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doesnt that mean you have most of the year to still beat 12 games?
I'm aiming for higher than 52.  I'm aiming for higher than 104.


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Game 7 - The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (GC) - 18 Hours

I beat this game playing co-op with my girlfriend, and overall we had a really good time. It isn't a perfect game, but it provides a unique experience that I think we really enjoyed. Playing the game with both a GameCube and Game Boy Advance, while a pain to set up, is very fun and allows for a smoother transition when players need to enter houses, caves or water. We didn't really play competitively that much though. We shared Force Gems and items pretty much the whole time, which made the game much more fun and less frustrating in my opinion.

Four Swords Adventures plays like a multiplayer version of Link to the Past with some spruced up visual effects from Wind Waker. It's quite nice visually, even though it does feel a little dated and stale. The game actually borrows quite a bit from LttP, including most of the music and some bosses. While most of the bosses were fun and interesting, quite a few of them get recycled over the course of the game, which was disappointing. Outside of fighting bosses, the standard Zelda formula is there: explore dungeons, forests and mountains, fight enemies, collect items, and solve puzzles, just with an intriguing multiplayer twist to the aforementioned puzzle solving and combat. The game also adds some puzzle solving-only levels with no combat at all, which were definitely challenging to solve. We had to dip into the strategy guide a couple times as a result (shoutout to Flashback2012 for providing me with that guide a few years back)  ;D

If there was one thing that I really don't like about Four Swords Adventures, it's the lack of progression from level to level. All your heart containers, items, etc. disappear after you beat the stage, which makes the game feel very repetitive at times because you're recollecting the same items over and over again, and it really disincentives you to explore because all that effort will be wasted when you finish the level. The Force Gems in particular don't really serve any purpose other than giving something for you and your friends to fight over. You get an upgraded sword when you find 2,000, (and I think you get extra lives based on how many you have at the end of the game) but other than that they don't do anything because they aren't treated like money ala regular rupees.
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Bioshock 2 abandoned

I knew right away there was something wrong. First experience is that the game automatically tried to use the Xbox 360 controller, to the degree of actually disabling the mouse. After switching it back, another issue cropped up. The menu was freezing every 5-10 seconds. Micro-stutters I believe is the common term for it. Any new game I am going to be going through the menu to make sure the AV settings are where I'd like, and the controls are correct. Then into the game, ok presentation and seems to be ok. Although setting the audio to 5.1 Surround doesn't actually put all game sounds in that mode. The music and ambience are in 5.1 but the character voices/sounds are in stereo.

And the game crashes at the first Big Daddy fight. Well it doesn't actually crash, it freezes. It writes to the event log that it got a classic 0xC0000005 and the game doesn't actually crash until you go to DFT. So I look it up. Apparently the game is known to crash constantly and there is no patches or fixes for it. Not going to bother wasting the time doing a guess and test for a pedestrian shooter.

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15. Little Nightmares II || PlayStation 4 || 04.12.21

Having finally played Little Nightmares within the past year, I was excited to jump back into the world I had recently explored to discover more. Existing as a prequel to the debut title, Little Nightmares II largely excels at what it sets out to accomplish while improving as a follow-up title in every regard.

Taking place in a new area outside from where the debut title resides in, Little Nightmares II has the player explore a multitude of environments surrounding an area called The Pale City. Settings are bleak, cold, and uninviting, whereas the characters who inhabit it are both unsettling, disturbed, and intimidating. Enemy characters and the immediate areas they're found in pair well together, and to witness just how each enemy's threats and abilities are displayed and designed to be overcome by the player is executed highly.

With a non-descript story told only through the game's visuals alone, I was pleased with how the series's lore at-large connects with another. Admittedly, some aspects of the story do get confusing as circumstances are left unexplained to allow for viewer interpretation, but I believe this choice grants fans healthy discussion and theories as to what may be. While developers Tarsier Studios have confirmed that they will be moving onward to other projects, Bandai Namco does own the IP rights and may continue to explore its world.

While adopting puzzle-platform gameplay as its predecessor, Little Nightmares II elevates the core game mechanics to add some slight action sequences when confronting certain enemies. I personally enjoy this added aspect to the game, although I do admit that there are times when such fights are difficult to control in addition to offering a narrow window to execute quality timing to advance.

Overall, if you're interested in modern horror titles, I highly recommend playing Little Nightmares II.


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Changed the key/color for my tracking post to indicate the difference between games that were beaten or played/endless this year and games that were beaten in previous years but I have played this year.


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Trying to make this year my backlog year. I have too many sitting on my consoles that I'm aiming to "Beat then Delete."

1. Little Adventure on the Prairie - This is a trophy-fluff game, plain and simple. I don't remember buying it, but I got the platinum in about 56 minutes and deleted it.
2. Burley Men At Sea - PS Plus free game that I've had for some time. Cute little game that I knocked out in a few hours.
3. Dragon Fantasy Book II - I enjoyed the first game and have had this sitting on my PS4 for some time. Decided it was time to platinum.
4. Tales from the Borderland - Don't remember why I stopped playing this, but it was enjoyable and I look forward to a possible sequel.
5. I Am Setsuna - I enjoyed this game more than most. Decided to play through it again and try and get all of the trophies. Sitting at 46/50 trophies.
6. Hue - This is a platformer and a puzzle game, which I am bad at both genres. Regardless, it was a fun little game and now I can delete it, lol.
7. Another World - I missed out on 90s Pc games and after playing this, I don't feel like I missed out on anything. Didn't enjoy this game. Beat and Delete.
8. Color Guardians - This was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed the game more than I thought I would. Got lucky with the platinum.
9. Cat Quest - Grabbed it on sale for $2 and enjoyed every second of it. I will certainly play the sequel.
10. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story - Another game I got on sale. Wasn't too bad for what it was. Game glitched me for the platinum and will need a replay.

Working on Severed, World of Final Fantasy, and whatever other game I can knock out.
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Game 8 - Night in the Woods (PC) - 8 Hours

I thought this was a pretty decent adventure game. One of the most striking aspects of this game for me was the top-notch visuals, music, and sound design. I also thought the writing was one of the game's stronger features, as it goes for a more loose, casual and grounded approach to dialogue which was a welcome sight. The dialogue was also reflected in several really interesting characters, especially the playable character, Mae. The game doesn't have a lot of gameplay to speak of other than walking, talking to people, and some light platforming; however, there are some other gameplay mechanics like a dungeon crawler, guitar hero-esque rhythm game, and other content that helps break up some of the monotony. I personally felt like these additions were a little more vestigial to my liking.

The one thing that felt a little disappointing about this game was the story. For one, the narrative really doesn't start to get going until halfway through the game (~4 hours in). Once you get over that hump, of the story deals with interpersonal relationships between the main characters, and your character's personal encounters with ghostly apparitions and an introspective "spirit journey" for lack of a better word. Suddenly, an evil cult with a motive ripped from a Republican National Convention is introduced to explain the ghost aspect of the story, and then they're dispatched in a matter of minutes. It overall felt very underwhelming. Even the personal challenges that Mae goes through are given a bad explanation and conclusion over the course of the story, with an ending that didn't provide a lot of closure. I dunno, it just didn't do it for me.
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26. Crimzon Clover World Ignition

Completed 2 runs but with continues. Novice Default using Type I and then Novice Burst using Type II. First issue with this game is that everything is so small. The speed is not too difficult to manage but I guess I got used to the size. There does not seem to be a way to scale the graphics to make it bigger. I may consider seeing if I can use my super-rotato monitor on this computer but I am not sure that the video card software will support it. But the fact that the game does support たて means it might be worth a shot.

This certainly is not a game I can play a lot of. It takes less than an hour to do a run with continues, so it should take even less without. I do not have a fight stick yet so the optimal controls are not at my disposal. I had, in the past, stopped playing BlazBlue Calamity Trigger because I didn't have a stick. I played it using the Xbox 360 controller, which the game supports for input but does not actually use the button layout. So it will have prompts for buttons but not the controller's buttons. The second run on Burst was a lot easier/better because I learned how to use the homing missile attack... BUT then the issue became that my hands hurt from using the controller about 2/3rd of the way through the run.

I am considering the game to be completed as to win the game you just play for an hour basically.

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17. Threads of Fate || PlayStation || 04.20.21

Having mostly only played the Final Fantasy titles of this era from Squaresoft, I began playing Threads of Fate with the only context that there were two stories to experience and that they connected with another. The stories revolve around player-characters Rue and Mint. Immediately, there were certainly both good and bad elements of the game that became apparent.

Beginning my first playthrough with Mint, I came to realize that she's incredibly blunt, over-the-top, and completely transparent, which all lead her to become one of the funniest game characters I've experienced playing as. Her entire goal throughout the story is to become all-powerful. Quite regularly, she talks about world domination to others, and nobody even bats an eye and just goes along with it. On the other hand, when I began Rue's story, I was disappointed. Having already met Rue in slight capacities while playing as Mint, I knew that Rue's character was not as interesting. More-or-less, Rue is quiet, respectful, and direct in his goals. Only in the latter half of his story did his plot become interesting, although his character still remained rather boring.

Not even knowing what genre of game Threads of Fate was prior to playing, I learned that it is an action-adventure title with platforming elements. With Mint's combat, progression was more difficult than it should have been. However, toward the end of her playthrough, combat became much easier, as I had gained access to more useful magic techniques. On the other hand, combat with Rue was incredibly simple. Unique to Rue, he can transform into defeated monsters. However, his base strength levels are high enough to simply hack-and-slash through enemies. Despite his abilities, I only ever transformed when the game required it.

In addition to combat, there is, of course, the platforming segments. Platforming is so, so, so irritating. To preface my thoughts: many environments follow a linear path with no means of backtracking. When the player encounters platforming areas, you're generally stuck. You either succeed, or you die. You can't backtrack to re-gain health or to save. You're simply stuck. During the game's first major platforming segment, I died perhaps five times, with each failure chipping away about 5% of my health each time. It was rough. However, by the time I began my second playthrough, I had a good handle on the game's controls.

As far as the two intertwined stories—it's loose. The characters seldom interact with another, and they each have their own goals. I was fairly disappointed that each narrative didn't follow the same exact events with a unique perspective shown. The narratives to each are different, although the overarching plot remains the same. If I'm being honest, Mint's path feels more of an encompassing story, while Rue's feels self-contained to himself alone.

Overall, I imagine that Threads of Fate isn't going to be a favorite to many. However, it is a good game in its own right. I don't regret my time playing it, albeit the second playthrough was completed more out of obligation to get the complete story. I do recommend for Squaresoft fans to play it. It's hard to decide on which path for others to begin playing as. If you're someone who wants an easier experience at the expense of a boring player-character and decent story, play as Rue. If you're someone who likes a fair challenge but with a much more interesting character, play as Mint.

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Man I haven't been keeping up this year... both in beating games and updating my list.. so heres some additions

2. Godfall (PS5) 01/17
3. Spyro The Dragon Reignited (PS4) 03/28
4. Super Mario 64 (Switch) 04/03
5. Super Mario Sunshine (Switch) 04/08
6. Super Mario Galaxy (Switch) 04/22

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18. Touhou Hyouibana: Antinomy of Common Flowers || Nintendo Switch || 04.21.21

Well, playing a Touhou game certainly wasn't something I was expecting to play anytime soon, much less beat. Nevertheless, I spent time with a friend yesterday who really wanted for me to play the latest fighting game in its series that had just received a console release. Not being a fan of Touhou and certainly not aware of its lore, a lot of the dialogue went over my head. I tried to make sense of what was going on by asking my friend, but it didn't really matter in the end for my own personal experience.

At the same time, I am not someone who plays fighting games, so my opinion isn't all too in-depth. However, I will say that the combo system is very limited, while controls are easy to pick-up for a beginner. I imagine that the game is more directed toward fans of the series rather than just a fan of the genre. Overall, I had a fairly good time throughout my playthrough. The game seems pretty easy to finish, as it offers five difficulty settings, with the fifth to-be unlocked. Playing the game on Normal (difficulty 2), I felt accomplished. If you lose all three lives, you simply start again at your current match with all lives being regained. As for fighters, each character has three unique special attacks which offer variety within an individual's fighting style. As typical to Touhou, the game is dependent on phasing through enemy attacks.

If you're a fan of Touhou, then I'm sure you're well aware of the game and probably have even played it. I know that Touhou fans are pretty extreme in their love for the series. For anyone else...honestly, I'm not sure. Fans of the fighting genre generally enjoy robust combo systems and a huge catalog of fighting styles that they can spend hours with, but I don't think that's something really offered with this title. However, there is definitely a challenge original to this spin-off series with its phasing gameplay elements and among the higher difficulty settings, so perhaps some non-Touhou fans may enjoy these aspects.

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14 - Monster Hunter Rise (Switch 2021) - BEAT - Redoing what I had before since I hit an actual "beat" state with this game, having finished the final boss and I feel I have a better handle on comparison between Monster Hunter World and this.  The gameplay options with the wirebugs are great, it makes things way more active, much less downtime recovering and it makes for some cool new moves along with wyvern riding.  That being said, I feel like that's the only thing I think this game does better than World.  Otherwise, I feel like I enjoy the design of Monster Hunter World more.  I like the levels and their traps more, I like the UI much better, there just feels like more depth to the package.  The story is better too, which I wouldn't say is Monster Hunters strength to begin with, but there's just way more to the characters.  There's really nothing happening with the characters and the story in general in Rise.  It's just, "The Rampage is coming!" and that's about it.  It feels kinda half-assed, same for the game lacking layered armor right out of the gate.  The only layered armor right is paid content, which is kinda lame.

That being said, Rise is still really solid, it's a fun time, and it's definitely a must have for the Switch.

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15 - Hunt: Showdown (PC 2019) - ENDLESS - I dabbled in this game over the past few years whenever it went F2P for a weekend and I liked the idea of it, but it always felt wonky.  Eventually I got another shot at it recently and it turns out they cleaned up the game alot, added in optional gameplay controls so the game plays more like a regular shooter (It use to be you'd have to ready your gun and then click again to actually fire it, and I found that kind frustrating.) and it all runs well.  I mostly just got it because of a good sale, because it is a mainly a team based game and I don't love playing with rando's in team focused stuff like this, but I played it abit, and just found out they have a Quickplay singleplayer mode that is a big deathmatch mode, fighting to the last player among 11 others and I like that quite abit.  Probably what I'll play most for abit.

16 - Clone Hero (PC 2017) - ENDLESS - Probably my first "unofficial" game I've done for these challenges lol As the name is clear, this is a PC version of Guitar Hero that lets people playing custom songs.  As of right now, I have nearly the entire selection of Guitar Hero and Rock Band in one game and a ton of additions from another playlist, so I have around 1000+ songs total. I'm so out of practice as I haven't played this game seriously since Warriors of Rock back in 2010/2011, but I can still do expert for the most part outside of the tougher tiers of songs as I just don't got the wrist power like I use to, but it's been fun diving back in.  I really need to get a laptop that can be filled with Clone Hero stuff so that when I get back to hanging out with friends in a party setting, I can bring back Guitar Hero lol

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Couple of additions

7. Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) 04/26
8. Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5) 05/01

Immortals was an interesting game for me. At first I really had this feeling that it was nothing more then a cheap Breath of the Wild close, but the more I kept playing the more I realized it really was its own game, I mean sure it clearly took inspiration from BotW... but it really did end up being a great game on its own. The whole last section with the climb up the mountain and then the final boss fight all just felt grand and epic.

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Pokemon Snap (Switch 2020) - BEAT - For such a casual game, I went super hard on this game lol I was a very big fan of the original Pokemon Snap, at the time I was real big into Pokemon games with Stadium, Snap, Red, Blue, Yellow, and then kinda just never really played Pokemon afterwards much till relatively recently, but I always wanted to see Pokemon Snap return.  I'm still dumbfounded that there was never a Pokemon Snap for Wii U, it should've been one of the first games they thought about making for the console with how perfect it is for that.

The game is great! I've been real down on Pokemon since Sword last year and how half-assed that game was, but this game just nails everything.  It looks real nice, plays smooth, there's quite a lot of content as far as I can tell and a nice little story to propel progression and even some nods to the original game as it is a proper sequel.  I beat the story, but there's still something like 25 to 30 Pokemon for me to still find, each Pokemon having 4 different variations to capture for completion sake, along with a ranking system for each of those four, and there's challenge pictures to take, multiple ones in each location, so getting 100% will take a nice while and beating the story unlocked another night time version of a location, so that's more to do right there. 

If you were ever a fan of Pokemon Snap, this game is a must.