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Here is a brief description of the drivable mine vehicle in Red Faction 1 for the PS2. it's kind of a hidden feature of the game and according to this description below it only appears one time in the entire single player campaign

(this description was copied and pasted from the following sorce, but this website in the link had too many popups for my enjoyment.)

The vehicle appears as a tank, which is technically a tunnel boring machine. it Features 2 drills to make tunnels on almost everything, except for hard steel that makes up the doors of the mine shaft. An advantage of this is, unlike armed vehicles, it has almost infinite uses until it requires maintenance making it unusable for tunneling. However, to make an efficient way to kill enemies, is to drive through them.

Entering it you can see a green monitor, which is a night-vision camera to see in the dark, along with the drills on the sides of the monitor. On the top-left there is a Driller's HP and when you click the secondary mouse button, it changes the camera view from left-right sides and backwards. However every once in a while you need to give it another drill bit.

I played it a couple hours because once they were offering the PS4 port with extra games for just 1 buck.

Like most people I certainly thought the destructible enviroments were a nice touch.

But I also think the game had a good level design with massive stages, good weapons and a good difficulty.

I certainly wonder how much you can destroy one stage

On my first play  of Red Faction 1 on the PlayStation 2, I found a drivable mine vehicle that let me make my own tunnels towards the beginning of the game. I got vary far into the game map though I might have reached the edge of the playable area because I dug a deep hole and the game made it look like I could go on forever.

But, my knowledge of video games leads me to believe you can only dig so far of a hole.

also during a multiplayer bot match I somehow managed to blow a hole till the outside of the game building was showing on the towards the ceiling


1st one was Released in the year (May 23 2001) for the US PS2 (according to the datebase) and was made by THQ video game company.

This was an early PlayStation 2 game.

For those who never heard of the first game in this series, it was (as far as I know of) the vary first FPS game that had almost fully destructible game maps.
kind of like what the EA's DICE game engine was.

(Internet Quote)
DICE started development of the original Frostbite technology in April 2004 and subsequently used it in their first entry of the Bad Company series, Battlefield: Bad Company.

The levels inside Red Faction 1 and 2 were even more destructible that games like Duke Nukem 3D PC released in in 1996. if you shot a rocket launcher at a any wall in Red Faction 1 and 2 it would leave a giant hole in the wall. This games also has bot multiplayer if you cannot get into the single player campaign. I personally love the red faction 1 single player campaign but up until when I encountered what I once said about this game before on here.

Any game where you need to get stealthy in a 3D first or 3rd person camera angle environment. But As far as hours go it depends on how frustratingly difficult the game is, I usually drop a game when it becomes a choir to play.

Here is a whopper of a game that for me, went from all time favorite to I don't want to play this game again feeling.

Red Faction 1 for the PlayStation 2 where I played and loved the first part of the game, but then comes the mission where I have all my guns stripped from me, except for a pistil with vary limited ammo.

And I need to pass a stealth mission. in which when ANY NPC or hidden camera sees you. It triggers an alarm and you all of a sudden get infinite amount of guards that spawn into the level. And they do not drop ANY ammo when they die, pretty much all you can do once your seen is to die and do the whole thing over.

I watched someone on Youtube that got farther then I did in the original Red Faction for the PlayStation 2, and he said there is another stealth mission soon after that one on an even more brutal difficulty.

Red Faction is so difficult that the guy I saw I YouTube said out right flat he did not ever finish that games campaign.

Wow you got some great tastes! all the games in your lists are defiantly games I'd buy to own, just by the titles alone If I could find them locally I pick them all up, A lot of those games I have currently, and believe it or not were not expensive at all, possible even now too :)

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: April 11, 2021, 04:00:09 pm »
Has anyone been following the price of classic Pokemon games lately? They've been going crazy. CIB Emerald is up to 480 on price charting. It's like everything started to spike at the beginning of this year. I'm thinking it might be time to start cashing in some of my stuff.

I’m really considering cashing out.
My collection could pay off my house.

handhelds and physically made  handheld game prices are hot right now, and I personally don't think there worth it so, as long as their hot and if you don't enjoy them I'd sell them, but only if you won't miss them when their gone.

lets not forget the countless fake Pokémon games out their, a lot of people buy games when their cheap just to sell them off when hot, meaning that a lot of them, might not even be originals, but personally I would not care but, that's me. I only buy games to have them legally.

I personally taboo (edit) free ROM's and pirated software because of my belief that all illegal and unfair things can promote some bad luck, you guys can laugh but, I'm vary superstitious, and I've been burned before so.

My confession is I do have Atari 2600 ROM's for a portable device but as far as my research goes. Atari Age is a site that gives them out for free, to use with such devices. And since the SD slot was on the Atari Flashback handheld itself, and the fact that I could not find any games sold on AtGames Website for it

you get the point. ::)

I also get a few mods and free software from trusted sources as well

Classic Video Games / Re: GBA turned 20 years old recently
« on: April 10, 2021, 05:14:40 pm »
If I did have one thing to say about the GBA that isn't so great, it's the lackluster sound quality. Some games were able to work around the limitations but a lot of them don't, and it shows, especially with games that were on the SNES or NES.

Duke Nukem Advance is one of those games on the GBA like that. According to a video by "Game Sack" on YouTube. it was one of those Gameboy Advance games that pushed the hardware to it's limits. It was a first person shooter with early Nintendo 64 type of graphics. it was slow and clunky but it played at least. it used the same graphics as Duke Nukem 64 for the Nintendo 64 and Duke Nukem 3D for the PC released back in 1996.

I know because I used to play it on My GameBoy Advance SP. If the hardware on this handheld was actually designed to play more games like that? I would have still had mine.

here is a complete YouTube Playlist but it's not gamesack

Modern Video Games / Re: Ninja Turtles Shredder's Revenge Announced
« on: April 10, 2021, 03:02:52 pm »
I like how there bringing this back but all I have to say being somewhat of a snub.

If it takes over 1 gigabyte of space on a modern console it better come with 1,000,000 levels or a hell of a lot of content. :-\

how much space was on a snes cartridge?
The SNES used cartridges to carry games, with sizes ranging from 0.23 MB to around 4 MB. The console's two largest games, Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean, had sizes of 6 MB, though, bringing the actual maximum up.

it takes 1000 megabytes to equal a gigabyte and 1000 gigabytes to make one Terribyte. some modern games with modern graphics can take 100 Gigabytes a piece.

sorry about this but I just don't understand  some modern gaming space standards

Hardware and Tech / Re: Sega Genesis/CD/32X All-in-one power cord?
« on: April 10, 2021, 01:51:30 pm »
This product is not related but

I have somewhere among my cords a cheaply made NES SNES and Sega Genesis power cord, someone else on this forum posted something about how that mine at least was dangerous, I used mine and for a short while and never had any issues, it works but it feels vary light weight, someone said it does not have hardware but instead something else a person posted on here?

I am not an expert on power adapters so I don't know exactly if mine would be safe to use, so I'll keep my own as a spare :-\

Off Topic / Re: Music thread
« on: April 08, 2021, 02:57:58 pm »
What are folks most uncommon or sort out of place music genre they listen to?

I listen to a little of everything even 1940's and 1950's music is inside my primary playlist. My favorite is light metal and hard rock, but I even dig rock 'n' roll, pop, grunge, soul, R&B some gospel I love inspirational hard rock a lot, I like new wave, new age,

Favorite instrument style of metal Bass guitar grind, I don't like screamo, death metal, black metal, or anything that leads towards honoring Satan or with hateful lyrics, and

defiantly not torcher soundtracks believe it or not this was a thing apparently I  once bought a used copy of a "Noise Reduction soundtrack" I had not a clue what the fuck it was when I picked it up .every song was someone screaming bloody murder with one song call gasoline. I was not music it was just people screaming for their lives from what I remember, I didn't listen to it.

I immeditly got rid of it and broke that CD in pieces and put it into the trash.

I think its going to end up that way. I´m just getting into the ps3 and its the only console I can play the COD games on. Ill probably play through the campaigns just to see what all of the commotion was about. I dont think theres any servers for GTA games anymore either.

I personally enjoy all the Call Of Duty single player campaigns that is the only reason why I play them, Most of the single player campaigns in Call of Duty games, you fight along side coop bots, aka computer controlled allies, and the games I've played are balanced out, so they are fun. However most of the time the game lets you shoot down the enemies yourself to make you feel like a badass. So it never gets old, for me on single player campaigns.

The key to success is to keep pushing forward keep ducked and hidden and keep moving and, paying attention, listen to your orders from your allies. if you don't keep moving and shooting you will get a grenade on your ass, and die.

Call of duty is not like Halo or Doom, since you have help from the computer controlled allies 99% of the entire campaign. But like I said, you do most of the work yourself.


I don't think it's worth it

I dunno, you ever played a gba sp? its priceless

I've played a Gameboy Advance SP version, but the games always were too high for my tastes even back in 2007 when I got mine it was $250USD and all the games were used and above $20USD a piece, Now. that eBay seller obviously purchased that GBA in the photo for $80USD and is asking for the price of a used car, WTF?

to me it looks like it was resealed, and that asshole probably is just some rich scalper who makes a living off other peoples products, I have no respect for such a person, who probably just wants to go to Los Vegas and gamble or proustite the money anyway.

Modern Video Games / Re: Xbox One S is kinda underrated. [Opinion]
« on: April 07, 2021, 02:38:08 pm »
(off topic thoughts)

I'm pretty sure every console has it's limitations but it would be nice just if they just offer to upgrade the original hardware. According to my PC experience RAM chips and video card RAM are vary important in PC gaming. without enough RAM on a more modern game the higher graphic video games and programs. would not be possible, it would be vary jagged choppy to the point of unplayable.

Not sure but I think some of hard drive space for all these modern games. May or may not be using some kind of paging file. a Paging file is a dedicated section of a hard drive that the computer uses if it don't have enough RAM.

Hmm just read that the Xbox360 only has 512mb of RAM and the Xbox One has 8 Gigabytes. personally I don't know how the Xbox360 can even operate on only 512mb of RAM but it was made in 2005 originally.

hell I do know that a Windows PC back in 2005 needed a hell of a lot more RAM than 512mb for games similar to Xbox360 releases back then. I once had a new back in 2005 PC with only 512 mb of RAM and I need that just to play PS2 types of video games, any game that had graphics like the Xbox360 needed a hell of a lot more money spend on upgrades to run something like Call Of Duty Modern warfare back then.

Modern Video Games / Re: Xbox One S is kinda underrated. [Opinion]
« on: April 07, 2021, 11:42:55 am »
I never owned an Xbox One, but from what I heard, It's great that Microsoft is making an effort to preserve most of its 1st and 2nd  Xbox Generation games, that were released in physical copies. SONY is all digital now, when it comes to it's old stuff, as well as re-releasing everything and requiring to download 99% of it's games, instead of playing them off the disc.

I can see why Microsoft and SONY both ditched the full optical reading requirement for it's games but

I still can't get over the fact that most modern video games take up more than 50GB a piece, when the Xbox360 installed it's games they were a maximum of 7-10GB a piece hell I just installed Skyrim on my Xbox360's internal harddrive and it was under 10GB well under that mark, and although I haven't played that game yet, I heard it was an open world game with a chunk of exploring and things to do

How is it that strange new tech needs far more memory. The grapical difference is quite notable. Gameplay footage is pretty close to cut scenes nowadays. In ps3 and xbox 360 era the difference was quite notable.

The higher the quality the more space it will take. Common sense

Still back in the day even 1mb was already allot. This is only several times more Even 1 Terabyte will be nothing in the next 10  years If I had to guess.

True but in my opinion games didn't need to be graphically improved from the 7th generation, it's ridiculous to me how people buy a $300USD or more console with a 500 gig hard drive and are lucky to hold 12 games tops on it, that is only a gig to buy another console. If you don't need to keep installing and reinstalling data onto a hard drive it will last longer bottom line is they don't want the hardware to last I guess. It's a complete waste to me. all that technology will die sooner and it's just goes into a recycle center needing to be melted down and rebuilt, or placed into a landfill pointless.

I never understood why a game needs to be in 4K, an Xbox360 should be able to play fine on a modern tv if I am wrong please someone correct me.

HDMI ports are included in both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.


I don't think it's worth it

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