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The Sims 2 franchise on the PC was the king of the Sims game series in my own opinion, I think vary highly of the Sims 2 and it's PC spinoffs and expansion packs, but I realize today after all these years how evil the vary first the sims people simulator PC game franchise was, in terms of brutality, cruelty and even child abuse also having true satanic violence.

 In the sims 1 your people would live forever until you either burned them or drowsed them or starved them to death, However in the Sims 2 a lot of the screaming and violence of sim people is gone  a lot since the vary first series on the PC. The Metal Jesus On YouTube once told me how he does not like the sims series at all, and I can see why. the first series had vary creepy  bugs done on purpose to scare people believe it or not. one was an upside-down distorted head face I saw once during some playthroughs,

if you clicked on the distorted face the game used to crash, with no fix., in the sims 2 a lot of the violence was turned into more of a comedy and the sims 3 had some of the sims dying of a butt fire instead of a hellish inferno in the first. Now the 2nd in the series was also a ton more realistic then the first, and although some of the same from the first game went into the 2nd series

In the sims 2 the sims would still catch on fire but they would did not sound or appear to be in absolute agony unlike in the first the sims series, for example in the sims 1 you could even torture little children and even animals.

 but in the Sims 2 the fire would not even phase any of the animals thank god and the children too and the adults and elders would somewhat appear not the feel pain at all thank god. In the 1st the sims game sims would have naked sex, but in the 2nd they did it in their under ware under the covers in private.

You could still kill your created people on purpose, but the 2nd series was not as bad as the 1st one and the 2nd one is just overall a way better game then the first because you can do a lot more in the 2nd even with only the base game with no expansions installed.

The Sims 1 Vacation expansion pack even without sick people modding the game had suggestive corporal themes on the children that misbehaved on vacation although I never understood it.

I will admit the sims franchise is fun but now I HATE the first looking back on how it was created to be in terms of morality. yes the sims franchise can still be brutal but than again so is real life most of the time

The SIms 2 On the PC for the win :-\

(edit) I don't abuse the people in any of the sims games and the first game was horrible looking back on it from today.

Even with modern PC apps like Steam, I will admit that the emulation on modern day PC's is not the best for some games (edit) I did complain before but I am over that now

Still I've noticed a few flaws as well as positives about the retro steam app and it's games, first off? I still recommend both downloading games off both Steam and GOG's online website anyway, instead of forking over any money on a modern day console in which on the consoles the games can be taken away from you in the future, by game companies forcing you to download patches AND closing down the game servers required for you to download the game OR the patch in order to play the game.

but in PC gamer's past the same exact thing happen, in fact that is where console industry I believe  got the idea from the PC game developers.

I wanted to talk about games that you can download off Steam or GOG that are older games, and you're own experiences with them, here is my list of recommendable games from the Steam App

1: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition (genre) First and third person shooter *player can choose witch*
2: Duke Nukem 1 and 2
3: Raptor Call Of The Shadows
4: Strife
5: Quale 1 and Quake 2
6: Doom 64
7: Duke Nukem Manhattan Project 2D/3D Platformer
8: Death Rally
9: Heretic: Shadow Of The Serpent Riders
10: Hexen: Beyond Heretic
12: Hexen deathkings of the dark citadel
13: Hexen II
14: Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold
15: Blake Stone: Planet Strike
16: Wolfenstein 3D

Bad Experiences

1: Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack (reason) stock steam version is prone to crashing at random

2: Sim City 4 Deluxe edition (reason) stock steam version is prone to crashing at random

3: Viet Cong (reason) it's not the original game at all it's an entire new game just with an older games same exact name on it

There are actually a few games I consider myself at least good at here they are, what's yours's

and your also free to start a discussion about them if yours or mine if you wish

1: Duke Nukem 3D
2: Duke Nukem 1
3: Ultimate Doom
4: Doom II
5 Mostly all "Call Of Duty" games for tv game consoles
6: Tiger Woods PGA Tour Series
7: Halo Series
8: Corvette for original Xbox
9: The Sims Series
10: Roller Coaster Tycoon
11: True Crime Streets Of LA
12: Heretic Shadows Of The Serpent Riders

(details) for anyone who does not know VGcollect also has a it's own Facebook page, and some of the VGcollect Staff are also monitoring the VGcollect Facebook Page.

One time I contacted the VGcollect  staff on Facebook when the entire VGcollect website was not functioning, (AT ALL)  and I could not log into or even access in guest mode, but I still I could successfully connect to all other sites on the internet except VGcollect.

I think Staff should let all members of this site know that know if  in any case they lose or get locked out of their account for some reason, OR, cannot message or contact the people who run this site to try to use social media as another means to tell them what is going on.

Members and Staff  both need to read this post and thread carefully. Because if the crap hits the fan they need to know, or this site could be permanently damaged or even shutdown. by a malicious person or people that hate us.

Believe it or not, there are people in this world that destroy entire websites and or online community's without pay and only for their own pleasure's.

My life is hell and I even had my own websites closed down before, and all that hard work I put into them was lost, and I needed to start my  own site over again before in my life. :-\

.This Is only my opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

Unless I had unlimited room in my home or, or unlimited space on some hard drive. with many many open rooms of usable space? these are tons of video games alone I have no current interest in playing and defiantly not buying at this point in time in my life. What are some of your own?

and this list is not even a full 1% of all the games I'll make this list short

1: 99.9% of all original Nintendo Wii games
2: Strict Stealth Video games, Especially ones that have ultra sensitive detection in a close environment (I AM LOOKING AT YOU RED FACTION 1 FOR PS2)
3: Almost all Puzzle Games
4:  life like torture or realistic horror video games
5: 100% of ANY game where I am taking sexual advantage of someone ( believe it or not I have heard of one Japanese game like this I forget the name of)
6: Any Game that is not written in English language text
7: Toddler or games designed for young audiences
8: Games that are broken or don't work properly
9: Games that require fast reflexes or strict time limits to succeed at the lowest difficulty setting possible.

I have a religion (not gonna say to avoid to breaking the rules or starting a massive argument. I will live to and want to play, listen watch and memorize eventually every single media item, including all music, video games, books, board games, movie, shows and all other formats (ETC) both alone and with others.

Classic Video Games / Classic Heretic/Hexen Game Series Opinion Topic
« on: April 24, 2021, 06:05:00 am »

(a worthy note is that Hexen also has a Nintendo 64 port.)

Well I just played and beat the full game of "Heretic Shadow Of The Serpent Riders" and I absolutely LOVE this game, first off the quotes below are previous posts by members and staff of this forum about this series. First off? this game is what others have said below. Yes it's a First Person Shooter where you need to often find hidden areas in the game. That have switches you need to activate in order to move forward and get keys and stuff "Switch hunt"

But IF you use your map the game it's a lot easier not to get stuck. First off using "TAB" key on PC, allows you to see the level and where you have and have not been before.

(hint) use the F key to scroll around at the entire map without moving your character while in map mode.

and you need to use your map a TON is you want to beat this game without cheating, and No the map is not considered cheating. It's actually your best friend, in later levels. Especially in Episode 5's levels. You absolutely NEED to find most of the hidden areas, and secrets, to find all the keys and activate all the switches in order to advance.

This game series is An original DOOM clone. And it's a lot like Doom with a touch of Zelda. but not really that much Zelda ish. You have magical powers as well as projectiles to shoot at your foes. All the weapons are Fantasy. Like a magical crossbow, or a staff that shoots projectiles. and other weapons. the game is basically Doom, since you fight demon bad guys. But not the same demons as in the DOOM series. There is more blood and gore in "Heretic Shadow Of The Serpent Riders" than in original DOOM

If you want to play Heretic or most hexen games on the PC I highly recommend  you download all these Heretic/Hexen games and running them with the Zandronum Engine. Zandronum is a free to download engine for Windows and other OS's and it allows the game make proper usage out of the Keyboard and Mouse together rather than just the using just the keyboard.


1. Heretic: Shadow Of The Serpent Riders
2. Hexen: Beyond Heretic
3. Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel

not playable with Zandronum

Hexen II
Heretic II

Very fun campaign with slick production values, I enjoyed it. And best of all, Nathan Fillon was a voice-actor for one of the main characters! Still not quite as good as the main trilogy, though.

Heretic on PC.

Love the game. Just recently downloaded it off of Steam and it brought back a lot of nostalgia. From the looks of the map that shows in-between levels, though, the game seemed to skip one building. Is that normal, or is there something I have to do to get there?

I've since started HeXen, and despite all the improvements, I like Heretic better. I like the FPS style of gameplay it offered. There's too much melee combat in HeXen. Yeah, there's the mage, but it still doesn't feel the same. Oh well, it's still a fun game and I'm enjoying it as well.

Heretic episode 5 can get rekt. I now know why people complain that the game is a switch hunt, it is exactly what it is. That being said, the levels are amazingly constructed, especially for the Doom engine. I don't think I will go back to it, I think I'm done with Heretic. Onto Hexen.

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General / Video Game Collecting Dying Thoughts?
« on: April 18, 2021, 07:08:18 pm »
With the retro games being bought up by the masses and the modern gaming industry pushing all digital, what do you think will become of VGCOllect? I think if things keep going like they are today they will be nothing left, unless some new console replaces the modern stuff. I would not mind digital only games if there was a way I could keep and play the ones I bought for as long as I want to. But that is not the case.

PC is where it is at now, I believe PC is the best value for your money in a digital only environment. Consoles are turning into crap, and I think a modern console is a waste of money. Just look at what SONY might do the the PlayStation 4, now we need to buy a PlayStation 5 to play all of our PlayStation 4 games. I think PS3 has hope, due to less restrictions, unless SONY releases an update to somehow disable the PlayStation 3 and stop it from working at all.

I keep my PS3 and my Xbox360 offline because of this thought and I think we should all turn off our WIFI on our 7th generation video game consoles.

General / WCIF Where Can You Video Games That You Can Keep Thread
« on: April 16, 2021, 11:53:12 pm »
This is a thread for any type of video game that is not on a modern video game console, or a place to find games that you can hopefully purchase  in the future. Or download and can keep the game for as long as you want.

1: Any games that does not require a live stream, or internet connection to play or continue playing it.
2: Any games that you can buy physically or download and is fully playable out of the box.
3: any online PC game site or mod that you can either download or play (with the ability to put on a hard drive  or fit on a storage device for a later time.)
4: According to the forum rules on this site. we all are not allowed to post links to ROM's or Pirated software


I'll Just Start this with a minimal post, I want this to be a community effort

places I recommend to download PC games, and PC game console ports




1st one was Released in the year (May 23 2001) for the US PS2 (according to the datebase) and was made by THQ video game company.

This was an early PlayStation 2 game.

For those who never heard of the first game in this series, it was (as far as I know of) the vary first FPS game that had almost fully destructible game maps.
kind of like what the EA's DICE game engine was.

(Internet Quote)
DICE started development of the original Frostbite technology in April 2004 and subsequently used it in their first entry of the Bad Company series, Battlefield: Bad Company.

The levels inside Red Faction 1 and 2 were even more destructible that games like Duke Nukem 3D PC released in in 1996. if you shot a rocket launcher at a any wall in Red Faction 1 and 2 it would leave a giant hole in the wall. This games also has bot multiplayer if you cannot get into the single player campaign. I personally love the red faction 1 single player campaign but up until when I encountered what I once said about this game before on here.

Any game where you need to get stealthy in a 3D first or 3rd person camera angle environment. But As far as hours go it depends on how frustratingly difficult the game is, I usually drop a game when it becomes a choir to play.

Here is a whopper of a game that for me, went from all time favorite to I don't want to play this game again feeling.

Red Faction 1 for the PlayStation 2 where I played and loved the first part of the game, but then comes the mission where I have all my guns stripped from me, except for a pistil with vary limited ammo.

And I need to pass a stealth mission. in which when ANY NPC or hidden camera sees you. It triggers an alarm and you all of a sudden get infinite amount of guards that spawn into the level. And they do not drop ANY ammo when they die, pretty much all you can do once your seen is to die and do the whole thing over.

I watched someone on Youtube that got farther then I did in the original Red Faction for the PlayStation 2, and he said there is another stealth mission soon after that one on an even more brutal difficulty.

Red Faction is so difficult that the guy I saw I YouTube said out right flat he did not ever finish that games campaign.

(long post but please read before posting)

I wanted to chat about PC gaming without all the expensive bells and whistles. Basically does anyone else play retro PC games on a modern OS? As some of you probably already know I personally don't play modern video games.

So I want to recommend the gold mine of games and the possible options you have for a lot of retro video games. I didn't come to talk about ROM's or pirated software, but instead various retro game PC projects of billions of mods for (legal) retro PC video games. free to download. and with a community support behind them too. Did you know that games like Duke Nukem 3D and Doom have a massive amount of of free mods and custom and levels to enjoy? Mods for Doom and Duke Nukem 3D for example date back to the early 1990's and most of the better ones are free to download even today If you don't believe me just look it up yourselves.

But I will admit that you will need to know a little bit about the mods your downloading to get them to working properly, but I'm sure a lot of you guys might already know how to do some of those things, if not? maybe me or someone else could help? :)

A lot of common games both physical copies and digital copies can work on a Modern PC with a little workaround most times, but not all times.

(most of you will know this but I'll explain)

sometimes you  spend around $20USD on Steam for digital access to entire collections of retro video games on sale. And if you know what your doing, they can be played on a modern PC without much hassle. Has anyone ever heard of the Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution pack that has been available since 2009?. what that mod does is give Duke Nukem 3D an updated more modern outlook for low end or high end (depending on which release you get) graphic cards or even in onboard video, no video card needed.

Doom and Duke Nukem 3D as 2 examples of games have thousands of great free of charge, fan made content to make your gaming backlog on just one game alone almost endless.

Once you download a game off steam you can always navigate to your Steamapps folder inside of common Steam folder on your hard drive to back up your games that way even IF steam removes digital version if they ever decide to do so you will always have your purchased games playable on a backup hardrive.

When you play a game are you making sure you discover everything that game has to offer?

funny thing is I played a lot of games in my life but I not once played a game and seen and did everything, or feature that any game had to offer me.

(For example) Mortal Kombat Deception has an RPG like mode called Konquest. although I tried Konquest mode I never did complete it. Since I normally buy a Mortal Kombat for it's arcade fighting modes. Another example is. Mortal Kombat Armageddon also has a Mario Kart Style mode that lets you race go-karts with Mortal Kombat characters.

these 2 examples is an unusual feature to include in a side 2D/3D fighting game.

When I ask this question, it means any video game, it could be anything such as a simple unexplored Single Player Campaign, or perhaps an option in the options menu? OR an alternative control setting? or difficulty setting? that you've never tried to play or master before.

Or perhaps a Fighter in a fighting video game that you've never learned or mastered all the moves yet

General / What Is Your Favorite Video Game Series/Franchises And Why?
« on: March 27, 2021, 06:45:11 pm »
This is a link to a thread about your favorite games of all time, it's related but not exact.,1843.45.html

I have a bunch of game series that I enjoy, too many to list everything though

1: The Sims Series: (reason) fun life simulator create virtual people, live in a virtual world with other virtual people, and control what they do with their life. best explained as a girl playing with Barbie dolls in a computerized world.

2: Call Of Duty Series (reason) A bot coop single player or arena multiplayer first person shooter series,  where you fight along side other computer controlled bots or other players as soldiers in a war like setting. You use real life weapons in a re-enactment of real war battles in history in some games. and in others? in a make believe war that never happened. but was a scare of the time the game was made up.

3: EA Sports PGA Tour Series (reason) damn I love this series, it's a relaxing golf simulation series, but vary challenging for new players, hard to master, but once you are hooked you are hooked for life, I prefer the games for the PS2 PS3 and Xbox and Xbox360, but I also have and enjoy the PlayStation 1 games as well and least the SEGA genesis games.

4: EA Sports NHL series (reason) primarily any NHL game made in the 5th and 6th generation fun hockey simulation game series

5: Doom series (reason) Great FPS series where you fight hordes of monsters and other demons in a quest all alone to destroy them and save the world.

6: Duke Nukem games (reason) Most of the games in this franchise are platforming games, but my favorite is Duke Nukem 3D.

7: Gran Turismo series (reason) Fun Racing simulation that has tons or real life cars to buy more than any other racing sim I know of on the video game market today

With a more recent topic about the Atari 2600, I thought maybe some of you could share your thoughts about green and black screened video games. Of the Apple II Macintosh computers of the Mid 1980's or other green screened gaming. Or program devices of the 1980's. Believe it or not I actually had my own personal green screened Apple II computer as a young child at home. and also played games on it, off floppy discs like this Olympic skating sim and others floppy games I had and can't remember.

Main question is do you think that the green screen graphics are better or worse then the Atari 2600's full colored, yet less detailed graphics? Or maybe compare the Apple II graphics to the 1st Nintendo Entertainment System/NES's graphics? Or? any other console of the 1980's for that mater.

I prefer both the NES and the Atari 2600 colored graphics when comparing them to an early computer. like the or Apple II

I also played another Apple II Green Screened computer. at my junior high school. around the year 2000 the last time I operated a green screened computer was actually around 2000-2001 in class at my junior high school.

This Was the Atari 2600 at it best it could do

the best that the NES could do pretty much

NO, and it pisses me off, I'll use the sims 2 for example

The biggest and greatest online The Sims 2 PC community of all being Mod The Sims, is extremely against people uploading or downloading anything that the EA and Maxis developers sold in The Sims 2  store before it was shutdown 14-15 years ago. Long story short so you can't find or download 99% of the DLC EA once sold on The Sims 2 online store, the internet as soon as someone does some sims fan (I assume) shuts them down and out.

 Only the people who got this stuff while it was still being sold over 14-15 years ago have this stuff, ONLY if they were smart enough to backup that downloadable conten.

and EVERYONE MOST people who are a sims 2 fan like me. Is like uptight and saying how wrong it is to upload or download any of the old DLC and Poor EA.

and most sim fans seem to stand by EA's decision to take away all their paid for and free content and promote, how it is so wrong for anyone to still upload or download, and use any of the content made be EA. that is just wasted work in my opinion. heck (if I could) I would even BUY that stuff if it were still being sold. because back in 2008 I got some of their free stuff but I don't know where my disc is that had that content on it.

I don't see why and how so many of the sims on PC community are ok with this. and how the ONLY content you can even upload to them needs to be built from the ground up it can not be anything that even resembles any EA The Sims Store 2 content,

I only found 1 source that gave out some of the DLC it was called Games For The World site and, I don't even know if that site still exsists

As Strange as this topic sounds yes I would like to know 50 or more PS2 games that you think have the worst graphics for being a 6th generation console video game.

The Atari 2600 or Intellivision or other older game compilations don't count (only the games that a native to PS2 hardware only)

1: Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Tirelli

This game is advertised as having outstanding graphics but, they are blurry as hell on my TV to the point it hurts my eyes. Don't buy the PlayStation 2 version, it's graphics look like PlayStation 3 graphics that have been compressed to run onto the PS2 hardware, and it shows! In fact it looks like developers did! this PS2 game came out in 2008 so the PS3 and Xbox 360 was already on the market by the time this game came out.

I wonder if it's because I am running this on A PS2 Phat so maybe that is why. the resolution appears to be lower than 640x480 screen resolution

(edit) I am not alone other people reviewing this game say the same thing, my PS2 is stil working fine

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