Wii Sports Box Art
Wii Sports Box Art

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Wii Sports

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Developer(s): Nintendo
Platform: Wii [EU]
Genre: Sports
Rating: PEGI - 7 (Europe)
Item Number: RVL-RSPP-UKV
Barcode: 045496362119
Release Date: December 12 2006
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
08-31-2020 faalagorn Barcode 045496362119
08-31-2020 faalagorn Item Number RVL-RSPP-UKV
07-30-2019 xtremexmadnes Rating 19
10-24-2011 kirbysuperstar Created

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5everence Message
64bitjoker Message
aaronhibbett123 Message
acidonia150 Message
adam143 Message
akame26 Message
akome Message
alexxii Message
alienface Message
alphavolta Message
andrewpk200 Message
andzerx Message
angust Message
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barrythesprout Message
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bbenouille Message
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BenjiBrew Message
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bjnfs Message
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bok04 Message
braixtomp654 Message
brandonjoshhh Message
brecht Message
bubusquid Message
bvanvliet86 Message
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chillistills Message
chipsgravy Message
chrismb Message
chrombart Message
citizenwho Message
clem1 Message
cobold Message
cogo Message
collectorofprettythings Message
consoledestroy60 Message
cosmironic Message
cracktheskye Message
cttlsnk Message
CyberCocktail Message
cyclone Message
dadoc1981 Message
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danteryuzaki Message
dariovaccaro Message
darvds Message
deankind Message
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demichel93 Message
deuxbot Message
devilspooky Message
dexterzol Message
DeZAde Message
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dillsta Message
diztar Message
djanrboiz Message
djzooi Message
docgroove Message
docsarcastic Message
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drgrindcore Message
drowsyalpaca Message
drunkenm666 Message
dtp7joga Message
duffadash Message
eclipserino Message
egor305 Message
elshortfuse Message
elttsi Message
embryodave Message
ev3rt Message
everso94 Message
evilgeten Message
exilfaker Message
eythia Message
faalagorn Message
facine Message
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farhan0161 Message
fedrow Message
fishishish Message
fixumi Message
foobear Message
forgreatjustice Message
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fredperry Message
genesect Message
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gilsond Message
goemie1337 Message
gouken Message
greensoap Message
grizzle Message
grotenfrod Message
guasavy Message
guntherr Message
haksulaiman Message
halle89 Message
Harbsch Message
haxsaix Message
hb1981 Message
heavymetalheart Message
hecluro Message
hekivec Message
helterwiiter7475 Message
henriklinz Message
hepodix Message
hermanboss Message
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howkudyou Message
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hungrypanic Message
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igowit Message
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jab2004 Message
jakaan Message
jamieheartman Message
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jimi44 Message
jimmystolz Message
jjmaia Message
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joefoley007 Message
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kevinreid Message
kingsta Message
kirbysuperstar Message
kklsid Message
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lemurdon Message
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levee Message
lgndrygamefreak Message
ligufi Message
link90 Message
linusisac Message
lirhya Message
lismatt Message
lobst3r Message
LoganCZ Message
lostsoul Message
lovatic1995 Message
luigidaweb Message
lukethomas Message
lukethomas Message
luni Message
lyndonbaldwin Message
m0x50 Message
ma6ddy Message
magicalwalrus Message
magnadood Message
magott666 Message
makkan Message
mandrake43 Message
manemogeek Message
maniac Message
mardo2 Message
markellis26 Message
markus Message
maronbeere Message
martn Message
mastafafik Message
mastershortpants Message
maybuz Message
mdsca13 Message
mhn3a Message
michaelcampbell Message
michaelhs Message
miniben Message
minibit Message
mizzy Message
mommi Message
morkee Message
MozLaPunk Message
mrgamer Message
mrmarionetta Message
mrtoon Message
mystemo Message
nachomol Message
nan Message
naudogeo Message
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numing Message
nutsy Message
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originalblue Message
orkana1 Message
oshaboy Message
oxymoronclaws Message
Ozz Message
pandacool Message
pandora68 Message
panella Message
panste Message
paptschik Message
PaRaP Message
paroleen Message
patours Message
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pokefreak123 Message
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pugach87 Message
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Quid Message
r3dh3r0 Message
ragnarokday Message
randomencounteryork Message
rasielfox92 Message
rasmustom Message
raymanx11 Message
rcadeglasgow Message
realpoketendonl Message
reapertuga Message
reggiamoto Message
rellix Message
renato Message
RetroKult Message
retrolotti Message
retromaker Message
retromino Message
RetroWolf Message
robob64 Message
robotriot Message
roivasalenko Message
ryanlcfc3 Message
sabaca Message
saccublenda Message
sadosamurai Message
samcrossette Message
sarahsboot Message
sashadarko Message
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scoobysi Message
scorp Message
sebb1453 Message
seboperti Message
segapit Message
shadowjoker Message
shanejoshuathomas Message
shuyette Message
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solo Message
speltinator Message
spikeyxx Message
spookygohappy Message
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stahlbeton Message
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Syarmakh Message
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sysasquatch Message
tabootay Message
tanner0259 Message
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tayelapoe Message
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tdj8922 Message
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zerogouki Message
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zockratte Message
zozoulini78 Message

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Username Message
asrt0208 Message

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Username Message
arthicho Message
blu Message
coben95 Message
dankorcz Message
gh0st Message
kamimak Message
lemonfreshsmurf Message
levikingperdu Message
mathias705 Message
totakek Message

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