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Since it is stated that everything on the outside of an item's packaging can be used to differenciate between one release and another, I have this case to present to you. The PSP-1000K Value Pack bundled with Spider-Man 2. Everything else would make it just be a regular [NA] or [CA] release except for this Régie du Cinéma du Québec sticker on the outside, which is Québec-specific and not found anywhere else in Canada. How should I create this item in the database, could I have the blessings to use a [QC] TLD, or perhaps you'd prefer I just use (Québec) in the title? This cannot count as just a [CA] release unless you are willing to ignore the Québec-specific sticker altogether.

General / Travelling abroad with your videogames
« on: July 21, 2022, 02:16:28 pm »
Who has experience with travelling abroad with their videogames? I'm about to go on a trip to the Philippines and I packed two large suitcases full of video games and movies. My landlord saw this and told me she's afraid they might deny me entry because I'm packing too much video games and that it may look suspicious. I am under the weight and dimensions limits for my airline company but would immigration care that I'm bringing so many stuff into the country? I couldn't find any info about that on the Philippines ambassy website.

Often we have items in the database that are created with missing information. x item is created and everyone assumes it's the only variant. But sometimes, much later afterwards, someone realises that two or more variants of that item exists and it becomes necessary to create a second item to differenciate the two. In this instance, the original item gets changed to one of the two variants. But if I'm unlucky enough to own the second variant, since the original item now becomes the first variant, it creates an error in my collection database, because now it says I own an item which I don't actually own.

It happened to me once with item #1521 when it was found out there was a second variant of it, which was created as item #163912. One day I'm just browsing the PS2 section for fun and I notice the two, and realise the item I had added to my collection initially is now incorrect.

And now it just happened again with item #175417 and #211404. I own the latter, and thank god I logged on at the perfect moment to notice the new item in the Latest Items bar, because otherwise I would have been stuck with yet again an item rendered incorrect due to changes in its description.

We seriously need to implement a notification system for when items in your collection are modified, to avoid added items becoming retroactively incorrect. I'll have to go back and double check all of my 1000+ items in my collection now, because I'm starting to notice that at least a good amount of them have become incorrect over the years. Just imagine those with 10000+ items in their collection already!

Video Game Database Discussion / LeoneFamily's VGC Database Work
« on: June 10, 2021, 10:02:50 pm »
I'm following
I'm taking inspiration from

I'm stealing dhaabi's format / idea to make a thread about my work in the VGC database to boast myself to improve the website to let others know about what parts of VGC's DB (talk about abbreviations!) could be considered as "under construction" to kind of make regular users aware that these sections are kind of a mess and to be more careful about the listings they create since a lot of them will be corrected for consistency and anti-redundance purposes. I think it's also a good way to let the admins know about what I'm generally up to, and it serves as a way to show what I'm generally going for when I make edits. No admin has asked me to do this thread, I'm just doing it on my own.

- Canadian & [CA][MX] releases. I consider myself an expert on the subject at this point. There is no real end to this project due to the insane amount of items it includes. I just post canadian releases as I add them in my collection.

- Xbox / Xbox 360 Demo. Started cleaning up that section in late 2019 but have took a break from this project for a while. But still have the whole project in my backlog and it will be complete at some point. Some info here:,10473

- 3DO Hardware & Accessories. I am currently doing a lot of work and research on the 3DO hardware and accessories, and I even have a close contact with the founder of, a true big time expert of the 3DO who gives me crucial information about it every day. My backlog has become an absolute treasure of 3do information and it's all just waiting to be all added/edited to VGC. To a lesser extent I also get help from a close facebook community of 3do fans with some members being people who have worked on the 3DO back in the day as well as ex game devs of some 3DO titles.

My mild knowledge of Korean also means that I know a thing or two about korean releases and I can write / read Korean Hangeul characters without any help. Naturally, I have no problem writing down the box text and titles of korean releases using the korean keyboard, but otherwise I don't consider my work in the korean releases to be a project in itself. I'm sure even dhaabi must have redacted more korean entries as I did at this point.

That's about it for now!

Couldn't find any mention of it in the OG Style Guide as well as the Advanced Style Guide, but let's say there is a console out there with only one box art variation but inside you can have 2 possible variations of the same console. To be more precise, it's a console that was manufactured by a certain brand which merged with another company (and changed name in the process) during the production of the console, the box art shows the brand pre-merger and inside you get a controller that always have the branding from pre-merger as well (from what we know of) while the console itself either has the pre-merger logo on it if you have an early unit or the post-merger logo if you have a late unit (but always retain pre-merger branding on the box). Should I do two different listings for the two different console variations depsite the box art staying the same or should I do "BrandA/BrandB Console" in the title and include a description stating "BrandA branded on early models, BrandB branded on late models" or finally do the same but just keep Brand A on the title (while keeping same description) since it is always Brand A on the box art?

Je teste les eaux, d'un coup qu'y aille du monde icitte qui voudraient avoir une place pour s'jaser en français.

Bon je vais essayer d'écrire d'une manière moins Québécoise pour atteindre un niveau de langue (et de compréhension) un peu plus général(e) pour la communauté internationale  ;)

En bref, étant donné que tout le monde ici parlent anglais, je suis curieux de savoir qui d'autre à part moi parlent le français sur le forum. Ça fait vachement du bien d'écrire en français pour une fois, et qui sait, peut-être ne suis-je pas le seul? Sinon ça pourrait servir de discussion pour ceux et celles souhaitant pratiquer et enrichir cette langue car je suis certain que, à défaut de ne pas être francophone de naissance, il doit au moins forcément avoir certains d'entre vous qui sachent la parler comme étant une langue seconde, voire voudrait la pratiquer/enrichir. Je crée cette discussion un peu par curiosité mais aussi pour le plaisir de pouvoir écrire en Français, et apprécier ce don qu'est de connaître la langue de Molière!

N'hésitez-pas à répondre en français, même s'il n'est pas parfait, même si t'écris avec un osti d'gros d'accent du Québec comme eul mien, ou même en anglais! Il me fera plaisir de discuter avec vous en français que ce soit de sujets divers ou même pour vous aider dans votre apprentissage de la langue!


I'm testing the waters on a French speaking thread. I took a look at the forum rules and didn't see anything about not speaking english on the forums, but feel free to reply in English in this topic if you wish so. My goal isn't to alienate non-french speakers, but rather to see who here speaks French, have a discussion about the french language (even in English if you prefer) and also help those who wish to learn / improve their French. If this thread somehow breaks a rule (by being mostly in French), I am sorry.

Video Game Database Discussion / Xbox 360 / Xbox One Cross-platform games
« on: February 22, 2021, 08:39:18 pm »
In what category should these games be listed under? I'm talking about games that have the Xbox One box type but with both Xbox One and Xbox 360 logos on it. In this instance, what is priorised? Should we list it under Xbox 360 since these games originally came out on 360, or should it be Xbox One since they have the XBONE box type and are playable on that console as well? Or a brand new category?


Any idea what this is and where it comes from? I picked this in a lot I bought from some random lady, cover art does not look to have been printed by a regular printer, yet it's slightly less detailed than what I'm used to with legit 360 box art. Back art looks like a regular retail release but there is no barcode. There is a disc inside, looks like a normal Minecraft X360 disc but I have not tested it yet. There is no manual, and this box is not a regular green 360 box.

Video Game Database Discussion / Database upload bug?
« on: November 21, 2020, 03:02:50 pm »
I tried uploading a new item to the database but weirdly it only created empty entries. Tried twice and it failed twice. Some sort of bug perhaps?

Video Game Database Discussion / A quite weird Patapon (PSP) release
« on: December 30, 2019, 10:18:49 am »
Take a look at this Patapon release:

That's a factory sealed copy. See that "Favourites" label? That's actually a sticker OVER the seal. Ok so maybe there's still the same label under the seal right? Take a better look:

Oh... so it's a Greatest Hits release then? But why is the box side not red like literally all Greatest Hits releases? So... perhaps that counts as a black label release?? This is by far the most confusing release I've ever come across. Should I upload this as a regular release, a Greatest Hits release or a Favourites release? Or better yet, should it be Patapon - Greatest Favourites Black Label Hits Canadian Frankenstein?

I need help for this one.

SCEA Employee: So, what release should we make for Patapon?
SCEA Boss: Yes.

Video Game Database Discussion / Xbox Magazine Demo Discs
« on: November 08, 2019, 07:07:48 pm »
There are two types of Xbox Magazine demo discs, the ones that come in a thin plastic box and those that just come in some cardboard.

Our database is completely out of order. There is no indication of which are the small cardboard editions and which are the larger plastic case editions. I'm about to list a ton of them on the database so I would like to know what should we use to differ between the two Xbox magazine demo disc formats?

Site Feedback / Submit New Item button missing
« on: May 11, 2019, 07:47:14 pm »
I just logged on to continue uploading the games that I own which are not in the database and I've noticed a new "Currently Playing" tab which I guess is an okay idea but the button under my profile logo to submit new items is gone. What is going on? How can I submit new items now?

General / This kid on Ebay is hilarious! XD
« on: April 28, 2019, 06:05:41 pm »
Today, as I was re-checking my collection I realised that my jewel case of GTA Vice City for PC comes in a "big box" with inserts and all sort of stuff that I don't have. So I'm on Ebay, looking for a big-box release of Vice City to replace my "loose" copy, and then come across one only 500 km away from me (I live in Canada so here that's not that much). I ask the guy if he has all the inserts and stuff and to take a picture of the box if possible. Then I get this reply:

Yep, my mom takes the pictures for me and she used my templete for used and not sealed.

So, the game was sealed 2 minutes ago.

I opened it and everything is there. The jewel case is obviously sealed. It has the tourist guide and the map. Everything including the registration card.

I should not have opened it but I just wanted to be sure for you.

Have a look at the attached picture too.

Attached with this message, is this picture:

Yo, THAT KID OPENED A SEALED VICE CITY BIG BOX, THEN DROPPED THE CONTENTS ON THE FLOOR, AND JUST WENT "well f* it!" AND TOOK A PICTURE OF IT! I was laughing my ass off! I replied saying that I'll take it anyway, and proceeded to pay the item at full price. Obviously he's just a kid who doesn't know what he's doing, so I'm not mad at him, I just think it's really funny XD

That's what happens when people take my advice too literally when I ask for more pictures! Have a nice evening from Canada!  ;D

I am creating this thread to discuss how we should name the "Latin" games in the database. Those are games that have the box art in 3 languages, (English, French and Spanish), and they all have an "L" at the end of their game number (example: BLUS-31393L).

I have 5 of those games in my collection, and they're all PS3 releases. Here are pictures of them:

Watch_Dogs (Signature Edition) and FarCry 3 (Signature Edition) are already in our database, and after some digging, those latin versions appear to be the only releases of the Signature Editions, so we can ignore them for now, since we don't need to add a TLD to their name. However, Call Of Duty: World At War, FarCry Compilation and Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows already exist in US format, and the "Latin" versions that I own are not in our database. So let's discuss what official TLD we should give to those releases.

Video Game Database Discussion / PEGI Xbox 360 game... in NTSC??
« on: March 29, 2019, 06:48:31 pm »
I just made the weirdest video game find of my life. I just bought this copy of Fallout 3 - Game Of The Year Edition for Xbox 360 and it's a NTSC version... but with PEGI ratings!

*surprised pikachu*

I've never seen anything like this before. Have you guys ever seen a NTSC game with PEGI ratings before?

Link to the pictures:

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