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<-- Look at dear Peacock over here!!

i guess it helps you're doing niche work, not a flooded market like digital art. the mentality of 'work for free til you make it' is there, too, it's just really, really oversaturated and flooded and bad. people willingly work for third world country labour costs and it's just godawful. i don't see it ever turning around. on the flip side, oddly enough, furaffinity's prices are way higher, and when people try to 'break' the economy there, they get shouted at.

Ouch! Right in the talent, yeah if anyone hadn't noticed, I'm an artist too working on DeviantArt as well.  Granted I'm not getting anywhere near enough traffic or attention to try making any money from it, guess it's nice just to build up a portfolio

it sucks but it's reality.
my drawings aren't that fantastic (profile pic is a little sketch i did one night in prolly 20 minutes, but it's an example of my work vs the prices i mentioned) but devart is really awful for those who draw and want to make cash. one digital artist i knew of just moved almost solely to FA because of dA's cheap-ass buyers. he does much better there, selling out within a day or two when he opens up, whereas dA is kinda crickets.
i didn't mean to offend by any of that tho, sorry

went spelunking into thrift stores today because... because, i guess.

was a good day to, apparently, as i found a bunch of $1 pc (and a couple ps1) games complete
got really excited over the max payne... with the mousepad still in the box. noice.

max payne (with mousepad) (PC)
unreal tournament 2004 cib (PC)
...UT2004's box had unreal 2's discs in there, and unreal's manual, too, so that was cool.
namco museum vol 1 (PS1)
a bug's life (ps1)
half-life (PC)
quake ii (PC)
tetris worlds (PC)

spent $7 on these

i ALMOST had a tony hawk and battlefield game on ps3, but the goodwill had wisened up to games coming in and had priced them at like $6. i ain't buying games i don't want for $6.

this haul broke me into 300+ territory. awww yis. onto 500 i go~

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Listing Errors 2016
« on: July 05, 2016, 09:06:40 pm »
this is the NA box on the EU version

i don't know the actual EU cover but gamefaqs has this:
which looked at first glance fake as hell but then i googled that xplosiv shit on the side and it looks legit (there are other games with the same)
should i submit the edit with that?
either way it is wrong

Classic Video Games / Re: Master System, Who Collects For It?
« on: July 05, 2016, 04:17:07 am »
seems sooo hard to collect for
the local retro shop near me VERY rarely gets SMS games in.
and i've never seen a console in my life.

General / Re: Video game contests
« on: July 05, 2016, 02:15:53 am »
aughhh i'm so awful with graphic design. no way i'd win and honestly, $500 when they make profit on my art is... not...

i really don't feel comfortable with the idea of "you can make profit off my stuff" and i have a feeling that in the small print on that, they probably say they hold rights to the art even post-contest and are allowed to use it whenever they want (even if you don't win anything).
winning $10k would be so maddeningly nice rn, need it for surgeries i can't afford, but if you don't win and there's no guarantee they won't pull a "we hold rights blah blah we have the right to use content however we please" then it just seems like a massive scam (except for the, what? 3? 5? 12? people who win/are runner ups). there's a reason most artists have in commission contracts 'NOT allowed to use commissions for COMMERCIAL profit'.
raises a lot of red flags. ugh.

yikes, actually looking into it gets worse.

> Contest participants must cover the cost of producing their designs on their own.

not sure if they mean they're not paying for materials, or if they mean cost of site listing or what. seems really vague.

> UNIQLO Co Ltd will retain all rights of the artwork (designs) submitted to the contest. *All rights to Pokémon are managed by the Pokémon Company.


> Use Adobe Illustrator 10.0 and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (older versions of these software packages are also acceptable).

they've said about a dozen times they can alter the designs how they see fit.
they expect to get layer copies.

this whole thing reeks to me of artist scam and fishing for free profit. keep in mind they are demanding photoshop docs... that is, copyright is a pretty flimsy law in accordance with artists and their art as-is, and with enough edits, companies can (and have, hot topic is actually really notorious for this) get away with reselling someone's (stolen, highly edited) work.
freaks me out way too much. artists who work for commercial products usually demand a really high price if not a cut of royalties. ie, for every 100 pieces sold x% of profit.
(and i normally post my stuff to anon image boards and whatnot for free with no watermark, i don't really care but this is really obvious what could happen here)

i'll pass.
as for the 2DS, i might do that, but that uniqlo one reeks of the kind of thing that tumblr and deviantart users would normally start spreading PSAs about avoiding being scammed. no joke. it's setting off all the alarms.

>     Yes. We accept applications regardless of the applicants' age, gender, nationality, etc.

pretty sure this is illegal.
pretty sure there are laws that state one has to be 13...? to enter a contest involving cash like this, or have parental signatures and stuff. i could be wrong, but this seems to clash with the digital millennium protection act and some other laws. like i said, i could be wrong but...

i mean, it seems legit otherwise but mmmm.
i'll pass.

just wanted to say it's refreshing to see someone on devart NOT underselling their stuff by a huge margin.
it's a huge problem there for us digital artists (seriously... 5+ hr full colour prints going for like $25...) so it's refreshing as hell to see someone not like
"oh it's 20 in tall but ye $5 will do lmao"

i have interest in a couple of the games but i'm broke... i lit just paid my rent 2 hrs ago, so until my next cheque...
good luck, but i mainly just wanted to say good job not underselling your stuff.

This kind of stuff can be so time consuming, I couldn't see getting rid of them for less with just the material and time spent.  Like even the smaller Overwatch ones generally take a few hours to make.  I worked out a basic price of time/material per 1000 beads, so everything is pretty consistent and worth my time.  I probably do slightly undersell compared to more professional types, like those who do conventions, but it's not exactly a science since most people aren't selling the bigger ones usually.  Lots of smaller, quicker to make, ones.  Though I did hear about someone selling the DVA Overwatch Sprite I'll be making soon at a convention for like 95 bucks, and it's half the size of the Mega Man I'm selling, so I don't know lol As long as I'm making money to buy more beads and have a little extra, I'm mostly cool with it.

I do know what you mean though.  Some people turn into like laser printers, selling digital art pieces for nothing, pumping out a bunch in a week, but then you tend to find those artists burning out pretty hard.  I imagine eventually that'll have to change.

deviantart has been massively underselling for... for a long time. the prices have gone down some, yes, but finding entirely done (sketch, ink, colour, photoshop edits) drawings for $20 has been 'a thing' on the site since i was a younger teen... at least a decade now. worse, some people undershooting are traditional artists. yikes.
it's a shame, because the economy bottomed out and i don't see it ever recovering. worse, still, people draw for the points, which for a while couldn't be converted to real currency... it was a real mess.
even i hopped on, selling a chibi commish for $15... it took 8 hours (high detailed, sketch/line/colour). so basically, 1.90$ an hour. (comparatively, i had done a ~60 hr piece one time, and was offered ~$1k for it, or $16/hr, irl)

honestly, if i ever went back to that market, it'd be a sketch for $20. that takes about an hour or two.

as for other people's prices, commission prices are notoriously higher than commish prices because they have to pay for the table and such, and honestly, if you feel it's fair vs your demand vs hours worked, then it's a good price.
but a lot of digital artists know they're being scammed out of their hard work, but the economy is such that "oh, you won't do it for crumb pay? then whatever, i'll find someone who will"
i guess it helps you're doing niche work, not a flooded market like digital art. the mentality of 'work for free til you make it' is there, too, it's just really, really oversaturated and flooded and bad. people willingly work for third world country labour costs and it's just godawful. i don't see it ever turning around. on the flip side, oddly enough, furaffinity's prices are way higher, and when people try to 'break' the economy there, they get shouted at.

just for the explanation on what made the economy bottom out there. it's vvvv nuanced (the points system, a flooded and oversaturated market, expected prices bottomed out and so on) and i'm probably missing some details (i didn't go into that site patreon, which has helped a lot of artists out), but yeah.
as long as you don't fall in the trap and adjust as your demand goes up if it does, you should be good as gold man. it's just nice to see 'deviantart' and 'decent wages' in the same post for once haha. those beads aren't too expensive from what i saw online, at least, tho i don't know the hours you put into it.

General / Re: The Top 10 Most Wanted Items on Your Wishlist
« on: July 04, 2016, 11:40:14 pm »
i'm not big on making ACTUAL wishlists because i forget to update them, so i don't use the wishlist function of this site, or the gamestop app, or whatever. sometimes i might (i DO have something in my wishlist here...) but i forget about it.
and i kinda like the blind-buying aspect of hunting too sue me.

but a vvvv temp one... i suppose i can build that easy enough?

1. sola to robo (DS) [there is a shop here that has this all the time, but NEVER complete, it's really upsetting to see the cover photocopied, then upon getting closer, realising it's a scan of boxart... really fucking frustrating]
2. advance wars dual strike (DS)
3. advance wars days of ruin (DS)
4. soul nomad and the world eaters (PS2)
5. okami HD physical (PS3) ...the asian one with english subtitles... black label.
6. kicks amiibo
7. complete hyperdimension neptunia collection (and preferably, all collector's editions, but fat chance of that...)
8. ikaruga (GCN or dreamcast or both)
9. full Tales of collection
10. full pokemon collection

Classic Video Games / Re: Do you lend your games?
« on: July 04, 2016, 11:26:52 pm »
absolutely not
i even hated lending things to my ex because he would deny case damage that wasn't there before he got them
and i always watched him break up weed on the nearest game case to him and it made me cringe ugh

i had to rebuy harvest moon back to nature because my aunt borrowed it, and my brother borrowed my genesis and a couple games, and i'll never get them back now that i've been booted out of the fambam.
i'm too flighty and things happen in my life too much for me to be friendly about letting people borrow games. i almost lost a number of them to my ex too, but i recovered them, fortunately.

it really bothers me to let people borrow my stuff. even my ps2 controller has a giant knife slash on the bottom of it from some mishap via my ex.

so yeah, no, i'll never lend a game again.
and anyway, i'm not a rental service. when i lived with a roommate, i let him play some games, but i handled them, and he only got ps3 discs from me... i refused to let the case leave. before i moved i made sure all the games were in their cases, too. ps3 games are pretty hard to scratch, so that was whatever, and he normally only wanted to play AAA titles or games not worth a lot anyway, so it was whatever. my ex, i kinda converted him to a niche gamer/semi-collector, but he was still just not gentle with cases and it pissed me off. but it meant he wanted to play my niche games a lot, and ughhh.
between my ex using my collection like a library service, and my ex-roommate using my room like a giant free best buy (at one point he had 3 of my USB cables and my ps3 power cable ???) i'm now just closed for a service i was never open for in the first place.

General / Re: Gaming Resolutions for 2016
« on: July 04, 2016, 11:18:29 pm »
play more vidya
get more collector's editions of vidya i want

not too hard
i'd say 'buy more vidya' but i'm constantly broke and i really, really need to save up for some other vvv important things.

just wanted to say it's refreshing to see someone on devart NOT underselling their stuff by a huge margin.
it's a huge problem there for us digital artists (seriously... 5+ hr full colour prints going for like $25...) so it's refreshing as hell to see someone not like
"oh it's 20 in tall but ye $5 will do lmao"

i have interest in a couple of the games but i'm broke... i lit just paid my rent 2 hrs ago, so until my next cheque...
good luck, but i mainly just wanted to say good job not underselling your stuff.

General / Re: Game Room Pics
« on: July 04, 2016, 10:31:13 am »
my apartment is hella dark

from top to bottom tho

i live in a studio apartment tho so the set up looks bad and isn't really complete, i have things to move around and posters to put up still so
this is all gonna be outdated (it already is, doesn't include odin sphere and grand kingdom and a handful of others)

also a cameo of my japanese nintendo dream animal crossing new leaf guide. it has pictures of every item in the game... got it before the game came to the states, before there were internet databases of the items in game (which weren't complete for about a year after the game landed here)

General / Re: Intro thread
« on: July 03, 2016, 08:32:56 pm »
never made a post here cause intro forums usually aren't my jam but ye

ahhh i got into collecting around... idk, age 15 or so? around 2008/2009.
i'm 23 in a week now... but collection is pretty small because life circumstances over time makes me have to sell some games here and there, you know.
(especially when i was younger, now it's last resort type deals)
i'll admit i'm more of a modern collector, if only because retro games are hella expensive and i can't afford them

i got into collecting due to feelings of 'inadequacy', tbh. i'm not good at games, but i enjoy them, and being a gamer who sucks at games with nothing to back up their cred kinda sucks, so instead of being all 'imma git gud' i was just like
*pours a fountain of cash into game stores and flea markets lmao*
i guess i suffer from inadequacy complex lmao, but i like collecting them (probably more than playing... oops)

i live in poverty these days, and no one buys me games, so it's slow coming but i persist. i have to be choosy, i guess, i miss out on a lot of CEs and stuff i'd love to have, but that's all right.

as for games i do like, i like games with cute things in them. usually when i have to answer 'what's your favourite kind of game' my response will usually be 'if it doesn't have cute girls i don't play it'.
i also like chill games.
i don't play multiplayer and i don't play online.


also my psnprofile is lacking a lot because most of my trophies synced to the wrong account when i hooked back up to the internet after months of no internet, so a lot of them got lost to the void, haha.

my, eh, proudest purchase so far is the hyperdimension neptunia re;birth 1 collector's edition... 1/1000, and i love it. very happy i nailed that one. gone in a few seconds that night.

Took advantage of Gamestop's B2G1 and got some cheaper, more obscure PS3 titles. Working towards 200 PS3 games in my collection by year's end, getting fairly close with 6-months to go.

Also found Halo Wars and Halo Anniversary for $2 a piece.

Ahh nice! How long are they doing the sale this time? I'd like to go check it out if it's still going on.

july 2-3 only ???
idk why it's not very long.

i saw it on my app earlier

Classic Video Games / Re: The top 5 games that defined your childhood
« on: July 03, 2016, 07:01:04 am »
pokemon blue (and silver) - pokemon is the main reason i put my effort into reading, i couldn't read til i was ~7, and pokemon is what motivated me, because i could barely play it without reading. and my brother got annoyed by inventory management for me lmao. also got me into drawing.
super mario rpg - first jrpg and i thought it was THE SHIT. imagine my surprise when there was a whole genre dedicated to gameplay like this game.
tetris attack - bro and i spent a lot of time... by the time we were adults i would sweep the floor with him on this damn game. my cousin and her fiance and my ex and his brothers would sit and honestly couldn't keep up with what we were doing. good times. i almost attempted the hard mode speed run on this one, actually... then i decided not to when i looked it up and knew i'd not beat the... 9 minute run time? something like that.
yoshi's island - by the time i was 9 i could beat the entire game after school by the time my dad got home
animal crossing (gcn) - taught me how to type, got me through a lot of late-childhood trauma and spawned my love for the series. i still have my first town all the way from 2003? 2004? on a mem card.

i had a snes for the first 8 years, then an n64, then a gcn when i was 10.
and a ps2 when i was 14.
i'd say childhood 'ended' for me at ~12, a lot of shit started happening in my life

honorary mentions to super mario kart, super mario world, harvest moon back to nature, pokemon stadium and 2, the lion king SNES, sim city 4, rollercoaster tycoon and 2, mario kart double dash, blinx the time-sweeper

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: July 02, 2016, 03:32:38 am »
on the other hand it finally updated and hit my town, so tbh, it should be here by saturday, i hope.
if not today.

FINALLY got a tracking update, so much relief.

If it's anything like my postal deliveries, once they hit the local post office and up until about 8:00AM, items will be delivered before the end of that day.  Glad to hear the tracking finally updated. 

ayyeee i got it today))
hoping for a good day off to start, i hear it's pretty in-depth and has a learning curve.

the goodies are all great though, no damage.
so much relief.
anxiety is a bitch and it's ridiculous

edit: actually, i just realised and am slamming my head now for not asking before now. i might hit up gamefaqs if no one knows but
does grand kingdom have any 'mandatory' day one patches? obvs it'll play but i mean, were any game-breaking bugs patched out? because if so, i'm going to be waiting about a month to tackle the game, which sucks, but ps4 and all.
not having a good internet connection sucks as a modern gamer. 0/10 do not recommend.

but yeah, i'll go look into it via google or w/e later but i figure i could ask and be lazy too LOL

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