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Off Topic / Your Opinions Of Online Radio Broadcasters Or DJ's
« on: July 24, 2022, 04:10:07 pm »
Story goes I brought up this topic on a forum about only music after I registered and then the next time I logged in I get a banned message and also another message saying ban will NEVER be lifted and no reason was given so I am pissed about that so anyway on with the topic.

what is your opinion about online radio broadcasters, do they suck? do you hate them? why do you think I was banned for no reason and given the message my ban will never be lifted? I did introduce myself and told them I was a non profit Broadcaster so maybe they thought I was spamming the forum anyway I am pissed about it I can't even start a discussion as a forum newbie without someone slamming the hammer for no reason.

My opinion is simple I think it is wrong to rebroadcast someone else broadcast for financial benefit, I also think it is wrong to broadcast without at least a blanket license, I also think it is wrong for any DJ to broadcast bootleg recordings or some recordings he or she got from some burned disc but I didn't say these things in the post on that forum so I don't know what the fuck happened.

I broadcast my own radio station without commercials, but I do have a blanket license that I pay for, I am guessing it't that I can't afford to pay 9c a song airtime that pissed them off though

May 22, 1990

It's been on every single windows PC since the at least Windows 3.0 even before Windows 3.1 and even popular Windows 95 came out so how many of you played it. I just started to play it on Windows 10 with the hidden but built in Solitaire Collection, it's a fun game when you got nothing else better to do but Klondike it's called comes with ads in windows 10 though :-\

you can level up in windows 10 version and gain experience pointe just like in modern games how many of you played solitaire at work or school since this game has literally been on every single windows OS machine since May 22, 1990

General / Let's Talk About Your On Site Collection Status
« on: April 01, 2022, 09:39:39 am »
ok you probably don't know what I'm talking about or? what this is going to be about at this point?

 Let's talk about your Backlog, your Currently Played Status, as Well as Your On Site Wish Lists, and your Finished list. I'll post mine to start out this thread,

My current untouched games/backlog of my collection I know nothing or little about these games or I have not made it off the first 5 levels yet

My current finished meaning I played these games before and pretty much know what they are about already.

My Currently playing or played before list this includes games I have played before but mostly not beaten for the most part OR games have beaten but have not put them down yet


 I wanted us to first make our lists in our collection status than talk about what we played and have not got around to playing and maybe some of us could recommend playing a game to someone even me, that has listed in their collection or wish list and talk about that game and maybe get hyped about actually playing that said game another has played and recommends :-\

Site Feedback / How Do I Add To Backlog List?
« on: March 30, 2022, 03:20:47 pm »
saw it was a new option but don't know how to do it, I really want to love this new feature suggestion :-\

Classic Video Games / What is the hardest RPG you Ever Completed?
« on: March 29, 2022, 06:48:43 pm »
If Pokémon is considered the easiest thing in RPG form what is considered a REALLY REALLY hard RPG Me? I choose Final Fantasy 7, it throws a difficult boss fight right in the beginning AND tells you the wrong way how to defeat it according to someone on here before. As a result I never looked up a guide for final fantasy 7 and still have no way to know how to complete the boss fight in the beginning of it, WTF

I like Pokémon because you've AND Earthbound because you've got unlimited lives to screw up before starting over from the beginning and? what other games are like this?

Off Topic / A Question About Playing Copyrighted Music In Public?
« on: March 28, 2022, 02:12:01 pm »
here is video about a game review by angeryjoe for getting caught for playing a copyrighted song in his video for 4 seconds opinion and advice needed 

first all Again i have my own radio station link in signature below, and I play full time copyrighted content 24 hours 7 days a week so far so good, I do have a License from ASCAP to protect myself from copyright infringement but why can someone like angry joe on YouTube can get called down for 4 seconds of playing a copyrighted song? and people on the radio 10000's of station do on the internet even some without a license and it's ok for them.

What make YouTube so picky about copyrighted music? but not games or movies or other things why for music 4 seconds joe said and now his video is owned by the copyright owner of the song

yet there is entire songs on Youtube you can listen for free too, whats the deal guys?

can I or all radio stations get sued them in the world?

google says

Do radio stations get copyrighted?
When it comes to music and radio, whether over the air or the Internet, there are at least two copyrights that are of concern including the musical work and the sound recording. For FCC licensed radio stations not streaming copyrighted music, the only rights involved currently are the musical works (compositions)

Vary vary rare in my opinion all the collectors bought up the worlds stock, where can I even find Super Nintendo games anymore? I see a lot of people on this site own the cartridges but are hanging onto them and not letting any go, I rarely ever saw SNES cartridges in the wild when I was searching about 4 years ago too.

can anybody point out any SNES compilations that are being sold perhaps a ROM cartridge?

Most people know this is a vary expensive game to own a cartridge of, how many of you actually played it or better yet played it with it's cartridge, some of you might still have it sealed in that case you probably are just keeping it for the money exchange and don't give a damn about the game itself, I have a SNES mini and have it officially on that as a Nintendo released ROM not a bootleg, or the cartridge itself but it still goes for a pretty penny just to own a Super Nintendo classic. anyway just wondered if anybody has tried to play it?

Currently I just started it and it's like Pokémon, vary vary similar in difficulty, and so far it's been a fun game I love Earthbound it's a fun little RPG with same difficulty and style as Pokémon, you go at your own pace, no forced boss fights in the beginning unlike FF7 for the PlayStation console.

(edit) sorry to sound harsh for sealed earthbound owners but? why have a game if you're not ever going to play it right? and you can admit I am jealous of you :-\

I wonder because it seems like that campaign is starting to take place in the world today, the campaign was about Russia UK and the United States, and a bunch of Arabic countries possible Ukraine was in the campaign I don't quite remember but Russia attacked the United States under the command of what I believe is a fictional man named Imran Zakhaev in a nuclear strike. anyway has anyone popped the any of the Modern Warfare trilogy into their Xbox360 or PlayStation 3 recently and played the single player campaigns,

They are hopefully never going to take place in real life because in the 1st campaign a nuke went off and the building resemble building I saw on the Internet of the Ukraine in real life


download VLC from

download a Winamp Playlist here

and open the following playlist with VLC

once you download the playlist go to "Recent files" and press the file each time to play my station instantly on a cell phone or android tablet OR just open VLC after downloading my playlist file then open up the playlist file and listen instantly. you might need to enable VLC in your security setting though :-\

IMPORTANT: once you can hear it playing navigate to VLC app and press to see the artist and name of song playing

hit the play icon to stop or turn off playback

 it runs as 64k so even and will work with limited data plans with excellent sound quality with lossless recordings all the way

Classic Video Games / Your Opinion Of PS1 And N64 And Genesis Sports Games?
« on: February 07, 2022, 10:15:35 pm »
I love them they remind me of an earlier era in my life, when I was not at all a sports game fan. I gotten a ton of N64 sports games. including motocross, hockey, basketball, football, soccer, baseball and more I love them.

 Some of those old rosters and old teams are interesting, then you got old jerseys and teams that no longer play anymore, it can be a great trip down memory lane, I know that a lot of people don't play retro sports games but I find them to be vary interesting, Genesis games I don't like them as much as the PS1 or N64 games, but something about the 5th generation sports games that I just like :-\

Me I don't really play that many video games anymore because for me there are not stupid but all too frustrating and hard for me to enjoy. Maybe it's not really the games themselves it's just me not being fast enough or having constant migraines when I play video games or needing to itch my skin while playing and requiring me to stop the game and do that or I'll start losing progress. I now play games like the sims 2 and SimCity 4 although SimCity 4 can get annoying when no matter what I do I can't earn money for my city, and the city won't build because of some kind of hidden mechanic I am not doing,

I hate requiring to look up a guide to beat a certain game

to stay on topic I'll say something stupid like a clown boss that keep beating me no matter what I do to try to defeat it. or a boss that kills me in one hit than followed by a one minute boss victory dance or scene that would be un-skippable each and every time the boss wins

Off Topic / Are You _______ About Someone Knowing Your IP Address
« on: January 16, 2022, 03:58:49 am »
All I know is that by knowing a reverse DNS or an IP you can look it up to see where that number connection is coming from,

 I need advice. if someone knows my IP address could they send a virus directly to my computer and catch it on fire? I heard that was possible, my IP is public and I look up IP addresses just to see where my what city my listeners are from, I don't hack them, I don't send them viruses, I am just curious, is this wrong? it says it is not illegal, but I don't want someone destroying my equipment because I looked up their hidden reverse DNS.

why do i do this because I run a radio station with an app that is completely garbage that says people are tuned in but it does even give me a correct country just a fake IP with a fake country location

I use an IP lookup tool, then i look up a reverse DNS, I just want to know who was just listening to my radio station for sometimes 8 hours a day is this wrong? what are the dangers of someone knowing my IP and than getting all pissy and then catching my equipment on fire, this has happened before to a different computer and I don't want this to happen to my studio. Because I looked up a public IP that was behind a google cloud in the UK

all this is is a number what what city a person is from, not a house not buinuess I don't care where they are from I just wanted to say what part of the world most of my listeners are from, by default I can see a fake IP and a location that says US but no it's not anywhere close, if i look it up, I know it's fake because it uses Axios app and that hides all listeners IP's and makes it so you can't even see what part of the planet your listeners are from


I don't want to spam I just wanted to recommend this new app that lets you listen to possibly over 1000 radio stations worldwide including mine for free mine is called "The Angel Classic Rock Mix" under the many (edit) vary few VARIOUS "all caps"  genre list.

 first off I just recently found out this new app if you are looking for a radio station look no futher then this app's ICECAST directory, just open this app up and goto internet, and navigate to ICECAST, there you should find a bunch of categories in the form of Music genres I play no commercials and I don't talk stickily music, but I'm not the only one listed in this app there is 1000's other then mine world wide

this is off topic I don't own this product I just wanted to recommend this to the community that's all please don't get mad at me :'(

General / Stupid/Funny Video Games Questions And Answers Thread
« on: December 23, 2021, 04:39:12 am »
I thought to create a thread about our off the wall or somewhat stupid or funny questions about our video games.

I'll start by asking if Crash Bandicoot SONY mascot is actually suppose to be smiling constantly or Gritting his teeth like Mike Modono did when he played in real life for the Dallas Stars NHL hockey tea, during the PS1 era?

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