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Off Topic / Where Do You Shop For Other Entertainments
« on: March 03, 2021, 08:52:46 pm »
The only other entertainment I shop for is music.

I like to buy Music CD's from Walmart, Value World and my Indoor Flea Market. Walmart has a surprisingly massive amount of products, and you can usually get new CD's for a great value. 98% of all my new music came from that store. just go to Walmart's website and make an account. You don't need one but I recommend getting an account with them if you plan on purchasing something from them

type in a musician or band then type in CD's after the name or just browse. they are especially good for common metal, rock and classic rock releases. as well as other great genres, they sell Vinyl's too but they cost more then CD's. Some of my music came from a record store  I used to live by.

Not a modern video game suggestion  but these 2 Mortal Kombat games had the most fighters as far as I know :-\

"Mortal Kombat Trilogy
PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows,, R-Zone, Sega Saturn, DOS


"Mortal Kombat Armageddon"
 Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox

are the two Mortal Kombat games with the most fighters, but I read that MK Armageddon has not Original Xbox Release in Europe. Also noting the even Mortal Kombat Complete Edition has less fighters then those 2 as well

General / Re: What grail games do you wish you had
« on: March 03, 2021, 05:04:13 pm »
I totally forgot about Steel Batallion on Xbox.

Have you guys seen that beast? It's a much simulator with a full board of mech pilot controls that come with it and pedal controls.

That looks like fun!

I seen a YouTube Review on that, it's looks cool,. :)

would be perfect if it had a VR headset that lets you actually feel your in a mech, of course only if the VR headset let you see what you are doing

General / Re: What grail games do you wish you had
« on: March 03, 2021, 04:50:50 pm »
my disc disc copy was destroyed by hackers

... what.

I can't explain what happen to that disc, just that one day I could not install it, tryed on several other PC's that I had over the years and It would only go up to a certain point than I'd gotten the same error, this diec was not scratched I don't know why it all disc drives would no longer install it, same error different PC's, I don't know what happened exactly. but at this time in my life I was a victom of cyber bullying so I assue that is what happened.

All CD's I had during 2005-2009 at home same thing happened to all of my games, all had errors when installing no matter what PC.

General / Re: What grail games do you wish you had
« on: March 03, 2021, 03:36:01 pm »
Viet Cong: Purple haze and Viet Cong: FIst Alpha expansion pack for the PC.

technically Purple Haze it came out for Xbox and PlayStation 2 but, there was no version like the PC version of this game. Good Luck finding any copies of this, anybody can obtain an Xbox and PS2 version easily. I got it on PS2 but it is not the same game at all.

Nope Steam don't have this game, nether does anywhere else online I looked. But Steam has this other game with the same name called Vietcong but it is a completely different game. And even a different genre, then the official release of this PC game. The VietCong I want was a first person shooter, the Vietcong game on Steam's website for sale is a survival horror, WTF.

But even if I find a copy of this game, I probably won't buy it again because it was a game I played many times over but my disc disc copy was destroyed by hackers so I no longer want this game especially if it don't work with Windows 10

Heavy Gear 1 PC was nothing special to most, it was the vary first game I played in my life with real motion video cutscenes done by video game actors, while some may call them cheesy Most of the cutscenes did have real actors and actresses. I often wonder what happen to the people who played in those cutscenes since they were real people that I never saw in any other movie or tv show.

General / Re: Do Japanese gamers hate us American gamers
« on: March 02, 2021, 05:18:03 pm »
Toxic how would some of you feel, if I said some of these things you've said about @eaglelord9814, to you. he or she a newbie. OP is not well written but you should not say things like that.  I'm mentally ill myself, it's not easy being mentally ill.

yes I edited this post because I misspelled. a word

Off Topic / Re: Music thread
« on: March 01, 2021, 09:04:35 pm »
Andrew WK released some new music with "Babalon" and it's really good and completely different than anything he did before, I think I've listened to this song a bunch of times now.  He just seems like the coolest, nicest, most high energy dude, who seems to be all about being as feel good as possible, but here with Babalon, it's a much darker and more outright metal riffing and lyrics, the title confusing me at first as I learned "Babalon" is different from "Babylon" and has occult origins, and it seems like Andrew did all the music himself which he didn't do before and he kills it.  I knew he could do piano, it's a big thing he's known for in his music, but not everything else which is pretty awesome.  Even the piano stuff in this is more synthy than what he usually goes for.  If this is what the new album is going for, I'm all on board.  It's very different than any of his previous stuff, but you can still feel that energy he has through the music and those final notes, hitting that falsetto, it's impressive.  I remembered hearing it before on his previous album, but it's very buried in the mix, so it's not nearly as noticeable as it here.

I like the song more then the video personally, it reminded me a lot of  the band called "Domine" and their "Dragonlord (Tales Of Nobel Steel) album. It's good to know metal is going back to it roots now  these days. I am tired of all the grunge and alternative metal that still  plays constantly on the modern radio stations from the 2000's and 1990's I am tired of grudge bands I am sick grunge and I never liked Pearl Jam, I bought 3 or 4 Pearl Jam Albums and I never saw why people thought they were so great.

well 2021 is here and what about the current prices for handheld games? I was just at a retro game store last month sometime and this guy asked the prices of some random Gameboy Advance game and they wanted $33 USD for one random GBA game. while I was picking out console games for. At most 2 times less then what Disc Replay wanted for this one handheld Gameboy Advance game. I'm sure glad I collect for console only.

I don't see the appeal for handheld games, I'd rather buy a console game. If I was a kid again I'd love a handheld, I had a Gameboy Advance SP that I gave to some of my relatives I got as a gift as a young adult, I still don't care too much for GBA games other then Pokémon

General / Re: How Many Collectors Only Collect What They Enjoy?
« on: March 01, 2021, 06:38:28 pm »
That's all I've ever done. You won't find a single sports title in my collection besides Tony Hawk and WWE, or anything else I won't touch unless it's come from a lot I've bought and it just won't sell.

some will probably think I'm weird. but I Love sports games for some reason. Most of my games are racing and first person shooters and sports games but I have something for every genre.


Of course we know of collectors who go for obtaining full sets of every game that released for a system, sports and shovelware be damned, so are there known collectors who are trying to find *sealed* copies of everything, including those sports and shovelware games?

I ask because I have a copy of David Robinson's Supreme Court for the Sega Genesis that's unopened and still in shrink, I literally only bought it because it was like 3 dollars at a KB Toys many, many years ago. I never once entertained the thought it would be worth anything one day, just bought it because I thought it was funny to be buying a new Genesis game at a retail store in 2006.

Since any game is automatically more valuable if it's still in its original shrinkwrap, does this mean I now stand a chance of selling a completely unnoteworthy 16-bit basketball game to someone who feverishly desires the perfect, fully complete Genesis game library for a higher price than usual?

That game sounds like fun to me. but someone else would be more happier then me to have something as rare as a Sealed complete Genesis game. I don't collect complete sets and I got lots of other sports games already to scratch my basketball itch. :)

General / Re: How Many Collectors Only Collect What They Enjoy?
« on: March 01, 2021, 01:59:31 am »
I don't like the term collector, but I pretty much only collect games that look fun/something that I'd enjoy. Only problem is though is that I may not end up playing them for a while since I have a habit of replaying games I've played before rather than actually tackling my backlog.

me too :)

 like I posted in a different thread. I have have a tremendous backlog, most of the games I play games I've played and go back to. It's hard for me to to stop playing a good game, and start something new even after I unlock or beat all of it's content. I want to eventually try each and every game to it's fullest but so many games I want to try.

 plus music I want to hear more than my video games most of the time. It's going to be impossible to me to beat every single game in my collection even that I already have a copy of. Don't know how much longer I am going to live, just like everyone else, we all sometimes need to take it one day at a time and try to make ourselves happy.

General / How Many Collectors Only Collect What They Enjoy?
« on: February 28, 2021, 06:32:50 pm »
I do collect only what I enjoy having, I am probably one of the only few people that for one, does not have a display setup. and sorts all my games based on type or genre instead of A-Z  so I can find all games easier and play exactly what I'm in the mood for at that time. I don't know why so many collectors don't shelf their games by console than by what kind of game it is.

I don't like to have games as shelf fillers, I think it's a waste of money, if I want to display something then I would rather buy a video game statue of some kind instead of a game I don't want

General / Re: Tips on purchasing games”
« on: February 28, 2021, 04:33:15 pm »
Buy the cheaper stuff you think you're gonna like (in the best condition you can find)  first than focus on the more expensive stuff, once you have most quite a few games to play, then focus on the more expensive stuff you think you are gonna like. If you try and get all the high value games first you will not have as big of a collection in the long run, time is limited, and you don't want to be stuck with an expensive game you don't like, if you collect to play like me. Don't buy just any game. Buy what you like or think you will enjoy, or else, you won't be happy unless you only put things on a shelf to look at.

If you buy games just to put them on a shelf, it's like buying a bunch of empty game cases with artwork printed on them in my opinion.

General / Re: Tips To Try To Avoid Video Game Freezes Discussion
« on: February 28, 2021, 01:43:10 am »
6: Save your game often in games that have a save state system. Don't run long gaming sessions without saving your game progress along the way, it will eventually freeze if you don't. I know  something about the consoles memory system? I think? if you don't save often your console can get data backed up somehow? and your console will not take anymore temporary data or, something I don't know so could someone else explain? this better then I can?

After some thought I think I have a theory on why I think the following quote is true.,

 older CD based consoles have two primary types of data, temporary data, and. semi Permanent  data. Semi Permanent data  is stored on a CD based console's save state. To a memory card or a hardrive (etc)

and the temporary data is stored on each and every keystroke, or button pressed. Temporary Data I think holds a video game together, (for example) on a 3D platformer video game you've just made a jump 3 times. So you pressed the jump button 3 times. Well those 3 button presses and those 3 jump action. was just placed into the CD consoles temporary storage. during  the current gaming session.

 If you make a save state some of the Temporary data is then stored to your save state, but some of the old Temporary data remains until you restart your CD based console. the Semi Permanent aka the save state data is the place holder file for the game console to read the disc. after you turn off or reset your game console. (I assume), and is created so the CD/DVD/Bluray console can read the data off the physical disc exactly where you left off in your previous game session.

Similar  to  like how you can skip music tracks on most music CD players. I think this was how it worked on all or most, 5th, and 6th, and 7th, generation disc based consoles where a laser was used.

Feel free to correct me on anything I got wrong, most of this is just my own educated guess from playing on various PC's and video game consoles in my life.

sometimes consoles need to relieve   themselves of temporary data or they'll freeze up sometimes. just like when you drink a gallon of water and your body needs to go pee before you wet yourself.

this is an open discussion and I don't know everything, but this is just how I think they work.


I am not a programmer, but I also believe that the reason why so many retro game had the enemies respawn and disappear. every time you moved forward or backwards up or down in a console video game. As you jump up down and move forward in a 2D platformer for example, each time the console needed to load that portion of the cartridge and disc and programmers I think needed a way for the game to use less of this so called temporary data, to try to avoid a quicker freeze-up. Temporary data (for example) can also be a score or a life or continue limit

ROM data meaning "Read Only Memory", is the physical data on the cartridge or CD/DVD/Bluray itself, and it is the permanent data . A  video game console needs to load off the cartridge's or disc's ROM data. On the game itself but, the ROM/Physical data  cannot be changed and needs to load from some kind of position, before it let's you play or continue the game.

The reason why CD based consoles have dead bodies disappear in FPS games, was due to a temporary memory issue, if the dead bodies of game characters remained it would use too much temporary data and would freeze any the game console faster.

What I can't quite explain is how video game CD based consoles played music at the same time you played the game. :-\

General / Re: Do Japanese gamers hate us American gamers
« on: February 27, 2021, 04:58:25 pm »
I'm asking your opinions & from your experiences because of Puritans,normies,sjws/npcs & feminists,the censors,people who support censorships,the mainstream & the mainstream media & I'm asking due to what us otakus,weebs,gamers,final fantasy fan/huge fans & hentai fans,our Japanese otaku brothers,our Japanese otaku sisters,our Japanese gamers & our communities going through,dealing with & had to deal with.

Just curious & yes I'm including due to what us fan/huge fans of Japanese games going through,dealing with & had to deal with I had to ask sorry. I guess I will end it here or at least for now & yes I'm mainly asking about us true fan/huge fans & true gamers if Japanese gamers hate us American gamers or not in your opinions & from your experiences :).

These days the playstation brand is heavily censored in Japan and considered a secondary market these days. There was a stigma against american made games in the 80's and 90's over there but that outlook is changing these days.

Yes I know there is a lot of Japanese retro games were not originally legally made for the American consoles. more games from what I heard were once Japan only and screw the rest of the world. It seems that Japan has most variety of video games than any other country in the world, Americans I think are in 2nd place as to how many games were released in America, meaning I think American's are  in 2nd place world wide, to how many exclusives made in the US compared to Europe and the rest of the world.

in 3rd place I think is Europe or PAL territories from (not sure) I think Europe has fewer exclusive games, than both Japan and the United States. but still enough games to make Europe the 3rd largest place to find games in the world.

4th place I think is Brazil they have quite a few video games there too at least from what I heard than the rest of the world

The rest of the world has barely any video games at all, look as Australia, or Korea, or China, or the entire continent of Africa or most of Asia, I don't think most people in this world, even know what a video game even is, or even played a video game before in their lives

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