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Off Topic / Are You _______ About Someone Knowing Your IP Address
« on: January 16, 2022, 03:58:49 am »
All I know is that by knowing a reverse DNS or an IP you can look it up to see where that number connection is coming from,

 I need advice. if someone knows my IP address could they send a virus directly to my computer and catch it on fire? I heard that was possible, my IP is public and I look up IP addresses just to see where my what city my listeners are from, I don't hack them, I don't send them viruses, I am just curious, is this wrong? it says it is not illegal, but I don't want someone destroying my equipment because I looked up their hidden reverse DNS.

why do i do this because I run a radio station with an app that is completely garbage that says people are tuned in but it does even give me a correct country just a fake IP with a fake country location

I use an IP lookup tool, then i look up a reverse DNS, I just want to know who was just listening to my radio station for sometimes 8 hours a day is this wrong? what are the dangers of someone knowing my IP and than getting all pissy and then catching my equipment on fire, this has happened before to a different computer and I don't want this to happen to my studio. Because I looked up a public IP that was behind a google cloud in the UK

all this is is a number what what city a person is from, not a house not buinuess I don't care where they are from I just wanted to say what part of the world most of my listeners are from, by default I can see a fake IP and a location that says US but no it's not anywhere close, if i look it up, I know it's fake because it uses Axios app and that hides all listeners IP's and makes it so you can't even see what part of the planet your listeners are from


I don't want to spam I just wanted to recommend this new app that lets you listen to possibly over 1000 radio stations worldwide including mine for free mine is called "The Angel Classic Rock Mix" under the many many Various genre list.

 first off I just recently found out this new app if you are looking for a radio station look no futher then this app's ICECAST directory, just open this app up and goto internet, and navigate to ICECAST, there you should find a bunch of categories in the form of Music genres I'm buried under "various" I play no commercials and I don't talk stickily music, but I'm not the only one listed in this app there is 1000's other then mine world wide

this is off topic I don't own this product I just wanted to recommend this to the community that's all please don't get mad at me :'(

General / Stupid/Funny Video Games Questions And Answers Thread
« on: December 23, 2021, 04:39:12 am »
I thought to create a thread about our off the wall or somewhat stupid or funny questions about our video games.

I'll start by asking if Crash Bandicoot SONY mascot is actually suppose to be smiling constantly or Gritting his teeth like Mike Modono did when he played in real life for the Dallas Stars NHL hockey tea, during the PS1 era?

General / Increasing Performance On A Windows 10 PC Games And Programs
« on: December 18, 2021, 11:54:37 am »
ok so I wanted to discuss this program I found to be quite helpful in playing The Sims 2 on PC and said other games on the windows 10  PC's out there. How many of you know about the Standby issue, where the longer you keep your windows 10 PC running the more RAM in turn gets hogged up by the Standby memory?

 and if you don't often empty the RAM status in your computer things can go sour, programs and even games can crash including music servers like mine, if you ever keep a computer on long enough time and who play a bunch of PC games without restarting constantly?

With the following program you hardly ever need to turn off or restart your PC for a reset in RAM performance when done properly

 but how many heard of "empty Standby list"?, and how to set it up so your computer will automatically release your RAM from being all taken up by Standby memory? And therefore increase many games often laggy performance rate.

With the 1st link I provided, you can get this free app that can increase game and OS performance on any windows 10 PC after you had them running and on for a long time and therefore prevent crashing in some games due to there otherwise not being enough free RAM available,

Now I got frekin' 16GB of RAM on my streaming computer, but before I installed the following program and got it set up properly 98% of all my frekin RAM was going into the damn useless standby memory from running my studio with Winamp,

and before using Winamp for my stream I was using Groove in which crashed during live air time on my radio station before. It was? annoying as hell I'll tell ya!

 I want to also hear your thoughts since my last thread was kind of dull. DO you use Empty Standby list the video in the 2nd link shows you how to use this app once you download it off the 1st link if you are interested




every time you restart or turn your computer you need to type in "Task Scheduler" to open that up in the search bar below on all Windows 10 PC's then go to "Task Scheduler Library and run the task manually by right clicking and pressing run to run each time you actually do need to restart or turn off your PC for updates or something this can also help web servers as well, like my 24/7 radio station that is always playing music.

once you have it set up just enjoy your PC and your games performance rate and tell me if you see any performance increase in this thread below, Oldgamerz out ;)

(edit) last but not least is this article on this I'll post this last link here

I never played the lottery or gambled, I currently spend money on Facebook for a Christian page so it get promoted, My money goes for a good cause, why should anybody gamble for real money when you more often than not lose more then what you gain back, or if you gain anything back at all, or would you rather put that extra money for a new game or car or something?

Sometime people will toss the dice before they get their paycheck and piss it all away, instead of giving their seemingly unwanted money out for donations for homeless and people with no money or hopes of getting any money at all. I critically judge anybody who plays the lottery, I think it is stupid, sure once you actually get some money back you can feel the rush but that rush probably cost you every single dime you just spent.

It's fine do do a loto ticket if you got it for free like as a gift that is super cool, but to buy one it's kind of pointless in my own opinion.

I knew 3 people who spent their life saving on 2 things, #1 Lottery scratch offs every single day, #2 multiple packs of cigarettes. then you got people who buy stinky pot/weed/Marijuana, that is just pointless  for only few a few second of getting high and sticking up your house less alone the surrounding neighborhood.

A lot of times in my own neighborhood people will smoke skunk weed, and you can smell it all the way outside of their house even when they are smoking pot on the inside with closed doors, what's the point, do any of you guys fire up a joint while you play your games, believe it or not I had a friend who would smoke a pot joint and play madden football,

Pot don't really make you stupid or anything since you need to have  a brain to play madden on expert like this man did.  and win every game against the CPU. on the PlayStation 2.

Then we have alcohol, how many of you drink a cold or warm beer while playing a video game, that can stink too, beer stinks, and only gives me  more or a migraine headache.

So the main question is would you rather spend your money on temporary habits? or games? something else? Or do something for the poor?

 Me? I buy games music and spend money on helping the poor, I am a preacher who sells words for free on Facebook and advice to Christians my Facebook page is called.

Modern Christian Believers

(edit) then I have my radio station in the link below, I am also a non profit stream broadcaster

Classic Video Games / Your Thoughts On Modding And Pirated Software
« on: November 27, 2021, 05:45:08 pm »
Arrrrrrrrr matey, Ahoy  Avast Ye, Aye, Aye, Batten Down the Hatches or someone's about to walk plank.   ;)

In the past I've used many mods, and yes I have used some pirated software on PC games like The Sims 1 that you can't buy anymore too many working copies of the discs. I usually don't get any pirated software unless there is no other practical way of getting the game. Currently I don't think I have any pirated software, but I do have mods in which some I paid for like the developer mods for Duke Nukem 3D. That came with my steam purchase

If you can't find a game you want do you settle with pirated software or do you let skip the game entirely?

I was thinking about downloading ROM's but I am afraid I'll need to skip those Pokemon games for gameboy entirely what do you think, those batteries don't last forever.

Classic Video Games / The Original Retro Star Wars Battlefront Series Topic
« on: November 16, 2021, 09:08:39 pm »
I have the original Star Wars battlefront on the Original Xbox console, it's vary fun, and hard at the same time, I find it annoying when my brain dead CPU allies start dropping like flies, and I need to do all the killing by myself, it can really get annoying. For anyone who has never played Battlefront you basically are in a battlefield in the star wars universe, you can choose a side and then fight amongst the CPU in what i play in that is the single player mode, on the easy mode it's fun for  a while when you don't start losing allies left and right, later missions can be darn right impossible to beat, when the CPU AI is way better then your own allies AI,

I always have trouble seeing the enemies onscreen, I can't even blink my eyes of I'll lose a man and need to move across the battlefield all over again and the CPU allies are useless,

I am aware I that the game is meant for online play but I don't know anybody personally to play an xbox with or a LAN to connect mine to.

this game is suppose to the Clone Wars Documented in video game form but I can't get past where the off movie storyline takes place in,

General / Have You Ever Thought About What You Can Do In A Single Game?
« on: November 12, 2021, 10:14:27 pm »
Atari 2600 games were made simple, maybe with at minimum 10 ways to play the same game per title, and THAT is just talking about the different options per game most Atari 2600 games in the 1970's had more the 10 ways of playing a single game. including 2 player and one player mode variants per cartridge, fast forward 50 years later and pile on 8 more generations of games, homebrews and more sandbox games and think of the possibilities?

I was watching a mathematical video on youtube video about Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 the other day, and the man in the video was talking about how many different kinds of maps and parks you can build with all the deferent kinds of scenery, rides and stalls and colors in this single game on a single playthrough. on that single sand box game you can build

here is the video

SImcity on the Super Nintendo has 1000 maps to choose from and even more ways of building up on those 1000 maps, ever thought about what you could do with a single game?

Can you dream of doing everything with only 100 games in your collection ever possible in game?

How old do you think the person with the highest number of games in the entire world would have to be to do everything in every game he or she owns? and multiply that by games the people has yet to add to their collection? times? games yet to be created times added? times all the mods for that game on the internet, times all that to the power.

Can you think of how old that person would have to become? to do everything and play virtually every aspect of ALL those video games? :-\

Now times that with a sandbox editor of each and every single one of those games :-\

Off Topic / Do You Listen To Random Music Playlists?
« on: November 09, 2021, 02:32:31 pm »
That's all I listen to basically, sometimes when I want to hear a specific song or album I'll put it on my personal computer for my ears only, Most times I just want to hear a random mix-up of my music collection, SO now I just tune in to my own radio station broadcast from a separate computer in my home, Nobody hears talking only music comes from my radio station. So far I've had no luck gaining that many listeners,

 it unfortunate that so many people pay money for satellite radio while people like myself get 0 listeners and we do if for free and without commercials. If you look on the Internet there are a bunch of free 24/7 random playlist talk free radio stations out there. I am one of the best in my own opinion.

If you want to hear something at work? in your car? on your home stereo or head set or old stereo sound system? give me a shot.

Currently I hear "Black Sabbath's" song called "Sweet Leaf" in my studio while I'm typing this out, I am the link to my radio station in in my signature. I am a mostly classic rock station but I do play a lot of classic country rock music not the whining stuff either so. anyway just wanted to ask this quick question, hope to see your IP on in my home studio thanks again, Oldgamerz out :)

(edit) if you want to learn how to start your own IceCast let me know, I stream from a separate computer in my basement adjacent from my gaming room, and I also listen on a separate device than my streaming computer, it's fun to see how many IP's come in daily and when people are listening I also get note of how long a person listens, and what app there are listening on but it's just an IP address and a location of the listener no spyware here. :)

General / Post Your Favorite Head To Head Mode Fighting Game And Why.
« on: October 26, 2021, 04:50:24 am »
Mortal Kombat 4 on the PlayStation 1, this is the only MK game I've can call myself a master at, since it is the 1st Mortal Kombat game I've ever played with spot on responsive controls, MK1 MK2 and MK3 especaiy Mortal Kombat II the controls are not responsive, since the CPU gets to be faster then your character for some odd reason, all versions I've played of Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat III are the same. Maybe it's that partucular arcade port? because after all this is an arcade cabinet right?

Midway fighting games even Bio Freaks for the Nintendo 64 has non responsive controls, so maybe it's a Midway thing?  to limit the player, with the CPU having the main edge to hit you in a combo faster then you can put off your own character animation, it's all the same. I can hit punch 4 times in MK2 and MK3 and only pull off 3 and a half punches,

 but in mortal kombat 4 I can pull off exactly 4 punches in 4 button presses, and plus a violent super punch for pressing it 5 times in a row, but not any those older midway fighting games it seems.

In MK4 that is not the case, you have spot on controls per animation, therefore your button presses react spot on to your animation instead of getting stalled for 100 milliseconds like in MK II and MK III

MK4 is the best old school Mortal Kombat game for as far back as the 5th generation, from mK4 the mortal Kombat franchise has only improved since then in my own opinion

MK 4 is also the vary first Mortal Kombat game with a practice feature and where you can learn all the moves and don't need a gamer magazine or the internet to know what buttion combos do what on each and every character. Out of all fighting games I ever played in my life Mortal Kombat 4 is my favorites how about you.

Street fighter 2 can get kind of boring in my own opinion after you master it but MK4 keeps me coming back for more bloody action.

Off Topic / A Question About Royalty Payments For Music
« on: October 18, 2021, 09:16:22 pm »
As some you might have know I run a live radio station and yes I have obtained an ASCAP mobile  broadcast license in which is a one time fee for royalty payment for using copyrighted material, as far as my research goes I am doing everything correct, the internet says I don't need a license for a stream but I did the legal thing and paid the minimum anyway,

Youtubers constantly talk about copyright issues with music and I am woundering if you think I am doing the legal thing as far as broadcasting worldwide live copyrighted music. I mean I paid the one time ASCAP yearly payment for the licnese in all, but I don't want to get sued still for using copyrighted music,

The problem is I can't just call the artist by phone one by one and ask them if it is ok for me to use their music for my no commercial, no talk 24/7 broadcast.

I have picked up over 500 listeners in the last 3 days by the way through an ap called VLC, it turns out by checking the mark to let my frequency go hog wild, I have a passion for music and I am currently one of the ONLY stations listed on VLC a popular mobile app that is used by apparently 1000's of people world wide, I am getting to be like Pandora now, no joke. I paid for the once a year royalty license what is your opinion on what I am doing.

First off I am NOT A BUSINESS only a man who dreams of playing songs that don't get ANY airtime on  most ANY RADIO station, I play the b Sides as well as the hits so, yea I am getting really popular on VLC being the only dedicated rock station on their frequency list.

VLC is an app, you can download for your mobile devices, I am The Angel Classic Rock Mix, and yes I am on a secured line.

(edit) I play more then just rock but rock is my staple

Classic Video Games / The Roller Coaster Tycoon Series Topic (A PC Game)
« on: October 06, 2021, 07:37:32 am »
I first got Roller Coaster Tycoon as an Easter Sunday present from my grandmother in 1999 it had just came out on the market for $50USD, I spent countless hours playing this fantastic sandbox game on the windows PC. You build your own amusement park from the ground up in most scenarios, you need to complete objectives to unlock new parks and other missions where you raise and run an amusement park, build roller coasters, and rides as well as set prices for them, hire staff and basically have your vary own park the way you want it.

This game is a lot like The Sims in that it was once a top selling PC game in fact one of the best of all time sellers. This game is also a go at your own pace type of video game and I love go at your own pace games, that don't require fast reflexes or precise timing also.

In Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 you can even build your own scenario to challenge yourself or others. However in order for this game to run on a modern windows operating system, you will need to first have RC2 2 installed and then download this program
"Open RCT2"

To obtain a digital copy of this game you can also goto this

"For Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 download with all expansion packs"

"Also for the first game you can download this"

Did you ever play any Roller Coaster Tycoon game before? If so, what is your experence with this great top selling video game. Do you have any intention of buying this game for yourself or someone else. It will run on just about any modern PC with the program in the first link installed on Windows 10 for example.

I think there are 4 games in total maybe 5? What is your opinion of this great selling series and did your ever play it before?

Modern Video Games / Do Modern Consoles Have Sturdy Controllers?
« on: September 05, 2021, 04:34:38 pm »
I've only heard complaints about modern video game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch having drifty joy-cons and consoles only being more fragile these days, compared to retro, in my own experience "ALL WIRELESS CONTROLLERS SUCK" they are all cheaply manufactured and have short battery life, OR the battery will work for one or maybe 20 long gaming sessions then the battery won't recharge anymore, at least that was with the PlayStation 3 controllers. I've also heard it happing people needing to buy new PS4 controllers due to the battery "I assume" will no longer recharge, of course you could take the thing apart and replace the battery, that is if the damn thing has not exploded and corroded the guts of the controller.

BUt wired controller do have their problems too, like how when the cord warps and breaks exposing the wires, that has happened to me lots of times with PS2 and even one PS3 controller

General / Which games Have You Spent More Of Your Lifetime Playing
« on: August 29, 2021, 02:42:20 am »
in other words which games do think you've spent the most time in your life pllaying while it's your gaming time of course?


1: The Sims 1 and 2 s seies for the PC
2: Duke Nukem 3D atomic edition PC
3: Call Of Duty Finest Hour PS2 and GameCube
4: Call Of Duty 2 Big Red One PS2 and GameCube
5: NHL 2002 PC and PS2
6: Viet Cong Purple Haze PC (vary rare to find a copy of this)

Hello this is not exactly a video showcase but it's my new radio streamcast from my own home, I need to know if it works thanks because I don't even know if anyone can hear sound alll I know is that it is currently broadcasting music live from my basement thanks

I can't get it to play sound on my end though, please tell me if you have access to sound. it's a mixed radio station enjoy


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