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i stay in perpetual burnout not going to lie.
i continue to buy because i honestly prefer the act of hunting and buying games.
when i get stressed, i buy things. it's counterintuitive when half the stress is monetary issues, but even then, i feel like buying vidya is a better investment than buying junk food and shit (which, yes, i have done as well, buying $20+ in junk food that was gone in the next couple days tops, which i always regret immensely). i hate buying consumables, it stresses me out more, so... so yea it's counterintuitive sometimes, but i get my bills paid and scrape by. if i'm gonna buy shit to de-stress... might as well be something i won't see disappear.

i don't play a lot. i wish i could play 5+ hrs a day, but the reality is, is i don't.

i actually HAVE sold my collection before, though, back when i hit the 100 milestone the first time. i regret it (a lot of fucking great shit in that pile, ugh, including a lot of expensive and rare GCN titles) but at the time i didn't. it actually put me back down into the range of ~20-30 titles, which felt 'manageable'. if anything, half the reason i burnout so much on games is when i look at my backlog, i feel overwhelmed. 300 games, many of which i've not touched tbh, and it gets overbearing. "what do i even start with?" is a horribly nagging feeling i feel which results in me touching nothing and doing something else. i procrastinate my backlog.

i enjoy games when i push past that and play them.
but it's the process of pushing past the depression and burned out feeling and procrastination that keeps me not playing games sometimes for months at a time.
it's a product of 'all or nothing' mentality... it's hard to break that mentality.

General / Re: What are you playing?
« on: July 07, 2016, 03:46:30 pm »
<blockquote rel="desocietas">I got my new Android phone</blockquote>

@desocietas you did remember to download this amazing game collecting app by VGCollect right?

i downloaded it but it crashes when i try to search for things(((
nice to have a word-list tho. easily accessible when i'm out. too bad search function and my phone hate one another lol

on topic: happy home designer, disgaea 4 vita and kinda dragon's dogma

Off Topic / Re: Which do you like best, Beef or Milk?
« on: July 07, 2016, 03:43:23 pm »
neither tbh.

i do like vanilla cashew milk tho, both unsweetened and sweetened versions. can't cook with it though.
but it's really fucking good in cinnamon toast crunch lmao.

o wait, does cheese count? because cheese is great. does that count as milk? because if so then milk i guess.

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: July 07, 2016, 03:36:48 pm »
daz cute, getting work off for a flash flood warning heheh.

It flash floods here a lot, I see the warning and I'm just like "I get it, it's raining, go away"

I've never had trouble getting to or from anywhere during a flash flood here.  I even live in a flood zone.
yeah, during the rainy season where i live they happen every afternoon and i'm like
ye boi maybe the roads will clear out a bit, i needed to buy shit.

Legit envious of the blinx 2 find

Classic Video Games / Re: How many do you consider to many games?
« on: July 06, 2016, 08:19:32 pm »
having a bunch of random shitty games for the sake of having a collection 'artificially' inflated (quantity over quality) but then

i have fucking a bug's life on ps1 lmao
and i got it for a dollar and i just couldn't say no to a dollar lmao.

and i'll admit i see full NES collections and get jelly af even tho i don't ever ever ever want a full nes library because it's 80% trash.
if i saw a full wii collection i'd be jelly too, even tho that shit is 95% trash.

so idk. on one hand i think it's worthless and 'too much' and on the other i think it's the coolest damn shit... maybe it's just my age.

like i could say 'alphaomegasin has too many damn games' and i know he'll never play half of them no less complete them... but some people collect bottle caps, yo, and you can't use those for shit. my grandfather has so many bottle caps (gonna rob his ass if fallout becomes irl, sorry pops) but that's just what he... DOES. my grandmother has sea shells. hundreds of thousands of shells.
so yeah, i want to say there is a 'too much' but i know how 'the itch' works. sometimes i get 'the itch' to play a truly god-awful game, or a complete piece of trash shovelware for the lulz, or a specific shitty game, or whatever.
so having some trash games in the collection is never too bad an idea.

basically, too hard to say.

pawn shop here sells ps3 titles for $5.
went in looking for a second monitor, which i got... they said there was a problem with it, but i have no idea what that could be. the colour is a bit fucked but idgaf. they said the dvd won't eject... ejects for me. $20... 19" HD monitor, dvd player built in... fuck ye.

the ps3 titles i got were sacred 2 and armored core v.
almost got FFXIII too, but i didn't really have the cash.
pawn shop is win.

half the vita library lmao

Off Topic / Re: Dory or Larry the Lobster?
« on: July 06, 2016, 07:51:15 pm »
larry all day.

Modern Video Games / Re: wii u game prices
« on: July 06, 2016, 03:54:43 am »
Yeah Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 are like 50 bucks on Amazon too, so they have dropped.  I think it depends on how well a game does and how popular it is.  I feel like Nintendo regularly sells more of their big first party games, so they consistently stay higher than others.  No one gives two damns about Call of Duty after like the first 6 months, but if you buy a Nintendo console, you are gonna be buying these specific games and it's mostly just with their first party titles.  Just as much, stores like Gamestop keep the prices high, just because they can until it becomes a problem for them with competition and they have to drop it.

The good thing is that the Wii U library will be pretty small for collector's to deal with.  I'm sure there are those that can specify the exact number, but according to a reddit post I found, dated 6 months ago, there were only 141 physical releases.  Addin say two dozen since then, and it's not even reaching two hundred.  By the time it ends, it could be a smaller library than the Nintendo 64 which is nearly 300.

i can buy those games used for $46 from my local shop but it's still really high for a game out for a year or two (and still in print, mind you, obvs i know older games can sometimes go for way more, and even some wii u titles are going for way more, but those are out of print)

the talk of system-exclusive competition makes sense tho i guess. eurgh.
i guess most people do only have one console but the demographics of gaming is shifting and there is no way i'm the only person who barely looks at that section because the prices just never seem to drop so there's no reason to look...

Modern Video Games / Re: wii u game prices
« on: July 06, 2016, 02:01:06 am »
super mario 3d world came out years ago, and is still sitting at $60, and i doubt it's still flying off the shelves at anything but a snail's crawl at this point.
you will always have late entries to a console, but holding the value of a game at $60 for its entire life for those stragglers is kinda ridic to me.

Super Mario 3D World has been at 20 bucks for a few months now because it's a Nintendo Select.  I just sold if for 10 bucks in the marketplace lol

my local walmart lied to me then ~.~

still, it's about time.
(and still way overdue)

Modern Video Games / wii u game prices
« on: July 06, 2016, 12:14:03 am »
kinda an awkward question but
let's talk wii u game prices for a bit.

bringing this up because the prices for the games don't seem to decrease. they're not budging, even though i doubt they're ~flying off the shelves at high demand~ or whatever.
every time i do bring it up people say "well they're still selling at that price" but it's the wii u, a horribly unbought console (that windwaker version sat at gamestop for months and you might be able to still buy it at some locations, 'selling well' and 'wii u' never fits in the same sentence) with a high attachment rate... which would conclude most buyers of a game have already bought the game they want.
(i think i'm seeing ~6 games/wii u?)

i could talk about the financials behind this not helping the wii u's case, being that you can buy a ps4/xbone for a higher entry fee, but the cost of games is lower across the board if you're willing to wait half a year (sometimes less or more, depending) and you'll have more people to play with and what-not, but that's not the point i'm trying to make.

anyway, as much as i'd like to collect for wii u, i still have a ps3 and i have a ps4 to buy for, and i'd rather have bulk than one game i'm not 100% sure i'll be playing for a long while.
(and as a collector, without endless cash)

i'm just thinking... why are none of the prices going down?

super mario 3d world came out years ago, and is still sitting at $60, and i doubt it's still flying off the shelves at anything but a snail's crawl at this point.
you will always have late entries to a console, but holding the value of a game at $60 for its entire life for those stragglers is kinda ridic to me.

i know to some degree retailers have control over this cost but every retailer has the prices frozen for these games... and as much as i'd enjoy having mk8 or ssb4 on my shelf, i can't justify it when i have a 3DS, PS3, PS4 and vita as well.

will those games ever lower in cost? or nah?

my thoughts are kinda scrambled but uh

hyperdimension neptunia anyone?
iffy seems to love pumping neptunia side-games out like candy, i could totally see it happening if they were approached.

speaking of UIs i think both ps4 and xbone's UIs are kinda meh
they really need to let us customise those damn game lists because once you have more than a few games it just gets really kinda messy to look at and idk
my OCD can't stand the 'recently played' set up PS4 has

i can say i want an xbone for a couple reasons but i think i'll end up agreeing with your list of pros/cons there if i get one (and that'll be a hellishly long time before i cave because broke lmao)
it seems a lumbering as the size of the console (and power brick lmaooo), with the updates and such.

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: July 05, 2016, 09:29:07 pm »
Ugh, I'm not looking forward to this afternoon. I have to be out in the heat for 4 hours for my work. And here in sunny Redding, CA; it's over 100 degrees on a regular basis this time of the year. I'll be melting.
shit son i know this feel
i deliver, but my car has no ac. it's a del sol, so at least all the windows go down and i could pop the targa top off
but it's hot as balls out there and i have an incubator bag right next to me.

i get pissed off at times just because it's so hot.
working in a 90F kitchen doesn't help but it's hella better than the 105F it's been outside lately.

good luck and drink a lot of water, man.

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