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Off Topic / Re: Are You _______ About Someone Knowing Your IP Address
« on: January 16, 2022, 05:40:16 am »
I do however have security on my devices, but why do people hide their device locations? it's only just a number and a aerial location like a city, not a physical address or street location, I am aware someone said it is possible to see exactly where any device is in the world but if you are not on a covert operation  on the planet mars who cares if someone knows who is connected to their own property or computers.

I did research on a VPN and I don't see the point in buying one but maybe I am stupid. But if someone wanted to send a virus out to a ramdom IP I'm sure it would be widespread. My name is not on my IP so I don't know why I need to hide it from hackers. Your talking to a man who is a cyberbully victim also that is how my computer was caught on fire before

Like why would you hide your IP from a radio station? Only I can see the fake IP and I believe I deserve to since they are connected to my station and using my computer, and I will never ban them can't even if I tried to, and nobody cares if ip is turned in to a public station anyway, nobody with that IP ever tuned in but I am just making an example of a fake IP

Off Topic / Are You _______ About Someone Knowing Your IP Address
« on: January 16, 2022, 03:58:49 am »
All I know is that by knowing a reverse DNS or an IP you can look it up to see where that number connection is coming from,

 I need advice. if someone knows my IP address could they send a virus directly to my computer and catch it on fire? I heard that was possible, my IP is public and I look up IP addresses just to see where my what city my listeners are from, I don't hack them, I don't send them viruses, I am just curious, is this wrong? it says it is not illegal, but I don't want someone destroying my equipment because I looked up their hidden reverse DNS.

why do i do this because I run a radio station with an app that is completely garbage that says people are tuned in but it does even give me a correct country just a fake IP with a fake country location

I use an IP lookup tool, then i look up a reverse DNS, I just want to know who was just listening to my radio station for sometimes 8 hours a day is this wrong? what are the dangers of someone knowing my IP and than getting all pissy and then catching my equipment on fire, this has happened before to a different computer and I don't want this to happen to my studio. Because I looked up a public IP that was behind a google cloud in the UK

all this is is a number what what city a person is from, not a house not buinuess I don't care where they are from I just wanted to say what part of the world most of my listeners are from, by default I can see a fake IP and a location that says US but no it's not anywhere close, if i look it up, I know it's fake because it uses Axios app and that hides all listeners IP's and makes it so you can't even see what part of the planet your listeners are from


I don't want to spam I just wanted to recommend this new app that lets you listen to possibly over 1000 radio stations worldwide including mine for free mine is called "The Angel Classic Rock Mix" under the many (edit) vary few VARIOUS "all caps"  genre list.

 first off I just recently found out this new app if you are looking for a radio station look no futher then this app's ICECAST directory, just open this app up and goto internet, and navigate to ICECAST, there you should find a bunch of categories in the form of Music genres I play no commercials and I don't talk stickily music, but I'm not the only one listed in this app there is 1000's other then mine world wide

this is off topic I don't own this product I just wanted to recommend this to the community that's all please don't get mad at me :'(

General / Stupid/Funny Video Games Questions And Answers Thread
« on: December 23, 2021, 04:39:12 am »
I thought to create a thread about our off the wall or somewhat stupid or funny questions about our video games.

I'll start by asking if Crash Bandicoot SONY mascot is actually suppose to be smiling constantly or Gritting his teeth like Mike Modono did when he played in real life for the Dallas Stars NHL hockey tea, during the PS1 era?

thanks marv :)

If you want to know about my financial prison I'll explain, I was in a group home with no control over the phone and transportation, with people breathing down my neck forcing me to do things for free. I could not get a job, as a result and I was only getting $44USD a month with the potential of getting robbed every last cent I could save up 24/7 in a house of lottery and drug addicts who most were only looking out for themselves.

Most homeless people have the potential of getting robbed since they are always on the street carrying their clothing with them, they can't afford an apartment or a house hence why they are homeless, like I was.

 if they do save up like lets say $500 USD, that could be stolen  from them in an instant with how people are these days, what is a homeless person to do?

The only reason why I'm out is because I knew the right people and was in the right place at the right time you could say I won the lottery without even spending a dine on a ticket. I got government funds  that gave me free furniture and food and money to pay a security and first months rent,

YOU NEED AT LEAST $1000USD just to get into a cheap one room apartment most places all of which could easily be stolen off a homeless person even with a job, the lottery is a pit other people need it more, you rich folks don't understand do you?

Ha! This is great. I'm glad someone is calling out these asshats. Marv and oldgamerz always post bullshit and now you're upset that someone is calling you out on your nonsense. Wolf is 100% right.

I get the views and the replies and so does Marv, his conversations are interesting, and he works vary hard on a lot of the post he never gets barley any replies on, like his annual VGCOllect rewards thread.

 I just type and start text conversations stuff and get all kinds of replies and views, while Marv scourers the web for photos, he is vary creative more creative then me, at least Marv has kept the conversation going on here for 4 months straight while I have not.

 Most of you are probably too young to understand what it feels like to be broke and have nothing maybe if you were homeless or had to live under direct control like I was for 4 years of my life to understand how it feels to have no money and no way out other than charity and to depend on someone else funds to essential get out of a financial prison

I wish you would find another bullshit post I made I regret saying that about COVID but I never actually prayed that was just me talking through my hat. 

I know the admins are probably pissed now, because this site also depends on donations I know they are watching the thread closely, don't know what they think but they know what they are doing, they could hard delete this thread and every single one of my threads in an instant but don't.

@Marvelvscapcom2 keeps the forum running and interesting I do too and so does all of you guys My cannon is was never pointed at Wolf but it's now pointed at you

keep clicking that report to moderator button Marv, I don't click it unless I'm really pissed off of if someone is trying to hardcode or hack the forum but I will report next time I see something like that again it was disrespectful for wolf to say those things and me so but that is over.

General / Re: Increasing Performance On A Windows 10 PC Games And Programs
« on: December 18, 2021, 04:00:30 pm »
Also you can type in "edit power plan" in windows search and tell your computer to use more power to make it run faster by using a "high performance" power option instead of power saver or balanced power plan

General / Increasing Performance On A Windows 10 PC Games And Programs
« on: December 18, 2021, 11:54:37 am »
ok so I wanted to discuss this program I found to be quite helpful in playing The Sims 2 on PC and said other games on the windows 10  PC's out there. How many of you know about the Standby issue, where the longer you keep your windows 10 PC running the more RAM in turn gets hogged up by the Standby memory?

 and if you don't often empty the RAM status in your computer things can go sour, programs and even games can crash including music servers like mine, if you ever keep a computer on long enough time and who play a bunch of PC games without restarting constantly?

With the following program you hardly ever need to turn off or restart your PC for a reset in RAM performance when done properly

 but how many heard of "empty Standby list"?, and how to set it up so your computer will automatically release your RAM from being all taken up by Standby memory? And therefore increase many games often laggy performance rate.

With the 1st link I provided, you can get this free app that can increase game and OS performance on any windows 10 PC after you had them running and on for a long time and therefore prevent crashing in some games due to there otherwise not being enough free RAM available,

Now I got frekin' 16GB of RAM on my streaming computer, but before I installed the following program and got it set up properly 98% of all my frekin RAM was going into the damn useless standby memory from running my studio with Winamp,

and before using Winamp for my stream I was using Groove in which crashed during live air time on my radio station before. It was? annoying as hell I'll tell ya!

 I want to also hear your thoughts since my last thread was kind of dull. DO you use Empty Standby list the video in the 2nd link shows you how to use this app once you download it off the 1st link if you are interested




every time you restart or turn your computer you need to type in "Task Scheduler" to open that up in the search bar below on all Windows 10 PC's then go to "Task Scheduler Library and run the task manually by right clicking and pressing run to run each time you actually do need to restart or turn off your PC for updates or something this can also help web servers as well, like my 24/7 radio station that is always playing music.

once you have it set up just enjoy your PC and your games performance rate and tell me if you see any performance increase in this thread below, Oldgamerz out ;)

(edit) last but not least is this article on this I'll post this last link here

for those who do not know I'm on your side and I'm trying to give you good advice, that you can actually benefit from, I don't care about your habits I am not trying to control you I only am trying to give you some free financial counseling, stop buying lottery tickets, that is the best advice any Financial counselor can give you.

If you win the lottery more power to you, but, stop running your credit cards up to the max because then you need to pay 1000's in interest and then complain you are in debt, enjoy your life, learn to win, what I am telling you is good advice, when I say stop playing the lottery,

Do I benefit from this thread absolutely not but if you just listen to me YOU WILL :-\

this forum is crazy
I take it someone regretting buying a losing lottery ticket I know I would, I know someone is with me they are just not saying anything,

Or maybe no one agrees with you.

useless paper vs video game or music CD or movie Anything but a lottery ticket, look I've gone past you guys if you could care less about the unfortunate but to stick up for paper is another level.

Money is made out of paper.  Books are made out of paper.  Christmas cards, game manuals, receipts, and dozens and dozens of other things. There's nothing wrong with being left with nothing but a piece of paper.

ok that statement is just plain dumb, people sometimes pay $25USD for that sheet of paper. this forum is as bad as that mod the sims forum where EVERY SINGLE post I make gets 4-8 disagrees by people who don't even contribute to the conversation and it's about SIM's for God sake, I must live in a different world than everyone else, either that or everyone thinks I'm a dick in this world who never even met me, Your insults don't phase me people

I have a HUGE following on Facebook and I don't have a sh!tload of comments telling me how much of a dick I am either or stupid shit like this people actually agree with me on social media unlike in these stupid brain dead forums, where literally the ENTIRE mod the sims forum is against me except for the actual contributors

I rather spend $25 on a N64 box that some lottery ticket that just reminded me how much fun I had losing my money and getting dissipointed, People buy? fuck I lost, People buy Fuck I lost,

I've went back and forth with @wolff242 before on this forum ::) I know because I remember him as a wolf no pun intended, he or she does make rude statements has done so in the past, I disagreed with @wolf242 at least 3 times in the past on this forum, I just ignore this person when wolf starts talking trash, it just reminds me of talking to an actual grumpy old wolf that wants to blow my house down that's all

I usually invest any extra money that I have (I never have much)

Other than that most of my money goes into my many hobbies and/or bills.

same :)

People who win the lottery sometimes give to charity, sometimes they go to Vegas, sometimes they do other stuff with it, but 99.9% of lottery players don't get a damn dime there just stuck with a piece of paper in their hands and to admire the colors if it's has any kind of artwork on it to begin with.

But I don't know does anyone ever collect losing lottery tickets? is there any value in them? artwork or anything worth keeping I dare ask kindly?

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