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Best Buy for the win! Got ahold of a Monster Hunter Rise Pro Controller.  ;D

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: April 11, 2021, 12:17:01 pm »
is ¨cashing out¨ a term for selling your whole collection? Have you calculated how much youve spent on it total compared to how much you will get for it?

I don't know about selling the whole thing but definitely the hottest items that are going for insane money right now. I'd be willing to bet Turf (and others) would keep their systems and just a handful of games that are infinitely replayable but aren't in obscene demand. Something like Guacamelee on Switch would still be on his shelf (it better be, it was a gift from me!  :P) but I have to imagine if someone with more money than sense was like "I will give you teh big monies for your NES collection, like BIG MONIES; I imagine Turf would have a hard time saying no.  8)

Classic Video Games / Re: GBA turned 20 years old recently
« on: April 09, 2021, 10:41:43 am »
I liked the OG Game Boy and Color but I latched onto the GBA really hard. Years before the GameCube adaptor came out, I dropped $80 on this mod kit that would allow me to use my GBA on a TV. It didn't work as well as I would have liked but it was great at the time.

Interestingly enough, I ran across this post the other day on Reddit...

From the looks of it, there's only two of the four versions in the DB.  :P

New Month!

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: March 30, 2021, 01:25:31 pm »
Nailed down a MH Rise Switch. Still no luck on the Pro Controller or the Sanrio Amiibo cards. Not holding my breath at this point.  :P

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Developer/Publisher Requests
« on: March 28, 2021, 09:46:43 pm »
Developer: bitkid (Chasm)
Developer: Corecell Technology (Aeternoblade II)

Publisher: Corecell Technology (Aeternoblade II)

General / Re: Ever Bought a Game with No Plans on Opening it?
« on: March 28, 2021, 03:29:17 pm »
I've never done that. I do have some games still in the wrapping but it's because I haven't decided to play them yet.

Cut/Paste for me.

Off Topic / Re: The Toy Collectors
« on: March 28, 2021, 11:54:53 am »
Hit up a toy show that I thought was going to be a little podunk affair and instead it was this MONSTER show with several hundred attendees. It was staged at a fairgrounds so I figured they rented one of the small buildings. NOPE...5 buildings and the largest ones on the grounds at that. They were filled to the brim with tables (from 12 different states according to the flyer).

What I thought was going to be a quick little in-and-out affair turned out to us spending almost the whole time there trying to make sure we hit every building and seeing just about every table. I never would have guessed the show would be so big and have so many attendees.  :o

Most of the stuff was out of my price range but I managed to find some things for myself and others. I picked up two Bandai Pokemon Model kits for my friend's son. I had found him ones of Pikachu and Eevee  previously at GameStop that he took a liking to so I knew he'd like these new ones. I know one was Ho-oh but can't remember the other. It's a Legendary I think from Pokemon White. His dad is into Megaman and found him a Funko Pop of one he didn't have yet (8-bit version). I know there's color variants of the one I picked up but they're pricey.  :-X

Found myself a Mickey Mouse gumball machine and some Snoopy figurines/knick-knacks. Even though it was a toy show, I was hoping to find some comic/trade vendors. There were a few and I found a couple of trades for decent prices.

While there was plenty of Transformers/GI Joe and such from my youth there, a lot of it was well out of my price range. I finally got to see the GI Joe Aircraft Carrier out of the box and in-person for the first time (had previously only seen it in pictures). That was a treat.  :)

I always had an appreciation for the more obscure toys from the late 70's/early-to-mid 80's, a lot of which I didn't see hardly any of while I was there.  :-\ I was on the lookout for a few things such as Crystar, Starriors, Max Steele Robo Force, Dungeon & Dragons, and Visionaries. Of those lines, the one I saw the most was D&D. I saw Starriors at one table but saw nothing for Crystar or Visionaries. One table had something for Max Steele which I picked up.

Has the box and mini-comic but not inner packaging. It has a cosmetic issue but that's due to age so not worried about that. Best part it was only $20 so I didn't have to break the bank.  :D

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: March 28, 2021, 11:29:34 am »
Yeah at this stage of the game, any port in a storm will do. I've been warming up to the idea of getting Hyperkin cords for my older systems so I can use them on my TV instead of trotting out my tiny 9" Toshiba TV/DVD player every time I want to play something older than PS3/XB360. The only problem with getting the cables means I'd want to leave my old systems hooked up and I simply don't have the room to do so.  :-\

Spent half of yesterday fruitlessly searching for the Monster Hunter Rise Switch and Pro Controller as well as the Sanrio Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. The cards were Target exclusive (this practice needs to f'ing stop already) and every mouth-breathing scalper in the area snatched up whatever stock all of the local Targets had. On eBay, BIN auctions are asking $70-80 with several regular auctions having 20+ bids while going for around $30.

I wasn't holding my breath on the MH system or controller. I was talking to my buddy who works at GameStop a few weeks ago and said the pre-order window was open for a nanosecond and was only available online which is funny because they had a printed ad for the system/controller this past week.  :P A couple of people on Reddit noted success at Walmart so we checked there but found nothing.

This is beating a dead horse at this point but I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally getting tired of NOA's shenanigans. I had this sliver of hope after seeing that things such as Super Mario 3D All-Stars,  Fire Emblem 30th Ann. Ed., and the Super Mario Game & Watch have decent quantities (well FE not at first). Also, the Super Mario Switch systems were at first not hard to obtain as I had thought so I had this glimmer that maybe the MH system/controller would be the same. This dangling carrot/FOMO nonsense is well past old at this point, just let me give you f'ing money!  >:(

If the item is being fulfilled by Amazon JP directly (you can change language settings and all salient info incl seller, is in English) then it will arrive via DHL in a matter of days, no customs fees.

I might have to look into this. Picked up the Astro City Mini and a pad but the stand sold out while it was in my cart. That's annoying as F but whatever.  >:(

Maybe I can find one of those stands on Amazon JP.  ;)

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: March 26, 2021, 10:04:28 am »
There are few things more frustrating than loosing track of your own belongings in your own home. I rarely do that, but I'm having a moment. I go to dig out my SEGA CDX and hook it up. I had it stored in a TV console along with my Master System. Well, both systems were in there still, but all the cords for them inexplicable gone. Missing are my composite cables and power brick for CDX and whatever power brick I was using for Master System. This past fall when I started work on my "game room", some retro systems were moved in there. But none of those would use this stuff. I checked that setup and none of it is there. Wherever my composite cables are, that's where my power brick is too.

I sense "borrowing" being the culprit here. My brother has a habit of asking me to bring my stuff over when he can't get his to work. Then I forget it's over there. He doesn't have a CDX though, so I shouldn't have brought that AC adapter over there. That thing is damn expensive too, and they're not to be swapped between different models either.

MK-4122 is the part number for that CDX adapter. I have no idea why it's seared into my memory. Anytime I'm in a mom n' pop shop and they have spare adapters laying about, I always check the part numbers to see if I can find one in the wild still.  :P

Save yourself some money, and FOMO, by not buying this from LRG. You can get it from Amazon JP for cheaper than LRG or Play Asia, (esp when you factor in shipping), and you can do it when it suits your budget, since it’s not actually a limited production device, like LRG would have you believe. The games are the same, and the western release doesn’t offer any new English translations of the ROMs except for the box itself.

LRG’s manufactured FOMO needs to GTFO.

I don't disagree with that last sentence at all.  ;)

I actually did look this up on and the savings is like $10-15. That's probably a big deal to some I'm sure but there's the worry of customs, my shipment arriving via boat/snail mail, and the reputation of the seller who I'd be completely on the dark on. I haven't played around with enough but I imagine it's like ours where there's independent sellers using the service. At least with LRG I know they're capable, the product will already be on this side of the pond, and they're pretty decent at packaging stuff.

But yeah, their "OMGZ DON'T MISS OUT" mantra needed to die yesterday.  :P

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: March 24, 2021, 12:46:30 pm »
Is it me, or has eBay become like really discouraging to sell on lately? There's some stuff that I've sold where I made literally almost nothing on it. Granted, I undervalued the shipping cost on one item, that was my bad, but 13% and 15% fees? I don't remember the fees being that high. It's no wonder people charge so much on there, as a buyer you forget how much of that is NOT going to seller. They even take a fee from the shipping cost, like you can help how much it costs to ship?

Maybe it's because Managed Payments really lets you see how much you're being nickel and deemed. But it's like, you don't make near what you think you're making on there. My most recent Payout was only a couple of dollars. Lmao. Apparently eBay just charged me a crap ton of money for some shipping labels I didn't realize I bought from them. It makes it look like my most recent sale made almost nothing after you subtract what I supposedly owe. I guess they pay you the full amount including the shipping with every sale, then bottle up your shipping charges just long enough to crush your spirit when you make another sale. Oh great, I sold something for $35 so they cut me a check for $2.92! Hooray?! I guess? I think I'll go buy a lollipop, cuz I'm feeling like a sucker.

It's all so confusing, I don't even want to look at it. I just hope they're doing the math correctly and I'm not getting screwed. eBay is classic for giving you the impression that you're doing a lot better than you really are. They have the little money counter on your dashboard that pops up like a slot machine"WOW! L@@K at what you made!!!" But no, that's not after fees or shipping. It's just a deceptive pat on the head to keep the little guy motivated.

I have a few items I wouldn't mind selling but I don't see me going with eBay to sell them. I'll put them on here or other forums first and then I have a few local/non-local mom n pop stores I'll work with first. I think the last time I sold something on eBay was well before PayPal ever existed. I sold one thing and the guy paid. I had more of that item, the buyer PM'ed me and I did a side deal free of eBay fees for a decent sum.  ;) I don't think that's largely possible anymore.  :P

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