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My attempt this year is already tanked, at 25 beaten games now, just haven't had the time to play enough, not able to game from one day to the next usually. At least half of my collection (probably more) isn't even in the house to play, plus I've now picked up Mount & Blade Warband again, which has totally torpedoed the hull, it's a real timesink.

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33 - Hades (PC 2020) - BEAT - Hades was one of those games I had no real interest in till I heard people talking about it and since I could get if for 10 bucks on on PC with a coupon and the art seemed cool, I figured why not.  Generally I don't enjoy Roguelike games, I've found most of them to be very frustrating other than Crypt of the Necrodancer/Cadence of Hyrule.  The randomness can mean that you just get a really bad run, so that's kinda just a waste of time, or the difficulty is so high that the game is annoying difficult and not fun most of the time, like Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon.  Hades does away with a lot of that.  It's not a bullet hell nightmare, the combat items you get are all very useful, the difficulty can be ramped up optionally, and there's really good continued progression that you feel and notice.

My favorite stuff about the game are the characters, there's a lot of great dialogue and there's very little re-use even after 10+ hours of playing.  Each character has their own interactions with Zagreus, some characters have connections with others, and you get to know them more as you play.  It's all done with great voice acting and the art for every single character is the best, almost feeling like a visual novel with the art popping on and voices coming up to chat at you, even having a narrator that Zagreus interacts with humorous ways.  Alongside that, the music is really good, particularly Hades theme and the one you get during the credits, though in general it has a very unique sounding soundtrack.

My negatives with the game are that the story could've been better, it sorta drags around the middle and I won't spoil anything, but it didn't go where I thought.  Also the game initially makes it feel like as you play, more new stuff will show up to keep your runs fresh, but by like the halfway point, not much is added.  No new enemies, no new levels, so the repetition that wasn't there for me in like the first 5 to 8 hours, starts to make itself more known in the latter half unfortunately.  Some stuff does show up, but it's kinda rare, and perhaps more shows up after you beat the game, but I don't know how much I'll keep playing, I mostly just want to finish up the story stuff with the different characters, get those social links up lol

Overall, this is definitely one of the best rogue-like's I've played.  It's really fun, it's well designed, the general story and characters are all enjoyable, it's a recommend even if you aren't huge into rogue-likes  as it's much less frustrating than others and just comes across as a solid top down hack and slash sorta game.


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oh man, this game has a terrible reputation. most people consider it horribly cryptic at times, with a story that doesn't make sense and padded out by grinding, which most modern sensibilities consider de facto bad design as well. this was all very shocking to me, as i expected the 7th saga to have "cult classic" admiration... hoo was i wrong. i went in blind to this game.

there is a lot that one can appreciate here. the partner system of recruiting from towns where they randomly show up, tho they may ask to fight or force a fight or say idle text instead of asking to join, is unique to SNES RPGs. party members can also turn traitor on you, which i didn't experience, but which i find just charming, tho certainly an instant reset button moment.

there is a decent plot twist near the end imo. i feel the complaints of the game being cryptic and nonsensical must come from such players who play their RPGs trying to avoid NPC text as much as possible, frankly speaking, other than two particular moments that use a seldom-employed 'push' mechanic. one of those is telegraphed if you check things which may have text normally enscribed on them (in this case, tombstones, which i of course do after the excellent RIP LINK in FF1), but the other is not telegraphed at all well, and is required for one of the necessary items for completion. oops. hidden items (found by using 'search' in a menu you open by pressing 'A', o yes it's that kind of RPG) are completely untelegraphed. you will never find them without a guide. period.

it must be said that the 7th saga is a grindfest of a JRPG. there is no peninsula of power here to help out either, and this is a huge turn-off for most people these days it seems. not me. i have games explicitly for grinding (hello disgaea) and this game hit the spot just right. well, mostly. enemies have a tendency to run, which is extremely annoying to deal with, and the amount of enemies in the mid and late game with revival spells for their partners makes grinding a real chore at times. certain party makeups threaten to make this process far more tedious than need be, and it is clear that certain partners are intended by the devs. this is somewhat hinted at by NPCs however. still, of my 35 hours, i am sure 20+ of those were spent grinding.

the rest of my time was spent in dungeons, on the overworld or in towns.

this is the moment i should talk about the 'crystal ball' key item, a circular 'minimap' in the top left of the screen in dungeons and on the overworld. it shows enemy encounters moving around (in white) and loot chests (in yellow) that are on the map you're currently on. this is a great feature for showing if you are going to be in an encounter, it also helps to dodge said encounters. it's unfortunate, then, that most dungeons and much of the world map don't allow for space to adequately dodge enemies. areas that narrow out leave you a sitting duck like simon on stairs in NES castlevania games. this sucks, and the design choices of the crystal ball and layout of land really clash. still, at least you know it's incoming in advance.

the world map feels large and towns actually feel quite connected in one large world with commerce and trade happening, NPCs refer to other towns and the other continents, it is very nice. this is sometimes lacking in RPGs so it's nice to see a world instead of a collection of villages. traversing the world map and towns is made easier thanks to the wind rune, gotten as the first one very early, being a fast travel item. this is good, as backtracking for item shops and party members makes going to old towns necessary.

dungeon maps are not too linear, tho most do end up having one final path to take. by following chests on the crystal ball, you will not get lost. tbh the theme music for dungeons is so fantastic tho that even if i did get lost i barely complained.

the music in this game is sublime, there are multiple town themes and multiple overworld themes, a very subtle difference in dungeon vs overworld battle themes, and a completely different battle theme in the late game. a ton of these songs are total fucking earworms too, and i can't recall a single song i disliked other than the theme that plays during a few success scenarios, and that mostly because it sticks out and doesn't fit the rest of the OST to me, and i can't describe why exactly. regardless, these tracks never wore out their welcome despite all the time spent grinding. i love the bloody battle theme for the bulk of the game (it changes for the last fourth of the story, and i like it too but not as much). i would expect it to tire on me thanks to how much you have to grind but nah.

the battle enemy sprites ooze style, they're very good. there's a lot of recolours but that should be expected i think for a 1994 rpg. they often end up syncing movement with the battle music, and i don't know if it was intentional, but it happened fairly often. very nice. in fact, battle sounds and animations very often seem to flow with the music, as if seamless. a few sound files are... suspect... mostly the ear-piercing screech they decided on for vacuum2 (which only comes very late game), and similarly, the flashing effects so often used back then that come off as seizure-inducing for some animations, but these are few and come fairly late game and not often at all, fortunately, but when they do it's excessive, though not atypical for the time if i'm being honest. overall however, good sprites, use of the processor's camera abilities to transition in and out of battle in a way only SNES could at that time and good music make a necessary presentation for the tedium of grinding.

in the west.

and here's where everything nice i have to say grinds to a halt because it must be addressed: elnard is the japanese name for this game, but in the west, elnard is the game before localisation to make the game into a grind that puts off even most rpg diehards. and elnard is clearly not supposed to be a grind, by design. the western localisation missed all of this subtlety. we got, instead, a tough as nails game with certain scenarios that can force a player into restarting files due to impassable difficulty spikes. elnard is not meant to be impassable, ever, because it isn't meant to get time from difficulty, but time from replaying the game.

the 7th saga has various unique scenarios for some characters, as well as actual player choice in its story. it is clear from the moment you choose one unique character, to having only one additional member of your party and all the way to the credit scene that this is a game that is shouting at you to reroll a new character, choose a new partner and do it again...! and unfortunately, the western game was mangled to discourage that very intentional design element. with hours and hours of grinding required for each playthrough, it's just too much of a pain to be bothered. and that's a real bloody shame, because JRPGs with story scenarios of differing results and certain unique interactions are rare from this era. it is this reason that if i play the 7th saga again, i will grab a romhack that restores the elnard leveling curve and enemy patterns and feel absolutely 0 guilt for it.

it absolutely has to be noted that the western release destroys the charm of party members turning traitor--turning it into a reset SNES moment--because the AI apprentices are their elnard counterparts. they have better stats than you, better equipment than you and are 1-5 levels higher than you and when they stab you in the back they rob you of all your runes in the process. these runes are the collectable plot tokens--but with actual usage, such as being reusable HP or MP potions, defence buffs, etc (once per battle per character)--and the AI is programmed to use them if they have them. at two points do you have to fight an apprentice for runes in the story, and one of these fights in particular can get so absurdly out of hand (thanks to their levels scaling and the push to grind in the same area thanks to an enemy with abnormally large XP output and, well, the grindfest nature of this game) that certain matchups for that rune become instant reset file moments. if they beat you in combat, they take all your runes. it's absolutely punishing in the western release--which destroys this entire concept that is a challenging, but intriguing and unique, moment in elnard instead of an instant console reset like in saga.

i am so charmed by the 7th saga overall, though. it certainly feels like a project of love and care and it is a damn shame that it is widely trashed whenever brought up. o, yes, it is flawed, and the western release is a bastardisation for a game that is clearly meant to be played multiple times over, but it is such an ambitious title that ended up buried by an avalanche of incoming SNES rpgs with static/linear storylines, level up systems, characters and parties that played it safe but had stories with happy endings that tickle power fantasy and were relatively straight forward to follow, no NPCs or manuals required. the title screen is a tombstone with the title carved into it, and in this context it is very appropriate. elnard is a cult-classic in japan as well, despite being an enix produced game.

for what it's worth, i like those RPGs too, and those are considered classics for a reason, but none of them really make me bite my lip in contemplation of whether pressing new game next week is too early to have another go. the 7th saga did this--is doing this now as i sit at the post-credits scroll as i type--and that alone is a testament to my newfound adoration for this game, flaws and all.
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if i'm an NPC, i want to be the secret boss in a low tier niche JRPG.

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46. SNK Heroines (PS4)

Being a big King of Fighters fan I had high hopes for this game. Sure, I realized it was pretty much just a fan service filled spinoff with the female characters from that series, but I figured it would still have the same, awesome gameplay and combat as the KOF games. Nope. This game is very shallow and the tag team system is both fairly confusing and poorly implemented as well. The gameplay is literally just there to allow you to unlike more outfits and accessories for your SNK waifus, and that's it. My disappointment was considerable because of this and despite enjoying the task of unliking these things as well as photos and cutscenes, it just wasn't enough to hold my interest for long. Graphics were okay for the most part, and the sound was slightly less great with some to be desired. Kinda wish I hadn't picked this game up at full price, but eh, it is what it is. (9/27/20) [26/50]

47. Fighting EX Layer (PS4)

My fiancee was a huge fan of Street Fighter EX3 on the PS2 back in the day and over the years of being with her that game has grown on me as well. So when we both learned that it got a spiritual sequel developed by the same company Arika we were both immediately interested. Sadly, this game was not that great at all in any department. The audio for one was inferior to EX3 in every way, and while not horrible, just wasn't that great. The graphics were umm, weird as well. The character models in the game have the look of action figures and the levels kinda look like playsets. It was like I was playing Small Soilder or Toy Story Tournament Fighter or something. Speaking of the characters, Arika was unfortunately not able to get the rights to any Capcom characters so while this is sort of a spiritual sequel, it isn't actually a sequel to Street Fighter EX3 which obviously was filled with Capcom characters. Sadly, the gameplay isn't that great either, but then again isn't terrible. There's some weird card/deck mechanic that is supposed to give you various enhancement during combat. I really didn't notice any considerable advantage in using them and they mostly just felt arbitrary. Sadly, this game ended up being a pretty big disappointment and one that I can't see myself ever playing again. It was definitely half as good, and a fraction as special as the EX series of the 90s and early 2000s. (9/27/20) [24/50]


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Game 36 - Super Mario Kart (SNESc) - 5 Hours

Unlike a lot of Super Nintendo games that have aged like fine wine, Super Mario Kart is one that has aged pretty poorly. It's not a terrible game, but the Mario Kart franchise has expanded and improved so much since this initial release that I'd almost say that playing this game really isn't worth it anymore. The tracks are boring and same-y. The controls are super slippery and I never quite got a handle on drifting. The items are very basic and your opponents get unlimited special items that they will chuck at you at no end if you're in first, which felt very unfair. With only 4 cups and not a whole lot of things to unlock, the replay value is pretty poor too.

Even if this was the only Mario Kart game, I still prefer F-Zero over this if I'm going to play a racing game on the SNES. My biggest complaint is that stupid map that takes up half of your screen real estate. I also prefer the speed and music of F-Zero.
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Need to update my progress.  I really think I am going to make it this year if everything goes according to plan because

Actual Sunlight
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Assassin's Credd Revelations
Back to the Future - The Game
Black the Fall
Call of Duty Black Ops
Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Doom (2016
Everbody's Gone to the Rapture
Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark
Fractured Minds
Gears of War Remastered
Gears of War 2
Gears of War 3
Gears of War: Judgement
Gone Home
Guardians of the Galaxy
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Horizon Chase Turbo (Finished World Tour)
Infamous 2
Infamous First Light
Infamous Second Son
The Last of Us 2
Life is Strange 2
Little Nightmares
Nex Machina
Night Call
Resident Evil 0
Resident Evil 2 (2019)
Resident Evil 3 (2020)
Strike Vector EX
Titanfall 2
Until Dawn
Untitled Goose Game
Walking Dead Season 1
Walking Dead Season 2
Walking Dead New Frontier
What Remains of Edith Finch
The Wolf Among Us
Zombie Army 4: Dead War

So 5 games to go!  I think I've been able to do better this year because I'm staying home more (which I'm sure a lot of you are, lol)
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Having beat my goal for the year, I've lost a lot of motivation to even play games, so I've been spending a lot of time watching anime and such.  Played through Persona because I've been meaning to give the series a try, so starts my long franchise run of the Persona games... might even play the other SMT games too. Discord server I'm on moved on to their second game in their game club so now I'm playing through Final Fantasy 3 (6).

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32 - Watchdogs 2 (PC 2016) - BEAT - After the first game, which was basically just a pretty dull GTA knockoff with some minor hacking elements, I had no real interest continuing on with the series.  The sequel had a more interesting style to it, but it wasn't till I got the game for free twice, that I figured I would give it a shot and it's absolutely a better game than the first.  There's a whole style and theming to it with Dedsec and this hip, young, hacker scene and that adds a lot of character to the game.  No longer are you generic hacker man out for revenge, you are young hacker dude out to party and bring down THE MAN.  I like the crew you get, they are fairly memorable, and the stylings makes the game way more colorful and fun.  The general experience is your standard GTA stuff, but I think it does a good bit to stand out on its own with the casual multiplayer stuff that happens, and some of the side stuff going on. 

I eventually hit a point where I was getting a little bored and just pushed through the story to beat it.  The story I feel is kinda of a weak part, it bounces between fun "Fight the Man" stuff, and then interjects with some serious story stuff that doesn't really last and then is immediately passed over with the fun things.  Like a character in your crew dies in what is basically a random side story moment, completely unrelated to the main plot and they are never talked about again in the story afterwards.  The tonal issues also come into the gameplay as they try to put it that the you are a cool, friendly, good guy just trying to fight injustice, but Marcus can build/buy a whole lot of guns and there's no negative repercussions to killing people.  I understand it's a GTA-style game, but it doesn't matter if you kill people in GTA, because you are a bad guy, but that's not supposed to be Marcus.  I feel like they should've built the game around non-lethal stuff entirely in clever ways.  Also for a game made by the company known for its parkour climbing video games, they could've made that abit smoother here.  I found myself getting a little more hung up on things than I'd like throughout the game and felt like stuff could've linked more smoothly like in Assassin's Creed.  Nothing gamebreaking, just something I noticed.

Otherwise, it's a solid enough game.  This series went from being a boring time, to being entertaining.  It didn't wow me and I don't really want to keep playing to do all the side stuff in particular, but I'm gonna keep my eye out for Watch Dogs: Legion when that gets a sale.


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14. .hack//Mutation || PlayStation 2 || 10.09.20

As part two to a four-part story, Mutation continues what Infection offers in almost every single way. In regards to the game's gameplay, somewhat more depth with its combat is prevalent, as using buffs becomes necessary. Mutation opens up party member choices by adding opportunities to recruit several more party members, although I honestly couldn't bring myself to enjoy using them and instead only enlisted their help to max out everyone's friendship level. Admittedly, not much plot progression takes place, but that's something I anticipated once finishing Infection. The player is definitely in this for the long-run. However, the final moments were interesting to experience and gives me hope for what's to come for Outbreak, despite the very abrupt endings that these games offers players. I'm still looking forward to the series's end!

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34 - Shock Troopers (Arcade 1997) - BEAT - This was certainly the shortest game I've probably played all year lol I shouldn't be surprised being an arcade game, but it's not even an hour.  That said, I had fun.  For such a short game, they give you a bunch of characters to play with their own bomb type and pretty good gameplay.  Comes across like top down Metal Slug (It is SNK), my only real complaint being that the bosses suck.  You fight the same tank and helicopter twice, a spiked forklift thing once, two sub-boss dudes on foot, and then the final boss, but they just aren't that interesting and come across pretty boring, but generally it's a fun little arcade game.  Gonna check out 2nd Squad next.

35 - Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad (Arcade 1998) - BEAT - And burned through this pretty quick.  This game was not nearly as good as the first one.  The levels feel abit longer, the bosses are a little more interesting, but this game very quickly turns into arcade bullet spam garbage.  That's not a huge issue with infinite continues, I can brute force my way through the game, but there's sections in the latter half of the game that aren't fun because there's no way to dodge stuff.  Maybe the first game was abit too easy, but at least it was enjoyable.  They also made some of the sprites look abit more cartoonish, it definitely feels way more Metal Slug than ever before, down to having tanks to kill in.  There's less characters here which isn't as cool and generally just not as fun.  I'd say pass on this one unless you are super into this kind of bullet hell arcade games.
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32 - Watchdogs 2 (PC 2016) - BEAT - After the first game, which was basically just a pretty dull GTA knockoff with some minor hacking elements, I had no real interest continuing on with the series.
I eventually hit a point where I was getting a little bored and just pushed through the story to beat it.  The story I feel is kinda of a weak part, it bounces between fun "Fight the Man" stuff, and then interjects with some serious story stuff that doesn't really last and then is immediately passed over with the fun things.  Like a character in your crew dies in what is basically a random side story moment, completely unrelated to the main plot and they are never talked about again in the story afterwards.  The tonal issues also come into the gameplay as they try to put it that the you are a cool, friendly, good guy just trying to fight injustice, but Marcus can build/buy a whole lot of guns and there's no negative repercussions to killing people.  I understand it's a GTA-style game, but it doesn't matter if you kill people in GTA, because you are a bad guy, but that's not supposed to be Marcus.  I feel like they should've built the game around non-lethal stuff entirely in clever ways.

You've hit my feelings square on the head.  It's a massive improvement over the first game, but its still got a few problems - most notably being when the gameplay is diametrically opposed to the story being presented.  I appreciated that there were more options than just "Gun down everyone", but they just weren't quite fulfilling enough with the story the game was trying to tell.

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Been a little side tracked with WoW Classic and haven't posted an update here in a bit.

19. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core (PSP) - 6/2
20. The Last of Us Remastered/Left Behind (PS4) - 6/5
21. The Last of Us Part II (PS4) - 6/30
22. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (Switch) - 10/11

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48. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Arcade)

This game has always been one of my favorites in the arcade and a must play whenever I happen upon it in the wild. Luckily with the arcades in my area finally being allowed to reopen I got the chance. This game is just as fun as it was when I first played it over 20-years ago. Sure, it's an arcade lightgun game which means there isn't a whole lot to it, however the Jurassic Park license really carries this title and makes it stand out among many other games of this genre. On top of that, the fact that it's sort of an alternative version of The Lost World movie, and actually takes from the books makes it even more interesting and cool. Visually The Lost World is an excellent looking game for a 1997 arcade release with all the Dinosaurs, stages, and action looking great. The audio in this game isn't the greatest with the exception of the dinosaur noises and sound effects. The soundtrack just doesn't really do it for me and comes just seems kinda lazy and boring compared to the rest of the game. Despite the inferior sound it does very little to spoil what is otherwise one of the best arcade games based off a movie license and one that will always remain a personal favorite. (10/12/20) [36/50]

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13 - Ori and the Will of the Wisps (PC 2020) - BEAT - Got back around to this after having to stop because it was having issues.  They eventually got patched and I got through the game and enjoyed it of course.  It's just a nice, charming, platformer with some good metroidvania elements to it and some wonderful visuals and music.  I think it's probably just as good if not better than the first game and definitely worth checking out.

36 - Carrion (PC 2020) - BEAT - Another somewhat quick game, this time a newer one just released this year.  I wasn't planning to play the game originally, but Game Pass has been good for letting me dabble in games I otherwise wouldn't grab.  The game is nice and creepy with you playing an otherworldly creature, a writhing mass of worm like tentacles that devours all within its path, come across very "The Thing".  The game is mostly abit of a puzzle solving sort of game, trying to figure out how to progress forward, expanding your moveset, dealing with threats that aren't particularly hard, more a temporary distraction.  I enjoyed myself, it's only a couple hours long, so it doesn't feel like it's wasting your time, though I do feel without any sort of map, it's a little hard to figure out where you need to go once in awhile.  I got lost abit towards the end trying to figure out where I needed to go.  A weird, but definitely unique game.
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Game 37 - Super Ghouls and Ghosts (SNESc) - 11 Hours


I decided to beat this game for Halloween. Overall it's a pretty good platformer with some really nice spriteart, interesting monster design, and excellent music. The environments were varied and very dark, gloomy, and creepy. Definitely feels like a Castlevania game with a little Mega Man thrown in. The game is actually pretty fair, and most of the time when you get hit it was your fault. I didn't use any of the SNES Classic's rewind features, just kept a savestate to load when I wanted to turn the game off and come back later. I did give myself maximum lives however, which also meant I could rack up enough score after getting a game over to have unlimited continues.


Even with lots of lives and continues, this game was still extremely hard. That in itself isn't a bad thing, but a huge portion of the problems with the gameplay and challenge stem from the somewhat limited controls. You have no course correction while jumping, and you can't shoot in any direction but forward. When you get hit, you fly backwards and have no control over your direction so if you get sent over a cliff or into a pit, you're screwed. If you walk off a cliff by accident, you also drop like a stone and can't recover at all. So while it may be your fault when you get hit, most of the time it's because of the crippled controls. Additionally, the majority of the weapons in the game are just not cut out for the challenges that the game presents you. The only weapon that's really good is the dagger, and the axe was helpful for killing the red devils. The other unforgivable aspect of this game was after you beat it for the first time, and the princess shows up and basically says "oh that's great that you busted your balls coming to rescue me but you don't have the right weapon to beat the final boss so start over. Also I hid the weapon and won't tell you where to find it. Good luck" Such bullshit. So you have to play the game through a second time with a largely inferior weapon to the dagger.
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