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General / Re: 52 Games Challenge 2019
« on: February 06, 2019, 03:12:41 pm »
Just Beat:
Devil May Cry 3 HD (PS4)

I decided to play Devil May Cry in prep for DMC5 in March. I reallyed struggled with the game at first to the point where I was just going to put it off for good. But I found as soon as I was able to upgrade the Swordmaster to Level 2 The game became far more managable! I was struggling with managing to get resources every Mission but I neevr struggled like I did within the first 3 Missions.

The game it self was enjoyable but I must admit it felt much more cheesier than I remember and the overall narrative wasn't the compelling - I think part of it is due to Dante's Younger 'COOL' attitude. I also wasn't t hat keen on one of the later missions which required precision in a platforming section - The standard jump as just so stiff and wasn't so fun.

I might take a break from playing the others to be honest, I felt mixed about the experience overall.

Plan to play:
Final Fantasy V (PC)
Ni No Kuni (PS3)
Vampyr (PS4)
Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (PS4)

6. Devil May Cry 3 HD (PS4), 5. Kingdom Hearts III (PS4), 4. Resident Evil 2 REMAKE (PS4), 3. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (PS4) 2. Resident Evil REMAKE (PS4) 1. Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded (PS4)

General / Re: 52 Games Challenge 2019
« on: February 05, 2019, 04:01:43 am »
Just Beat:
5. Kingdom Hearts III (PS4)
It has been and now gone! But gosh what a ride KH3 was, It was exhilarating from Start to Finish! I loved so much about this title, the graphics while admittedly took a bit of getting used to we're spell-bindingly good! The level design was immensely diverse, instead of the majority of it being rooms with encounters the game offered so many different gameplay features and discoveries, it's certainly the best so far in world projection - As a classic Disney fan,I do admit I wish there was a couple classics represented more but still very content with the worlds we got!

The combat was Amazing though! I had so much fun just exploring all the different Keyblades and Forms – What is cool about this game is that you upgrade each keyblade so all can be used in later game challenges! I loved the way the Disney Rides were utilised as attacks – My favourite one being a Log Float ride which you control around to hit enemies as you release a trail of water, then when the time is up having the float back track in a fun wild ride before striking the final blow! Also having forms activate after doing so much offence was a blast and the transformations are just unreal!

If I had to note a down point it would be the lack of post game content, there were no secret dungeons or Colosseum battles, a collection of easy battles but that was it really - Which is a let down for a series which is known for a boastful amount of post game content.  Beyond that it was a case of grinding and mopping up tasks for the trophies which did drag on a bit due to the lack of content to justify reaching max levels.

But, The game absolutely delivered on a compelling story and one that does justice to a series nearly 20 years old, fans of the series which are undoubtedly playing this already are in for a treat and can sigh a relief it is not the mess that became Final Fantasy XV. This really has been onf of the best PS4 experiences I've had & I'm very grateful for it.

Devil May Cry 3 HD (PS4)

Plan to play:
Final Fantasy V (PC)
Ni No Kuni (PS3)
Vampyr (PS4)
Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (PS4)

5. Kingdom Hearts III (PS4), 4. Resident Evil 2 REMAKE (PS4), 3. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (PS4) 2. Resident Evil REMAKE (PS4) 1. Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded (PS4)

Just incase anyone wanted to catch up on the Mobile game set before the Prequel Game Birth By Sleep, this chap does a very good summary (I'm also adding the Part adaptation in the Movie from 2.8, which if you have time is more entertaining to watch but doesn't cover everything!):

Back Cover (Which Explains the build up to the Keyblade WAR - most of the Mobile game in a CGI movie):

A video explaining the content of the the Mobile Game:

Then... the mobile game got updates in November & December:

Watching this clued me up on alot of WTF was going on with this series in this time - I'm still not happy KH put important content in a mobile game but this is by far the best way to access it and make sense of it.

Avert your eyes from the video recommendations at the side as they are containing KH3 content now! Even by the uploader :P

As for the game still having an utter blast. some of the Worlds in this game are the best of the series!

I'm pretty sure the Epilogue has been unlocked now via a free update - When you look at the updates section of the game on PS4 it says so.

Also, I figured out why I hated the Gummi Ship section so much - My Ship had a 0 stat of Speed! Now that I've solved that it's great & I'm also getting plenty of components for weapon upgrades.

I'm about 18 hours in and loving it! Many big series entiries this generation simply haven't lead up to the hype (Final Fantasy XV, Metal Gear Solid V) but this game is everything I dreamed it could be and more! Every world is so rich in detail! and I don't just mean graphically (Which the game is also outstanding in) but there just so much detail in every little crevasse and I've had so much fun exploring around - Unlike the majority of the empty open worlds.

Also, I just love the camaraderie between the main cast, every little cutscene has me so emotionally invested as they're really easy to engage with. I also have to give props to on World in not following the story the world is based off, but making their own scenario - Something I've said the series should do all along and the Worlds Story was so much more engaging from it!

The only thing that is bugging me is the Gummy Ship segments, I appreciate it but the damn ship just moves so Slow! I want to explore but I feel like the speed the ship goes while boost is on should be the natual speed of the airship - probably easily done when upgrading but the system has always been confusing to me. I do love the combat though, there are so many special forms and attacks to utilise that I'ev spent a lot of time just playing about in combat. I like how you can swap Keyblades in battle this time  and how you can upgrade them to keep them relevant.

In regards to the narrative, yes if you haven't played the others... you're going to be lost. Admittedly even 18 hours in I haven't seen much advancement to the overall plot but I'm sure when it hits it will need the context of the previous games - Yes Even Union X, theres an hour summary video on Youtube which coves it well. I've made great efforts to catch myself up on it all so I'm hoping I'll still understand it :P

This really is such a joyus experiences and I look forward to another full day in playing it :)

Firstly the standard pick-ups:

Some decent stuff, Glad to have the Jak Trilogy portable now.

But this is what January 2019 Is ALL ABOUT!:

Both these games seem to really excel in what they offer, I've beat RE2 already but had a blast but Kingdom Hearts III is becoming my favourite PS4 title to date! It's stuffed with rich engaging content and as soon as I hop off here I intend to play even more!

Also, just a shout out to Capcom... They've given PS4 owners so much to be happy about with their Resident Evil releases this generation!:

General / Re: 52 Games Challenge 2019
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:44:19 am »
Just Beat:
3. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (PS4)
This is the game of the series I'm playing for first time during the series playthrough of the series & I had a blast! I will say I didn't like the Flowmotion commands at first but as i got new abilities throughout t he game it made combat more natural to my liking. I also didn't care for looking after the Dream Eaters - Pokemon like monsters you train and learn abilities of. It just felt weird having generic monsters as companions especially when you see characters from the world in cutscenes with you t hat suddenly aren't within the gameplay portions. Speaking of Disney Worlds, I was utterly delighted with some of the more obscure choices in this game - Some really treats of a Disney fan. As for the story as a whole it's good but I think the ending of KH Coded has steered the story down the a path which I didn't really approve of and the antagonists methods of force in this game is very questionable but it is key to setting up the scene of Kingdom Hearts III which I am eagerly awaiting today!

4.Resident Evil 2 REMAKE (PS4)
A fantastic modernisation of the RE Classic - Simply does everything you could hope for and then some! I will say I found the game hard (I am terrible at Survival Horror games) & at the end of my first play through I barely scrapped by with the minimal resources I had. I adored the games atmosphere and how Mr. X would appear at the worst timing to make you have change route to your objective. One thing that really surprised me was how well they humanised the main cast! The acting for Claire and Leon was superb and I adore them more as characters for it. I beat Leon (A) & Claire (B) But I think I will take a break as Claire's (B) was just a bit to familiar to my liking. Brilliant game though and can't recommend it enough to anyone who loves horror titles.

Kingdom Hearts III (PS4)

Plan to play:
Final Fantasy V (PC)
Ni No Kuni (PS3)

4. Resident Evil 2 REMAKE (PS4), 3. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (PS4) 2. Resident Evil Make (PS4) 1. Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded (PS4)

General / Re: What are you playing?
« on: January 26, 2019, 06:57:45 pm »
Playing RESIDENT EVIL 2R - loving it! It's taken the 3rd person action mechanics but gelled it with the horror an suspense of the originals... It really is the perfect blend. I also love the new adaptation of Leon, the performance was stellar and I like him much more as a character.

If I were to nit pick there is something strange with the light shading, light reflecting off the environment can be very trippy with patches of colour - I'm on PS4 pro so I don't think it's the limitations of my hardware.

But really happy with the release and intend to play as Claire tomorrow! I barely scrapped by Leon's story with the last few encounters, took many retires as I had next to nothing, to use! But I managed it!

Another gaming triumph today was beating the Data battles on Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix - something ive always wanted to do but not dared. Xaldin gave me the most trouble but when I was able to use the jump command at the later phase patterns of the fight I eventually beat him - all on critical mode

General / Re: What Do You Like The Most About Your Gaming?
« on: January 24, 2019, 07:35:13 am »
For me the core feature I love about gaming is the notion of being an interactive form of story telling. I enjoy all forms of media but Video games interactivity immerses me so much more.
An interesting example is a comparison from film to game which I have experienced recently. I saw Tron Legacy within the cinemas upon release and while I could see it was on the high end of production value the actual action sequences just weren't engaging me at all and it felt rather boring... Having just played Kingdom Hearts DDD which features an area based off of Tron legacy, I found it to be the most compelling of all areas within the series - Even having not cared much for the source material! The action packed set pieces were phenomenal (One moment had my jaw drop where after a battle I hacked a gun turret which shattered the glass wall it was on, leading to an opening that had you jump down a hue drop to another location where the combat continued!), but I also found myself more invested in the story of that world too.

For me the narrative is key, it doesn't have to always be interactive with choices like Heavy Rain (Though I adore games which allow me too and think it's a great route for the industry to explore!), but I find as the medium requires my input I'm just more invested. Also, I like grande adventure JRPG's which very rarely translate to film very well - Lord of the Rings may be a consideration. But I love going off on an adventure with a cast of characters who each have their own story line and troubles to overcome, I love learning about the characters and seeing their personal growth and understanding upon the trials the adventure puts them through. Plus I often get overwhelmed with the feelings the narrative brings from the sadness of seeing a village wiped out to the warm fuzzy feelings of when a character is triumphant.

I also use games a method to bond with people, lately me and my firend have been playing the whole Kingdom Hearts series in prep for Kingdom Hearts III next week - It's been a thrilling ride which we've often bickered back and forth regarding all the games challenges or convulted story meanings. I personally find it hard to engage with others about many other topics and I find that the industry has plenty to keep me occupied with year after year.

World of Illusion - All I ever hear about is people talk about Castle of Illusion, but I found World of Illusion to be one of the finest examples of 2D platforming there is - Also it's Co-op! I honestly find Castle of Illusion very average in comparsion. It's not a long game by any means but every level is so colourful and rich in animation, it really is my favourite game of the era. It might not be lesser known but it always seems overshadowed by Castle' so I had to give it a shout out!

Funnily Enough I don't mind,

Me and my friend have this interesting debate regarding our PS4s. I for instance prefer to have Physical Games in a practical manner so I don't have to download up to 50GB's worth of Data to play a game. I'm happy having a shelf or two full of games (Which is admittedly over crowded!) that I know I can pick up and play within a reasonable amount of time. The problem I find is that when I have a downloaded game, I prefer for it to stay on my console, so when I want to access it it is readily available - I have many Free PS+ which are like this on my console. It the same with games I've bought Season Passes for, as that has an excessive amount of extra data, I don't want to have to re-download it so it remains on my console. Which I do find that I have been struggling for space on my 2TB HDD installed, the struggle for me is not space within my gaming area but space within my console!

Where as my friend in recent years has been selling off some of his PS4 games that he has for Digital versions that go on Sale on the PS Store. As he has been feeling that his games take up too much space on his shelf! It's a fair and compelling argument. I just always find are differences in approach to game storage interesting.

Then there's "Game of the Year" versions, or whatever, where oftentimes getting those copies is the same value or better than getting all the DLC. So for games like Borderlands and L.A. Noire I have two copies just because I already had the base games when they came out, but never got the DLC. The GOTY editions were waay cheaper later on than getting the DLC individually.

When it comes to GotY Editions, I have always gone on to sell my original Edition of the game (Unless it is a Steelbook or something fancy). Using LA Noire as an example, I had the Original Edition, then later got the Complete Edition & Sold my Original Edition. However, I have since got the PS4 Remaster of LA Noire, yet I have kept my Complete Edition on PS3! If I ever play the game again, I'm sure the PS4 version will be the choice I pick but I like having the PS3 version for that console + if in the future I may have a separate set up for each console I'd feel better have the Complete Edition accessible on the PS3.

I know it is excessive but at least I have the gaul to let go of the Original Editions - I did this recently with NieR Automata with their up coming GotY Edition.


Game have had a tremendous sale on as the company is shipping last gen titles to stores and selling them Half Price - One store that already got rid of them had a full shelf full of them this week! So I dove in and gathered a good bundle over the week, some I already had but the prices were absurd!

The other title I got, had to import this on - Still which is was an Onimusha Collection and see no excuse for it being just the 1st title. But I wanted it all the same :P

I do actually, I own most the mainline CoD games on PS2, PS3 & PS4 - But I never buy them upon release. The majority of them I got a year or two again as they're cheap. But I didn't get them for online but jsut to enjoy the campaign. As CoD BO4 has removed its campaign I have zero interest in picking it up in the future.

Another big appeal is these games have Co-op but on the earlier PS3 titles the Co-op was absymal - World At War was pretty much unplayable due to cropped screens and the game struggling to run.

I agree with the appeal of a 4-6 hour campaign, sometimes it's nice to have abnd at a budget price I am happy to gather them.


I have a friend who is located in the USA looking to upgrade their interal PS4 HDD. They've got an original PS4 model and are looking to upgrade to a 2TB model.

I don't know where the best place would be to get one and was hoping someone here might have a better idea about where to find a good deal online. I'd appreciate any input :)

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