Pro Wrestling (No Limits℠) Box Art
Pro Wrestling (No Limits℠) Box Art
Pro Wrestling (No Limits℠) Box Art

Pro Wrestling (No Limits℠)

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Estimated Value: $4.25 [via]
Buy: Amazon - Used: $3.99
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Sega Enterprises Ltd.
Publisher(s): Sega of America, Inc.
Platform: Sega Master System [NA]
Genre: Sports
Rating: None
Item Number: 5056
Barcode: 010086050561
Release Date: 1986
Description: "Now, there are no limits℠" on back cover.
Box Text: It's the video match of the year. A no-holds-barred battle between you and a friend, or some of the biggest bruisers this side of Madison Square Garden. Just try to pin The Iron Soldier. Or wiggle away from The Giant Bull. Or just survive the cruel Crusher Brothers. Body slam. Drop kick. Pile drive. You'll even have the notorious German Suplex Hold. All at your command. Go for the title. Mexican League, Pacific League or World League. Whatever you do, play rough. Play to win
Date User Field Value
03-08-2019 tripredacus Description "Now, there are no limits?" on back cover.
03-08-2019 tripredacus Name Pro Wrestling (No Limits?)
NA NA Created

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