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mmm, unrelated to games themselves, a 48" 1080p tv via dumpster diving. price tag: $0. completely functional.
related to that: i also found a genesis (1st gen one too) and NES in the ditch... both still worked and had their cables tossed with 'em. the NES just needed a quick 72-pin replacement and a controller~
really, all my best deals are from dumpster diving, regardless.

otherwise, i got a slim xbox 360 for $50 the other day, which was pretty nice. thank the sun for meth addicts~
a psp and a stack of the games for it for $50... i flipped the games to pay it off, and this was when psps were still like $100.

i can't really think of anything else. these deals aren't the best in the topic of course. but i don't go yard saleing or anything. sometimes i get lucky and find games for pretty cheap, but never super cheap or anything. my idea of a good deal is "thank god i found all these games for really cheap in one place"... so, under ebay prices and such, all in one place, in good condition. that's how most of my ps2 collection was found, actually... someone dumped their ps2 rpgs at gamestop, so i was getting games worth $35+ on ebay for gamestop's $15 prices or whatever. being able to get a stack of games for cheaper than typical used market price is a better value... time is money, after all, and i have too many hobbies to spend a lot of time 'on the hunt'.

edit: oh, oh right. twilight princess, wii version, for 8 smackaroos from the pawn shop was a pretty awesome grab ngl

Classic Video Games / Re: What game are you really good at?
« on: December 17, 2016, 01:50:18 am »
pokemon OTL
once you learn the mechanics to a fault, you never, ever forget them.

tetris attack... is a game i was really good at. i almost attempted the speed run challenge, but the run of the game is like 10 minutes or less, so i didn't bother, haha. it's bad enough seeing those coloured blocks behind your eyes when you just play casually... playing for a month or more straight... i might go mad. everything might be a collection of coloured blocks if i do that. hats off to the guy who probably dreams coloured blocks to this day.

i have yet to meet anyone who can beat me irl in a game of mario kart double dash, provided i'm given an opportunity to reacquaint with the controls~ mirror mode, standard mode, 16 crash course, doesn't matter. i'm really fucking good at MKDD.

Classic Video Games / Re: Is the collecting bubble shifting?
« on: December 17, 2016, 01:43:04 am »
well i'm a, uh, neo-collector? i only mainly collect for the gen of xbox/ps2 and above (not gcn though, god bless the prices of gcn games, jfc)
right now i can safely say the costs of games for these consoles isn't going up yet, but the niche titles may be. i'm not 100% sure. while you can find plenty of good niche titles for $5-10 at a gamestop, the price creep is mostly online.

i don't know how big 'collecting' is here though. i really don't bother browsing for older titles (and gcn, ugh) because i know the prices are, nine times out of ten, way, way, way out of my reach.
xbox is still dirt-cheap to collect for tho. ps2 has been creeping up for about 3 years now. ps3 games have remained steadily costlier than their 360 peers (likely because of case/disc sturdiness) and i never see that changing... but i'm about to round off my ps3 and my 360 collection will be forever small. my xbox collection will be pretty small, as well. vita is going to see terrifying price markups i bet in the future (finding a copy of demon gaze or stranger of sword city in the wild is already almost hair-pulling in how difficult it can be... and my area is flooded with gamestops) so i'll move there asap.

anyway, i can see a lot of my age peers (early 20s) picking the hobby up for gcn (driving the prices up to horrifying levels, they're already expensive) and n64/ps1. maybe snes/genesis a bit as well. and a lot of people get into the hobby in mid- or late-teens, so those teenagers who work part time and have 100% disposable income are likely jumping in and buying the games of their childhood, thus the shift. the older gen has been picking up games for a decade or more now, i'll hit a decade in about a year and a half... those kids are just now jumping in and their childhood was maybe ps1/n64 and mostly ps2/gcn(/xbox, but not as frequently). i know a guy who is 18 or so right now, he's grabbing gcn games as he finds them. he's in australia, tho, so not any competition for me.

Off Topic / Re: Why do forks and spoons still exist when the spork exists?
« on: November 27, 2016, 04:04:50 am »
clearly, you have not mastered the fork to scoop things that are not naturally watery. else, you'd not be asking such a question ;I
i hate sporks tbh. it's not forky enough, too spoony. i am the type who will only use spoons for cereal or broth-soups... and considering i don't often eat either...

forks are by far superior. the tongs aren't far enough apart to let most things fall between them (stop eating non-sticky rice, lmao) and the flatness of the tines allows for your utensil to get underneath what you're trying to scoop. spoons, however, are far more rounded, meaning you have to turn them to achieve the same effect. the proper way to eat with a spoon even goes against the curve of the roof of your mouth, and the pressure between mouth roof and contents on a spoon, adding to the lack of pressure release given to tines but not a flat spoon bottom, means you'll end up turning the spoon over in your mouth to get all the contents off. forks don't require this, however, thus forks don't add to the whole utensils-scraping-teeth sound so many people find displeasing. further, because tines have gaps, the tongue helps pull food off from below through them... reducing the need to scrape fork to teeth even more. however, turning a spoon upside down in one's mouth causes the top teeth, which usually hang over bottom teeth quite some distance, to come very close to scraping what should be the bottom of the utensil on the way out.

that's why sporks don't reign superior, because, clearly, forks are superior and spoons (and sporks) need only exist for things that don't cause the contents on the spoon (or spork) to become pressure-sealed without the assistance of teeth or tongue. in other words: spoons are only good for watery things, forks are just fine for everything else and sporks don't fix the issue enough when most things a spoon would require get no use out of a spork's tines made for baby-sized foods.

General / Re: Games you wanted to like, but just could not get into
« on: September 17, 2016, 01:04:15 am »
Also the Shin Megami Tensei games outside of Persona, although last time I tried to play Lucifer's Call I did actually find myself suddenly really enjoying it. I'd tried playing it twice before then and I found it really dull but then last time I suddenly found myself completely drawn in from the very start. Not sure what happened but I guess this means there's hope. I probably would've finished it by now but the game crashed after over an hour's progress without saving so I gave up on it. I'll probably try Digital Devil Saga again next.

it might be because you understand the underlying mechanics better. jumping into an SMT game without any idea of wtf any of the attacks mean, and what shit like 'bufu' and whatever mean, it can make the game pretty dull. the SMT series kind of throws you in with zero explanation, which for some is fun, and for others feels like info overload. there's a fucking ton of memorisation required, especially in older games, that persona didn't make you do (persona gives you more details even during battle of what every attack does, basically). it was a similar experience for me... and i prefer SMT over persona now (that said, i plan to preorder p5 asap, i still like them, but i also have SMTIVA preordered right now)

General / Re: Games you wanted to like, but just could not get into
« on: September 16, 2016, 03:59:57 pm »

Recently for me, I found Xenoblade Chronicles X to be something I eventually abandoned.  I still made it like 40 hours in (This is apparently peak tolerance level for me on some games lol) and got over half way, but it's not a very fun RPG.  Battles are a mess of numbers and spamming attacks, which feels very MMO-like, but it lacks the co-op and focus of an MMO.  You got all these classes you can level, but don't play super different really, and then you get the Skell and it just makes all that class grinding pointless, because there's no reason to ever not utilize the super awesome mech suit.

i fear this is going to happen to me, too, so i've not even started. i DREAD that this is going to be the case.
i'll ponder the topic tho. i can't think of any off the top other than assassin's creed... i like the concept, but the games are so dreadfully boring to me.

pretty neat. now if only other companies would do this (and maybe nintendo can add this too and stop giving the shaft to voice chat)

Off Topic / Re: how the hell do you pick a career??
« on: September 08, 2016, 11:27:57 pm »
-snip for length-
TLDR: If you can't decide on a career, seek more information about different careers. Information is found through education, work experience in different fields, and through other people's experiences which they can share with you. Education, Work, and Communication can help you decide and lead you down different paths.

yea but how does one even go about DOING that? basically, i guess i'm just lost on how even to do that, without striking lucky and finding random people... and i'm truly awful at that.

General / Re: New, looking for advice/guidance
« on: September 07, 2016, 08:43:17 pm »
i have started a debate with my tired talk

i probably should have said $1 shovelware to be absolutely clear. there's a lot of titles out there that aren't worth your dollar. so unless you're a hoarder, or a masochist, why even buy it?

there are plenty of titles under $ 15 wich are basicly trash. I'd say at the very least 80%

Ofcourse there are trash titles above this value but i'm just saying that not only dollar titles are trash.

well, yes.
but i speak from a little bit of experience when i say that... if you begin late (i didn't start collecting until i was ~15?) that you'll be highly tempted to inflate your collection number with cheap $1 trash. the problem is, is then you still have 'all these games, but nothing to play' syndrome. and that sucks. but it's really tempting to buy shitty games that are vvv cheap just to inflate your numbers. or, well, it was for me. maybe not everyone, but then, that's why i went ahead and warned ;'D

there are definitely plenty of $5-15 games that are trash, many of which are featured as shitty games by people like james rolfe or angry joe (ride to hell retribution is like $20+ on ebay because of him, after all, from a quick look). but it's hard to pad out a collection with $10+ games. it's easy to amass 50 games quickly if you just buy a bunch of $1 junk. while most people aren't in collecting for a number game... i very much was, and i imagine that many people might be starting out. you change as you get more into it. where my goal once was "have a fuckload of games!" it's now more along the lines of "have at my disposal any game i could ever want to play, when i want to play it". it's a much healthier reason to have a collection, and maybe i'm an outlier and speaking to the wind, but maybe i'm not, and that's why i mentioned it.

OTOH it depends on the console we're speaking about too. OG xbox's entire library sparing about 20-30 games is under $15 and psp is very close the same, but then you have GCN where any title worth having is over $15. you can argue that the majority of games on any console are trash tho, maybe even 80%, but that's a lot more subjective and a subject for a different topic ;')

also, i didn't mention it, but my other advice would be: don't get overwhelmed. this goes with the 'don't overpay for shit just cause it's there' that i mentioned in my tired initial post, but it's a little different. it's easy to write a list of every game you want for a console(s) but it's also easy to get overwhelmed when looking at pages of 'games i want eventually'. it's easier to get games as the urge hits. my buying patterns usually reflect this... ie, i want some shmup action, i buy shmups. i want some grand RTS, i buy grand RTS games. i want JRPGs....... well i always want JRPGs so... well oops. i want a sonic title, i bought sonic generations. and so on. it's a little different now that i'm in clean-up stage on a console (PS3 is about to be finished) and gamestop is likely to be phasing out last gen consoles soon, but i've only got ~30 to go before i close the books on that, so...

my point is, is take is easy. you don't amass a 1000 game collection overnight... or over a year. it just won't happen. plenty of people get big collections by only spending $100 a month, or buying say 3 games a month, or whatever their parameters are. so, too, will you, given enough time.

I started collecting even later at age 18.  a little bit over 3 years ago very late when prices are already pretty high.

I disagree that one gets tempted by 1 dollar titles, people who collect such titles do it on purpose and like to collect everything no matter how bad it is just to have it because it is yet another ps2 title that they don´t have  ::), however there are also collectors who collect what they want even when they are starting out very late. If you don´t want to collect everything I highly doubt one would want a trash 1$ title to begin with when for example a beginner is looking for a title like super metroid or mario bros.

My piece of advice is to be patient and to collect titles that you consider you actually want to play. Even today it is possible to get a personal quality collection for a bargain price.  It is pretty satisfying after all aquiring awesome titles for basicly next to nothing. Also if one has the money you should just spend it if you really need something bad not to mention that there are good cheap titles out there wich are better than the more expensive ones. I do disagree though that every 15$ + gamecube title is worth owning unless one goes for a full set.

Amassing a huge game collection is pretty easy with the cheaper titles that is. If i would have done the same thing my collection would be 4000 games in excellent shape cib at the very least without a sweat while still retaining the titles that I already have for pretty much the same price since overall they didn't fetch all that much even for the older stuff it would have hardly made a difference. I can´t stand trash titles so i always sell those in big lots to get rid of them as fast as possible.

Even with other methods aquiring 1000 games while spending like 50 a month is pretty easy especially for certain consoles where you can get like 100 games for 40 $ or less since nobody wants it and the hoarders eventually already have those titles. I´d say that if someone tries hard and collects everything 1000 games can be done in a few months especially when you are just beginning. Without any effort I´d say 1 year is enough for 1000+ games if you collect everything.

you misread what i said. i said that every gcn title worth owning IS over $15, not that every $15+ title on gcn is worth owning.

and don't be so hostile. YMMV, but i gave a word of warning is all, based on my experience. no need to go full whale. that is all. no need to buy $1 titles just to have them, which was my point in the beginning. not that everyone does, but from my experience... don't fall into that thought trap. it's easy to fall into it, but it's NOT worth it. it's the same as the PC upgrade trap... it's really easy to fall into, and it happens fast if you're not aware it could happen. everyone knows about the PC upgrade trap... and more importantly, the steam cheap-ass sale traps, too. don't fall into the same patterns. $1 cheap-ass games are alluring, but if they're trash and all, you're still stuck on 'all these games but nothing to play' problems. if you want to finish off a complete console, the cheap-ass $1 games can come later. and someone new to collecting probably shouldn't jump straight into full console collections anyway... it's a fast-track to burnout/being overwhelmed. they CAN, but it just takes proper planning. it'd be better to start slower and then realise you can finish off a console, than to start out with that as your goal and realise there are a metric fuckton of games you still haven't got despite having 200+ games.

also, YMMV on the fast acquisition of games. in today's climate, it is vvv hard to find 100 games for $40 that isn't full of shovelware or some shit. which is exactly what i'm advising against. it depends too much on location and if you care about loose discs and other things.if you spend $50/month and are fortunate enough to have a local shop that isn't ebay prices and find plenty of $5 games that aren't beat all to shit, you're still only getting 120 games a year. yeah, maybe if you can blow through $1000 on cheap games, or if you're really good at the yard sale game, but a novice probably WON'T be.

 it's a little different now that i'm in clean-up stage on a console (PS3 is about to be finished) and gamestop is likely to be phasing out last gen consoles soon, but i've only got ~30 to go before i close the books on that, so...

This is a little off-topic, but, I think if GS clears out last gen their stores will look really pathetic. I just recently started to look at what they have for current gen, and man, is the selection small or what? I'm surprised at how little has come out in the past 3 years. Basically it's all triple-a, hd collections, and then a little bit of niche stuff. There's no diversity in the market anymore for retail games. I thought it was just Wii U that had a problem, but I think it's all of them really. If GS gets rid of PS3/360, they could very well cut their store size in less than half.
yep, for sure, it'll look rather dull, but if you look around, they're crammed full of other things and they've been edging towards selling accessories more and more anyway. so that's why i think they may phase out the old gen and set up phone displays and accessories displays. they've been taking in phones for years. they're getting cricket employees in their stores.

i'm not a market analyst by any stretch but...

Modern Video Games / Re: New NX Controller Leaked - Pics!
« on: September 07, 2016, 08:14:23 pm »
I dunno about this, putting the second analog stick above the face buttons and at the top of the controller just seems off to me...

it shouldn't.

I've never used a WiiU pro controller, so maybe I'd get used to it. ;D Also these sticks will be closer to the base of the controller

it's seeming to be standard. i don't LIKE it, mind you, but it's seeming to become nintendo's standard layout.
it's not too awful. you don't notice it after about 10 minutes.

Modern Video Games / Re: New NX Controller Leaked - Pics!
« on: September 07, 2016, 08:07:14 pm »
I dunno about this, putting the second analog stick above the face buttons and at the top of the controller just seems off to me...

it shouldn't.

Modern Video Games / Re: Do you focus on Achievements/Trophies?
« on: September 07, 2016, 07:55:48 pm »
i didn't think i cared until i tried to play wii u and there's just no achievement system whatsoever.
it's hard to play wii u and give a shit.

so yeah, i like them. i don't focus on them, but i do look over trophy lists when playing anyway.

Modern Video Games / Re: New NX Controller Leaked - Pics!
« on: September 07, 2016, 07:08:59 pm »
oh please. the screen is bigger than what it is when it's pressed together. these 'leaks' are a dime a dozen right now.

i don't mind this concept, but unless the screen is somehow able to fold in on itself and is super flexible, then no.

now if it comes off, then the controller is TOO SMALL and come the hell on, haven't we already decided that ergonomics is very important?? the pro controller on the wii u was the best and only REALLY fantastic one.
i don't... i don't like this at all. i like it when the screen is in, but take it out and i cannot imagine having to play with a disc.

Modern Video Games / Re: PS4 Pro announced
« on: September 07, 2016, 07:04:44 pm »
i'm tempted but i HATE this practise of releasing new hardware. esp because i just got a ps4 in november.
i don't know, i'm just not fond of it. i know i'll be hating myself for it later when everything is reported 60fps/1080p on that, but i really can't support this practise.

not that it matters, since i am  but one person.

I didn't get an HD TV until last year. So maybe I'll pick this new PS4 up in about 10 years when I get a 4K TV. :P

hey! same!

Off Topic / Re: how the hell do you pick a career??
« on: September 07, 2016, 06:27:15 pm »
thanks for all the posts, guys. i appreciate them. i'll be looking into some of these that i've never heard of too.
(fwiw i make probably about $13/hr doing delivery atm, sometimes a bit less, sometimes more... no longer the $20+ i used to tho)

and i don't just travel abroad due to cash and having a 1-yr lease on an apartment lmao

I went to the army, when I was in a similar situation in 2004 (I'm a European citizen). They provided me with a safe job for over ten years and they do pay for my higher education to support my re-entry into the civil sector. This allows me to qualify in segments I'm most interested in. Like you, I am not a born extrovert but if you are thick-skinned you can even succeed in a team-oriented organisation like the army.

That's not necessarily a recommendation. Just a reminder that you can consider the army as the last resort when everything else doesn't really work out for you.

honestly, if i could go into the military, i'd try to shoot for translation and speed-learn russian through, what i hear, is ridiculous cramming. but i fucking dig languages, too. and that's the problem, isn't it? i like a lot of things and can't settle heh.
and good translators are p important in the military from what i hear.
i tried to tackle programming as a new language and it fell flat tho. a lot of maths. i got the language part, i fucked up the maths part.

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