Doom Box Art
Doom Box Art
Doom Box Art



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Estimated Value: $31.97 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Activision
Developer(s): David A. Palmer Productions
Platform: Game Boy Advance [NA]
Also on Platforms: 32X [AU] 32X [BR] 32X [CN] 32X [EU] 32X [JP] 32X [NA] 3DO [EU] 3DO [JP] 3DO [NA] GBA [EU] Jaguar [NA] PC - Digital PC Demo PC [EU] PC [EU] PC [NA] PS1 [EU] PS1 [JP] PS4 [BR] PS4 [EU] PS4 [JP] PS4 [NA] PSN (PS4) [EU] PSN (PS4) [NA] Saturn [BR] Saturn [EU] Saturn [JP] Saturn [NA] SNES [EU] SNES [NA] Steam Super Famicom [JP] Switch [AU] Switch [EU] Switch [JP] Switch [NA] UMD Video [NA] Xbox 360 Digital [EU] Xbox 360 Digital [NA] Xbox One Digital [EU] Xbox One [EU] Xbox One [JP] Xbox One [NA]
Genre: First-person Shooter
Rating: ESRB - T (US / Canada)
Item Number: AGB P ADME
Barcode: 047875802056
Release Date: October 27 2001
Description: Additional ID’s ─ Box art back: 80205.273.US; Cartridge: AGB-ADME-USA and 80205.133.US
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
04-23-2019 silverbow Cart/Disc/Media Art new
04-23-2019 silverbow Item Number AGB P ADME
04-23-2019 silverbow Description Additional ID’s ? Box art back: 80205.273.US; Cartridge: AGB-ADME-USA and 80205.133.US
03-06-2019 silverbow Description Additional ID: box art back ? 80205.273.US
03-06-2019 silverbow Description
03-06-2019 silverbow Barcode 047875802056
03-06-2019 silverbow Developer 3523
02-04-2015 badATchaos Back Box Art new
02-04-2015 badATchaos Front Box Art new
02-04-2015 badATchaos Item Number AGB-ADME-USA
02-04-2015 badATchaos Rating 4
02-04-2015 badATchaos Genre 6
02-04-2015 badATchaos Publisher 3
03-10-2008 NA Created

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