Akumajou Dracula Box Art
Akumajou Dracula Box Art
Akumajou Dracula Box Art


Akumajou Dracula

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Alt-Name 悪魔城ドラキュラ, Super Castlevania IV
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Konami
Developer(s): Konami Computer Entertainment Japan
Platform: Super Famicom
Also on Platforms: FC [JP] FDS MSX2 [JP] X68000
Genre: Platformer
Rating: None
Item Number: SHVC-AD
Barcode: 4988602574463
Release Date: October 31 1991
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
07-25-2019 tripredacus Description
07-25-2019 tripredacus Barcode 4988602574463
07-25-2019 tripredacus Name Akumajou Dracula
07-25-2019 tripredacus Alt-Name ????????, Super Castlevania IV
12-03-2018 syljoly Name Akumaj? Dracula
05-12-2016 rubinhomoto Alt-Name ????????
05-12-2016 rubinhomoto Name Akumajou Dracula
12-23-2015 posole78 Cart/Disc/Media Art new
08-10-2011 scott Back Box Art new
08-10-2011 scott Front Box Art new
08-10-2011 scott Description Enhanced remake of the original Akumajo Dracula (Castlevania) for Famicom. Released as Super Castlevania IV in North America and Europe.
08-10-2011 scott Barcode T4988602574463
08-10-2011 scott Item Number SHVC-AD
08-10-2011 scott Name Akumajo Dracula
05-25-2011 jobocan Created

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