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Do I have to get to a certain post limit before that ends or is that for good ?

It is an anti-spam measure.

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OK... Probably I need to presenting to everyone)

HI! My name is ****** aka Depressor) Fan of old consoles, computers, etc... Collector of PC games (bootlegs mainly)... Archivist for old console manuals... IDK why i here only now, because i knew about this site for long time...

For now i have two PS2, two XBOX360 with tons of bootleg discs, some Sega's stuff, Bandai stuff and lots of PC discs)))


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I have a large amount of PC software including games that I can't/don't track on here. Have to use a spreadsheet for that, did start one some time ago but forgot to update it. I am an accidental archivist when it comes to Microsoft software, having inherited a company's MSDN/Technet library as well as being the one who manages all of the Channel media.

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@tripredacus i use wiki page on one friendly site) At least for sorted things....

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Hi Folks, Josh Here.

I just stumbled onto this site somewhat recently really impressed with what the site offers for collectors. I wanted to introduce myself and hopeful become involved in the community. I am a 23 year old gamer who basically grow up on the GameCube and Nintendo consoles. Right now I'm primarily collecting for the Sega Dreamcast and Wii U.

I'm primarily starting to collect games to be part of collecting and sharing gaming history. There are so many classic gems that are basically lost to time because nobody talks about them and they have never been ported to modern systems. Well that is about it, I hope you guys have a great day.


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Hello I’m Brian aka Wartoy welcome to the site  :)