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There were a few games where I'd get whatever release they would put out with no questions. The Gears of War series was one of them. Now, I tend to stick to one edition unless one if released later that completely wows me or gives me a ton more content. In the last few weeks I've considered selling a good deal of the different editions of games I own and have platinumed. Its a wonderful feeling owning them, but now at 41, I'm playing less, and less, and would rather use that money on different hobbies.

Classic Video Games / Re: PlayStation Vita turns 10 years old.
« on: February 27, 2022, 01:05:30 am »
I'm actually going through my backlog of PS Vita games right now. I notice as I get older it is harder for me to sit and look at such a small screen, but I do love the system. A good portion of my Vita games are imports or stuff from places like Limited Run Games, and Play Asia.

General / Re: 52 Games Challenge 2022
« on: December 27, 2021, 12:46:36 am »
What the hell. Let's give it another go.

1. Eye of the Beholder II (PC)
2. Gigantosaurus the Game (PS4)
Platinumed with my 4 year old.
3. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (PC)
4. Dragon Sinker (Vita)
- Beat the main story, will finish the post game for Platinum Trophy.
5. Diablo II (PC) - Original release of the game. It's been awhile since I've played it and figured it was time.
6. Autumn's Journey (PS4) - A 10 minute platinum with skips. Typical easy Visual Novel.
7. Heroes Trials (PS4) - A game I bought for $1 and had another cheap platinum. Surprisingly had some irritating bosses to beat towards the end.
8. Cosmic Star Heroine (VITA) - Great RPG with memorable characters.
9. Spyro the Dragon (PS4) - Platinumed with my sons. A nice reimage of the old PS1 game and good memories with the boys.

Currently Playing:
1. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PC)
2. Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear (PC)

1. Final Fantasy VI (SNES)
2. Final Fantasy VII R (PS4)
3. Trails of Cold Steel IV (PS4)
4. Trails from Zero (PC or PS4)
5. Trails to Azure (PC)
6. Cthulu Saves the World (PC)
7. Transister (PS4)
8. Golden Sun (GBA)
9. Tales of Phantasia (GBA)
10. Trials of Mana (PS4)

Modern Video Games / Re: Games in 2022
« on: November 10, 2021, 05:06:10 pm »
The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is the game I'm looking forward to. Probably the only one at this time. I played roughly half the game with the original fan translation and then almost to the same point with the Geofront's translation. I need to go back in and play the rest of it even if I'm going to play it again when its released.

Off Topic / Re: Do You Listen To Random Music Playlists?
« on: November 09, 2021, 09:54:19 pm »
I drive about 1h 20min to and from work, so roughly 2h 40min of driving a day. If I didn't have music playing I'd go insane. Podcasts are nice, but I can only listen to so much talking before I need something else. Lately, I think I've been more on a binge where I've been playing albums from one band than on random. Alice in Chains, Gojira, Jinjer, and other 90s Grunge to name a few.

General / Re: Which games Have You Spent More Of Your Lifetime Playing
« on: September 21, 2021, 05:28:28 pm »
It's World of Warcraft and it is not even close. We're talking dozens of days, let alone hours.

Same here, but with EverQuest. I started in early 2001 and played until sometimes around 2013. Even then I'd go back here and there and play for a few weeks/months. That's not even counting the emulated EQ servers.

Classic Video Games / Re: Do you have a favorite Box art?
« on: August 24, 2021, 01:27:28 pm »
My personal favourites in no particular order

This was my first ever delve into RPGs. Best $15 I ever spent from the bargain bin.

Classic Video Games / Re: FMV Games (90's)
« on: June 18, 2021, 05:28:54 pm »
I remember my aunt was the only one with a computer in our family in the early-mid 90s. Whenever we would visit she let me get on the computer and play some of the few games they owned. This was golf, that ski game where the bear would eat you, but also this game called MegaRace. That game was so quirky and I never could get past this one level where they cars raced towards you. I think that may have been the first FMV game I ever played. Just saw you can get them all on gog. Might have to relive some nostalgia.

General / Re: Games you beat the same day you bought them?
« on: May 10, 2021, 03:59:52 pm »
I remember one summer my mom bought a game for me, which was rare since we didn't have a lot of money. For some reason I picked Fatal Fury 2 even though I wasn't that big of a fan of fighting games nor was very good at them. 10 hours later I beat the game with the 6th of 8 characters you could choose from and learned what buyer's remorse was.

Apart from crappy little trophy buffer games the only ones I can think of is "The Wolf Among Us."

General / Re: Top 10 Backlog Games
« on: May 10, 2021, 03:43:36 pm »
Also in no particular order:

1. World of Final Fantasy (Started it on Vita, but after Lasik Surgery its hard to look at. Switching to PS4.)
2. Cosmic Star Heroine (Keep forgetting I own this.)
3. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (Started it years ago and probably will restart since I don't remember any of it.)
4. Final Fantasy Type-0 (Started it on XBONE, going to restart on PS4.)
5. Final Fantasy VIIR (Started it, but Trails of Cold Steel IV took precedence.)
6. Trails of Cold Steel IV (College and work took precedence)
7. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (Watched my best friend beat this, but never have myself.)
8. Nights of Azure (I own both this and the sequel and have yet to play either.)
9. Valkyrie Chronicles Remastered (Own the PS3 version as well, never played either.)
10. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Loved the first one and need to platinum it before starting this one. Was told it's hard to go back after playing the 2nd one.)

My list is likely more like top 50 in the backlog.

Funny enough, I just ate a bag of Snyder's pretzels and now I'm beginning to dread why you are asking.
I was considering owning a little of the stock (Campbell Soup Co that owns all these brands)  for the 3% dividend yield but wasn’t sure what the perception of the brand was. Wasn’t sure if it were a brand for old people or something.

Okay good. I was worried you were going to tell me there was a massive recall due to someone falling into the machinery or something. At some point or another I have consumed all of these brands and the only one I can remember I did not like was Pace Picante Sauce, specifically.

Funny enough, I just ate a bag of Snyder's pretzels and now I'm beginning to dread why you are asking. Other than that I really don't eat any of the other brands. Pace picante sauce is disgusting. My wife is Hispanic, so if we have salsa it's homemade.

Campbell's (soups, sauces, and canned meals)
Pepperidge Farm (breads, crackers, cookies, desserts)
Pace Foods (salsas and picante sauce)
Swanson (broth, TV dinners and frozen meals, canned chicken)
Prego (pasta sauces)
Snyder's-Lance (crackers/cookies, pretzels, Kettle potato chips)

Thank you.

Other than Trails of Cold Steel III, and IV, I can't recall any games that I've bought day 1 in the last few years. I was BIG on grabbing up Limited Edition and Limited Run releases primarily from LRG, and NISA, and sometimes from Play-Asia, but getting married and having kids will put an end to that very quickly. I also realized I threw down top dollar for games that I did not do enough research into and ended up not enjoying them much at all. I generally just wait for sales since a lot of PS4 games will drop in price after 5 or so months, or if I can snag it second hand.

General / Re: 52 Games Challenge 2021
« on: April 15, 2021, 08:27:20 pm »
Trying to make this year my backlog year. I have too many sitting on my consoles that I'm aiming to "Beat then Delete."

1. Little Adventure on the Prairie - This is a trophy-fluff game, plain and simple. I don't remember buying it, but I got the platinum in about 56 minutes and deleted it.
2. Burley Men At Sea - PS Plus free game that I've had for some time. Cute little game that I knocked out in a few hours.
3. Dragon Fantasy Book II - I enjoyed the first game and have had this sitting on my PS4 for some time. Decided it was time to platinum.
4. Tales from the Borderland - Don't remember why I stopped playing this, but it was enjoyable and I look forward to a possible sequel.
5. I Am Setsuna - I enjoyed this game more than most. Decided to play through it again and try and get all of the trophies. Sitting at 46/50 trophies.
6. Hue - This is a platformer and a puzzle game, which I am bad at both genres. Regardless, it was a fun little game and now I can delete it, lol.
7. Another World - I missed out on 90s Pc games and after playing this, I don't feel like I missed out on anything. Didn't enjoy this game. Beat and Delete.
8. Color Guardians - This was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed the game more than I thought I would. Got lucky with the platinum.
9. Cat Quest - Grabbed it on sale for $2 and enjoyed every second of it. I will certainly play the sequel.
10. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story - Another game I got on sale. Wasn't too bad for what it was. Game glitched me for the platinum and will need a replay.

Working on Severed, World of Final Fantasy, and whatever other game I can knock out.

I'll subscribe cause it costs me nothing and helps someone out. Besides, I need some good study beats now I'm going back to college.

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