tin
2. Phantasy star IV sega
1 Chono trigger snes

Didn't expect to score chrono trigger. pretty nice to piece that one together in seperate deals for the box posters etc and find the cart seperately.

Haven't posted in a while, hope all is going well with folks during them upcoming festivities.  ;D

Been pretty srtoked to find this as a european at a decent pricy

Pokemon emerald pre order gift. missing 1 commercial leaflet but I'm okay with this. 40 euro loss

Strategy guides 5 euro loss a pop

lost kingdoms II
shaman king gba

War of gems snes box and manual 50 euro loss. I'll find a cart someday

free deals


valyryrie profile 2 sealed
shadow hearts sealed
mana khemia
taito legends


captain rainbow
tales of symphonia sealed

yoshi's island ds sealed

spyro eternal night gba

disgaea 4 ps3 sealed

sega pretty stoked for these

guardian heroes
nights into dreams 3d controller pack

Mario Kart 8 did have Battle Mode.  It had no Battle Arenas, and made you do it on the courses.

I know exaggeration from my part, but it basicly was non existent considering it used regular tracks, for my taste anyway.

I have one plus for the wii U though, even though the actual console and games weren't that great I did enjoy the nintendo directs allot, those where infinitely better than the ones we have in the present. The vibe of the company was very nice during that era.

Always loved the Wii U and never thought it got a fair shake. Honestly, most of what makes the Switch great is just Wii U and PS3/ XBox 360 ports.

I'm curious what made the switch so great if where talking wii u ports, since I assume you mean that switch first party games where less impressive.

Aside from mario kart 8 I can't really see what the wii u brought that wasn't done better on switch or is that incredible to sell the system. Botw is hard to classify as a wii u game considering it came out when the wii u died it's pretty much a switch game and they released at the same time.

You can like 3d world but surely most would agree that mario odyssey made a way bigger impact and is just one of the best games in the series.

Still ignoring at least mario kart 8 and botw, What wii u port is way better than what we got in switch exclusives and would make that entire library less impressive compared to said wii u games. allot of wii u games have superior next number entries on switch or main games that didn't even exist in the previous gen.

I don't think it's underrated.

I personally find that most of even the first party games lacked that special something that Nintendo usually has it was just alright.

Contender for worst relevant console that Nintendo has ever made. and sure it got some nice zelda games in HD but those are old not new games. allot of wii u games got ported but With a few exceptions such as toad treasure tracker, xeno X and tropical freeze. The games where generally not that great.

-  Most generic 3d mario ever
-  no new zelda until the console died at the very end.
-  most mario spinoffs where trash/ arguably at their worst on this console
-  The mario kart game didn't even have a battle mode.
-  small library
-  lack of 3d party support
-  lack of allot of first party ip main games 

I'm a big Nintendo fan but the Wii u just wasn't it. 

General / Re: What's worse? A mediocre game or a bad game? - MKSR001
« on: November 07, 2022, 07:08:39 am »
Mediocre games are worse. with bad games your either going in it for the cheese or you can ignore it.

Mediocre games meanwhile can fool you in wasting time on them. you don't have that issue with bad games.

also mediocre games don't have the enjoyable qualities that really bad games have. it's just there. and they don't have the qualities of a good game either your within a zone that doesn't have much.

Mediocre games usually have nothing memorable about them. while really bad games can have those epic moments. with terrible games there is potential for a laugh to be had while with a mediocre game it will just be a slog to play through it's going to be a boring ride.

While mediocre games have better controls grapics and are more consistent on paper they are usually pretty generic. your probably not even going to remember the experience compared to a bad game.

Obviously where just talking about someone's opinion about said game. what's mediocre to some can be a great game for others. treshholds will differ per person. But at the end of the day bad games can turn into someone's guilty pleasure, mediocre games do not it's pretty much always a waste of time.

General / Re: Shoot-Em Ups
« on: October 12, 2022, 07:24:44 am »
Another Shoot'Em Up game I really enjoyed playing was "Truxton" for SEGA Genesis/Megadrive ... I highly recommend it!

Mark from Classic Game Room's favorite.

it's sad that his channel is something totally different now.

was one of the better channels out there.

I mostly play retro, I don't play allot of current gen aside from nintendo these days.

with indi releases I seldom play some but only if it really peeks my interest.

I play a lot of retro games mostly nes,snes,genesis,ps1. currently Im playing lunar but I don’t play on original platforms I have a Xbox S that has thousands of games downloaded to it. It’s so much easier than   dealing with hooking up a reto console every time I want to play something different.

in my early days I had to hook up retro consoles aswell cause didn't have a setup space for it. is indeed quite tedious to start playing games that way.

I nowadays just have a setup in which all my consoles are hooked up at once. only thing I have to do is switch channels to get the correct console.

I think luck and some effort is definitely a factor you can't say for certain it will never happen. unless where talking stuff like usa stadium events etc.

I've had many games which I thought I'd never score ever but I did get them for dirt cheap eventually.

some of the more pricy cib snes titles like demons crest or vampire kiss will be tough to get, but I think my odds while very low do still exist. I scored a cheap cib chrono trigger in 2022 so perhaps someday I'll score those titles aswell.

Haven't been posting pickups in a while been quite busy these last couple months

got some deals for the collection

ps1 games cib 7,50 a pop loss

parappa rapper ps1
namco museum vol 5

justifier ps1 gun cib 40 euro loss. rarely see that one so I picked it up

GBA set 20 euro loss all cib

kirby lose cart to complete my box and manual

crash 1
cash 2
crash fusion
spyro fusion
digimon racing
third age
crash spyro twin pack

Mega games II console set for free

twin hawk sega cib 30 euro loss have been looking for this one for a while.

sega sonic 2 pack. 80 euro loss. decent price when the sleeve is still in great shape

pokemon moon 2ds console 50 euro loss

free deals

brain dead cdi
gex gameboy
crash nitro gba

With retro I'd like to have games that I like from different consoles or all their different versions. different versions where however more of a rarity back than. so the novelty and it not being to much is fine by me.

With current and last gen. I usually just stick with the base version. I rarely bother with special versions in the current era. almost every game has them these days it's overkill plus a big money sink.

if where talking games that get added content, than yes complete edition for the win, although that option ain't always available.

the more the merrier I'd say. easier acces to phsyical games is a plus to me.

this just means that the demand for physical is higher than originally thought, don't have to stick with just limited releases for allot of them better indi titles.

still for the people that care for these smaller quantities you still have a different version for being an early bird, same with how some first editions of retro games are treated as more valuable with miniscule differences.

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