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  I really got into the OG Xbox when it was released . The games resonated with me : Halo , Elder Scrolls III , Max Payne , Phantom Crash , Robotech Battlecry , Fable , MechAssault , Black just to name a few . Yeah some were multi platform but why bother , everything played great on the Xbox and generally looked better too . I never had any problems with mine , still works great today . I need to dig up my old Xbox and PS2 games and enter them into my collection , I boxed them up when I moved years ago and they're still buried the closet . I ended up repurchasing some to replay recently because it was easier than finding them lol . 
   I had no problem with the Duke , but I really liked the S controller when it was released .
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I currently only have the S controller, I'm wondering if the DUKE would be more comfortable, any positive thoughts on the original Xbox original Controllers

I have the Dukes, S´s, and a ¨powerpad¨ controller thats even bigger than the original duke. I know it gets a ton of hate but thats just from kids, I have smaller hands and the S is one of my favorite gaming controllers period, but if I play with a duke for more than 20 minutes it starts to feel just as natural. If youre still having trouble I dont doubt that having a duke would fix everything.
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Re: The Original Xbox Appreciation Thread
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I also had no problems with the duke but the s controller was better.


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I didn’t have a lot of games for the original Xbox that weren’t also available for PS2, but the exclusives I had made the Xbox well worth the purchase. Between KOTOR 1 & 2, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Outrun 2, and Tron 2.0, I played it a lot.
Yes, Tron 2.0 is an extremely flawed game, but I got enjoyment out of it, mainly through the presentation and music, which really made me feel like I was in the world of the Tron movie.