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Lets do one more

Mine has this barcode, 5055060949429. The one thats on here doesnt give much hits.
And my cover is different, it has the playstation exclusive unlock horizon zero dawn on it top right. And the one in the database has a provisinal cover.

Unfortunately there is confirmation on that EAN:
I have updated the info on the entry to put in the back number and the inlay number (that number is the EAN). The one you say you have seems the same front cover but the back cover is different (the back number is different) and the inlay of course has the different EAN also.

The one you have:

So this situation is one where we can't tell which is which. Could one be a UK version and one be a Scandinavian version? Did one come inside of some other packaging and another not? Doesn't seem to be a way for me to tell.

I can't do a compare on the inlay text and there are no manuals or inserts for any of the listings on Ebay to give a clue. So this means that 170678 will need to get a (IS70049-01) descriptor, and you can add your version with a (IS70049-X1) descriptor. The front arts on both versions are the same as far as I can tell.

Can a mod check the barcode on this game

Google show a switch game, ebay nothing, and my version has 2 different numbers on the end.

The EAN is what is in the URL for the publisher's official site, and then is replicated on other websites as well. Most results seem to be French language sites. For PS4 there seems to only be 2 versions, the one like on this entry and the boxed version which doesn't have an entry. There is a snapcase version (that looks like an AES game case) but that doesn't have any barcode on it at all. So the barcode on this has been changed to the one found in UK with this back:

Hardware and Tech / Re: Fight/Arcade Sticks
« on: January 20, 2022, 10:01:20 am »
The only one I have is for the Genesis. I want to get one for PC as I'm sure that a controller is a limitation for games like BlazBlue and Crimzon Clover.

That’s really cool that you won a tournament. I am honesty terrible at pinball and would never win a tournament. :-)

I've won a few. Hmm IFPA only has 6 wins but I'm fairly certain that I've gotten more than that, oh well. If anything, I'm consistantly just above average but sometimes that is just enough.

Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium

Saturn JP
Eternal Melody
Kidou Senkan Nadesico: Yappari Ai ga Katsu?
Super Robot Taisen F
Super Robot Taisen F Kanketsuhen
Yukyu Gensokyoku Genteiban

I can find no information regarding the rename, and whether or not the game technically may be considered a different version or not. None of our name sources have updated to the current name, so for now I would just put it into alt-name field.


Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Release Country TLD Master List
« on: January 12, 2022, 09:52:50 am »
Added [HU] and all of the other missing TLDs based on the INTL Classifieds list,11439.0.html

Off Topic / Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
« on: January 10, 2022, 11:52:25 am »
Decided to finally watch the Dragon Ball Z DVDs I have. All season box sets except Season 7. I had already watched all the singular VHS and DVD I had before, but I had not watched the box sets.

General / Re: Pegi rating changes
« on: January 10, 2022, 10:13:33 am »
Take note that some items in the db are bad entries and have wrong rating or a pre-release/stock photo has a different rating than actually exist. So make sure that things exist before thinking there is a variation.

For why a game may exist with multiple ratings are one of two things:
1. There was a reprint and the game got re-rated.
2. The other rating is for a specific country. We already know that this type of thing exists with Portugal, so it may also be true for other countries.

Thanks. I look forward to looking at these other games once I can get out of Yu-Gi-Oh hell.

I forgot to mention that I do have some arcade "things" besides not having any machines. Such as some arcade marquees and manuals. Also I have the undertable "rug" from Dutch Pinball's The Big Lebowski table. The rug comes with the game and is intended that an owner/operator put the rug underneath the machine. I got it as a prize for winning a Big Lebowski tournament. And of course I do have some pf plastics and keychains. Years ago I got some AC/DC drop target labels and I put them on my car. I also have some translites like Spider-Man VE and World Poker Tour i think.

After some digging, I have found out that Atari XE games are their own proprietary games (different from the Atari 400/800) and require either an Atari XL or XE model to play them.

Edit: The XE systems have 32 games compatible with them:

What you type does not match to what you have posted. The wikipedia page says the XEGS carts work on the other Atari 8-bit computer line. Also mirrors from here:

Anyways for the reason why they are split has been mentioned, something not done for other micros like Amstrad but is done for things like Spectrum or C64.

We have laid out this type of information already. It would require changing the db to be "part" oriented and then matching parts together. This would allow us to use part types and more granular information to each type. Then we can have things like games, series, platforms, etc and build an entry as such. It would also give us the ability to set weights on entries within a platform so that we could hide variants if a user didn't want to see them.

Currently we use the description field to track all of this type of information with exception to things like type of game version or if it is part of a series. We do not bother with MSRP because we do not know of a place to verify the information.

We have the request for adding additional currencies to the price paid option in adding to collection already on the request list.

Would it be possible to add more fields to the game db model and expose them in the UI?

There are numerous things that come to mind, but here are a few ideas:
- Package size: have a table containing all standard/fixed sizes based on platform (for example, "standard Nintendo switch game case", "PS1 long box", "standard 1-disc CD case", etc), and allow entries to pick from one of those or choose a "custom" value for collector's editions and such. Field would contain all 3 dimensions. Could be tied to the platform value, so that it is not possible to select "PS1 long box" for a SNES game). Package/case size would be really helpful for protectors, as there are some box protectors for all sorts of custom sizes (for example jp Bayonetta Climax Edition)
- MSRP/retail price: for each game entry, add a field that indicates it's MSRP. When adding this game to collections, allow automatically selecting this value for the purchase price, or a custom value (like today) for non-retail purchases, discounted purchases, etc.
- Instead of having a fixed set of 3 pictures (front, back, media), allow adding an arbitrary number of pictures to an entry, and have each entry have it's "type", among for example "case front", "case back", "case spline", "game cart", "game CD", "game manual", etc. This would allow us to capture all contents for every release, including collector's editions
- Print run information: a field indicating how many instances of the release were printed. Limited run companies provide this info, and it may be known for retail releases as well in some cases
- Field indicating the type of the game version. Possible values "original release", "port", "remaster", "remake", "DLC" etc
- Field indicating which game series the release is part of. Ideally would include a separate registry containing all game series. Series could potentially include sub-series. Example: Metroid Prime 2 is part of the Metroid Prime series of games which is part of the Metroid series/franchise.
- When adding the price paid for a purchase (when adding it to your collection) allow picking which currency the price is in. It is very normal for me for example to purchase games in at least USD, EUR, GBP and BRL.
- Separate the concepts of a "release" from that of a "game". A game has 1..n releases. Example: "the JP SNES Prince of Persia release is one of the releases of the original Price of Persia game". Alternatively, as an even more complete model, "the JP SNES Prince of Persia release" is "the JP release of the SNES Prince of Persia remake game", and the SNES remake entry would be separate from the "original" entry. Each "game" entry would have at least 1 "release", for simpler/smaller games, but most of the time multiple"releases", for example jp, us, eu. When searching in the platform, we would then search on "games" by default, and each game would present the releases it has. Lastly, a "game" would not have a publisher, only releases would

I could probably come up with a few more ideas on how to add more information to game entries but just wanted to share the more obvious ones and gather feedback.

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