Pac-Land Box Art
Pac-Land Box Art
Pac-Land Box Art


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Estimated Value: $9.99 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Namco
Publisher(s): NEC
Platform: TurboGrafx-16 [NA]
Genre: Platformer
Rating: NA
Item Number: TGX020021
Barcode: NA
Release Date: 1990
Description: Use the Magic Shoes to help get Pac-Man back to his own home in 16 different rounds with multiple trips in each round, eating Power Pellets and bonus Fruit along the way. Fast, frantic, addictive Pac-Man action from beginning to end!
Box Text: Pac-Man, the world's most famous game character is back! Help Pac-Man guide the Fairy back to her home in Fairy Land, but watch out - those mischievous ghosts are out to stop you once again!
Date User Field Value
04-06-2014 pceslayer Back Box Art new
04-06-2014 pceslayer Front Box Art new
NA NA Created

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