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General / Free DLC
« on: August 21, 2015, 12:56:44 pm »

If not for Kashs' mentioning some free DLC for Atelier Shallie in a PM this morning - I wouldn't have even thought to check/would have missed out on some free DLC for the game.  I'm thinking that it would be nice to have a running thread that we can all add to as a resource to let others know what's floating around for free.  I'll start:

Atelier Shallie (PS3)

- free dungeon (for post-game), "No Hope" difficulty level, and a costume for each mc.

Lost Dimension (PS3)

- several.  I forget/don't have the specifics, *BUT* - depending on what you read and where - rumor has it that all and/or some of what is now free, will not remain so indefinitely.  Also, be sure to get the correct & relevant (PS3 or Vita) versions; I know, SHOULD go w/o saying...amirite?

Modern Video Games / PS3 (PS4?) Game Genie(s)?
« on: December 20, 2014, 12:00:45 pm »
Anyone have one?

tried one?

know how (and how well) they do/don't work?

asking from the perspective of -maybe- making some normally unplayable games playable with one hand?

thoughts, pros, cons, yea's & nay's?

ps4/vita and/or vita(PS)TV equivalents?

should I, shouldn't I?


Site Feedback / *weird* & strange glitch(?)
« on: November 16, 2014, 12:20:20 pm »
Huh  :o

I've only noticed it since the change to the larger-sized avatars...

I have no problem switching between & selecting different avatar pics; on/from my PS3, using any of the pics on my PS3's hard-drive.


for some reason, I can longer do so from/with the pc, using images from my pc's "pics" file.

What happens is, I'll 'select' one (and see its name/info in the field where it should be) *but* - once I click on "change profile", that bar/field is instantly & completely deleted  :-\

Any tips or ideas?

Site Feedback / Monthly Stats?
« on: October 11, 2014, 10:18:04 am »
Have we still been doing them?

It seems like it's been awhile --but-- it's also very possible that I just haven't seen them or noticed them recently; I haven't remembered/thought to check for it or look for it in, what seems like, a pretty long time...


Instead of starting a new & separate topic every time there's a tech-related question - having a single forum for it will be more efficient & will probably be seen/read; helpful to more of us when it's all together.

I'll start -

Can someone please explain what the 'practical' / end-user difference & experience is between the "DDDwhateverthefuck" Sony used in their PS4 and the different "DDDwhateverthefuck" MS used in their XBoned consoles?

thanks  ;D

I know that some of you VGC-ers here have been playing games & collecting them for just as long as I have (even longer, in some cases).

Remember when a gaming console was just that...a console that simply played your games for you?

Anyway, change + progress + new & better/faster/smaller tech (*can* be -but- IMO, isn't always) a 'good' thing that can enhance the capabilities of our consoles/systems; making them much more diversified, convenient, & capabie machines.

Hell, I remember playing CD's & DVD's on my older PS2's, and being glad that I was able to do so.

My PS3 is still my primary Blu-Ray player and (one of my PS3's) eliminates my need to keep a PS1 and/or a PS2 connected. 

I also enjoy being able to check/respond to my e-mail, coming to sites like this one (and G*FAQs & trophy + walk-through sites when I need them), and - I'll admit it...I've even liked & used the PSN Friends feature more than I would have ever expected to.

Being able to have broken games fixed/patched, cloud-saving (via PS+), having annoying updates downloaded while I'm sleeping, and more options for those consumers who'd prefer to purchase digital versions of games rather than the physical versions (even though, I still don't "get" that & it seems almost...sacriligeous to me) all = win  ;D

BUT, what I'm really wondering about more here is...which features and/or capabilities of modern gaming do you find non-essential?  Stupid?  Things that you just don't give a shit about, know that you'll never use, and - maybe things that just don't make any sense to you at all and that you can't even understand why *Anybody* would ever use them and/or why anyone would even find them important enough or significant enough to even care about, one way or the other?

A quick example for me would be earlier access to a game; being able to play it a day, a week, or even a month before everyone else.

User Feedback / davifus
« on: September 12, 2014, 11:13:38 am »
Just completed a deal w/ one of our newer members (davifus) and, he sent the agreed upon payment quickly, had good communication w/ me from the start of the deal until the finish, and - even bore the brunt of my (sometimes sarcastic & playful:) sense of humor  ;)

Would certainly deal with him again!

General / Platinumed/100% Achievements ^_^
« on: July 16, 2014, 01:18:21 pm »
Just for fun...

...well & maybe just a little bit for comparisons, statistics, and (for those so-inclined:) "bragging rights":

Let's each list and keep track of:

A).  Games that we've Platinumed or obtained 100% in and

B).  The game(s) that we're currently playing/working on for our next plat.

For the sake of efficiency & aesthetics...instead of a new post every time one of us plats a game or changes our mind about which plat is up next...let's just update our posts & keep a running total.

MY Plats:

Cross Edge,

Last Rebellion,

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel,

Rainbow Moon,

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness,

Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland,

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland,

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland,

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

"Working On"/Next Plats:

Right now, I'm about 10 trophies, or so into Atelier Escha + Logy and, after that (since *rumor* has it that TK's finally straightened out their screw-up on the trophy set for Atelier Rorona Plus) - if I'm not too 'Atelier-ed' out - that'll probably be next.

General / Gaming CONVENTION(s)
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:54:39 pm »
So, I was doing some game-related reading -and- one of those "KEY" words (words that are consistently thrown around like crazy) in just about any & all game reviews, articles, interviews, etc. popped-up and caught my attention.

EX.  If you're reading a review (by someone who *liked* the game that they're reviewing:) & there were any kinds of forests/jungles in the don't need me to tell you that the word/adjective that's going to be used to describe the graphics/tone/look of said forests & jungles is going to be _ _ _ _; right?!

Just in case you DO need me to tell you...the answer is (HAS* to be) "lush".


I dunno...maybe the writers are lushes w/ limited vocabularies & aren't paid enough to buy themselves a thesaurus.

At any rate ==> on to the word/subject of this thread:


Innovation & trying new things in gaming is (IMO) wonderful.

But, the words conventional & unconventional get thrown around so much & so loosely that (I think) they lose the meaning/emphasis that they could/should otherwise convey.

So...what does a game need to have or do to earn the label of "unconventional" from you?

What are some games that you consider unconventional (and awesome) and/or unconventional (but in a meaningless & insignificant way) that's not really "doing" anything new and/or special for you?

Modern Video Games / Trophies & Achievments Thread
« on: July 08, 2014, 11:46:05 am »
Anything trophy and/or Achievement-related goes here.

Hell, even Completion %'s are fine if they come up in discussion!

Some 'starter' questions & topic discussion ideas:

- What do you think of trophies & achievements?

- What are the factors that you use in deciding which games you WILL bother going for the Platinum/100% and which ones you WON'T?

- What makes you get to the point of giving up/changing your mind about NOT platting/completing a game that you initially intended to?

And (for some "fun" ones:)

- What's your "Proudest" Plat? (Can = most challenging/took the most time, etc)

- What are some of your quickest -n- easiest ones?

- Which ones were the most fun?

- Which ones (if any) are you working on now?


What are some of your next/upcoming ones going to be?

My "proudest" (toughest) & luckily, most fun was Cross Edge

My quickest -n- easiest was Last Rebellion.

Another one of the ones that I had the most fun platting was Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, and

the SERIES that I've platted the most of is the "PS3 Atelier" games; having platted 4 of them, so far (Vanilla) Rorona, Totori, Meruru, and Ayesha.

I'm currently playing (and intending to plat) Atelier Escha + Logy & (once the trophies are functioning correctly) will also be going after Rorona Plus.

Neat bit of *Trivia* about the title "Escha + Logy" (read in JP as):

"Escha TO Logy" is that - the word "Eschatology" has to do with religious themes of the Apocalypse/End Times...

...coincidence?!  :o

General / Garage Sales (Re)visited:
« on: July 05, 2014, 03:46:55 pm »

Like the "Recently Added to Collection" and/or "Pre-ordered/Waiting For" threads


strictly for items found or bought at garage/yard sales, Flea Markets, Craig's List, etc.

Okay, okay already...Jeeez!


I admit that it was half a case of just being too damned good of a reference/title tie-in to *NOT* use it  :P

Raise a hand/Bang yer head ("Metal Health will", indeed, "drive ya' there)" if ya' got the reference(s?) w/o "cheating" (Googling/Wikipedia-ing, etc)  8)

General / *Officially* (Unofficial:) VGC Challenge Thread!
« on: July 03, 2014, 09:22:35 am »
Semper Fidelis

- Got a competitive nature?

- Enjoy extending, accepting, rising to, and completing challenges?

- Talking the 'talk' or walking the 'walk'?

- Pwn-er or Pwn-ee?

- All talk?

- Financially secure enough to put your money where your mouth is?

Well...if any of the above have kept you reading this far w/o losing your interest (read: scaring you away:); you might - just mii-iight be in the right place  ;)

I've had this...kind of...'partial' idea floating around in my head -and- I've realized that if I wait until I've got *everything* figured out to start's just not going to happen.


the idea is (since many of us here already enjoy going after & collecting trophies/achievments) to have a user/community-based place to issue, accept, complete, and/or phail (and live with the well-deserved humiliation of having done so) "challenges" from each other :o

The starting/tentative "rules" will be pretty few & simple (they can also be worked-on, added to, refined, etc) as time & practicality allow/show need for.

Da Rulez

1).  If you're going to issue a challenge, it must be something that you've done yourself.

2).  The person who issues the challenge & the one who accepts it can work out the 'rewards' / 'costs of failure' right here.

3).  No money is needed!

For an example, I'll issue the 1st Challenge!

Challenge # 1  Attain a Platinum trophy for the PS3 game Cross Edge!

Now, I've done this (as a quick look at my PSN profile can verify).

Say that Brad or Greg (or both, or more) accept...

We would then discuss & decide on the details; such as:

what the prize/reward for doing so will be + what the cost/consequence of failure will be, the time frame for doing so, etc.

Prizes/Costs can be anything from (say someone fails) putting something in their sig for a week about getting their ass kicked by ___ game to the person who issued the challenge sending a small, inexpensive, surprise (or otherwise) item...

That's enough for you all to see where I'm going with this, so any interest, thoughts, ideas, or takers?!

General / Thanks VGG, I owe you one!
« on: June 28, 2014, 02:53:18 pm »
Since we're such a diversified bunch here - playing & enjoying thousands of games of hundreds of different genres, on all kinds of different hardware & handheld systems throughout decades & generations of gaming...

...what are some games that we most likely never would have even heard of/played...if not for a discussion/recommendation *OR* just some random words in a random thread that we found ourselves reading here?


games that we only know about and/or have played thanks/due (in some way) to VGC...

General / Attention: "The Soera"
« on: June 27, 2014, 08:37:00 am »

-and yes, I'm on it & just being too lazy to type up a post for it on the "Preordered" thread  :o

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