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Me? Advance AI 3D world Stealth Missions or Levels Or Challenges and Puzzles in shooting games

At first Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the ring looks like your standard RPG, but it's not. I played for an hour and found out that it has loading screens but no checkpoints. At first I loved it open worldliness, it does give you the option to save at will in which is a great feature and just may save me from flushing it down the toilet. The second missions starts off with one of those advance AI 3D world stealth type missions that you can't fight, you can't run.the only option is sneaking past these two fast moving and knights on a one way path. Can't stay in one spot either. If one of these 2 riders smell you then you get a cutsence and then you booted back to the new game screen. It is so fricking cheap it didn't even say game over or retry anything. their is no lives system. My question is a game this cheap worth playing through. I do see a way through but it's stupid  the option is to keep movin  but it is going to take a lot of game overs before I get past this.

My weakness in video games is mostly stealth missions I hate stealth missions. there are 2 games I now can see no point in playing the one mentioned and Red Faction 1 a missions where your given nothing but a pistil with 32 rounds and no ammo to pick up.

it's a little like 007 goldeneye for the Ninendo 64 where there are cameras, and drones, and guards, and gun,s and secrurity alarms everywhere without only corners to hide. OK so if you upset one guard or workers or spotted by, one camera, or one drone. Then your faced with unlimited respawning guards. that do not drop any ammo and keep coming out of the woodwork till you have no ammo and are dead. and then I heard rumours that game Red Faction 1 for PS2 has another Advance AI Stealth Mission right after from a Youtuber he got so frustrated with that mission and the one after he admited to not finishing the game ever.

Can you guys tell me and others your video game stories I'd love to hear them below :)

Backstory:  I am unfortunate some would say that the I just got into the PS3 when the Super Slims came out. I never owned a phat PS3 or any kind that was fully backwards compatible. I could have had a PS3 phat that did everything at one time but bought a 250  gig used super slim model instead for the same price, because I kept hearing stories of the Fully compatible models breaking and acting its nasty blinking light issue.  So I am hesitant to this day to buy a PS3 fully compatible model do to its short life span. among most of it's players

I eventually  bought 2 PlayStation 3, super slims both the 250 gig and the 500 gig models.

the 250 gig model never gets hot as long as you don't use HDMI then it gets a little hot but never burns up unlike what  people say the bigger  PlayStation 3's do. the 250 gig at nature runs much faster with both reading PS1 and PS3 discs then my 500 model by nature ever gig did. of course my 500 gig PS3 was covered in thick nicotine thick enough to bury my nails in upon it's arrival.

it was 2015 when I purchased  my Super Slim 250 gig (by nature) model about a year later when I got my 2nd Super Slim 500 gig model (by nature)

the 500 gig by nature? All I can say is it seem more sluggish than the 250 by nature however it seems to keeps it's cool at all times better then my 250 did, even though the dam thing is covered in an inch think of cigarette smoke and ash residue from it arrival.

The laser went vary quickly but of course it was used, not sure how much but, used and filthily I had cleaned the lasers multiple times in it, still didn't work and even when I had both lasers replaced the darn thing would constantly reject PS1 games by giving my data options (the option to explore the CD)  instead of the option to play the game. Personally I don't think that the 500 gig super slims in which are supposed to be the latest PS3 on the market. are compatable with PS1 games at all. though they generate less heat buildup. but they do not play games vary well it is even a chore for mine to load PS3 games and I can forget PS1 games because all I could do on it was read the contents of the PS1 CD nothing else and SONY never responded to help me to fix this issue

My point but If you want a new PS3 for your game room take my advice from experence and go with the 250 gig. I bought that thing used and its read at least 3000 CD and 300 Blu Rays and still holds up to this day, only with slightly less heat tolerance on HDMI output. then on my 500 gig model.

SO you know what I did I swapped the hard drive and gave it away because It still plays PS3 games and I did clean it and the 500 (at nature)+ gig gave me nothing but problems

SO now I have a 500 gig harddirve inside a 250 gig model. and if you guys really want to take a chance you could swap out a 20 gig for a 500 gig or something bigger because all PS3's take SATA laptop hard drives for any newbies out there.

There is nothing like cranking out an old PS2 for the PS2 games so I highly recommend a PlayStation 2 phat and A PlayStation 3 Super Slim 250 gig model( by nature) in your collection. Those 2 systems seem to me to be the better builds

Dont't even bother taking a PS3 super slim apart there is a switch that is called a limit switch I had to hire a tech guy just to put this tiny switch back onto the console in which is vary hard to see and extremely easy to break off when your working on any super slim so watch out and don't say I didn't warn ya

Classic Video Games / Sports Games
« on: March 05, 2017, 12:39:16 am »
i love sports games in general. I first started playing them in 2002 with NHL 2002 for PC. That Game Took me 4 years to master on the easiest setting and I left me soaked in sweat after each and every game now I can just about win any hockey game as long as I can let some shots go without getting scored on every time. Does anyone else play and enjoy sports games.I know when I was talking about them on a different forum this one guy thought they were pointless and stupid to collect or spend your money on. I am referring to mostly the retro kind the ones without all the glitches and crappy AI.

do you play and enjoy them? which ones do you recommend the most that you have or maybe don't have in your collection. My favorite hockey games are NHL 2001 NHL 2000 NHL 2008. I currently don't know how to play american football. favorite International Football/soccer is FIFA 2001, I don't have a current favorite Baseball game yet and but I really like NBA live 2006 March Madness 98 and March Madnesss 06 and I have tons of racing and driving games yet to master

I agree to all the rules and I made mistakes of adding unnecessary information in the description tabs. In my short time being here I seen that their is not only an option to add psychical copies to the database but also  home brews and arcade conversions as well. I was told on a thread by one of the chief admin not to add video game compilation pieces to the database i will listen but i don't understand.

I wanted a site that lets me track my entire collection in one place to figure out and plan what I want to play next and learn the details of a game not in the database yet. Yes I wanted a site I could use to track my entire video game collection and I already said in an earlier reply I wil leave the descriptions blank All admins can stop me from adding my games I am aware of this, I am a former member of retro collect and that site really is a big disappointment not having any photos or game years barley. and no way of adding games to their confined small database I am an honest person and although I may not always have originals, I do have games i want to track by at least knowing what year the game came out. yes some compilations give out this information on hand with the game or manual itself. my collection is public to anyone on here but I would also like to know some facts about the single game.

the reason for this post is a question of why is there an option for arcade conversions and homebrews when the boss says not to use that feature. small data like that should not even take of 3 kilobytes, but if it's a hard drive space problem I will understand,8101.0.html

Hi I just joined yesterday or the day before and have been adding to the database.  My first question what I am asking is, how many of you have play/played any Arcade compilations?

I own almost all of them for my PS2 and almost 200 of my games are not already here on site. My goal is to put all those games into my VG collection, and my final question is do you consider adding the arcade games found in your all in one disk collection to your VG collection?

If you just care about the games like i do than I highly recommend PS2 arcade compilations such as

Taito Legends 1 & 2 PS2
Midway Arcade Treasures vol (1) & (2) & (3) PS2
Capcom Classics Collections 1 and 2 PS2
Megaman Anniversary Collection PS2
Megaman X Collection
Intellivision Lives PS2
Activition Anthology PS2
Atari Anthology PS2
Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection PS3


Site Feedback / Hello this is oldgamerz admins should read
« on: February 28, 2017, 09:17:39 pm »
hello Im vary new here and I love your site, so far. I have been adding some of my games into the database. and I wanted to let you know I am using the internet and other sites to pull up the needed information that I need for my digital collection. I however do not want to get anyone in trouble. And I am worrying that I am using other sources such as Wikipedia and this international museum at this link

both site i am using their description not my own, just verify my account additions  I do not know much about what is or is not against the rules or the law I am aware of internet copyrights and it is a pain that some people pick a fight over descriptions and photos taken from other sites please leave me a message or if your a senior or insightful member just leave a response thank you, My goal is to add my entire collection including the details found on the internet for the games not included already inside the database I am running multiple google searches as well to pull up any information and Please tell me if it is ok to add or not

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