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Modern Video Games / Re: Heads up NeoGeo Pocket Color lovers
« on: April 27, 2021, 01:12:54 pm »
That makes it sound like the fighting games aren't good. [...]

Unless it's because I quoted telly, nowhere in my post did I try to discredit fighting games. I think the genre has some fun titles on NGPC, but quite frankly, I'm not particularly a big fan of fighting games on handheld consoles. Granted, I'm more of a spectator when it comes to fighting games, but still, having giant hands doesn't particularly help me when holding a controller when playing fighting games, so a handheld would be disastrous.

Oh I know, that's why said it sounded like, not that it actually was the case. I somewhat try to pick my words carefully but even then, context can be killer regardless.  ;)

They did overdo it on VS Fighters with this volume and it doesn't really leave much meat on the bone for a V2. Games like Crush Roller and Pocket Tennis Color are NOT going to move units and I doubt Nintendo will let them put the casino games on there.

Unless they've been working things out in order to localize games like Faselei!, Cotton, Evolution: Eternal Dungeons, Rockman Battle & Fighters, and Legend of Ogre Battle Gaiden, to name a few, I don't see a Vol. 2 happening. Aside from Card Fighter's, Biomotor Unitron, Magical Drop Pocket, and Sonic Pocket Adventure, and maybe Dive Alert, what's left are pretty much scraps.

As always, though, I don't mind being proven wrong.

Faselei! got a US release (albeit as cart only in those blister packs). Evolution and Cotton have the EU releases so no additional need to localize those though the latter two would need that treatment. I too would like to see another collection released and hope that Volume 1 isn't a wasted moniker.  :)


Rejected edit for adding info for additional item numbers and disc item number in description field. Info was pulled from case/disc sitting in front of me. Didn't alter any of the existing text, just bumped it down.

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: April 27, 2021, 10:39:06 am »
Lawnmower decided to not work today... neighbor's Lawnmower isn't working either currently. So guess who just cut the lawn with a weedwacker.

Do you have a Gas or Electric Lawnmower? I know it's none of my business but. My current household uses a plug in Electric lawnmower.

Gas mower. Doesn't matter cause the neighbor I tried to barrow from has an electric and that was a no go. I probably just had some bad gas since it was sitting around for a while.

This is usually the case where you get some water build up in the fuel line and it messes things up. Also, I too am a member of the lawn-trimmed-by-weedwacker club.  :o ;D

Modern Video Games / Re: Heads up NeoGeo Pocket Color lovers
« on: April 26, 2021, 01:52:25 am »
So I don't think I'd like Big Tournament Golf lol, it's just funny that this game was included in with a bunch of fighting shoot-em-up and 1 RPG, I mean they could have used a FPS right?

Erm...the NGPC library is not even 50 US titles and NONE of them are a FPS.  ::)

They did overdo it on VS Fighters with this volume and it doesn't really leave much meat on the bone for a V2. Games like Crush Roller and Pocket Tennis Color are NOT going to move units and I doubt Nintendo will let them put the casino games on there.

Marketplace / Re: Looking For / Help Me Find Thread
« on: April 25, 2021, 04:33:52 pm »
Found a couple of N64 carts to go with some boxes I had but still missing the manuals. Looking to see if anyone has good condition manuals for Mickey's Speedway USA and Magical Tetris Challenge. Not trying to break the bank on these and can trade with other manuals I might have.

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: April 25, 2021, 02:18:04 pm »
Does anyone else do "field research" for the site? I was looking at the gallery on my phone and I have hundreds of photos of game cases I'll spot in the wild that I'll think are either not listed or are devoid of information. Most are PC games but I have pics of a lot of DS games and such that I found have the bare minimum listed. I usually snap these pics so I can at least get the UPCs for the games.

I just cleaned out a bunch of pictures and there's images for at least a dozen games that don't have entries yet.  :(  :o

Also, I'm guessing we've dropped the ball in regards to Arcade 1Up releases? I picked up a Pac-Man 40th Anniversary one from FB Marketplace a few months ago and finally built it last weekend. I went to add it and was surprised there's not a one listed (unless I'm dumb and not searching for the right thing). I'm wondering if they go under the 'Arcade' group or 'Dedicated Consoles'  :P.

Modern Video Games / Re: Heads up NeoGeo Pocket Color lovers
« on: April 25, 2021, 02:10:35 pm »
Is Big Tournament Golf a fighting game? I noticed nobody said anything about that game :P

But Hey I am one of the few people on here who actually likes golf. seriously I do ::)

* List of games on cart:
- SAMURAI SHODOWN! 2 (VS Fighting)
- KING OF FIGHTERS R-2 (VS Fighting)
- THE LAST BLADE: Beyond the Destiny (VS Fighting)
- DARK ARMS: Beast Buster 1999 (RPG)

Modern Video Games / Re: Heads up NeoGeo Pocket Color lovers
« on: April 25, 2021, 12:54:01 pm »
I want to play the two Metal Slug games but 60% of this collection are fighting games that I know I won't enjoy  :(

Emulate the handheld and enjoy the few good games it has.

That makes it sound like the fighting games aren't good. There's certainly an overly abundant amount of them on the system and they're not everyone's cup of tea (as is the case with Telly), but for me the NGPC has like a 90% good to bad game ratio. Granted that's my singular opinion and that opinion is probably skewed because when the system first came out I was all-in.  :P

You're not wrong though, emulation is the way to go if you wanna cut through all the stuff you don't like. If I recall, there is a pretty decent NGPC emulator out there.

Favorite E3 memories? Probably going to the E3 shows in '97 and '98 when they were held in Atlanta. My friend and I went and it was really a seat-of-our-pants venture. We both worked for a now defunct video game store and wore out store logoed shirts the first day while EVERYONE else wore normal clothes. We ditched the shirts for the second day.  :P

In regards to key moments that I recall fondly, the "Hit its underside for massive damage" and "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer, remember that one?" lines were pretty fun. The best for me is the sass from Sony regarding how games could be shared on PS4. That tiny bit literally killed the XBOX One right out the gate.  :o

Modern Video Games / Re: Heads up NeoGeo Pocket Color lovers
« on: April 23, 2021, 12:24:17 pm »
Thought I might not get the CE if I waited till Friday but those fears were for nothing and I'm out a few extra bucks on shipping costs.  :-*

Really hoping they can get the OK from other publishers for games on a Volume 2. I've already mentioned the Card Fighters Clash games but like burningdoom said we could use Sonic Pocket Adventure, Pac-Man, Bust-A-Move Pocket and especially COTTON. Figure V2 would be a good time to get Biomotor Unitron, The Dive Alert games, and I dunno...Crush Roller.  :P

Modern Video Games / Re: Heads up NeoGeo Pocket Color lovers
« on: April 22, 2021, 10:09:47 am »
The "Volume 1" labeling has me hopeful that a Vol. 2 includes the Card Fighter Clash games. Since this collection has Match of the Millenium, I wonder what our chances are for getting SVC Chaos and the Capcom/SNK games ported (I'm absolutely not holding my breath on any of those but it'd sure be nice  :P).

General / Re: Video Game Collecting Dying Thoughts?
« on: April 19, 2021, 11:26:47 am »
But he´s not suggesting that they stop making money and eventually shut down like everything does, hes saying that the companies will actively break the ability of your old consoles to even play games to try to get you to buy new consoles.

But they're not, at least not as deviously as he claims. Newer consoles within the last 15-20 years have some sort of internet connectivity and at the time their implementation was meant for security reasons and what not. They're not actively breaking old consoles insomuch as they are not actively supporting them. It sucks but that's how things have progressed.

Again, he heaps praises on how PCs are the wave of the future but they have MORE issues with legacy software and require more workarounds. I have stacks of old CD-Roms that need DosBox at the very least to somewhat function and then there's those that needed certain hardware configurations which might never work on my current setup. He also praises MS for how older games work on their newer systems but glosses over how at one time the XB1 was going to be online all-the-time and trading games amongst friends was going to be an absolute chore. They lost so much ground right out of the gate because of that and practically handed Sony the reins to the last generation.  :P

I know you're new here but this is par for the course for him. If you're something of a masochist, go back and read his older posts (the ones he hasn't deleted after being called out) and you'll see they are A LOT of them filled to the brim with paranoia and hyperbole. At first they were kind of funny such as ghosts being in his systems, now they're more sad and pitiful.  :P

General / Re: Video Game Collecting Dying Thoughts?
« on: April 19, 2021, 11:11:30 am »
Breaking my rule only because I tire of these constant paranoia threads you start.

With the retro games being bought up by the masses and the modern gaming industry pushing all digital, what do you think will become of VGCOllect? I think if things keep going like they are today they will be nothing left, unless some new console replaces the modern stuff. I would not mind digital only games if there was a way I could keep and play the ones I bought for as long as I want to. But that is not the case.

This has been answered rather succinctly by Cartagia already.

VGCollect is explicitly not a physical only database.  It is a database for individual titles and for people to track them - regardless of the platform or medium.  You've made it clear that you don't utilize the site like anyone else.  This site will be fine.

PC is where it is at now, I believe PC is the best value for your money in a digital only environment. Consoles are turning into crap, and I think a modern console is a waste of money. Just look at what SONY might do the the PlayStation 4, now we need to buy a PlayStation 5 to play all of our PlayStation 4 games. I think PS3 has hope, due to less restrictions, unless SONY releases an update to somehow disable the PlayStation 3 and stop it from working at all.

You REALLY need to get over boogeyman complex with Sony. It's as embarrassingly bad as when you spewed that hackers were trying to take over your 360 through a disc or some nonsense. Also,
there you go shilling for PC again. Are you on the hook with someone? HP? Dell? Do you not realize a lot of the same problems exist for PC and are probably even worse? How many servers for old PC games are forever offline? How many MMOs are kaput? How easy is it to put a Win95 game CD and play it on Win10? What about games on diskette? How long has it been since PCs had those?  :o

I keep my PS3 and my Xbox360 offline because of this thought and I think we should all turn off our WIFI on our 7th generation video game consoles.

Do what you want you paranoid scaredy-cat but go pound sand telling any of the rest of us what we should do. Also, Cartagia had the perfect response to this as well...


It's your money, so do what you all want with it. If you don't care about getting ripped off that's fine. keep purchasing temporary access to your gaming, I think it's all bullshit,  apparently a lot of people don't care. I am mostly angry that so many finished video game projects are just being tossed behind. it's like why bother making a video game? if companies are only going to trash it when it becomes old.

Believe it or not a LOT of video games and video game software have been forgotten in time, because of companies only care about money, not whether or not their own production and project stands the test of time, and is passed to future generations.

Never have I seen such hyperbole. This whole nonsense scenario you're griping about is a newer trend. I can hook up my 32-bit and prior stuff to a TV and they work JUST FINE. It's only an issue where the consoles have internet connectivity that require server handshakes and what not. Also, you're continually conflated old games not working with old games not being available. Pick a damn lane already. Like I said above, this is a BIGGER problem on that precious PC platform you're constantly shilling. Of course it's about the damn money, as others have pointed out in this thread, where's the money in maintaining servers for older, unsupported systems? Does it suck, YES, but it's practically inevitable.

If SONY ever does not remotely disable my PS3 somehow. If they do I hope to God they just die of the freking COVID 19, I don't care about them now. I have a whole collection of PS1 games I use my PS3 for and when if I somehow can't play them on my PS3 anymore I'll be pissed because I too would have purchased a whole entire collection of useless shit. And SONY is not even releasing a lot of games I got on their store front. Anyone reading this don't buy the PS5 fuck that shit >:(

The PS5 is going to play PS4 and PS5 games so soon you will not be able to use your PS4 anymore excpect maybe Bluray movies

Nice unhinged response and totally cool wishing death on people.  8) You're annoying as all get-out but I'd never wish death upon on you regardless of how asinine your posts tend to get. If anything, you probably need some damn HELP to get your head right and stop drinking the Kool-Aid that Sony, hackers or whoever else is trying to ruin your life. Also, about PS1 games, if you're so eager to play them, they make these things called PlayStations you can play them on. They're quite plentiful and can be had at flea markets for the cost of a meal at a fast casual restaurant. Also, you might consider a PlayStation Classic or even PSN if you're so inclined.  :P

I’m just quoting this garbage fire for posterity, lest he deletes it.

You left out the part where he's going to pray to God that everyone inlvolved in this wild fantasy dies of Covid. I mean, I think there would certainly think that there are better things to pray for, if that's your thing.

Indeed. Good to see other people on here are getting tired of the histrionics and paranoia of his posts/threads. There were a couple more quotes I was going to add but I'm running out of gas/will to care about these delusions. Dude needs to get some damn help and to stop posting these threads chock full of irrational fears (or at least post them with better articulation and less fear-mongering propaganda).

Got enough to show you guys my latest Pickups.
So lets get right to it...

- The King of Fighters XIII

What'd that set you back? It's gotten to be quite pricey on Ebay. Funny enough, I traded an extra one I had away to a retro game store yesterday. Put it towards my new Duo-R.  ;D

Hardware and Tech / Re: Looking for Gaming PC Ideas
« on: April 12, 2021, 11:40:26 pm »
Well, video card prices continue to be insane as well as stupidly scarce. Even mid to low-tier cards are not around (at least in my neck of the woods). I ended up burning my stimmy on a gaming laptop over the weekend as it was the only way I was going to get a decent card. I ended up going with this...

Currently been using a GT1030 (my old card) in the system I built over the the holiday last year but it's like having an Chevy Impala engine in a Ferrari chassis.  :P That laptop has a RTX 2070 Super which blows my PC's card out of the water. I just need to find a decent wireless mouse as gaming with a trackpad is NOT an option.  :o

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