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I would love for there to be an online archive that you could download updates from and then simply install them onto the PS3 via USB... I can't believe that would take a lot of effort on Sony to make.

I did try plan for this with a backup PS3 with 500GB HDD... Problem is the Blu-ray Drive broke after barely using it - It was pre-owned though... As of now I don't have any back-up plans which annoys me considerably. With the PS4 I have a 2TB internal HDD & Also a 4TB External HDD which makes me feel a bit more confident storing games on the system.

Oh I have always been astounded by peoples game rooms - but then I am someone who struggles with the concept of looking forward. I'm reaching my 30's working 2 jobs, 2 days a week and I rent in  House that has been devided into little apartments - Bathroom, Kitchen, mini halway & Lounge/Bedroom in 1 room. I can't see myself ever being able to save up for a house, it just seems to impossible so I just make do with what I can. So when I see other adults with a house, car, morgage, kids etc. I just look at my life and see I am not even close to be ready for any of that - Nor do I think I ever will really.

As for my game collection, I honest am pretty content with what I have, over the years I have been able to buy more with the stability of my jobs - I was unemployed for 2/3 years and sharing a house with someone but still managed to pick up my game deals and even sell some due to having good knowledge on going rates for games. I've never wanted 10-20 consoles hooked up to multiple TV's, I have a simple sitting area with currently 4 consoles set up there (WiiU, 360, PS3 & PS4). beside I have my game shelf... which is rammed and another duplicate shelf stacked up on it :P I put the new image and have my seating area in my Gallery, nothing overwhelming but cozy and content with it -

The worst part of my collection is my PS2 set. They're all stuffed in my wardrobe in my hallway. This is manily due to not having an effective console/display to play them on - Component on a 1080p simply doesn't cut it! So sadly they're boxed up away from my gaming area for good:

I also have a lot of storage boxed under my bed:

One for portable games, one for guide books, one for various special editions & another further back with my Dreamcast, games, controllers and accessories and various CD soundtracks. Having boxes like this makes me feel like a kid but it is the best way to cram stuff in my room.

I'm terrible with managing money, ever since I moved into my ne place a few years ago... I've bearly noted my income as I've always seem to be stable. There are times when I think I'ev bought too much this month - Especially this month, I said I was going to hold out on Devil May Cry 5 but saw the rare Steelbook Edition Mint for £43 instore yesterday... So I had to get it ontop of other games and Vinyl I've bought this month. But then other times I've got very lucky at charity stores, a few weeks back I got Jet Set Future Radio on Xbox for £1! This is a game I've seen for around £40 and wanted for years! While I'm hardly close to the standard of living that many people my age are at, I still feel content with my gaming collection overall :P

Recent gatherings:

I said I wouldn't get DMC5... but saw the Steelbook Edition in store and have seen it's becoming limited in availablility + Previous regret in not getting NieR: Automata's Steelbook release kicked in... so I took a plunge on that one :p

I also imported Phoenix Wright: Ace Attornery Trilogy, Never played this series and as soon as I heard of the Physical Edition being able to play in English I jumped on for one!

Also, Fallout 4GotY... I've been reluctant to get this one as the DLC is on codes but It dropped to an agreeable price... still grumpy about it though

I also got Max Payne 1 & 2 on Xbox, along with The Thing, which all look great on Xbox 360 BC.

General / Re: What game do you have the most copies of, and why?
« on: April 22, 2019, 03:17:23 am »
Off the top of my head I am thinking Final Fantasy X:
2x - Original PS2 release
1x - PS3 Sepcial Edition
1x PS4 Limited Edition Steel book
1x PS Vita
... Had the Switch & Xbox One versions been fairly priced I'd have them also :P

Looks fun, but over double the price I'd expect and seriously lacking quantity of games! When you compare to the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Mini which has 40 games and 2x controllers... I just can't justify this.


World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck...
As always, I will maybe stick (or be stuck) with the Japanese version, but as a Sega fan, I must say that it already looks tastier than any mini console released by that other company...

I genuinely may have to consider this now... World of Illusion is one of the finest Co-op experiences there is!

I think it's more wanting to play games to a better standard. I've always been fine with games graphics from a technical level but when it comes to presentation through resolution I'm immensely picky - I've bought many PS3 to PS4 Remasters purely on the 720p to 1080p upgrade and I can clearly see the difference. One of the reasons I bought the 360 was due to this, so instead of buying titles on the PS2 if there was a 360 version available I'd get them - Just Cause, Gun, Disney's Cars, Bully, Burnout: Revenge etc.

Also seeing these Xbox One Enhanced BC titles... they really do look impressive - Final Fantasy XIII looks like how I'd imagine a PS4 Remaster to be and that's using the original disc!

Hi Ladies & Gents,

I've been looking online and seen that Xbox One S Consoles are going for a decent £150... I admit here and now there are barely 1-2 Xbox One titles I even have interest in but the rise of the consoles backwards compatibility is appealing...

Are games like Final Fantasy XIII BC in Native 4K? Because while I could nab one of these cheap now, but in time I may want abckwards compatibility on a 4K system - I currently still have a 32' 1080P Samsung HDTV... I do have a 43' Toshiba 4K TV... but it's simply too big for my sitting area :P

I only bought a 360 last year cheap to play original Xbox & 360 titles, which I am quite happy with the bundle I've got, not all work on Xbox One, but I think most do, I'l have to compare through lists online later.

Also another little thing, it seems like my PS1 games in my Collection many of the games don't have the collection pieces ticked:

Once again, it just seems like something I would have thought I'd have done at the time of adding them...

Site Feedback / Re: Recently Added section for personal collections
« on: April 15, 2019, 06:04:08 am »
I think pinning a Collection Entry number would be a cool feature and if ican be implemented I'd fully vouch for it :)


I noticed on my Collection DB that I had only one DreamCast game, While I don't have many I could have sworn I added them ages ago. Also, I am 100% Positive I added my 4-Disc scan imae of the Shenmue games, yet they weren't there... I'ev added them again and some other stock images I had on my PC.

I could have been very silly and just overlooked it but conisdering how hyped I am for Shenmue III the lack of my scan image makes me wonder, but just a little shout out incase.


NieR! One of my favourite PS3 titles, good fine on the rest too :)

Got a few things over the last couple of weeks:

Game had a sale where all their 360/PS3 titles were £1.99, so I jumped on that! Got some decent stuff like Assassin's Creed Heritage Collection & Marvel VS Capcom 3. Vita games were £4,99 but there weren't many.

I also got this yesterday!:

As soon as I saw it I had to have it! There are many games I adore but I truly believe Silent Hill 2 is a masterpiece & will be regarded so in time much like how Psycho or Halloween are for the Horror Film Industry. I also got State of Mind, a little title my friend told me about. I also got Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on PS4, but I am already thinking of selling it - I thought it was able to play online but all you can do is upload your team mates for other people to use... I just don't see the point!

Yeah that's the problem I've been having - I'm not interested in getting Japanese versions of games I can get here in the UK I'm interested in Japanese Exclusives releases that actually feature English. Another Example being Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, we got the Digital Version here on the PS Store but no Physical Release, So I imported it and all the Menu text are in English :)


I've noticed recently a fair few Japanese Physical Releases which included the English version encoded onto the Disc - I recently bought Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! & when you pop the disc into the PS4 it recognises your region and acts as an English copy:

I heard this morning that Japan is getting the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Remaster set on Physical & That the English translation is intact! Considering we're not getting a physical Edition overseas this is very appealing and I pre-ordered it from!

So, I was wondering if there was a comprehensive list of exclusive PS4 Physical Titles released in Japan - Which actually feature English?  If not, maybe we can build one here!


GAME has been having a great sale on PS3/360 games so been gathering a few here and there after work, pretty happy with Assasin's Creed Hertiage Collection for £1.99

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